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Passions Recaps: The week of February 27, 2006 on PS
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Monday, February 27, 2006

At the mansion, Pilar and Martin get ready for the ceremony. Katherine walks in the room and Pilar tells her to go away and stay away until after the ceremony.

Katherine takes flowers to Alistair's hospital room. She tells him she needs to see him to fuel her anger, to give her the courage she needs to do what it takes to get Martin back before it's too late. Alistair hears her from his coma and laughs at her. Katherine gets spooked because she thinks she hears his laughter.

Gwen shows up for her interview with Ethan and Jane in tow. Jane spits up on her before she goes in. Theresa, watching from one of Alistair's many hidden cameras, cheers Jane on for that. While Gwen is in the interview the receptionist makes comments to Ethan about him being a stay at home dad.

Earlier Theresa had talked with Mr. Collier and told him the vice president position would be perfect for Gwen and being the hard worker that she was, as much overtime as he could give her.

Mr. Collier hires Gwen on the spot and asks her to start right then. Gwen gives Ethan the news and tells him not to wait dinner on her.

Pilar catches Theresa watching from the monitors and starts to lecture her. Theresa defends herself to Pilar's deaf ears.

Chris locks Sheridan in the hotel room bathroom to keep her from going with him to rescue Marty. Sheridan frees herself in time to get in the taxi with him. They arrive at the compound and alarms start blaring. They slip through the security gate before it shuts. Otto hopes to himself that he won't have to blow up the house and everyone in it.

Back at his house Martin gets ready for the ceremony and wonders if he'll be able to go through with it. A naked Katherine surprises him with a last ditch effort to get him to change his mind.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Fox and Kay got ready to go to Pilar and Martin's renewal ceremony. They discussed what they'd like their wedding and reception to be like and Fox taught her to waltz. Tabitha interrupted them with Maria who was crying and fussy. Fox got a business call and Tabitha reminded Kay not to accept Fox's proposal yet. Kay agreed, but wanted to do it soon before Ivy sabotaged them. Tabitha reminded her that Ivy might not be the only one out to get them and Kay told her about her dream about Miguel. Kay admitted that the shadow at her future wedding could be Miguel.

Noah met Maya at the Book Cafe and asked her who the people are who are after them. Maya said she didn't know and warned him not to tell Fancy any more or she'd be in more danger. Noah left to go see Fancy and Maya got a phone call from the mystery woman who had listened to their conversation through a bug in Maya's necklace. The mystery woman called her again and told her to hurry over to the hospital to make sure he wasn't telling Fancy anything. Maya glumly followed instructions.

At the hospital, Ivy hovered outside of Fancy's room and called to harass Valerie into finding Miguel. She went in to see Fancy who was wearing a diamond decorated eye patch. Fancy worried about her eye, but worried more about losing Noah's love. Ivy commented on their love and then said she wished there was something she could do, but she didn't like to meddle in her children's relationships. Noah showed up to help take her home and Fancy tried to blow him off. Ivy took him aside and told him if he loved her daughter he better do something fast. Noah packed up Fancy's stuff and Fancy glowered at him. He wanted to know what was wrong and she reminded him that every time he started to spill the beans something happened to interrupt them.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa checked in with Mr. Collier to make sure Gwen wouldn't be anywhere near the mansion during the ceremony. Pilar was disgusted that Theresa was the same man stealing woman like Katherine. Theresa tried to justify what she was doing because she didn't think Ethan loves Gwen, whereas Katherine was brealing up a "real" marriage. Theresa asked if they could just agree to disagree and then tried to change the subject to Pilar's big day. Pilar finally decided to go get ready, but she was upset with Theresa for manipulating things. Pilar was so nervous. She worried that at the last moment her happiness would be snatched away. Theresa reassured her that she'll be a beautiful bride. Theresa apologized for being upset at her mother for working long hours when she was younger and then got a cell phone call.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Katherine ravished Martin until he pulled away declaring that he couldn't do that because he was going to renew his vows to Pilar. She wanted to make love and he wanted her. They succumbed and crashed onto the bed kissing very intimately. She begged him to make love to her and he stood up and demanded that she leave. She said she was just trying to bring him to his senses. She declared that they were married and he'd regret throwing their love away. He declared that he's married to Pilar and he owes it to her to stay married to her. He listed all the things Pilar lost because he'd been off in Mexico with her. She told him not to sacrifice the rest of his life, but he swore he would. Katherine told him that he couldn't make Pilar happy when he won't be happy.

