One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on OLTL

Rex and Adriana finally decided to be a couple after several misunderstandings. Todd's plane crashed, and he knocked John out and escaped. Kevin was angry for not being told about Viki. Clint located Niki and did his best to get Viki to return. Blair was torn between Spencer and Todd. Hugh begged Blair to let him know if Todd got in touch with her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Cristian accuses Natalie of trying to trick him into accepting her charity. Clint tells Kevin and Kelly why a search is on for Niki and Tess. A beaming Adriana admits to Bo that she's never been happier now that she's fallen in love with Rex. Certain Adriana wants nothing more to do with him, Rex drowns his sorrows at Ultra Violet. Aboard the transport plane, John and Todd find themselves in serious trouble when the autopilot suddenly malfunctions. Dismayed to learn how Cris still intends to fight his first match that very night, Natalie urges her ex not to step into the ring. Nash brings an uneasy Tess back to Llanfair to face Jessica's family. Hugh offers to set Rex up with a date. Bo reports to a worried Evangeline that Air Traffic Control has lost contact with the prisoner transport. Meanwhile, Todd is forced to fly the plane after John passes out in the cockpit. Kevin angrily presses Tess to disclose where his mother disappeared to, then snarls at Duke and Clint when they try to rein him in. Adriana fumes to see Rex flirting with an attractive French woman at the club. Dorian listens in as Duke and his father argue about Kelly. Tess grows irate when Clint decides to call Dr. Jamison for help. After regaining consciousness, John locks Todd back into his shackles just as the starboard engine bursts into flames. Bo elects to keep Natalie in the dark about a possible problem with John's assignment. Cristian prepares to face his first opponent. John cuffs himself to his prisoner as the plane begins its steep and rapid descent towards the ground.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Adriana demands the truth from Rex. Duke finds Kelly at Ultra Violet and lends a sympathetic ear as she dishes about his dad. Spencer ominously reminds Paige of the dire consequences should she suffer a sudden attack of conscience. Bo is shaken to learn that the plane carrying Manning and McBain has crashed. Meanwhile, John and Todd extricate themselves from the burning fuselage just in the nick of time. Starr goes to check on her mom after hearing Blair cry out in her sleep. Paige warns Spencer she will never set Bo up for a fall. Rex reveals to Adriana how he overheard her badmouthing him at Craze, then is startled when she explains how he misinterpreted her remarks. Blair informs Spencer she still loves Todd and probably always will. Duke phones Kevin and encourages him to come to the club to speak with Kelly. Asa's private investigator returns with new information about the woman in the photo. Later, Asa clutches his chest and collapses as a worried Clint calls 911. Spencer reminds Blair that Todd is never coming back. At the crash site, Todd revives John for the second time. A sleepy Tess lets it slip to Nash that she believes Antonio is the father of her child. Adriana finds the flowers and the note Rex took to Craze. Insisting their romance is real, Spencer pulls Blair into another kiss.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Niki arrives at the Hot Spot and quickly cozies up to the bartender. David glumly reminds Dorian how she was responsible for blowing apart his life. Natalie comes to the gym just in time to see Cristian knock out his opponent. Bo hesitantly informs Evangeline that the plane carrying John and Todd has gone down. Meanwhile, at the crash site, John refuses to unshackle his prisoner as they seek shelter for the night. Clint phones Bo to let him know that their father has apparently suffered another heart attack. Cris informs an appalled Natalie he's boxing not for the money but in order to make himself feel better about his life. Though disappointed that she believes Antonio is the father of her child, Nash assures Tess nothing will change his love for her. Dorian hurries to the hospital to support Clint after hearing about Asa's cardiac arrest. Evangeline fills in Natalie and Cris as word comes that there were probably no survivors from the crash. Clint admits to Bo how sorry he feels for Nash. Adriana and Rex happily agree to become an official couple. Close to hysterics, Natalie lashes out at both Cristian and Evangeline. Tess warns Dr. Jamison she won't allow him to erase her.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bo and Clint wait for news about Asa at the hospital. Dorian comes to support Clint, and David accuses her of using Asa's condition to move in on Clint and make him jealous.

Bo and Clint discuss the "jeweler" they have seen Asa with. Later, Bo discovers that Asa has been in contact with a private investigator by calling the last number dialed on his father's cell phone. Bo tells Renee he is going to find out more about the business between Asa and the P.I.

Renee finds the picture of the mysterious woman in Asa's jacket and wonders if it somehow caused his heart attack.

Blair goes to see Spencer and confesses that she felt more for him while they made love than she'd like to admit. Just when they decide to try to be together while she gets over Todd, Starr calls crying from the police station. Blair hurries to the station and Starr tells her that she overheard an officer saying her dad's plane went down. After seeing her mother's face when she hears the news, Starr becomes convinced that Blair is still in love with Todd. When Bo arrives at the station, he gets word that they have located the site of the crash, and heads there. Blair sends Starr home with Dorian, who was sent courtesy of Spencer. Blair calls him and thanks him for telling Dorian where she was.

Rex has a good lead on the search for Paige's son: although the lawyer who handled the adoption died, his wife is still alive and found his old files. However, when he tells her the news she claims she wants to call it all off. She then lies to Bo, saying Rex isn't getting anywhere with the search. Paige thinks that her son is better off not knowing her, but Rex tries to convince her otherwise. Rex then gets a phone call and finds out that the lawyer's wife is headed to Llanview, and quickly tells Paige.

