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Passions Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on PS
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the Winter Olympics, Passions did not air today.

This pre-emption was planned for and regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, February 21st. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this pre-emption.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Fox enjoyed each other's company in her bed and he looked forward to the day when they could get engaged and then married. He got a text message to go to the office, so off he went. In the kitchen, Tabitha settled in with her laptop to watch Sheridan and company. Kay decided to go help Fox at the office and saw a television broadcast about Fancy's accident. She tried to reach Noah, but couldn't get through. She noticed that Tabitha was watching Hawaii on her laptop and then suddenly even though Kay could still see the picture, Tabitha couldn't. She complained about how old she was getting and how weak her powers are. Kay finally headed off to the office to keep Fox company and make sure Ivy and Valerie weren't horning in on him.

At Crane Industries, Ivy burst in to Chad's office and scared Valerie. She was frightened that they wouldn't get Miguel home in time to break up Kay and Fox. She berated Valerie for not finding Miguel already. Valerie listed all the places she'd checked for him. She mentioned that there was a rumor that he'd be home for his parents' renewal ceremony. Ivy insisted that she at least text message Fox to come to the office so they could break them up for the night. Val sent the message under duress. Fox walked in, but Ivy had heard him so she was hidden. After Fox went to his office Valerie and Ivy kept looking for Charity and Miguel online. Valerie started asking about all the paranormal stuff that had gone on and Ivy gave her the scoop. She finally tracked him to an address on Wisteria lane doing some yard work, but he'd moved on. Kay got to the office and gave Fox the bad news about Fancy. He wanted to head to the hospital, but Kay told him that Sam said the visiting hours were over and Noah was there. Kay said she'd cover for Fancy and then Theresa popped in asking Fox to help her keep up to speed. Then she pulled Kay in to Fancy's office for a chat. Theresa told her that now she is running Crane Industries, she will always have a job to take care of Maria. Theresa said she couldn't understand why he was off chasing somebody who didn't want to be with him. Kay asked her how she could think that about her brother when Theresa's doing the same thing with Ethan-chasing after the love of her life. Kay counseled her to go after Ethan in a different way. She told her that everything Theresa had done attacked his manhood and made him defensive, causing him to dig in his heels. Theresa asked what she should do and Kay said she couldn't give her that answer, but she had to give Ethan a way to go to her without feeling whipped. Theresa asked her how Gwen was key to getting Ethan because Gwen held Ethan like a pit bull with a pork chop. Kay told her to follow a few easy steps and Ethan would be hers. Theresa was very eager to hear Kay's plan. Fox went to Chad's office to get some information from Valerie and was shocked to see the office a mess and asked who the woman was that he'd heard her talking to as he entered. She said "nobody" as Ivy stayed hidden from view under the desk.

In the kitchen at the Crane mansion, Rachel commanded Katherine not to give up on Martin. Theresa told her parents that she wanted to host their renewal ceremony at her house, but Martin refused to have it in Alistair's house after all the evil he's done. Theresa wanted to show that it was a place where misery was replaced by love. Pilar pled with him and Theresa said she'd already hired a wedding planner. They finally wore him down and Martin conceded. Theresa got a call to run to the office to take care of some international business. Rachel and Katherine walked in on the happy couple. They asked what was up and Pilar announced that Theresa was having their renewal ceremony at the mansion. Pilar asked if she could talk to Katherine alone. Rachel took Martin away and Pilar told Katherine not to be there during the ceremony and to stay away from her husband. Katherine refused to honor her request. Pilar told her she was being as selfish as Alistair ever was. Katherine said she was fighting for the man she loved and Pilar angrily pointed out that he is her husband. She told her she'd be damned if she let Katherine take him a second time. In the kitchen, Rachel quizzed Martin about whether he really didn't want to be with Katherine. Rachel made him look back at his life from his old age and see who he pictured with him. He imagined himself old, in a rocker on a front porch and was surprised at who he saw with him.

In Hawaii Chris, Sheridan and the mob goons crept up on a house to which they tracked Otto Krause. As they watched the house, more guards showed up and as they talked, Sheridan overheard them say that they had to move the guests quickly the next day. Chris and Sheridan made plans to snag Marty when they tried to leave. The guards heard them and started to check when Otto came outside and hustled them in to the house to make plans. Sheridan went back to making her plans and Chris said he couldn't help her find Marty. He needed to think of James and if anything happened to him while he was helping her, James wouldn't have anybody. They finally decided that if they got married, the boys would be legally taken care of by whoever survived if one of them was hurt trying to rescue Marty. (Tabitha with her sight renewed, watched the scene play out on her laptop and commented that Chris and Sheridan's marriage wouldn't end happily ever after.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chris and Sheridan have a night time, beach wedding with the Mafia boys as their witnesses. Later we see the Mafia boys meet with Otto outside Chris and Sheridan's hotel room.