At the Hawaiian Crane compound, Otto gave his henchmen orders to shoot Chris and Sheridan on sight. Sheridan and Chris tried to break in, but a henchman saw them and pointed his laser sight right at her forehead. Sheridan crumpled as if she was shot and Chris panicked as he pulled her away. The henchman was upset that he lost his shot at Chris. Sheridan had only hit her head when she ducked. They scooted away as bullets flew over them. One bullet a door to the house and pushed it open, so they took the opportunity to get inside. They opened door after door looking for Marty as the goons all headed to the west wing to stop them from finding the guests. Sheridan stepped into one room to find travel itineraries for Marty and Beth. She was excited to be so close and then Otto walked into the room pointing a gun at them.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Ethan tried to feed Jane, but only got food thrown all over him as Jane cried. Gwen called to check in and Ethan tried to make like everything was fine. Gwen was excited that her job was challenging and Ethan was ready to cry in frustration. Gwen came home for lunch to find a massive mess and took over the job of feeding Jane.

At the Crane office, Valerie finally had a lead on Miguel in Mexico at Hernando's Hideaway Bar. The bartender didn't speak English, but she finally got through to him for whom she was looking. He called Miguel to come to the phone.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Katherine leaves scratches on Martin's back as they share a passionate embrace and kiss. He then tells her it's over and no matter how she pleads he stands his ground that he will commit to Pilar.

Theresa goes in person to the B&B to invite Ethan and Jane to the ceremony unaware that Gwen is home for her lunch hour. When Gwen confronts her as to why she is there Theresa innocently claims to have finally given up on getting Ethan back and is simply hoping that Pilar's grandchild can be at the ceremony. She plays surprised when Gwen says that she is working now. Theresa tells her that if she wasn't busy with her new job she'd be more than welcomed at the ceremony also. Gwen foils her plans by accepting the invitation.

Chris and Otto fight. Chris and Sheridan escape from him to search the mansion. They find a child's room.

Fancy begs Noah for the truth. Maya listens outside the hospital room door and hopes Noah keeps quiet.

Valerie finds a phone number for Miguel and calls him in Mexico saying she works for Theresa and it's urgent that he come home now. Ivy joyfully listens knowing that this is her best bet to keep Kay from marrying Fox.

Fox asks Kay if the real reason she isn't accepting his proposal is because she still has feelings for Miguel. She assures him that he is the only one she loves.

Tabitha does some fun and kooky hocus pocus to check on the planets and sees that it's still days away before Kay can accept the proposal.

Paloma helps Pilar get ready for the ceremony knowing that her Poppy is still in love with Katherine.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

At the Bed and Breakfast, Gwen accepted Theresa's invitation to Ethan and Jane to go to Pilar and Martin's ceremony. Theresa called Mr. Collier to complain that he'd let Gwen get away from the office. How was she to break up Ethan and Gwen if Gwen wasn't at the office? Collier was uncomfortable with her "unseemly" tactics. Gwen and Ethan came back in the room and Theresa offered to take them in her car, then Mr. Collier called and demanded that she go back to work. Ethan asked her if she really wanted to work for such a demanding man. He told her that he'd go look for a job, but Gwen insisted that it was okay for her to work. After Gwen left it was just "you, me, and our daughter" as Theresa said.

At the Crane mansion, Paloma helped her mother get ready for the ceremony and Paloma worried that his father was still in love with Katherine. She told her mother that she just wanted them to be happy. Pilar recounted their early life and deep love for each other. Pilar told Paloma that she hopes that when Paloma finds a man, they will love each other as much as she and Martin. Paloma cried thinking about her papa's lie. Pilar got her wedding dress ready and told Paloma that she didn't believe in divorce and how both she and Martin had fought for their marriage. She said that love is the most important thing in a marriage. Katherine returned to the mansion and told Rachel that even though Martin still loved her he was going through with the ceremony. She despaired that she'd begged, but he was going to sacrifice their love to be with Pilar and their children. Rachel told her not to be a quitter and gave her an idea to stop the ceremony. Rachel told her to talk to Pilar. Martin arrived at the mansion and ran into Father Lonigan in the kitchen. He told Martin not to go through it with a clear conscience. Martin told him that Katherine had confronted him to not go through with it, but he'd have to confess that he was tempted. He wondered what his life would have been like to stay with Katherine. Father L asked if he was just wondering or really having second thoughts. He asked who Martin wanted to be with. Theresa, Ethan and Jane went to the library despite the bad feelings it brought up from when she poisoned him there with guacamole. He called Gwen to check in just as her assistant dumped a huge pile of work on her desk. She asked if Theresa had thrown herself at Ethan yet and he tried to reassure her. Theresa told Jane to watch and learn. She asked him to hold Jane because she had a major crisis to take care of for Crane. Then a guy dropped off Ethan's plans for revitalizing the slum and said it was too bad they'd never be carried out. Ethan demanded to know what she'd done to his plans.

