One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 27, 2006 on OLTL

Paige discovered who her son was. John was found, and after his hospital release, Natalie took him home. John revealed facts about his dad. Blair chose Spencer until she learned that Todd was still alive. Tess blamed Viki for Tess's existence. Claudia begged Nash to take her back. When he refused, Claudia called her father for help. A drunken Duke confessed his feelings for Kelly.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 27, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Relieved to see Viki back in control, Clint tells his alarmed ex that Niki has been out for several days. Rex introduces Paige to Linda, who hands over her late husband's files concerning the adoption of the doctor's baby boy years ago. Hearing the search party approaching, Todd scrambles to free himself from the shackles. Natalie is surprised to discover that Hugh is carrying a gun. At the hospital, Nash attempts to reassure a worried Tess when she frets about her secret coming out. Bo finds John inside the wreckage of the plane and sends the other rescue workers out to search for Todd. Clint explains to Viki why her alter made a beeline for the Hot Spot. Spencer reminds an agitated Blair that even if Todd survived the crash he'll soon be put to death anyway once he's returned to prison. Rex encourages a nervous Paige to take the next step and meet the son to whom she gave life. Hugh tells Natalie why he's determined to bring Todd to justice. Blair plants a kiss on Spencer to convince him she's truly sincere about making a fresh start. Natalie and Evangeline rush to the hospital after Bo phones to say that a Medivac chopper is bringing John back to Llanview. Tess advises Viki to stop digging into her past. Todd swipes a marshal's uniform and flees through the woods. Paige is stunned to realize she already knows her son.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Adriana is approached by her first autograph seekers as her modeling fame begins to spread. Blair and Spencer fall into bed together and again start to make love. Todd steals a police squad car and makes good his getaway. Kevin confides to Clint how conflicted he feels about his future with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Kelly impresses Hugh with her expression of violent dislike for Todd. At the hospital, Natalie and Evangeline both urge John not to blame himself for his prisoner's escape. Marcie comforts a shaken Michael as he realizes how close he came to losing his big brother. Blair's tryst with Spencer comes to an abrupt halt when she catches a glimpse of Todd's face on the TV screen. Rex helps a flustered Adriana elude her new fans. Revealing how he had a vision of their late father following the plane crash, John tells Michael he's starting to think Todd may actually be innocent. Claudia shows up unexpectedly at Rodi's and implores Nash to take her back but he icily reminds her that he's with Tess now. Adriana and Rex share a moment of passion. Kevin apologizes to Kelly for acting like such a jerk. Nash keeps mum about his encounter with Claudia when Tess returns to their table.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

John presses a jittery Paige to disclose what she knows about Spencer setting Todd up to take a murder rap. Wearing the federal marshal's uniform, Todd takes temporary refuge in a roadside diner. Meanwhile, Hugh begins his pursuit of the escaped prisoner. David again asks Spencer what their late mother's photo has to do with his scheme to destroy the Buchanans. Layla catches Cristian picking the lock on her sister's front door. Michael asks Natalie to make sure that his brother gets home in one piece. Cris explains to Layla how he's come to hang a painting as a surprise for Evangeline. Bo questions his uneasy girlfriend about the wild claims Todd made on the transport plane. Fearful of Spencer's retaliation, Paige insists that her "instincts" about the case were mistaken after all. David suggests to Spencer that the wrong man wound up on Death Row. A beaming Evangeline thanks Cris for her gift. Certain Paige is hiding something, Bo urges her to be straight with him before secrets destroy their relationship. Michael sedates a protesting John before sending him home with Natalie. Todd runs into trouble after another customer at the diner recognizes his face from a wanted poster. Paige sadly tells a puzzled Bo she doesn't deserve him.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

While Rex is at Roadies, an obviously-been-drinking Duke shows up with Layla. While there is no confrontation, he does hear Rex make reservations at a hotel...and request a dozen roses in the room for Adriana.

Kelly has a lot of questions for Blair-is she still in love with Todd? What will she do if he contacts her? Blair stands by her statement that she is no longer in love with Todd, but admits she is confused. Kelly then tells Blair she's glad she's spending time with Spencer-even though she doesn't really like him, and the surgery he performed on her was for nothing. Blair is confused by Kelly's comment on the surgery, but Kelly doesn't want to talk about it. Instead, Kelly focuses her energies on convincing her cousin not to feel guilty about Spencer, because everything that happened is Todd's fault. She then gets a call from Layla, who asks her to come to Roadies to help Duke. Kelly leaves for the bar, where she finds a rather amusingly-drunk Duke. She drags him to a table to get him away from the bar, and tells him he will find a girl who is perfect for him. Duke tells his father's fiancée that he wants a girl like her-then corrects himself, saying he wants her. Kelly looks uncomfortable but assumes it's the beer talking.

