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New beginnings
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Ever since the prison break, Evangeline has maintained a very close relationship with Cristian. He was there by her side to help take the sting away from losing Todd's murder case.

Building off a rather lackluster February Sweeps (oh, an incidentally, I LOVED the recent quote I read somewhere by head writerHigley pointing out that she doesn't plan big events during "Sweeps" because every month should be "Sweeps"---ha ha! Now THAT is the greatest "spin" put on a boring month of storytelling if I've ever heard it!), it does appear that some new beginnings are starting to form. I've seen some new relationships blossoming, careers veering in new directions, and new possibilities building for other storylines.

First, I'm really intrigued by the role Evangeline is starting to take in a couple of different storylines. Ever since the prison break, Evangeline has maintained a very close relationship with Cristian. He was there by her side to help take the sting away from losing Todd's murder case. I loved the scenes they shared together during which they painted (and later got caught by Natalie), and I love the candor that they share with each other. I've always seen the start of sparks forming between these two unlikely characters, and I still think that there may be a potential relationship moving past friendship for them. So, I appreciate that the writers are leaving the door open for this. Moreover, Evangeline has taken quite an active role in helping Todd remain a fugitive. Maybe it's her guilt at failing in her attempt to win Todd a "not guilty" verdit or maybe she has genuine feelings for Todd (in a platonic manner this time!), but whatever the reason, I'm glad that Todd has found an ally in Evangeline. She knows she is committing a crime by helping Todd continue to find information about what happened to Margaret and Spencer's role in it, but she is sticking by her client AND her friend, and I really like the potential sacrifices that she is willing to make on his behalf. I think she is one of the few characters on the canvas who continues to grow as a person and become more integrated among the rest of the Llanview citizens.

Next, Cristian is really serious about putting the paintbrush down and stepping into the boxing ring. Scenes just airing this week demonstrate how serious OLTL is about making Cristian a real boxer---we had an authentic boxing ring and a real boxing arena! The show must mean business! A boxing match wouldn't be complete though without the rallying support of Roxy! Does that woman get around or what? She's got a set of lungs that would make a police siren sound like a whisper, and she's got more energy and excitement than everyone else in the arena combined. If ever there were two places Roxy was born to be a constant at it would be a boxing arena and the casino. At any rate, Roxy wasn't the only one cheering on Cristian; Natalie was there to lend her support as well. Whether she is able to fully put aside her anger and frustration at Cris for not telling her about his true identity (it really is time for her to get over this!!), she is leading him on JUST enough to make him think there is a chance while buying herself enough time to determine what it is she really wants. It doesn't surprise me with Natalie, but I am surprised Cristian continues to allow the manipulation. He has two options at this point: continue his quest for Natalie's forgiveness or explore a new beginning with Evangeline. One other point I'd like to mention---what I hope the show does explore in this boxing story is Cris's true passion as an artist. What happens if he injures his hands during a match? What happens if his arms become so injured that he cannot paint as well or craft his art as well? I think these are really valid points to consider when a painter moonlights as a boxer.

Then we have the build-up to what has really caused Tess to emerge. I've read Internet spoilers and rumors, and I've seen previews indicating where this story might be headed. I do have a feeling we're in for a whopper of a reveal, and I also believe it's going to be extremely powerful. If it's as powerful as I believe it might be, it will be interesting to see the way that Jess views Tess. Will she thank her for shielding her from the horror she couldn't face as a little girl? Will Tess feel her job is done but stick around because of her love for Nash and the baby? Will this reveal thrust the split personality into another level? I think that the long-awaited backstory is going to help catapult this saga into a new level filled with new beginnings. The baby isn't far behind either, and the impact that child will have on the relationships of Tess/Nash/Jess and Jess/Antonio will be fun to watch.


1. It's still a rush to see Lindsay and R.J. in scenes together. Terribly underused, Timothy Stickney and Catherine Hickland are pros, and their characters contribute so much to the canvas as a whole, and it's a shame that they aren't featured more than a day every couple of weeks.


1. I realize she is a bit distracted at the moment, but isn't it time that Viki start to be given a romantic life for herself? Okay, okay, she's involved with a split personality problem and is worried about a daughter who has the same dilemma AND has a secret AND has a baby on the way....but those aren't excuses for ignoring love...right?

2. Does anyone else fast forward through those boring and insipid scenes involving Adriana and the magazine? YAWN!!


In my continued quest to make Hillary B. Smith a permanent fixture in Llanview again (more than just the next 10 months or so of her contract extension), I take a moment to reflect back on a favorite memory of Nora.

Nora has always been at her best when she shows off her skills in the courtroom, and 1994 was no different when she helped defend Dorian against charges that she did, in fact, kill Victor Lord. When the body was given yet another autopsy (wait, didn't we just learn that Victor was alive all these years? Where did the body come from? Okay, I digress...), it was revealed that there were small pillow fibers in his lungs that indicated he was suffocated. Nora did her best to defend Dorian against the likes of Nurse Crawford who claimed she knew the truth, and the courtroom drama that ensued was sensational. This trial pit Nora against her friend and ex-husband Hank Gannon, and the conflict of the two friends trying to win their respective court cases combined with the powerhouse performances of Smith and Robin Strasser made for can't-miss-TV. Oh, and in case you are wondering what the outcome was---the charges were dropped when a diary emerged indicating Irene Clayton, Victor's lover, killed him. Who provided the diary? None other than David Vickers!!

I hope to see many of you at Hillary's first fan club luncheon in New York City on May 6! Information about the gathering is on her official website, and I'd be happy to send you in the direction of that information if you shoot me an email. I look forward to meeting any faithful readers who may also show up for the event. If you haven't sent in your check and request, do it today! It should be a great time!

Enjoy your week,

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