Kay and Theresa talk about Theresa's obsession with Ethan. Kay reads her advice from a magazine on why men leave their wives. Theresa gets an idea about how to break Ethan and Gwen up...she also gets a call from Miguel as Kay stands by and listens. When she hangs up Theresa tells Kay that from the sounds of the badly connected call Miguel won't be showing up for Pilar and Martin's renewal of vows. Theresa dashes off to set her plan in motion, but not before Fox overhears her thanking Kay for the advice. When she is gone Fox angrily confronts Kay about helping Theresa in her schemes. Kay explains that it was only a magazine article that she showed Theresa.

Theresa arranges for Gwen to get a job offer that she can't refuse in hopes that it will bruise Ethan's male ego and will cause friction in their marriage. Gwen is ecstatic when she opens an email with the offer from a company she's long admired. Ethan doesn't look too thrilled at the prospect of his wife being the breadwinner of the family.

Rachel tells Martin he needs to be true to his heart and be with Katherine and not Pilar. Katherine tells Pilar she won't give up on getting Martin back. Martin and Pilar meet with a wedding planner to make arrangements for the ceremony the following day. The wedding planner mistakes Martin and Katherine for the happy couple much to Pilar's annoyance.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

At Tabitha's house, she replaced the non-working laptop with her bowl of water to watch what's going on in Harmony. Fox and Kay arrived home from their late night at the office. When Fox headed to the shower, Tabitha chastised Kay for giving Theresa an idea to get Ethan back. As Kay was getting ready for bed, Miguel called. He was frustrated that he kept getting close to Charity and then losing her trail. He wanted to get home to see Maria, but couldn't until he found Charity. (Tabitha watched in her bowl and listened in on a superpower cell phone as she mused that she was the one who kept him apart from Charity.) Kay asked him if Theresa could use her power to help find Charity and he said he didn't want to bother her and besides he wanted to do it himself. Kay told him that his parents would be sad that he wasn't there for their renewal ceremony and he blew it off saying he couldn't be in two places at once. He signed off telling Kay to tell Maria he loves her. As Kay waited in bed for Fox, she wondered why Miguel was chasing after a woman that didn't love him when she was right there. She fell asleep and dreamed hot and steamy scenes of Miguel returning to her. She moaned Miguel's name out loudly enough for Fox to hear her somewhat from the shower. In Kay's dream, Miguel told her to leave Fox and Kay was really conflicted. She finally woke up when Fox sat on the bed. He teased her for calling out a man's name in her sleep and she worried about what she'd said. Fox let her know that she called out his name just like she does in the shower with him. Kay trembled as she realized how close she'd come to ruining everything.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Gwen gushed about her job interview and how after she gets the job at Collier's Ethan wouldn't even have to work if he didn't want because she'd be supporting them. He warned her not to be intimidated by the information on Collier's website since she's been out of the workforce for so long. They both were a little curious that she'd gotten the offer at all. Ethan reminded her that if she goes to work, she won't be able to spend time with Jane. Gwen told him that he could spend time with Jane and he balked saying that it would be a problem when he got a job. Gwen started feeling picked at and said so. He admitted that he was frustrated that he couldn't get a job and she got an offer out of the blue. It bothered him that she wouldn't be home and he wouldn't be working. Gwen told him that the role reversal wouldn't last. Gwen handed him Jane and went to look for a suit to wear for the interview. She brought two back and asked Ethan which to wear. He was very agitated and let her know that he was feeling very inadequate as a man, husband and provider. He was still upset that she wouldn't take care of Jane. She tried to assuage his fears and he worried that they wouldn't be able to explain to Jane why Mommy wasn't going to be home. She agreed that Jane deserved a full-time mother and she'd be happy to go back to staying at home as soon as he got a job.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa arrived home to find Martin and Pilar fighting with Rachel and Katherine. Pilar wanted them out of the way until after her renewal ceremony because Katherine kept making plays for Martin and they wanted to be there since the mansion is their home. Theresa made a point that it all didn't matter because everybody would soon see how committed her parents are to each other. Theresa told Martin that he had to go spend the night at home because it was bad luck to see the bride. Katherine tried to stop him to talk, but Pilar hustled him out before they could chat. Katherine and Rachel started to leave the living room and Theresa told them in her best "I'm in charge here" voice not to leave yet. She told them that the next time either of them tried to come between her parents, she'd throw them out. She acknowledged that they both belonged there, but if they crossed her in this she'd send them both back to Boston. After Theresa left the room the sisters commiserated about not convincing Martin yet and Katherine decided to head over to see Martin. In the library Theresa and Pilar chatted about dealing with the duo and then Pilar headed for bed. After Pilar left, Theresa called Mr. Collier to thank him for meeting with Gwen and talked up Gwen and her qualifications. He told her that he didn't have room in his company for Gwen, but Theresa demanded that he hire her. He wanted to know why she didn't hire Gwen herself. Theresa told him that it was complicated, but she was paying Gwen back for all the favors she'd done and she was a big believer in payback. She promised to award contracts to Collier for any job they bid on to Crane whether they were low bid or not. He admitted that was a lot of payback. They made it a deal and promised to keep it secret from Gwen.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Katherine arrived, walking into Martin's bedroom and told him that he couldn't go through with the renewal ceremony since they still loved each other. He told her to stop and instead she moved in close to embrace and kiss him. He told her that he was committed to Pilar and her happiness. Katherine told him that Pilar wouldn't be happy if he was unhappy. She reminded him of all of their love and history together. She insisted that they belonged together and then pushed him back onto the bed as she got very hot with her kisses. Just then, Pilar knocked on the door and asked if he was in there. He asked Katherine to hide and she refused. Pilar pushed open the door as Martin yelled for her to wait and she backed away as she gasped.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Noah went to visit Fancy in the hospital, and he brought her a red rose. Fancy was asleep while Noah talked to himself. He blamed himself for what happened to Fancy, and he talked a little about college and meeting Maya.

