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I have to wonder about Babe. Here she appears to understand that Janet is insane, has the advantage over her, yet takes the keys and turns her back allowing Janet to whack her with the leg of lamb.

I have to wonder about Babe. Here she appears to understand that Janet is insane, has the advantage over her, yet takes the keys and turns her back allowing Janet to whack her with the leg of lamb. Why does AMC continue to allow women to be portrayed as morons? Remember Bianca could have hit Michael Cambias with the fireplace tools and gotten away? The instances in the past are too numerous to list. Could the AMC writers be using the Roald Dahl story "Lamb to the Slaughter" ? In that story a woman learns of her husband's plans to leave her, she knocks him out and kills him with a frozen leg of lamb, then cooks the lamb up and feeds it to the detectives! Quite a story and I can see these writers using previous great ideas. Now we have Babe in the freezer with Trevor and I must ask why AMC continues to kill off established characters such as Trevor and Travis for no real purpose? There is no adequate answer. The Calvary has saved Babe! Amanda is able to at least learn of Trevor's death, but what about Tim? Janet will pay for her crimes ---- sometime. I will say Janet certainly had one thing right, that is, Little A needs a new name. LOL!! That little boy is sure a cutie though!! What a doll. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Barbara who writes: "The actress who portrays Janet is doing an outstanding job with that character. I enjoy her scenes more than anyone else because she is so FUNNY!!!, the play on words is absolutely genius and her reasoning for doing these crazy antics is almost believable. She is quite a remarkable actress. You Go Girl !!!" Oh, I so agree that Kate Collins is just magnificent even though the story is getting old and drawn out. She definitely deserves an Emmy nod for sure. This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Sheila who writes: "When Janet left town with Trevor she was friends with the whole town, now no one remembers that. I have never known the writers to change so much history before. They used to make new stories work with the history, now they just change it." Sheila is correct, history is re-written at a whim and it does make us long-time viewers suffer. Speaking of suffering - how would you like to know you're unconscious and your medical staff consists of Julia Santos & Josh Madden? That is too scary for words. How come Josh doesn't have to get a medical license to practice medicine?

You've been Shot!

Dixie must be Wonder Woman to make it to Zach's on foot with a bullet wound and all that loss of blood without anyone seeing her or anyone noticing the blood trail. How about disappearing before Tad could open the door and discover her? Some detective Tad is as Dixie's bloody hand print was shown several times. Where are the competent detectives in PV? Dixie shows up just in time to keep Zach from blowing his brains out. Dixie certainly was giving Zach heartfelt advice about suicide. It seems from what's she was saying she has been close to death while she's been missing and she said she had lost a child. Was she referring to Kate or Bess the 1st child she miscarried with Tad? I'm still hoping Kate will be alive. Speaking of alive that would be Janet telling all of PV that Dixie is indeed alive and well. What are the odds that Janet is the only one (besides Di and Zach that is) that knows Dixie is alive? It didn't take long for David to figure out Janet may be crazy but she is lucid enough to know who Dixie is and that Dixie must be alive.

JR has a Gun!

JR held Krystal at gunpoint and that was the WORST but when Krystal held Adam at gunpoint that was OK? Give me a break. JR finally called the "kill" squad off once he was convinced Janet was to blame for his son's kidnapping. David comes to the rescue with some memory drug to "help" Amanda remember where the fishing cabin is. I find it incredibly difficult to believe Tim NEVER went to this fishing cabin with Trevor. After all, Trevor and Tim were "best buddies". Let's hope Trevor gets a proper tribute/burial as he did have many friends including Derek and Tad in PV.

I Love You or Not!

Adam is in love with Krystal. Oh, I think I'm going to be sick. JR wants to marry Babe now and I'm not sure this is going to come off but time will tell. JR doesn't trust Babe let alone love her but I guess he can't see that. Krystal will be taking advantage of this situation. Lily decides she wants to marry Jonathan but the writers appear to be getting some sense and backing off this storyline as Jonathan tells Lily she doesn't have the right reasons for marrying him. Now in PV terms that would be one - she doesn't want to manipulate or use him or two - she doesn't love him either. I think the actress filling in for Lily, Portia Reiners, is doing a great job. Did anyone else notice that's quite a treehouse Jonathan built all on his own? I'm thinking he needs to go into the architecture business and support all the Laverys!

I'm Back!

Kendall is dreaming or is a nightmare? Yes, that was Ethan visiting and explaining that Zach was dead. Instead Zach is alive and kicking --- thanks in part to Dixie. Ryan tells Kendall they need to take it slow this time and I'm continuing to see the redemption of Ryan. Yes, I was a Ryan and Kendall fan so long ago and could easily slide right back into that comfort zone. This only means that Kendall and Ryan will come together again, be torn apart, Kendall and Zach will re-unite, Kendall and Zach will be torn apart and there will continue to be more and more angst. In other words ---- there is no long-term happiness to look forward to in PV.

Interesting Observation!

Personally, I really like Thorsten Kaye (Zach) but the character lacks something I keep looking for. Maybe it's the fact that he's being portrayed as a knight in shining armor for Kendall much like Ryan has been in the past. He took matters in his own hands when he disapproved of Kendall carrying Greenlee and Ryan's child. He chose to fake his own death yet condemned Ryan for doing the exact same thing. He denied being Ethan's father so Ethan would not get the "Cambias curse". Married his son's love --- Kendall --- to gain control of the casinos, etc. All this he did for the greater good of others. He's just as controlling and manipulative as any other person in PV but is shown as doing it for everyone's benefit. Hmmmmm. Makes me wonder how controlling folks like Zach and Tad are portrayed as great guys, yet others such as Adam and David (along with Ryan) are the devil's spawn.

I'll be back in 2 weeks!! See you then. Thanks for all your emails with those rants and raves!


Mary Page
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