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Monday, February 13, 2006

Fancy begs Noah for answers from her E.R. bed. She drifts back into unconsciousness before he can give her any. Maya keeps warning him not to. Sam tells Noah that he has a feeling Maya's beating and the diner accident are connected and tries to persuade Noah to tell him what that connection is.

Julian arrives at the hospital and asks Sam if Fancy's being in the accident could be in some way related to his and Alistair's attempted murders. Sam doesn't think so.

Liz goes to Alistair's hospital room and recalls New Year's Eve and the secrets that Alistair is holding over her. After much ranting to the comatose Alistair she pulls a plug on one of his breathing machines! He starts to gasp while she laughs and tells him he's finally going to where he deserves to be.

Ethan sways between saying yes or no to Theresa's offer of co-CEO. He also tells her again, that she is the woman he truly loves and wishes he could be with every day of the rest of his life but that he can't leave Gwen because he took vows to stay married to her. Theresa offers, tearfully and sincerely, to be his mistress since that would be better than not having him at all.

Sheridan tells Chris that she needs more time before saying she'll marry him. He tells her that he will wait and reserves the right to ask again in the near future. Sheridan wonders to herself if she just made the biggest mistake of her life by not saying yes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

At Tabitha's house, the doorbell rang and a very serious voiceover announced that the role of Fox Crane is being played by Mark Wystrach and Tabitha looked all over to see where the voice was coming from. The bell rang again and the voiceover instructed her to answer the door. She opened it and exclaimed "Oh Fox, you do look handsome" and he entered with flowers and a heart shaped box for Kay's Valentine's Day present. Tabitha blathered to herself about what a ridiculous holiday it was. Tabitha asked him if he had big plans and he told her that he wanted to make it the most special day ever for Kay so that she'll know how much he loves her. Kay entered and thanked him for getting her favorite flowers. He told her that he had a big surprise for her. Tabitha used some x-ray specs to check him out and couldn't see the chain he was supposed to be wearing with Kay's ring on it. With all this talk of love the Boys in the Basement belched some fiery smoke. Tabitha stood there thinking about how she loves Kay like a daughter and how worried she was that Fox would propose and ruin their lives. Tabs took another look at Fox and found the chain. Fox inquired about the basement noises and Kay covered by saying that they should get going. When Fox went to get the car, she told Kay to watch out and not accept the proposal if Fox did pop the question.

As she sniffed at a lily in Hawaii, Sheridan painfully reflected on Chris's marriage proposal. She wondered if she should take a chance. She thought about how her father ruined all her relationships over the years and then humiliated her in front of all her friends and family at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house when he turned James over to the social workers. Chris found her on the lanai and told her they had reservations at a nice restaurant for Valentine's Day. Sheridan told him that she'd been thinking about his proposal and he interrupted her to apologize for having bad timing. As Chris went to get the car, Sheridan started kicking herself for not taking Chris's proposal since he's offering her everything she ever wanted. At dinner, Chris talked about how when a person is with the one they love, anywhere can be paradise. They talked and ate and had fun. She felt guilty for feeling good with Marty missing then a little boy came around giving out leis. It made her pause and worry about Marty and James. She talked then about how someday they could come back as a family. They danced to a live Hawaiian music band and as they sat back down, they watched the couple at the next table got engaged. They smiled at each other and Sheridan agreed that Chris was right-they didn't have to be in Hawaii to be in paradise; that paradise was loving someone and being loved in return. She told him she'd been thinking about his proposal and she's ready to give him an answer.