Noah started telling Fancy about his past while she was still asleep. By this time Fancy had awakened but kept her eye shut. Noah continued to tell the story, but Maya walked in and stopped him from going any further. Maya told Noah that if he cares about Fancy he would keep his mouth shut. Maya said that what Fancy doesn't know won't hurt her. Noah was short with Maya and grabbed her arm and took her out of the room. Fancy opened her eye after they left.


Theresa was having fun drinking by herself. With a smile on her face, she said that Alistair is a repulsive pig and hopes that he dies before coming out of the coma. She is reveling in her newfound power and hopes that the plan she sets in motion for Gwen works out. She is hoping that Gwen will be so swamped with work that she won't have time for Ethan. Theresa will be there to pick up the pieces and assume the role as Ethan's wife.

Theresa is thinking about how much fun she'll have with Ethan while Gwen is busy working. She thinks that Gwen will hand Ethan to her on a silver platter because she will make work her priority and neglects Ethan.

Theresa fantasized about Ethan. In her fantasy, Ethan admitted to Theresa his marriage was falling apart because Gwen was too involved with work, and that he had a hunch that she was having an affair. Theresa blames Ethan because he hadn't taken the job with Theresa at CI. Ethan admitted that Theresa is the one he loves and wants to be with her.

Gwen and Ethan

Gwen is excited about her new job and convinced Ethan that it's not so bad because it won't be forever and that she is only doing it just so he doesn't have to be forced to work at CI. Gwen feels that Theresa will back off eventually, but Ethan thinks differently because Theresa is obsessed with being in a relationship with him.

Gwen wants to make sure that Ethan doesn't have any problem with her going to back work while he's playing Mr. Mom. Ethan came around eventually and told Gwen that he will come out on top and will be the bread winner once again. They kissed to seal the deal.


Pilar knocks on Martin's bedroom door asking if he was asleep, but Martin was sitting on the bed talking to Katherine. Martin told Katherine to hide, but Katherine refused because she feels that Pilar needs to know the truth about them before the ceremony. Martin got up to talk to Pilar. He thought that Pilar had discovered that Katherine was in the room with him, but Pilar just wanted to tell Martin how much she missed him. She didn't want to see Martin's face because of the superstition. She asked that Martin put his lips to the door so that she could throw a kiss through the door. Martin was stricken with guilt because Katherine was in the room. Pilar threw him a kiss and walked away excited about their special day.


Martin thanked Katherine for not telling Pilar that she was in the room but Katherine felt that she should have said something. Martin doesn't want to hurt Pilar, and Katherine said that she doesn't want to hurt Pilar either. Katherine wants Martin to break it off with Pilar so that they can move back to Mexico. She feels that Pilar will move on and find someone who will love her and not just feel obligated to her. Martin told Katherine that he won't be able to break it off with Pilar. Katherine seems to think that Martin won't stay faithful to Pilar.

Martin has decided that he wants to do the right thing which is marring Pilar. Katherine said that it's not fair that Martin should go ahead denying his feelings for her and that Pilar would sense the truth. Martin blames Alistair for all their problems. Katherine tells Martin to give into his heart and feel the passion because they are soul mates. She approached him, grabbed his shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. She kissed Martin and he kissed her back.