Meanwhile, Hugh and Todd are holding guns on each other. Todd insists that he isn't going back to prison, and that his name will be cleared. Hugh vows that he's not leaving without Todd-dead or alive. He shoots him in the hand and calls the police. Still, Todd escapes.

Adriana and Dorian fight about Rex once Dorian realizes her daughter is planning on going away with him for the weekend. Dorian brings up some of Rex's past, undesirable behavior, but Adriana is unmoved. Her mother oversteps the line, however, when she compares Rex to River. Adriana accuses her of trying to ruin other people's happiness because of what David did.

Bo confronts Paige about Todd, which gives way to a discussion about the relationship. Bo tells Paige he loves her, but worries that she's not giving him 100 percent. Matthew walks in and asks the couple if they are breaking up. Bo assures his son that they are not, and then reassures Paige of the same thing. After Bo leaves to go to the station, Matthew asks Paige why they were arguing, and she says she made a mistake.

Bo arrives at Blair's to put a tap on her phone. While there, Hugh calls and tells Bo that he captured Todd, but he got away. Bo leaves and runs into Rex outside Roadies. Assuming Paige would have told Bo about the breakthrough he made in the search for her son, Rex asks Bo how impressed he is with his P.I. skills. Bo then realizes Paige withheld something else from him.

While Natalie nurses John back to health, they beat around the bush when it comes to talking about their relationship. When John falls asleep, he remembers the beginning of his relationship with her in his dreams and calls her name. Natalie comes to watch over him, and ends up falling asleep in the bed. Later, they groggily wake up at the same time and John kisses her.

Todd finds a phone booth, but is unable to make a call. A stranger approaches him, thinking he is a police officer and offers him a ride, saying she is "only going as far as Llanview." Todd eagerly accepts. Later, he shows up at Bo's apartment, clamps his hand over Paige's mouth and demands that she help him.

Friday, March 3, 2006

An extremely drunk Duke confesses to Kelly that he wants to be with her. Kelly laughs this off but becomes slightly disturbed as Duke persists in sharing his feelings with her. Kevin arrives, and Kelly covers for Duke, telling his father that Duke has a new love interest. Duke almost comes out and says that that love interest is Kelly, but an interruption from Rex saves the day. Kevin and Kelly get Duke home to the mansion and up to his bed, but Kelly is obviously effected.

Natalie and John share a passionate kiss. He pulls away, full of guilt, but Natalie instigates another kiss. She tells him that they are both at fault here. When they get themselves under control, John opens up about the dream he had about his father after the plane crashed. He tells Natalie that he still has guilt because his dad's murder remains a cold case.

Rex tells Bo that Paige was given the file that reveals who her son is. Bo is puzzled as to why Paige mentioned nothing of this to him when they saw each other earlier in the day. Rex suggests that Paige may not have opened the file, because she might not want to know who her son is. Bo takes off for his house to confront Paige, but is interrupted by a phone call from Clint.

Nash arrives back at the Buchanan mansion only to be confronted by Mr. Restin and his hired thugs. Mr. Restin says that Claudia told him that Nash attacked her at Rodi's. Nash tries to convince Mr. Restin that Claudia is lying, but he makes no headway. Restin unleashes his guys on Nash to beat him once again, but Clint walks in and puts a stop to things. He calls Bo over to arrest the goons, but Bo allows them to walk after a severe warning. Later, Restin calls Nash and makes a veiled threat towards Tess and her baby.

Todd gets Paige in a headlock at Bo's house, and warns her that if she screams, he'll break her neck. He has reached the desperation point and wants Paige to come clean with the truth about who is setting him up. She still refuses to name Spencer, because she remembers his threat to frame Bo as Margaret's killer. However, she does indicate to Todd that Margaret and her baby may not have been the bodies found in the lake.

Tess and Viki have another confrontation. This time, Tess relinquishes Niki Smith from any blame and accuses Viki of being completely responsible for what happened to her as a child. When Viki tries to say that she didn't do anything, Tess explodes, accusing her of being cowardly and not caring about anything but Jessica. Viki denies this and claims to care about Tess, but Tess isn't having any of it. Natalie walks in on the argument and demands that Tess leave her mother alone. Viki convinces Natalie that things are all right and that she needs to talk with Tess in this manner. Clint arrives and Viki tells him that Tess blames her for everything.

Bo arrives back at his house as Todd continues to threaten Paige.

Spencer and Blair have it out about the status of their relationship. Blair holds firm to her refusal to have anything more to do with Spencer romantically until she finds out what happened to Todd. Spencer is frustrated and storms out of the penthouse ...

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