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Theresa is still trying to lure Ethan to Crane. He's so smart that he knows that she is trying to get him back by luring him to Crane. If he had half a brain, he'd realize exactly what she's doing.

My favorite moment was Monday's show. Okay, it wasn't a moment, but rather several scenes involving Rae and Simone. Those by far were the most true scenes I have ever seen on this show. Rae's reluctance to get serious with Simone because she's been hurt before, and Simone's admittance that she felt as though she'd never find anyone were so real. Who hasn't felt that way before? Kudos to the writers, and please, more scenes like this and less scenes of scheming, lying, and women chasing men that don't want them.

What was with that outfit Ivy had on Tuesday? It looked like she'd been in a fight with a chicken. The amazing thing is, by Wednesday's episode, her suit was squeaky clean. Not a feather to be found. I'm sure the fur will really fly now that Ivy knows Kay and Fox are engaged. But how long they will be engaged is the real question now that Miguel is back. Fox is already insecure about Kay looking at Miguel's pictures, what's he to feel when they spend time together as a family?

I'm so glad Pilar slapped skanky Katherine. How cruel can she be to lie to Pilar that she slept with Martin on her wedding day? She is no better than Ivy, Rebecca, or any other lying witch on this show. And Martin is no better handing those lines to Pilar about how lucky he is to have her and blah, blah, blah. Right after he's confessed to Father Lonigan that he is still in love with Katherine.

Remembering what Katherine's told her about the scratches she left on Martin's back, Pilar checks it out and confirms it. Smartly she runs off, but Katherine runs in and tries yet again to convince Martin to come back to her. Martin yet again rejects her, but she can't take a hint. Pilar tries to call the ceremony off, but Theresa begs her to fight. Why? Katherine and Martin deserve each other.

How many times must we hear the same dialogue? Either "please come back to me" is coming out of Theresa's mouth or now Katherine's. Seems that the writers scratched Ethan/Gwen/Theresa's name off some old scripts and put Katherine/Pilar/Martin on them.

Theresa is still trying to lure Ethan to Crane. He's so smart that he knows she is trying to get him back by luring him to Crane. If he had half a brain, he'd realize exactly what she's doing. And in Theresa's fantasy, why is she marrying Ethan in the mansion? Obvious proof that all she wants is money. However, Ivy being tied up and Pilar smacking her while Theresa and Ethan married was hilarious.

I've wondered something and Katie wrote in asking about it too. "About Gwen; why doesn't she find it odd that this job came out of nowhere? It's not as if she was looking for employment. Why can't people like Mr. Collier charge Terror with threatening his family and bribery?" Katie's right, Gwen wasn't searching for a job, why doesn't she question where it came from? Secondly, why are people scared of Theresa? If this were the real world, she'd have been laughed out of town by now.

Who has a self-destruction device in their house? And who is stupid enough to set it off and wait around to make sure the people in it die? And Otto being upset and doesn't take cold-blooded murder lightly was crap. He's been trying to kill Sheridan since she got to Hawaii. Why now all of sudden does he have a problem with it? Alistair won't hurt him, he couldn't even kill Sheridan the half dozen times he's tried.

Luis is back!!!!! Sheridan and Chris have no clue who he is or what his story is, but they know he can lead them to Marty. And how do they know this exactly? Sheridan ran through that house for weeks "knowing" Marty was there. I love that she is determined to get her son back, but she needs to get a bit more realistic and stop trusting her feelings so much.

Fancy talks to Katherine about love (like that is a smart move) while some woman is beating up Noah. The mystery woman is looking for a package that was around the night the man died in the attic. I'd love for this mystery woman, who looks an awful lot like Linda Carter, to be very powerful and butt heads with Alistair when he comes back. It's time to see some new blood and some new real villainy on this show.