In Theresa's office at Crane Industries, Ethan exclaimed that he couldn't believe that Theresa was seriously proposing to be his mistress. She embraced him and rubbed her hands sensuously all over his arms and chest as she explained that she take him anyway she could. He told her he was serious about staying married and committed to Gwen. He told her she couldn't be his mistress and started to walk away. Theresa stopped him, closed her office door, started kissing him passionately and undressing him. As Theresa asked him to make love to her, he got caught up in it and laid Theresa back across her desk as he repaid her with kisses of his own. Finally, he came to his senses and pulled away. Theresa told him they could do this and keep their love secret as she pulled him willingly back into another passionate embrace. Ethan pulled away again saying that he wouldn't be able to live with himself. Theresa told him not to think about Gwen because it would be their secret. He told her that it wouldn't be a secret because he'd tell Gwen since married people don't keep secrets from each other. Theresa told him to let go of his guilt because they belonged together and she wanted to be his mistress. He told her that she deserved to be someone's wife instead of the other woman. She said she'd do anything to be with him. He told her that she wouldn't be happy having to share him. She said she wanted any part of him she could get. She whined that they'd been destined to be together and then everything went all wrong. He wanted to know why she couldn't just accept things they way they are. He said that if they became lovers he'd lose his self respect and then reminded her of all the things she'd stooped to in the name of loving him. He told her that all her desperation has lead to a lot of terrible things. She told him that she loves him and fate wants them to be together. He said he doesn't believe in fate and can't live a lie. She told him that he is already living a lie if he stays with Gwen when he loves her as much as he just showed. Ethan yelled in an anguished voice that he can't be with her and there's no sense in wanting something he can't have. Theresa begged him saying that he can have it because she was right there offering it. She said that they love each other and can't just turn off their feelings. He admitted that he does love her and as he took her hands told her that she just has to get it through her head that he's committed to another woman. He declared that he's committed to his wife and he has to stay married. Theresa said that she accepted that but she wanted to be with him in any way she could.

At the hospital, Sam, Ivy, Eve and Julian talked about who might have wanted to kill both him and his father. Julian said that his father's enemies are too numerous to list and he wasn't exactly loaded with friends either. He offered up Rebecca, but Ivy countered that Rebecca didn't have a big enough brain to plan anything like that and Eve reminded him that Rebecca didn't really hate him so much as her for having to share Julian with Eve. Julian agreed that Rebecca really was probably the only one besides Fancy that didn't hate Alistair. Eve asked Sam if he thought Alistair's attacker would go after Julian. Sam didn't think so since Julian hadn't been attacked in years. Liz stood in Alistair's room cackling madly as she watched him gasping for breath. She forgot that his monitor would go off and when it alarmed, nurses came running. She hid from view as Dr. Eve and friends came running in response to Eve's pager. They brought in the crash cart and got him back, but he faded right away, they tried again and the same thing happened. Ivy pouted that all these people were busy saving a worthless life. Sam finally noticed that the oxygen machine was unplugged and plugged it back in. Julian very astutely decreed that this could be another attempt on Alistair's life. Sam agreed with him.

At the Seascape, Kay opened a red satin heart shaped box to find a framed photo of her, Fox and Maria and was very touched by it. He told her he wasn't finished with the surprises just as the couple at the next table got engaged and the gal squealed loudly. Kay oohed and ahhed at the romance. (Tabitha watched in her bowl and worried that Kay would give in to Fox's proposal. The Boys in the Basement started the whole house shaking and a picture of Fox and Kay fell off the table, breaking the glass.) Fox announced that he had another surprise and had Kay close her eyes. He prattled on about how much he loved her and then told her to open her eyes because he'd asked a woman to join them. Kay was perplexed and then the woman announced herself as an astrologist. He'd hired her to do a private reading for them about how the planets were aligned for or against them. (Tabitha was having conniption fits as she watched this fraudulent mortal mess up all her plans.) Kay agreed to let her do the reading and she went into a hokey trance, shook around and moaned. Fox and Kay looked at each other wonderingly and then the woman gave them the news they wanted to hear. She said that the planets are in agreement with the spirits and this is the best possible time for a couple to come together. Fox was relieved that they didn't have to wait any longer and Kay was giddy with excitement. (Tabitha pleaded with Kay's image in the bowl not to do this.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ethan tells Theresa it's over for good between them. She says she won't let him out of his contract with Crane. It doesn't deter him, he'd rather be jobless and have Gwen be the one to support them than be tempted and tormented by having to see Theresa everyday. He leaves the office, gets in his car and pulls out of his parking space without looking. Theresa is standing in front of his car. He hits her and she falls to the ground unconscious.

Sheridan accepts Chris' proposal. Otto tells another of the guards hiding Marty and Beth that he has instructions to blow up the Hawaiian estate if Sheridan ever finds it...along with everyone in it.

Sam has a romantic spot set up outside of the hospital to celebrate a late night Valentine's Day with Ivy. Ivy gloats to Eve about their engagement. Eve disgustedly reminds Ivy of all her evil doings that made it possible.

Eve and Sam insist on posting a guard at Alistair's room in case the killer comes back. Not knowing that Liz is still hiding in the room, Julian is left alone with comatose Alistair. He hears a noise and finds Liz.