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Tabitha fed the girls in preparation of going to Pilar and Martin's ceremony. Tabitha reminded Kay that they were a couple of unwed single mothers. Tabitha tried to plant seeds of Miguel in her mind. Kay swore that he'd never come back and it didn't matter anyway. Besides as soon as the planets are aligned, she'll be already married to Fox. Tabitha kept bringing up Miguel and Kay tried to get her to shut up. She reminded her that the Boys in the Basement would still want their payment for the Fox Success Spell. Kay blathered on about Tabitha being a spoilsport, but Tabs said she was just being realistic. Kay swore that she'd get married to Fox and Tabby despaired that they were doomed.

At Crane Industries, Valerie and Ivy talked to Miguel on the phone and gave him the idea that he had to come home immediately. They mentioned bits and pieces of why he should come home in between crinkling sounds that made it seem like the connection was bad and then Fox started coming, calling out Valerie's name. Val and Ivy panicked that Fox would catch them before they convinced Miguel to come home. Ivy had to get out of the office before Fox walked in so she went out on the ledge. A pigeon landed on her head and she flailed at it. Fox heard the noise and started to investigate, but Valerie told him it was just the window washers' rig and she finally got rid of him. Valerie went to the window to pull in Ivy, but Ivy slipped and fell.

At the Crane Hawaiian compound, Sheridan and Chris found a nursery and Sheridan was sure it was Marty's. They heard the henchmen coming and ran away in order to not get caught. They kept going in circles with the goons shooting at them. Finally the goons cornered them and Sheridan demanded that she see her son. Otto told her she'd never see him again. As Otto tried to shoot Sheridan, Chris pushed her out of the way and he ran a different direction. The goons decided to catch her first and use her as bait to get Chris. They finally caught Sheridan again at gunpoint. They tied her up and told her that once they found him, they were both dead. Chris lurked outside and swore he'd get her and Marty out of there.

At the Harmony Hospital, Fancy cried about wanting Noah to tell her everything and Maya stood out in the hallway listening and worrying that he'd tell Fancy their story. He told her that she didn't understand, and she told him that big things could be made smaller by sharing them. She told him that she needed his honesty because she'd grown up in a family filled with lies. The mystery woman called Maya and threatened her not to let Noah tell Fancy. Fancy gave Noah a final chance and he remembered the bullet he'd found on her pillow. He wanted to get her home to get some rest, but she demanded that he leave because they were finished. She said she'd just call for a car from home. Maya was relieved that he didn't spill the beans, but Noah was devastated and Fancy felt terrible that he'd refused to talk.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Pilar shows off her dress to Paloma and Paloma thinks she looks gorgeous. Pilar is very excited and says that she will have everything that she has ever wanted except Antonio and Luis. Paloma leaves to get something for Pilar while Pilar is fascinated with her dress and twirls around in front of the mirror like a princess.

Katherine feels that if she can't get Martin to call off the wedding then Pilar won't be canceling the ceremony because she has been living for this day. Rachel disagrees because she thinks that Pilar wants to come first in Martin's heart, and if she feels that she is second best, then she won't be happy with Martin. Rachel uses those words to convince Katherine to go after Martin. Katherine feels that she has said all she needs to say to Pilar, but Rachel seems to think that Katherine can convince Pilar otherwise. Rachel is making Katherine feel guilty to go after Martin by telling her that Martin should be making love to her and not Pilar.

Rachel tells Katherine if she really wants to be with Martin she should do something about it even if it means stopping the ceremony.

Pilar thinks Paloma has forgotten something, but Katherine walks in the room instead. Pilar thought that Katherine was going to leave the house before the ceremony. Katherine tells Pilar that she changes her mind and wants to talk to her.

Father Lonigan senses that Martin is tormented by his past with Katherine, so he asks Martin if he is having second thoughts of renewing his vows with Pilar. Martin knows that this day is very important to Pilar and will not do anything to mess things up. Father Lonigan wonders why Martin wants to go through with the ceremony when Martin really wants to be with Katherine. He asks Martin if he is staying with Pilar out of guilt. Martin looks away.

