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Last week, Pilar finally grew a backbone and dumped that loser of a husband that she had. Maybe there is hope for Theresa to do the same with Ethan.

Where to begin? So much happened this week, it's almost hard to define what stood out most. Perhaps I'll start with the exciting news I read Friday that Michael Sabatino is joining Passions. That's right, the same man who played the dastardly Lawrence Alamain in Days' "Glory Days", will be a member of this show. Undoubtedly, Mr. Sabatino is joining the show in part to this "Vendetta" storyline that is coming up. I would get excited about this, but after the "Passions Red" that has become the unused Rachel debacle, I have a hard time getting pumped. I'm afraid it will be just another dropped ball.

For now, Mr. Sabatino has a temporary gig, but I for one would love to see him as a villain going up against Alistair. Or a dashing, wealthy man who sweeps the newly single Pilar off her feet. Or even Gwen's father who comes to town and tangles with Theresa. The possibilities are endless.

Never did I think Pilar would grow a backbone and dump that loser of a husband she has. (Maybe there is hope for Theresa to do the same with Ethan.) I loved Eva's performance. Pilar telling Martin how the whole town begged her to move on, but she couldn't. She waited for him only to find out he left her for another woman. Martin and Katherine deserve each other. Let them grow old together, but please, no more sex scenes.

Also, it seems Miguel came home for nothing. Well maybe not for nothing, Ivy's plan seems to be working just fine. Now Miguel's decision to stay in Harmony has caused a wave of fear in Fox, but I really don't think he has anything to worry about. Miguel still seems hung up on Charity. It was nice however to see Miguel reconnect with Paloma and Theresa. Now if only Pilar and Martin would get to see him.

Once Kay discovers Valerie sent for Miguel, she should be able to put two and two together. Kay can always trump Ivy if she'd just open her mouth and spill the beans. Eve could do the same too. I don't understand why Sam still doesn't know what Ivy did to him and Grace? I did love Kay and Simone's interaction when Kay told her she was engaged to Fox. That's what friendship is all about. Simone realizing she would never experience that kind of free love was touching. When she finds the right person, what everyone else thinks won't matter. Just hope it's soon.

After much begging, I have tried to be more objective in my opinions of Theresa. Some of you have noticed and thanked me for it. However, she needs her head examined. Just to con Chad (as if that would be hard to do) into helping her land Ethan, she has sold her soul to the devil by promising to help Chad get Whitney back. That is by far the most disgusting, degrading, and disturbing thing Theresa has done in the name of FATE. We as the viewers know that the chances of Chad and Whit being siblings are slim, but THEY don't know that.

And Chad's insistence that he'd "settle for a platonic relationship" with Whitney was very unsettling. SETTLE???? That's all he can EVER have with her as long as they are siblings. I think until the truth comes out, Chad needs to be kept off the screen. Everything he says makes me hate him more. However, Whitney's punishment of herself was disturbing. Where did she get the whip? Why doesn't anyone notice there is blood on her gowns? And why doesn't that nosy nun that overheard her blasting Chad and Theresa, overhear her beating herself? Whitney is slipping further and further into a delusional state and she looks like hell. But major kudos goes to Brook for some awesome scenes this week.

Ethan is an idiot, and this week he admitted it. First of all, Gwen is supporting you, so shut up about her job. Would you rather be hungry and homeless? Second, what kind of an idiot doesn't throw away a dirty diaper? Nothing smells worse than a baby's dirty diaper, and he just left it sitting around for Gwen to lay her jacket in. That's just nasty, not to mention unsanitary.

I am so glad Sheridan has unmasked Luis. I fast-forwarded through most of her scenes early in the week because it seems like all she could do was walk around saying,"That man is my only chance at getting my son back." Then she spent the latter part of the week running around barking orders like, "catch that man." And how Chris kept a straight face as she went on about her past lives with Luis is beyond me. But now that Luis is unmasked, Chris knows his days with Sheridan are numbered. Will he turn into a bad guy, or will he let Sheridan be with her true love?

Something else I fast-forwarded through this week was Fancy and Noah. After months of hearing Fancy whine about Noah being honest with her, and how she needed the truth, for her to just forget about it now is absurd. Her life is still in danger and she is going to pretend that nothing is wrong. They are just another couple the writers have ruined.

Some Random Thoughts:

Are the beautiful actresses that play Jane and Endora related? Maybe cousins or something like that. They are both just as beautiful as they can be. And so is the little actress that plays Maria.

