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How will Jonathan react now, since even Reva isn't in his corner? He'll probably be more dangerous than ever before, so the citizens of Springfield had better watch out!

Just as my patience with this story was at an end, Harley finally comes face to face with Gus. While I loved the story, the twists and turns, the pace needs to be picked up just a bit. Now we have to wait and see what Gus will do with his father and the pregnant Beth.

You know that they'll promise to forgive and forget, but the feisty Harley and her hubby can't do that - can they? I certainly doubt it. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. And Dinah (or A-M) certainly have some say in how Harley and Gus' relationship progresses with the news that Harley and Mallet slept together. You know that will come out, but how will it affect their relationship?

And Mallet certainly has his hands full with Dinah. His constant Knight in Shining Armor act (which we love when it's for Lady Dinah) for his ex Harley has led to Dinah-mite fireworks this week. It's not like he didn't know what a ticked off Dinah could do before their relationship (just ask Cassie or Blake about Hart Jessup). When the stuff hits the fan, Mallet will certainly be a big part of how it all shakes out - not only for his relationship with Dinah but Harley's relationship with Gus.

Away from that relationship fireworks we have Tammy and Jonathan's breakup. It was a pretty smart move for GL to bring back Joey Lupo to close up that storyline and make Tammy see that there are other fish in the sea. But how will Jonathan react now that even Reva isn't in his corner? I think this makes him more dangerous - so watch out! This, on top of rumors Tom Pelphrey is leaving (which I can certainly see) means that this might be the way Jonathan leaves Springfield. GL just keeps losing talented younger players for the lure of Hollywood. Not that I blame him - I think he has a promising future - whatever he decides to do.

Speaking of rumors, there are ones flying about concerning Ross Marler. Yes, I've heard them, too. I don't know if they are going to kill him off - but I think they'll have to do something soon. I know Jerry verDorn's quick departure took them by surprise (then don't put him on recurring status, GL, it's all your fault) so they'll have to write some sort of exit for his character.

Of course, GL has yet to do anything about the M.I.A. Phillip Spaulding. How can his family not be concerned that a deranged Phillip is out there somewhere all alone? I realize that they've been busy, keeping Gus captive and all, but surely they haven't forgotten. Or maybe Gus and Harley can find Phillip, join forces, and bring Alan to justice once and for all. Oh, Grant Aleksander, are you listening? Your fans want you back!!

This week seems to be turning up the heat on many fronts. Hopefully the writers can pick up the pace of the show and keep the viewers tuning in. Summer is when many fans tune out for vacations (I know I'll be away for three weeks with no access to the show) and some don't return. So it's all important to give them stories and characters they want to return to.

Well, that's all for this week. It's time for me to cheer on the George Mason Patriots as they take on U-Conn in the NCAA tournament - two of my co-workers are students. Go Patriots!!


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