Kay is pleased that Fox calls her to tell her that he loves her. Fox has other things on his mind but Kay sets him straight.

Tabitha thinks Fox and Kay are acting as if everything is peachy keen and that's certainly not the case. Kay thinks that she and Fox have come this far, so nothing will break them apart. Tabitha thinks that Kay is na´ve.

The phone rings, Kay picks it up and it's Miguel. Miguel wants to know what is going on and if Maria is ok. Miguel's phone rings and cut Kay off because he feels that it could be Charity. Before Kay could say anything to Miguel, he hangs up the phone.

Kaye feels that Miguel hasn't changed because it's always about Charity. Tabitha still thinks that Miguel will be an obstacle to Kay and Fox's relationship. Kay feels that what Tabitha is saying is ridiculous and she is tired of hearing it and that nothing will get in her way of Fox because she loves him.

Fox glances at a picture of Kay on his desk and wonders if Kay is really over Miguel.

Kay tells Tabitha that what she felt for Miguel was puppy love and what she has with Fox is very real. Tabitha tells Kay that she is in way over her head and she is trying to protect her interest, but Kay feels that Tabitha is trying to ruin her day and her entire life. Kay tells Tabitha that nothing scares her and that she and Fox love each other enough and nothing will get in their way.

Ivy is annoyed that the pigeons landed on her head. Valerie reaches out to help Ivy in, but Ivy loses her footing and is hanging on to the window ledge for dear life. Valerie reaches out to help Ivy and asks her if this is all worth it to keep Kay and Fox apart. Ivy retorted, "Yes!"

Valerie insists that Ivy grabs on to her hand but Ivy says that she can't. Valerie keeps insisting and tells Ivy to trust her, but Ivy didn't have much faith in Valerie's trust. Valerie tells Ivy that she has no choice, so Ivy let Valerie pulls her up. Valerie tells Ivy that she is manipulating Fox but Ivy feels that she is protecting Fox. Ivy leaves to work on Fox and insists that Valerie gets in touch with Miguel and get him back to Harmony. Before walking out the door, Ivy turns to tell Valerie thanks for saving her life and that she is doing a good job with trying to get Miguel back to Harmony. Valerie has her doubts but still continues Ivy's dirty work.

Ivy runs into Fox in the hall covered with pigeon feathers. Fox wants to know what happened to her. Ivy plays it off. Ivy asks Fox how things were going with Kay, and gives Fox the idea that there was something up with Kay. She makes up some story about baby pictures of Kay and Maria so that Fox would take an interest. Ivy happened to have a photo of Kay, Maria, and Miguel. She shows it to Fox to play on his emotions. It's working because Fox sees the picture and says that Miguel, Maria and Kay really were a family. Ivy is very pleased with the results. Fox wonders why Kay keeps the picture at Sam's house and not at Tabitha's. Ivy tells Fox the reason for that is because he (Fox) is there. She then apologizes to Fox for sounding so harsh.

Ivy is planting doubts in Fox's head that Kay is hiding something from him.

On Ivy's orders, Valerie calls Miguel to convince him to come back to Harmony. Miguel tells her that he has already spoken to Theresa, but Valerie insists that he is needed in Harmony. Miguel seems to think that everything is ok because he has spoken to Kay as well. Valerie keeps insisting that Theresa wants Miguel back in Harmony. She goes as far as telling him that Theresa will do everything in her power to make it possible for him to come home by offering the Crane private jet to pick him up.

Theresa is on the phone insisting that Collier keeps Gwen as busy as he can and not to let her go out of the office for any reason whatsoever.

Ethan tells Theresa that she never did tell him why his pet project never got off the ground. Theresa tells him that no one else shares the same vision and the zoning board feels that it was impossible. Ethan buys her story. Ethan expresses interest in the project, but Theresa tries to guilt him into thinking otherwise by telling Ethan that he wants nothing to do with CI and that other employees would be happy to work on the project. Ethan is buying into Theresa's plot hook line and sinker because he feels that's his project and he doesn't see why Theresa cannot ask him anything about it. Theresa realizes that Ethan is biting, so she sits on the sofa with Ethan to explain why the project was halted. Jane cries and Theresa quieted her down. Ethan explains to Theresa that he has done his research and he knows that the project will work. Theresa realizes that Ethan is into to project but wants to be sure where Ethan head is so she insists that Ethan goes home to Gwen and let her handle the project. Theresa walks off, and Ethan gives her a weird glance.