Tabitha conjures up Mother Goose to babysit and zaps herself to the seascape to stop Kay from listening to the fake fortune teller. She pulls out all the stops to expose the phony and even turns her into a bullfrog until Kay promises to wait to get engaged.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tabitha, Fox and Kay got home from their date and Fox ran upstairs to see the girls. He started screaming and Tabitha realized he must have run into the babysitter—Mother Goose. The women ran upstairs to find Mother Goose holding Fox to the floor with her shepherd's crook. He wanted to know who she was and she told him then asked who he was. When he told her, she got all sympathetic because the Crane children never got to read her nursery rhymes. When he left the room, Tabitha snapped her fingers and made Mother Goose disappear. Kay and Fox started getting lovey and Endora hearing them, giggled then set a ball of light into Kay's room. It exploded into starry points of light on the ceiling so they could make love under the stars. Kay said it was something she ordered for $49.95. When they were done, the little stars all exploded into a fireworks display that delighted them. Fox told Kay that she had to have spent more than $49.95 for that kind of an effect.

As Ethan started to drive out of the Crane office building garage, Theresa stepped in front of his car and he hit her, knocking her down. He jumped out to see how badly he hurt her and found she was okay enough to continue begging him not to leave her. He very firmly told her that he was staying with Gwen and everything they'd had before was history. Theresa drove out as well, but she was crying bitterly and not watching where she was going nor how fast she was speeding. Ethan saw her driving erratically and noticed that she was headed for the edge of a cliff so he forced her off the road. She got out of the car and was fuming until she saw that the other driver was Ethan and then she threw herself on him. Theresa was sure that Ethan had come after her because he couldn't leave her. He shook her off of him and tried to bring her to her senses so that she would drive more sanely. They got back in their cars and Theresa was as bitter as before.

In Alistair's hospital room, Julian watched his father when he heard someone. He finally found Liz cowering behind a cart and questioned why she was there. In her careless insanity she just laughed him off. As they talked about how evil Alistair was, they heard Sam coming and Liz hid again. Sam and Julian talked at length about who might be responsible for the attack and Julian didn't mention that Liz was there. As soon as Sam left, she slipped back out to needle Julian and this time they heard Eve coming so Liz scurried back to her hidey hole. After Eve left, Liz could barely contain her curiosity as to why Julian didn't tattle on her. Julian said that he wanted to know exactly why she was there and when she gleefully told him that she'd been the one to pull the plug, Julian was nearly incredulous. She seemed to be offended that he didn't think she could pull it off and started bragging that she had pulled Alistair's plug, stabbed him, smothered him, poisoned his cigar last year, and oh by the way, she was the one who shot Julian in the cannery when she first came back to Harmony several years ago. Julian was taken aback and wasn't sure if he should believe her or not.

Sam took Ivy to the hospital rooftop where he'd set up an impromptu Valentine's Day celebration for her. He was slightly agitated that the champagne he'd ordered hadn't arrived. They professed their love for each other and then Sam decided he needed to go check on Alistair. When he went back inside, Eve was at the door. Sam asked her to keep Ivy company. She went to talk to Ivy and was met with a chill until Ivy remembered that she could have news about Fancy. Eve didn't, but she did tell Ivy that the secrets she was keeping from Sam about David and Grace would eventually come out and then she'd lose Sam. Ivy asked Eve what she wanted to keep silent and Eve said she didn't want anything, she just pitied Ivy. Ivy then smugly (accidentally) said that in that case she didn't have anything to worry about if Eve and Kay weren't going to say anything, Eve was floored that Kay knew about David and didn't say anything. Ivy said it was because Kay had been so angry at her mother that she kept silent. Eve reminded her that now that Kat and Fox are together, Kay is likely to spill her secret to him. Ivy muttered that not only would she make sure Kay never said anything, she would make sure that little tramp didn't get her hooks in her son.

In Fancy's hospital room, Gwen walked in to see how Fancy was doing. She and Noah talked about Fancy and then out of the blue he asked her if it was ever good to keep secrets from the one you love. Gwen reflected on her own guilty secrets and then told Noah that sometimes it's just better to keep some things secret in order to keep from hurting loved ones. After Gwen left, Fancy finally woke up and for the first time she realized that there was a bandage on her eye and she couldn't see. Noah comforted her and told her not to worry because there wasn't anything to do until after they got the test results. He hugged her and kissed her tenderly and they told each other they loved each other. She then started whining at him to tell her everything about Maya and their relationship.

