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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on GL
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Dinah is frantically trying to find drawer space to move her belongings into Mallet's room. There's a knock at the door. It is Frank, coming over to try to convince Dinah to help him get Mallet to choose a new partner. Without one Mallet could end up dead on the street. Frank tells Dinah they have to make Mallet want a new partner. Dinah says they have already tried, but Frank insists as his girlfriend, she could do what most women do to get what they want - withhold sex. As they leave to go find Mallet, Dinah asks, "Why would I punish myself that way?" Frank chuckles.

At Company, Mallet and Harley argue over her reasons she should or shouldn't become a cop again, let alone with him as her partner. Mallet thinks it has something to do with what they did the other night, but Harley insists they leave that night in the past. She's all along been trying to be the good company-head, parent, and griever that she thought Gus would want her to be. Now, however, she realizes Gus would just want her to be her - a cop. Mallet reminds her that he told her he was ready to have a future with Dinah. Harley tells him she can do this without the stuff from the past creeping in. Mallet says it won't really matter because Frank won't go for it.

Frank and Dinah arrive at Company. Harley tells Frank she wants back on the job. At first Dinah thinks she means as CEO of Spaulding but Frank picks up on that it is about the police force. He has 1001 reasons why it is a bad idea. It's too dangerous. Plus, he already has to find a new partner for Mallet and now he'd have to find one for Harley. Harley tells Frank the problem's solved...she and Mallet will be partners. Frank yells, "What?" and Dinah turns to Mallet and says, "What?"

While Frank and Harley continue to argue about her decision, Dinah finally screams, "Enough! Just do it Frank! They obviously work well together." She goes on to say how police work is in both Harley and Gus' blood. When Mallet protests, Dinah tells him to stop being such a wuss. When she asks him if he wants to be with her, he says yes, and she tells him to start treating her like he has her and stop trying to do things to keep from losing her. While popping open bottles of beer, Dinah tells the group she knows the history of Harley and Mallet, but she also knows things are different now. She wants to come home to Mallet every night and everything will be fine. She toasts and they all clink their beer bottles together.

Taking Frank aside, Harley tells him that he has to let her keep Gus alive through her police work. Frank is behind her as long as she doesn't make him live to regret it. Mallet follows Dinah outside Company and tells her it couldn't have been easy. She tells him it will cost him a couple of dresser drawers. When Mallet asks what it was Frank wanted Dinah to do (withhold sex), Dinah coyly says, "You better hope you never find out."

Back inside Company, Frank tells Harley he hopes she knows what she's doing. Harley says for him to just hand over all the open cases and let her get to work. She wants him to keep a corner of her desk open for her files on Gus - the FBI never found his body. Now that she has a badge again, maybe she can.

From his room, Billy (having been drinking) calls Reva and asks her to come over. When Reva arrives, Billy says he called her because she is not judgmental and doesn't get disappointed. She tells him she will stay with him all night and listen to him if that's what he needs. She leans forward to give him a kiss and he turns it more towards passion. Reva pulls away and says, "Billy Lewis, do you want me to smack you?"

While Reva is pouring coffee into Billy, he tells her that giving coffee to a drunk only makes a wide awake drunk. They banter about for a while about the kiss - each accusing the other of initiating it. Reva asks if Billy's call to her was, as the kids put it, a "booty call." Billy laughs and says his and Reva's time together is long past and that century is over, isn't it? Reva looks amused.

After confronting Jonathan and Sandy in the hallway when she is leaving Billy's room, she is relieved to see no blood had been shed between the two. She and Billy go on a bit more about who kissed who first when Josh arrives to go to his room. Josh has a meltdown during which he tells Reva that except for the children, he has retired from being 'Josh the go to guy,' the 'stalwart guy,' 'the designated driver of the town's ethics guy.' He's not the old Josh Reva knew. She says she likes the old Josh, but he says she doesn't want the same rut anymore than he does. Billy comes out into the hall, telling Reva her dinner's getting cold. Reva tells Josh she'll see him at the office tomorrow. He responds that he'll be late, for once.

Alone in Billy's room with Reva, he tells her that she doesn't need Josh anymore if Josh isn't ready. Reva says maybe he's right. Billy says he knows he's right.