Has anyone else noticed that the actress that plays Endora actually "acts" in her scenes? She looks interested in Juliet Mills while she's babbling, she smiles when she's supposed to, she looks worried when she's supposed to. She's a better actress at two than some of the older actors/actresses on this show that have had lessons.

Viewer's Voice:

"I think that it is awesome that Luis is back. He and Sheridan are one of the best couples. Ivy needs to butt out of Fox and Kay's life. It would be great to see Ethan and Theresa back together. Grace should come back. I liked her and Sam together. Ivy should be exposed for the liar and @#$%^ that she is." Thanks Angela!!!

"I just wanted to say 'thanks' for your column, it's so funny to read the comments and feedback...and everything said about the show is so true. I've been watching off and on since it premiered and I agree, you don't miss much, I came back to it after a year and caught right on with all the storylines. I agree Endora is the cutest little actress ever...her expressions and interaction with the adult characters are right on. Tabitha and Endora may be extreme characters but they add something to Passions that no other soap has. Juliet Mills is perfect in the role and I love when she calls Endora endearing names like 'Witchlett' and 'Demonette'. As for the other blondes on the show, is it just me, or is Sheridan getting dumber by the day? And Gwen, oh my gosh, she is clueless and just downright stupid.... Please PTB, give strength back to these two poor pathetic women. Pilar is the only woman with a backbone these days. [I] love the way she stands up to people, and it looks like she's finally taking her own advice and getting rid of Martin for good. She can do better." Thanks so much Mary!!!

"In response to your comment that Theresa's wedding fantasy taking place in the Crane Mansion proves she only cares about the money, I disagree. The set-up of the wedding in the fantasy was the same or very similar to the set-up for Martin and Pilar's vow renewal ceremony, and she was looking into that room at the time. I think she was just responding to the situation at that point in time, and staring into that room she just suddenly imagined herself and Ethan in it. But, as you said, the best part of that fantasy was Pilar slapping Ivy. That was hilarious! And the look on Martin's face afterwards?? That was like icing on the cake! That fantasy also made me hate Katherine even more. When they returned to Harmony Martin wanted to be accepted by his children again, and they hated him. Now Theresa's fantasizing about a wedding with Ethan, and it included her father walking her up the aisle. That's what he wanted, but if he gets back together with Katherine he'll lose that relationship with his children. She knows how much they mean to him, and she's willing to jeopardize that because SHE wants him? Katherine may be the woman in his heart, and they definitely deserve each other, but he wants to be in his children's lives. Of course, why should she think about his children? When she was reminding him why he left with her 'all those years ago' she put herself and HER children before his wife and his children as the people he was leaving to protect." Thanks Chrissa!!! This is so true!!!

"I have been an avid reader of your two scoops and I really wish you would do an accurate job of representing everyone's opinion. Not everyone hates Passions or Theresa but it seems like you only post negative things that are said about both. Please do all of the fans equal justice and allow praise to be seen as well as criticism." I post everything sent to me. Thanks for writing in Trey, please continue to do so!!!

"I'd like to make a comment about a comment made by a reader. She said that Ethan and Gwen were childhood sweethearts, but that was just puppy love. Ok, then what was Theresa's 'love?' She had pictures of him pasted all over her room. She had a kid's crush on him, and was convinced he was going to marry her. THAT is more normal than what Gwen and Ethan had? Please. I also loved the mystery woman beating Noah up. He is just too irritating." Thanks MJ!!!

"I do not know where to begin! Katherine is no better than Alistair. Theresa knows there are files on everyone; so pull them out and find what you need. This new Fox; ]I] CANNOT STAND HIS VOICE!! Since when was Fox a goody goody; he schemed for Whitney. Then you have Kay! Come on! Tabby warned you dufus! I wish that Grace [would] come back and set things straight with IVY. They have so much potential but they stretch everything out. Not a fan of Rachel, nor do I care for Sheridan's dialogue lately. Glad that Luis is back!" Thanks Tracey!!!

"When you said that the Katherine/Martin/Pilar dialogue was just a repeat of the Theresa/Ethan/Gwen dialogue, I was like 'truer words were never spoken!' Some of these lines have been heard so many times they are branded in my memory, such as the classic 'Ethan/Martin, you can't deny your feelings for me. You are with Gwen/Pilar out of guilt.' And then there's the old, 'I won't deny my feelings, but I'm committed to Gwen/Pilar.' Come on Passions!" Thanks Annette!!!

Quote of the week: "And of course, good old Luis is back. I'm so glad I have TIVO, and can fast forward through his scenes." Thanks MJ!!!

Until next week friends,

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