David calls his brother and tells him that Asa has had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Spencer heads over, and Renee decides to let him do a consultation, despite Asa's feelings about the man. While alone with his victim, Spencer divulges that he has plans for all the Buchanan men, including Bo, Clint, Kevin, and Duke. He also claims to use them against each other, specifically Duke and Kevin. He tells Asa he can't die yet because he hasn't suffered enough for his actions. Later, David demands to know why it is so imperative that Asa have a photograph of their mother.

While dreaming, Tess recalls being at the bar as a child and introducing herself to a faceless man as, "Tess." She wakes up scared, but won't tell Nash anything about the dream. Later, Clint walks in as Nash and Tess are discussing what she knows about Niki's whereabouts. Clint appeals to Tess' sense of self, saying that he believes she is a person in her own right, and a very important part of his "little girl." He also says that he doesn't believe she is like Niki just because she is an alter, citing the fact that Niki cares only about herself...while he knows Tess is fighting for survival to be with the man she loves. Tess is reluctant, but moved by Clint's extension of kindness toward her. She tells him what she knows about the bar where Niki was headed. Later, as Nash promises Tess he won't let anything happen to her, she has a pain in her abdomen and is scared something is wrong with the baby.

Niki hangs out with the bartender in the hopes of getting information about the night Tess was created. The bartender, Sammy, tells Niki he does remember one man taking a special interest in Jessica. He then kisses her and suggests they talk about it after having some "fun" the next day. Excited, Niki agrees, and takes off. Later, Clint arrives at the bar.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Adriana arrives at "Craze" to find a gift package along with a contract to begin modeling for Giovanni's agency. Dorian promptly arrives, and Adriana realizes that her mother forged her signature on the papers. Dorian, of course, denies this, but Adriana sees through her mother's act. Dorian realizes she's been cornered and tries to convince Adriana that a life of glamorous traveling would be wonderful for her. Rex comes into the office, and Adrian tells him that Dorian obviously did this to drive a wedge between them. Much to the ladies' surprise, Rex sides with Dorian. After Dorian leaves with a mischievous smile on her face, Adriana asks Rex if he's serious about wanting her to model. He tells her that she should do it if she wants to. They start making out, but Rex has to take a cell phone call; it's Linda, the mystery woman who is helping with his investigation. Rex tells Adriana only that he's trying to reunite a woman with her son and to keep the father out of it ... Adriana thinks this is the sweetest thing she's ever heard.

Blair rips into Hugh for not doing anything to find Todd. Hugh tells her that he's not going to waste his time worrying about a baby killer, and Blair calls him a son of a bitch. Blair takes comfort from Spencer, while Evangeline drops in to chat with Hugh and give him a rough time. Hugh expresses his belief to Evangeline that Blair is simply feeling remorse for having turned her back on Todd. Out in the corridor, Spencer reminds Blair that she said she was ready to move on ... slowly, but that she was ready. He vows not to walk away from her now, but claims he understands why she is upset about Todd's missing status. When Spencer leaves for a moment, Hugh approaches Blair under the pretense of apologizing for being so cold. However, within moments he is accusing her of hiding Todd out, and Blair once again lets him have it. Spencer walks into Hugh's office and demands that he stop this line of questioning, or else ... Hugh tells Spencer that he shouldn't threaten the District Attorney. Blair leaves the office, and Spencer tells Hugh he will not let him rake Blair over the coals: Todd is the menace to society, not Blair. Spencer suggests that Hugh not let the public down by letting a baby killer roam free. After Spencer and Blair leave, Hugh pulls out a gun from his desk drawer.

Natalie takes comfort in Cristian's arms, finally breaking down completely over her lot in life. She says that she tried to warn John not to get on the plane, but that he wouldn't listen, and that's why she is now trying to prevent Cris from getting hurt with his boxing. When Cristian accuses her of being mad at John and not him, Natalie admits that she's still mad at both of them. She talks about how confusing her life has been and tells Cristian that she won't make it if she has to say good-bye to one more person she loves. Later, Evangeline and Natalie share a close moment in the abandoned police station, realizing that they have been in this position of waiting for news once too often. The former enemies share a toast with their coffee cups.

Todd and John get up from the ground in order to move around and try to fight hypothermia. A desperate Todd knocks John unconscious, frees himself from the chain, and begins securing McBain so that he can't get away. As Todd works on entrapping McBain, John envisions his father telling him that he's disappointed that John never put his killer away. Todd and John's father begin to blur together in John's mind.

Tess wants Nash to go find Clint and prevent him from finding Niki and learning the secret. Nash is able to convince Tess that it's better for him to stay with she and the baby. The doctor comes in and lets the couple listen to the baby's heartbeat, which is too much for Tess. Jessica begins coming out and calling for Antonio, but Nash fights for his girlfriend and brings Tess back. She is so grateful that Nash fought for her, and he reminds her that he doesn't care about Jessica and that nothing Niki said was true.

As for Niki, she has reentered Sam's bar in the hopes of learning Tess's secret. However, Clint has tracked her down and demands that she come back to Llanview. He persuades Sam to leave them alone, and Niki manages to pull a knife on him. Slowly but surely, Clint reminds Niki that she could never hurt him, because she has Viki's memories inside of her. Clint speaks through Niki to Viki, telling her that although they hurt each other deeply, they remain the most important loves of one another's lives. Clint pulls the knife away, and it appears that a dazed Viki has returned ... Clint gets her to sit down and calls her name, but who is he speaking to: Viki or Niki?

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