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Will feels that the only way that he can be happy is for him to stay away from his family and be with Gwen; how irrational is that? He might need to see his therapist again.

It's almost here - the 50th anniversary shows are being aired on Friday and next Monday. I am looking forward to seeing what they have planned. As we wait for the celebration and memories, we have to watch how much the folks of Oakdale are taking over the town with their craziness.

Emily and Paul
As long as she doesn't cry and moan, I can tolerate her. How can anyone in Oakdale though? She is running around town trying to make one man love her who doesn't love her anymore - want her again; holding another man against his will while everyone thinks he is dead and another man who is her confidante is listening only because she is holding his money. I think that Henry may be developing some feelings for a new blonde and I can't decide whether that is a good thing or not. Emily does need someone who will love her for herself.

Let's analyze her for a moment: her mother was an alcoholic when she was a child, her father left them and married another woman then he died, she got involved with bad man after bad man: James Stenbeck, Brock Lombard, Royce Keller, Paul Ryan; she was raped by Diego Santana. Poor Emily, you just have to feel sorry for her. I think her best course of action should be to let Dusty go back to Jennifer so she will not suffer anymore.

Paul is once again trying to fool Emily while he has feelings for another woman, Meg. As Meg told him, he should remember what happened the last time he hurt her. He should be very careful. I wonder how Paul will get out of jail after all of this. I am just a little sick of his schemes; it's time that he just settles down a bit. Lily and Jade and Luke
Lily has every reason to be upset with Jade for allegedly sleeping with her son and lying to them about who she really is. Well she could have avoided all of this by doing what her mother told her to when Jade first arrived. Lily's problem is just too stubborn sometimes - not to say, she deserves what she is getting but she refuses to listen at times.

Luke is starting to bother me by allowing this con woman to blackmail him. He should do what he knows is right by telling his parents the truth. I imagine it is probably extremely difficult to tell them the truth though living a lie is just as bad. How can a character like Jade remain in Oakdale after the truth comes out if she has no ties to anyone in Oakdale? Will and Gwen
Will has an opportunity to get his life back in order by accepting his father offer. Gwen is right and she wants to stay at Hal's. Will feels the only way he can be happy is to be away from his family and be with Gwen - how irrational is that? He might need to see his therapist again. The way he reacted when Gwen started to feel comfortable at Hal's was weird. I like Will and Gwen together and I agree with Hal that if they let them lead their lives they will realize that getting married so young was not the best course of action. Carly and Jack
Carly knows how to mess her life; in her own way she thought she was helping her husband and as always she caused more problems for all involved. Jack may not be so forgiving this time. She needs to realize that. Carly is her own worst enemy. I have to admit this - Carly and Jack are at their best when they are fighting. One question: we are seeing a lot of Parker and where is JJ? 50th Anniversary Special Moment Recollection
I have so many moments that are so special for me and the one that I found myself so interested in was when Lisa married Eduardo and he died shortly after the marriage and then she filed a malpractice suit against the hospital.

Lisa has always been one of my favorite character and none of her marriages have ever been a walk in the park. Lisa knows how to pick her husbands. This time, she was truly in love with Eduardo and we thought she had finally found the one for her. He died so soon after the marriage and Lisa was a wreck. She wanted to lash out at someone and John was the perfect object to vent towards. This was great because it was about the vets and they were front and center with everyone taking sides - it was fantastic.

Enjoy the special episodes and I am looking forward to what happens in Oakdale next!

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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