Gwen and Ethan arrived at the Seascape and she was so excited that they were leaving for New York. Ethan had to break the news to her that Theresa had forced Lawrence Grant to rescind his job offer and was holding him to his Crane contract so he had to either work for her or not at all until the end of that time. He reassured her that they'd find a way to make it work out. As they danced, Gwen saw a bitter, angry Theresa enter the dining room. She asked Ethan to embrace her and she stood gloating at Theresa while Ethan was unaware of the tension around him. Theresa just stood in the doorway looking more and more defeated.

Sam and Ivy returned home and Ivy called Valerie to set her plans in motion to get Miguel back in town to upset Kay and Fox's applecart. Sam walked in and heard Kay's name. Ivy covered it by saying she was going to get Kay a memorable engagement present. Sam was pleased and told Ivy that he hoped Kay and Fox had a love as strong as theirs.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Maya strolled the hall of the hospital thinking out loud that Noah can't tell Fancy their secret because he'll be signing their death warrant.

Fancy told Noah that loving her is not enough. She wants the truth about him and Maya instead because she has waited long enough. Noah agreed but asked Fancy to have patience. Noah thinks it's not a good time to tell Fancy. She needs to get well. Fancy insisted on knowing the truth.

Tabitha tried accessing the computer but could not succeed so she used magic to get it to work instead. The dark side sent her an email allowing Tabitha to view Julian and Liz in Alistair's room at Harmony hospital.

Julian told Liz that she wasn't in Harmony when he was shot; however, Liz told Julian that she and Antonio arrived in Harmony the night of the shooting. Liz stayed on the boat but made a quick trip to the cannery. Julian figured out that it was Liz who was trying to kill Alistair all these years. Liz admitted that she wanted both Alistair and Julian dead, and she wondered why Julian couldn't understand her reason for wanting them dead. Liz told Julian that she lied about him raping her just to get a reaction out of Julian. Julian was startled. Liz explained to him that he was so guilty about what had happened to Eve that he was blinded by it. His mind lost focus because he was too quick to make up for his evil past. Liz finally told Julian that it was Alistair who raped her and not him.

Maya kept repeating to herself that things will get worse if Noah tells Fancy the truth so she has to stop Noah from spilling the beans.

Noah told Fancy that what happened is all in the past and had nothing to do her. Fancy wanted to know the truth before someone else gets hurt.

Sheridan is contented with Chris but was taken aback by his proposal. Due to Sheridan's history with Alistair, she didn't think that any man could love her, and when she finally found love, both men were killed because of such love. Chris assured Sheridan that he will not let Alistair comes between them.

Tabitha spied on Alistair from the computer. The dark side was a little uneasy, and Tabitha reassured them that the curse she placed on the Cranes all those centuries ago was still in effect so not to worry.

Liz gloated to Julian that it was so easy to lie to him about the rape because of the guilt of his despicable behavior over the years. Julian said that he had a blackout and his memory was vague. He still couldn't understand why he saw visions of Liz and how she knew details of his apartment. Liz told Julian that he took her to his apartment one night. They met at the jazz club, and Julian came on to her and Liz went with Julian to the apartment because she wanted to talk to him about Eve. Julian passed out on the floor before anything happened between them. Since Julian didn't rape Liz, he wanted to understand why Liz hates him so. Liz told him that she couldn't get at Alistair, so she punished him instead because he was apart of it due to the fact that he was connected to Alistair. Liz wanted Alistair dead then and she wants him dead now.

Liz had a flashback:

Alistair knocked on Julian's apartment door furiously and Liz opened the door telling him that Julian couldn't come to the door. Alistair thought that Liz was a maid, but she told him that she wasn't a maid. Alistair didn't believe that Liz was not the maid. Liz turned to walk out the door and announced that she was leaving. Alistair stopped her and was looking at her body closely. Liz was scared and pulled back. Alistair told her that she didn't look like that black slut he saw on the surveillance video. Liz told Alistair that she was a God fearing person and was raised in the church. Alistair mocked her, and Liz grabbed her bag to walk out the door.

Fancy kept begging Noah to tell her the truth, but Noah wanted to protect Fancy. Fancy suspected that Maya's accident was connected to her and Noah somehow. Noah tried to calm Fancy down and told her that everything will be ok.