Poor Father Lonigan accidentally delivers the worst news Tabitha has heard in years; Endora has "a pure and loving soul". How sad is it that I'd rather watch a two year old child act that some of the older actors on this show. The child who plays Endora is the most adorable baby I've ever seen, and I enjoy every scene she is in.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I can't begin to tell you all the things I can't stand about Passions. But my number one gripe is that I hate, hate, hate Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. I've hated her since the day the show premiered with her constant prattling on about love and fate and blah blah blah. Thankfully the word 'fate' has dropped from her vocab, but she still annoys to no end. Many will spout on and on about what she's lost at the hands of Gwen and Rebecca. True, she's lost a lot. But she's also done some beyond idiotic things in the name of love. To me, she's done more wrong than either Gwen or Rebecca 10 times over at this point all. And for what? To win the love of a man that obviously doesn't respect you as he constantly gives her mixed signals. She constantly butts into situations that are NONE of her concern because she ISN'T ETHAN'S WIFE. I understand where Gwen is coming from. She no longer fights because she loves Ethan; she fights because she hates Theresa. She'll be damned if Teresita gets the better of her. Not healthy in the least, but I'm sticking with her because my loathing of Theresa knows no bound. But at this point I admit it's time to give Ethan to Theresa and be done with it already. Just make sure Jane stays with my girl Gwen because the twist I think is in the pipeline is that Gwen really IS Jane's biological mother. And when it happens, I will bask in the warm glow that Theresa will not have the perfect family she imagines." Thanks Kamal!!!

"I just wanted to say that now that Theresa has all that power, shouldn't she use it to dig up Ivy's secret as well as Gwen's? (Who I positively hate by the way!) She always knew that she had one. She should use it and then tell Ivy to back off whenever she sees her trying to get Ethan. Also, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED when Pilar smacked the bananas out of Ivy in Theresa's fantasy!! I rewound that part 3 times!! Then new Fox is growing on me day by day. The new Miguel still isn't doing it for me." Thanks Yoldyve!!!

"No wonder the show has such low ratings if fans can miss weeks at a time and come back to the same storyline. If I were the Producer of the show heads would be rolling by now as to the slow progress. Every one knows that the best way to get people to watch is to throw in twists and turns so that fans can't dare miss an episode or they miss something important. This past week Martin talked to Father Lonigan for like 4 days in a row about the same thing snore.......boring. It is really making me question whether I want to keep watching the show or not. I read the feedback from fans and it seems that this has been a complaint about the show for years. I wish the writers would wake up and smell the coffee." Thanks Jenny!!!

"I just wanted to lay out my thoughts about the whole Ethan/Theresa/Gwen storyline. We all know what these characters have been through. Neither of these women are innocent victims. They have both done their fair share of scheming and they have both done evil things. The catch is that Theresa does not pretend to be innocent. Gwen acts like she is completely innocent and is always blaming everything on Theresa. Gwen was the one who sent the information to the tabloids and ruined Ethan's life. If she really loved him, she would not have done that. She hurt the man she supposedly loves and in the process hurt her best friend Sheridan. If Gwen had not done what she did, Sheridan and Luis would be married and probably have Marty. I know that [Ethan and Gwen] were sweethearts when they were young, but that was puppy love. Neither of them wants to admit that the relationship has changed. If Ethan were truly in love with Gwen, Theresa would never have been able to come between them in the first place!" Thanks Amanda!!!

"I agree that Passions has gotten very ridiculous over the past year. I think the women on the show are desperate, pathetic, and weak who need a man in their lives. I don't care for the show anymore. Bring back strong, independent, confident women who can stand on their own and can find someone who will love them for them. Theresa is getting obsessive and crazier at the moment. I was a fan of her and the actress at first. I love when she was first on the show as a wide-eye dreamer. But she is a mother and a grown-up now and if Ethan is not going to leave Gwen to be with you move on. There are other fish in the sea. Gwen needs to leave Ethan because he only is with her because of obligation, not love. He cares for her and loves her, but Theresa is his soul mate and the woman he really wants to be with. I wish the show would move on with the triangle because it is getting very repetitive and boring. Pilar, if a husband or ex, went away for 20 something years and come back with some else, he does not want you. I am sorry to break it to you, but Martin is in love with Katherine, not you. So when you tell your daughter about moving on, maybe you should take your own advice." Thanks Reggie!!!

"I love your two scoops column, you are always on point and a barrel of laughs, just wanted to run by a though, being that everyone on passions is always somehow connected, what about the idea that Valerie is Julian's and Eve's long lost child." Or Julian and Liz's. Thanks Michelle!!!

"I could care less about Sheridan or Chris. I'd like to see Beth pay the piper and the look on Luis' face will be priceless when he finds out about Sheridan getting married but other than that I just don't care." Thanks Katie!!!

Quote of the week: "If it isn't Father Stevie Wonder out for a stroll!" - Tabitha about Father Lonigan.

Until next week friends,

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