Martin pulled away from Katherine and said that he couldn't do it. Katherine insisted that he could. She feels that if Martin walks away, he will be making a terrible mistake. Martin insisted that he was going to stay true to Pilar and make her happy. He asked Katherine to go, but Katherine insisted that Martin wants her and refused to leave. Martin told her that he can't stay and left the room instead. Katherine was alone now, and she said out loud that Martin loves her and not Pilar.


Pilar went to visit Theresa at the office. She wanted to thank Theresa for putting the ceremony together for her. Pilar wanted to know why Theresa was up so late. She came across the contract that Theresa drew up for Gwen, and Pilar wondered why CI's attorneys weren't handling it. Theresa lied to Pilar. She told her that since Ethan is not working for CI, the department is shorthanded, so she is pitching in. Theresa got a call about the contract and she told the other party that she would messenger over the contract that very night. Pilar knows her daughter so well, so she asked Theresa what she was up to. Theresa told her that it was business, but Pilar knows different. Pilar thinks that Theresa is paying off some other firm not to hire Ethan, but Theresa told her that it was Gwen who was being hired. Pilar was a bit confused, so Theresa explained her reasons for doing what she did. As usual it's about getting Ethan back from Gwen. Pilar told her not to do it, but Theresa refused to listen. Pilar tried her best getting through to Theresa, but Theresa feels that they should agree to disagree. Pilar accused Theresa of doing the same thing that Katherine is doing to her and Martin. Theresa

said that Katherine knew that Martin was happily married to Pilar when she stole Martin away, and she feels that she is getting back what's rightfully hers, which is Ethan. Pilar said that Theresa only had a brief romantic fling with Ethan and there is nothing to get back. Theresa kept saying that Ethan felt obligated to Gwen when he married her, but Pilar seems to think that Gwen and Ethan were lovers. Theresa does not want to hear the truth from Pilar. She told Pilar that she doesn't want to end up like her crying over Martin night after night and not moving on with her life. Pilar told Theresa that she takes her marriage vows seriously plus she never had any proof that Martin had died. Theresa told Pilar that she is not going to stand by and let Gwen have Ethan because she is going to take what is rightfully hers.

Pilar told Theresa that marriage is sacred, but Theresa seems to think that she and Ethan are soul mates and that she is righting a terrible wrong. Pilar wanted to know what wrong Theresa wanted to right. She figured out that Theresa was talking about Gwen sending the truth about Ethan's paternity to the tabloids. Theresa confirmed. Pilar wanted to know if that was worth destroying a marriage. Theresa thinks that Gwen is evil and does not deserve Ethan.

Pilar tried reasoning with Theresa that she is in the same position as Gwen because she will be neglecting Ethan as well because she is also a career woman. Theresa told Pilar that she doesn't want to be a career woman, but Gwen does. Pilar tried to tell Theresa that the only reason Gwen is taking the job is because Theresa is making it impossible for Ethan to get a job elsewhere. Theresa has it all mapped out. She wants to be a family with Ethan, but first she has to get Gwen away from him, then she'll let Ethan runs CI while she stays at home with the kids. Pilar took the contract off the desk and told Theresa that she was not letting her do this to Gwen.

Theresa told Pilar that it was wrong of her to do what she is doing to Gwen because Pilar convinced her otherwise. Theresa sent Pilar off to bed. As soon as Pilar left, Theresa locked the door and said that she is doing the right thing by having Gwen work. In addition, she said that nothing is going to stop her from having passion and that nothing will get in the way of getting Ethan. She picked up a pen and signs the contract to seal Gwen's fate. Theresa then faxed over the contract and took a drink.


Noah insisted that Maya stops interfering with him telling Fancy the truth. Maya feels that it's dangerous, and Noah should keep his mouth shut. In an attempt to silence Noah from telling Fancy, May a admitted that she's been keeping a secret from Noah. Noah wasn't surprised in the least because he sensed that Maya has been keeping something from him. She told Noah that trouble followed her to Harmony, and that someone contacted her on the phone. She told Noah that they wanted her and Noah dead. They weren't a threat when they weren't in Harmony, but now that they are back, danger looms ahead.

Noah wanted to go to the police, but Maya told him not to because they would get killed. She repeated once again that Noah should not tell Fancy the truth. Noah wants to tell Fancy and Sam so that he could get protection. Noah walked off insisting that he was going to tell Fancy the truth.

Maya begged Noah not to tell Fancy but Noah kept going towards Fancy's room. Noah called out to Fancy and asked if she was awake, but he noticed that the rose he left on Fancy's pillow had disappeared and was replaced with a bullet.

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