Maya got a phone call. The caller told Maya that she was to check in with her, but Maya wanted nothing to do with the plan set in motion. Maya told the caller that she changed her mind, but the caller told her that her answer was unacceptable. The caller threatened Maya and Noah's life. Maya told the caller what happened to Fancy and the caller told Maya that if she had stuck to the plan, Fancy's accident would not have happened.

Fancy kept badgering Noah to tell her the truth.

Tabitha talked out loud to herself that she never knew what had happened to Liz and that anyone would have turned vicious if that had happened to them.

Julian placed his hand on Liz's shoulder apologizing on his father's behalf. Liz shrugged off Julian's hand. Julian said that it was his fault Liz met Alistair. Liz continued having flashbacks:

Alistair grabbed Liz, and Liz begged him to let her go, but he wouldn't let her go. Alistair asked for her name, and Liz told him. Liz told him that she is not that kind of a woman. Alistair told Liz who he was and Liz acknowledges that she's heard of him. Liz was scared because Alistair was coming at her. Alistair grabbed Liz and kissed her. Liz immediately pushed Al away and slapped him. Al was turned on by it. He slapped Liz and she fell backwards on the bed. Al approached Liz on the bed, and Liz started reliving her father's rape because she started referring to Alistair as her dad. Alistair took advantage of her vulnerability and pretended to be Liz's father. Liz begged Alistair to stop while thinking it was her father who was raping her. She begged and cried but Alistair wouldn't stop.

Liz told Julian that Alistair raped her the same way her father raped her when she was a little girl. She fought Alistair off the same way she fought her father off, but they were too strong for her to overpower. Julian now understands Liz's hatred for Alistair. Liz lunged to pull Alistair's plug, but Julian stopped her and told her that it's not worth it.

was upset that Julian stopped Liz. She wanted Liz to pull the plug on the old goat, Alistair. Now Tabitha is spying on Sheridan and Chris on the beach and wondered why they are so happy.

Chris built a fire for Sheridan with live music in the background and she was touched.

Fancy told Noah to get out of the hospital because he did not want to tell her about his past. Noah stood there. Fancy decided to leave because Noah wouldn't. Fancy got excited and was getting out of bed. Noah stopped her from leaving the hospital bed by agreeing to tell her the truth, but instead, he told Fancy about her eye injury. The doctor walked in, so Noah was off the hook for now. Fancy was frantic because she wanted the eye patch removed. The doctor had to give her a sedative to calm her down.

Chris and Sheridan kissed while listening to the live music. The two goons who beat up Chris showed up at the beach. Sheridan thinks that they have news on Marty.

Liz fought with Julian because she wanted to pull the plug. Julian told her that it wouldn't solve anything even though he hates Alistair as much as Liz. He warned Liz that she could go to jail. Liz doesn't care and want to kill Alistair. Julian thinks that Alistair is already suffering being in a coma. Julian tried to convince Liz to move on with her life and not to be too consumed with hatred and revenge. Liz agreed not to pull the plug and ran out of Alistair's hospital room.

Julian cursed at Alistair telling him that he stopped Liz from killing him but he could easily kill him as well. Julian told Alistair that he is a despicable excuse for a human being and agreed with Liz. Julian went to pull the plug. Alistair, while in his coma said that Julian doesn't have the guts to finish him off. Julian stopped himself, and asked Alistair if he had said something.

Maya thinks Fancy is safer by not knowing the truth.

Julian is glad that Alistair is in a coma and he wished for his death so that they can all be free of him. He also hopes that Alistair's legacy of pain will die with him. Julian went to pull the plug once again but stopped himself. He said that Alistair wasn't worth going to jail for. Julian turned out the lights and walked out of Alistair's room.

Alistair gloated while in a coma that he knew that Julian couldn't pull the plug because he was too weak. In addition, he said that Julian thinks that he is incapacitated, but he Liz and the rest have no idea what he has in store for them.

Chris asked the goons what they wanted and told them that he only needed to see them if they had information on Marty. Sheridan tried to speak and the goons shut her up. The goons told Chris and Sheridan that they found Marty. Sheridan told them that she wanted them to take her and Chris to Marty right away.

Tabitha spied on Otto, who went to open the door. Whoever was at the door, Tabitha didn't suspect a thing.

Sheridan told Chris that she can't believe that they are finally getting Marty back.

Tabitha said out loud: "When will they ever learn? Watch what you pray for Sheridan!"

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