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Pilar's current storyline has set up a wonderful conflict. Pilar can't condone Theresa's actions of coming between Gwen and Ethan because then she'd have to accept Katherine doing the same thing. Not that Pilar has ever condoned Theresa's actions.

Pilar is so happy about her upcoming renewal ceremony to Martin. I can't blame her. I would be thrilled if my husband left me for another woman, returned years later no longer in love with me, but willing to commit to me again out of guilt. This is such a shame because Pilar is so much better than this, and she certainly deserves better than Martin. On a side note, the wedding did bring one good thing; Paloma is back, and more beautiful than ever. Hook her up with a hunk already!!!

This storyline has set up a wonderful conflict. Pilar can't condone Theresa's actions of coming between Gwen and Ethan because then she'd have to accept Katherine doing the same thing. Not that Pilar has ever condoned Theresa's actions, but still in all, that whole "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" thing falls into play here.

I don't understand why Katherine felt the need to go to Alistair's room and pour her heart out to him. I'd think Alistair would be the last person Katherine would want to talk about Martin to. Katherine must've been studying up on Theresa. It takes a brave woman to go to a man's home, a home he shares with the wife he abandoned and is about to renew vows with, naked. My fiancée and I were watching Passions on Tuesday (Mardi Gras), and he commented how gross it was that Katherine was naked. "How old is she?" he said with a disgusted look on his face. All I could do was laugh and try to explain the storyline. And the flashbacks of Katherine and Martin "together" were definitely not necessary.

Maybe I was still feeling the effects of Mardi Gras, or perhaps I'm not far off base, but the new Fox seems to be getting better. However, Kay's dreams of Miguel still bother me. If Fox is the only true love she's ever known, why is Miguel even an issue? Kay is the anti-Theresa. She schemed to get Miguel and in the end she lost him anyway. But now she's found a great guy and she's gotten on with her life. And don't say its because they have a child together. He didn't love Maria enough to stick around and raise her; Charity was more important. Why now be a factor in the child's life; especially since she doesn't even know you?

What exactly is at stake for Valerie to be helping Ivy? I obviously missed something here. I did think it was rather odd when Valerie called that restaurant in Mexico and the bartender couldn't speak English, and her Spanish was rusty (she mostly spoke English) but they understood each other perfectly? And is there really only one person named Miguel in that entire Mexican city? And why is it made out to seem as though Miguel is in the Witness Protection Program? He is searching for Charity for pete's sake. There are no phone records for him, and the only number Theresa has is that restaurant? And I personally was wishing Val would kick Ivy off the ledge. Especially since she lied to Fox about Kay looking at Miguel's pictures.

I used to think Maya was working for Ivy, but since Ivy was hanging from a ledge at the time Maya was on the phone with her mystery person that doesn't seem plausible. Now I think she has some sore of multiple personality disorder. I don't think it's an actual person she's talking to on the phone, but rather another of her personalities. And Noah obviously could tell Fancy the truth, he doesn't have a clue as to what's going on. If he did, then he wouldn't have been interrogating Maya for information. However, Noah was rather scary with Maya after Fancy broke up with him.

So Theresa has bribed Collier and Co. into keeping Gwen so busy Ethan forgets about her. I gotta hand it to Theresa, she is definitely slick. When she invited Jane and Ethan to the wedding, she put Gwen in a position to either relent to her wishes, or look like a total bitch. Gwen managed to turn the tables on her by pushing off work to go with Ethan and Jane, but Theresa is going to step it up a notch to make sure her plan works. And why was it Pilar desperately wanted her entire family, including granddaughter Jane at the wedding, but other granddaughter Maria was not invited?

Sheridan and Chris bore me beyond words, but I was excited thinking Sheridan might get Marty back this week. I know I haven't read it in the spoilers, but still in all, I had hope. On Tuesday, when my fiancée watched the show with me I learned his ex wife watched Passions and he caught a few episodes here and there. When Sheridan got "shot" and fell to the ground he asked, "Is that the girl that is always dying?" Again I laughed, and then I realized just how little this show progresses.