Ethan asks Theresa not to refer to him as Mr. Mom. Theresa apologizes. Ethan calls to get a nanny to watch Jane so that he can work on the project without any interruptions. Theresa is pleased and smiles. Ethan and Theresa have a discussion about his pet project. Theresa tells Ethan that his ideas are brilliant and that she couldn't have thought of it on her own.

Theresa gets a phone call from Collier and Ethan wants to know if he could handle the call. Theresa tells Ethan that it was just a text message, but not any text message. Mr. Collier sent a text message to Theresa informing her that Gwen is up to her neck in work. Theresa smiles.

Maya is on the phone with the woman telling her that Noah is crushed, and she feels guilty about what she is doing to Noah.

Fancy wonders out loud to herself why Noah can't be honest with her. Fancy is wheeled out of her hospital room. Noah approaches her to try to explain to Fancy his feelings while Maya spies on them. Noah wants Fancy to concentrate on their future together and to forget the past. Fancy wants to hear the truth instead. Noah tells Fancy not to let little things get between them, but Fancy thinks lying to her is not little at all. The driver comes to wheel Fancy out of the hospital, and Fancy says goodbye to Noah.

Maya approaches Noah and wants to know if everything is alright. Noah tells her everything is not alright and grabs Maya and takes her into an open hospital room. Noah shakes Maya and angrily asks her if she has told all she knows.

While at the mansion, Fancy cries because Noah hasn't told her the truth and wonders why things have to be that way. She says to herself that she has never loved anyone the way she loved Noah.

Noah is upset with Maya because he has kept the truth from Fancy and lost her. Noah wants to find the people who have hurt Fancy so that he can make an example of them. Maya slips up by telling Noah that this is all her fault. Noah says that couldn't be because Maya claims not to know the people involved. Noah has doubts and wants Maya to level with him. Maya finally tells Noah that they call her on her cell but she has no way of tracing them because she doesn't have caller ID. Noah yells at Maya for keeping it from her. He takes Maya's cell phone so that the next time they call, he'll be there to pick up the call.

Sheridan begged Otto to give her 5 minutes with Marty because that's all she wants. Otto tells the guard to be on the look out for Chris, and when he finally catches Chris, he is to kill both of them. Sheridan is shocked out of her mind.

Chris approaches the window where he can see Sheridan, and he is thinking of a way to help her because he knows that her life is in danger.

Sheridan pleads with Otto once again, but Otto ignores Sheridan and tells her that Chris is interested in saving his own skin. Sheridan tells Otto that Chris has not abandoned her and that he is not afraid of Otto or his thugs.

Chris breaks through the window and fights the guard. He knocks both Otto and the guard out and unties Sheridan. Sheridan is free of the ropes and Chris grabs her and run, while Otto and the guard pursue them. They hide in the corridor. Otto and the guard make the wrong turn. Chris insists to Sheridan that they get out of the house, but Sheridan does not want to leave without Marty. Chris listens to Sheridan and goes to look for Marty.

Sheridan sees a door and tells Chris that she is sure that Marty is in that room. Chris tells her to keep her voice down and pulls her to the side. Otto and the guard run pass the corridor without spotting Sheridan and Chris. Sheridan wants to burst inside the room, but Chris is cautious just in case someone dangerous is in the room with Marty. They went inside the nursery but Marty wasn't in the nursery. Chris has doubts about the nursery being Marty's, but Sheridan knows because she found a toy that she had given to Marty. Sheridan is convinced that Marty is somewhere in the house.

Otto and his goons continue looking for Sheridan and Chris. Otto tells the goons to find Sheridan and Chris and make sure that they don't see the nursery.

Chris tells Sheridan that they can't stay there because Otto will be looking for them. Sheridan and Chris hear someone singing a nursery rhyme and turns in that direction. Sheridan listens behind the door, and Chris wonders if it was Beth. Sheridan isn't sure of the voice but knows that she is singing to a child.

Gwen is swamped with work, but she sure is keeping up. Mr. Collier keeps tabs on Gwen by going to her office to get some figures and makes sure that Gwen will have more figures for him at the end of the day. Gwen realizes that it's a lot of work, so she is working fast because she does not want to leave Ethan alone with Theresa. Gwen finishes up and calls the secretary so that she can head off to the ceremony. Unfortunately, the secretary walks in with more files that Mr. Collier wants Gwen to finish after she had completed those reports. Gwen feels that they can wait until tomorrow, but the secretary insists that Mr. Collier wants them done today. Gwen is upset that she won't make the ceremony.

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