I then laughed again at Chris thinking Sheridan was dead, and the poor shot the gunman seemed to be. I laughed again when Sheridan stood there and screamed for Otto to stop beating up Chris. I know McKenzie is pregnant (and I wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy & baby), and stunts are risky, but couldn't Sheridan hit Otto over the head with a vase or something? She really is more useful than just standing around being eye candy.

Some Random Thoughts:

Antoine wants to know, "What does BEDPANS mean? Is that an inside joke?" Bedpans come from when Gwen was in the hospital and lost baby Sarah. She took her frustrations out on Theresa by beating her with a bedpan, which remains the funniest thing I've ever seen on a soap.

"Well, you are completely right about Miguel and Kay. If he comes back as a plot device to tear up Fox and Kay I will scream. Not only have they completely let the audience know that Miguel and Charity are soul mates. Him coming back to Kay will be a complete inconsistency in his character. Can we picture Luis going back with Beth? Or Julian with Liz or Ivy? It doesn't make sense!!! I strongly hope that Kay and Fox get married. What is up with JER [Head writer James E. Reilly] and not allowing one single couple to be married that LOVE EACH OTHER????" I'd personally love for Julian and Ivy to get back together. Thanks Antoine!!!

"I would love to see Gwen this what is coming to her for a change and Theresa gets what she wants. She has been though a lot and Gwen keeps getting the feedback as the poor innocent person. Let's see the cards change and Gwen and her mother get revealed and everyone start ratting on them." Thanks Brenda!!!

"To be honest I didn't really like Heidi Meuller at first. But I found she grew into the role. And now I think she's great. I'm hoping Mark Wystrach just needs to get used to the role. Like you I would hate to see a great character ruined. If not...well for the love all things soap opera; there has to be some new comer that's a good looker AND can act!" Great point Angela!!!

"Is Martin stupid? He should just marry Katherine already. I mean, she's gotta be what...90? She'll die during the honeymoon and then Martin can take the inheritance and marry Pilar. He keeps saying he wants to make things up to her. I thought it was hilarious last week when Rachel and Katherine were offended with Theresa's 'pine box' threat. Umm...I thought they were IN pine boxes for the past 20 plus years? I'm looking forward to this Vendetta thing, especially if it brings back Grace." Thanks Phillip!!!

"I have watched Passions since it came out. I love this show, but I can miss two weeks and it's still where I left off. What the writer needs to do is get more storylines and spice it up more. Especially Theresa and Ethan. Either get them together or like someone said let a handsome man walk into her life and sweep her off her feet. Sheridan and her new husband are totally pathetic. I hate that Sheridan moved on so fast with someone she doesn't even know. [If] Sheridan [stays] with her husband and doesn't go back to Luis and I will be so disappointed." Thanks Jennifer!!!

"I have to make a comment about Sandy's suggestion that a new man come in and sweep Theresa off her feet so she'll kick Ethan to the curb ... I wonder if Donald Trump's son is available ...He's very good looking and RICH!"
Thanks Deanna, who LOVES Theresa, and wishes she'd get a backbone and kick Ethan's butt already!

Quote of the week: "The Sheridan-Chris Booth storyline is driving me crazy. They need to go.... and they need to take Jessica and Spike with them. I really don't understand why Sheridan dressed up and did her hair and makeup to go save her son. She wore WEDGES. And Chris had to wear a bright blue shirt. I mean, COME ON! Are they that stupid? I guess they ARE meant for each other. Oh, and weren't they supposed to bring weapons of their own? As you can tell, I'm really frustrated with those two. Sheridan kept stopping before each door to say (really loudly) 'Oh my God, Chris, I'm going to get Marty back!" She's so stupid. I definitely miss the old Sheridan from the Sci-Fi episodes (which I happen to like a lot more than these current episodes)." Thanks Alexandra!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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