Earlier at the farmhouse, Josh confronts Jeffrey about overhearing his confession to Mel about having slept with Cassie while he was "Richard." Josh threatens to reveal the truth to Cassie, but when she arrives, Josh backs down and tells Jeffrey it is up to him to come clean with Cassie, Josh is out of it. While waiting for Cassie to return, Jeffrey stares out the window. When Cassie returns, she goes on about how Tammy has forgiven Jonathan for pretending to be someone he's not, got her to fall in love with him, and is now sleeping with him - forgiving all his past sins. Jeffrey, noticing the parallel, tells Cassie there is something he needs to tell her and he needs to tell her now.

At Outskirts, Jonathan and Tammy arrive to see that Billy, who is supposed to be there, isn't. They talk about how it's been hard to find an apartment and Jonathan feels it's his fault because everyone sees him as the friendly "neighborhood arsonist." When Tammy goes to make sandwiches, Sandy calls Jonathan to taunt him about how it seems as if someone is out there sabotaging any chances they have for getting an apartment together. He tells Jon to say hi to Tammy for him.

Tammy calls Cassie to tell her that she and Jon have found a place to live together, in the back room of Outskirts. Cassie immediately goes to meet Tammy at the bar. Tammy shows Cassie the room, which is a complete mess. Cassie says that as a mother she can't let Tammy live there. Tammy recollects how many dumps she and her mom lived in as they struggled, but the whole while Cassie made it home, with nice music. As a touched Cassie begins to leave, Tammy pulls her close and tells her that she has forgiven him. The past is the past, and she loves Jonathan and wants a home with him. After Cassie leaves, Jon tells Tammy her mother will never accept him. Tammy just wants her mom to be okay.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lizzie has a scheme to get back into Coop's life and back into the boarding house. She sits outside of Company with all her belongings packed, waiting for Coop to come out and see her in her "homeless" condition. Inside Company, Ava avoids talking with Coop. She is still embarrassed about revealing her feelings to him at the country inn. Ava leaves Company to run some business errands, only to find Lizzie outside. The girls get into a cat fight with Lizzie telling Ava not to waste time pining over Coop like she did with Sandy. Lizzie lets Ava know that she plans to get her room at the boarding house back, in effect ousting Ava. Coop walks in on their discussion and has Ava return to Company while he has a discussion with Lizzie. Lizzie tells Coop how she's been evicted by Quinn and has nowhere to live. Coop offers to help Lizzie find a place, but makes it perfectly clear that Ava will remain in the room at the boarding house. Coop leaves Lizzie outside to stew when Beth approaches. Beth hands Lizzie an envelope filled with cash - her inheritance. Mother and daughter talk about rekindling their relationship. Lizzie tells Beth she plans to buy an apartment with some of the money. Beth states that she is taking back her life and things are going to be different. She leaves. Inside Company, Coop forces Ava to broach the subject of what happened at the country inn. Coop tells Ava he has feelings for her also and they hug. Lizzie sees them through the window. Lizzie heads to Jonathan's bar and offers him money to employ Ava full time to keep her away from Coop. Jonathan refuses to get involved. Lizzie implies the extra money will help him keep Tammy happy.

Tammy assures Jonathan she can make their place at Outskirts homey since she'd seen her mother do the same in some of the placed they'd lived while she was growing up. Tammy also believes Cassie will eventually accept their relationship. Tammy leaves Outskirts to meet Cassie at Company. Sandy follows Tammy to Company and watches her through the window. He calls Jonathan on the cell phone and baits him by saying Tammy looks beautiful in pink, the color she is wearing. Jonathan rushes to Company and tells Tammy they'll have to go back to Outskirts because Sandy has followed her. On the way back to Outskirts, Tammy takes a detour to see Sandy. She tells Sandy that she knows he purposefully baited Jonathan to get a big reaction. Sandy plays the recording of Jonathan's threat. Tammy asks for the tape, which he gives to her. She tells him that if he'd ever loved her he would leave Springfield. He agrees that he will leave. Once Tammy is gone, Sandy vows that things are not over. Back at Outskirts, Tammy tells Jonathan what she has done. She lets him know things are okay and that Sandy is out of their lives.

Jeffrey confesses his secret to Cassie, telling her he'd slept with her while posing as Richard. Cassie realizes exactly what evening things had happened. Jeffrey begs Cassie to understand why he'd done it, and to know that he knew it was wrong from that moment until now. Cassie tells Jeffrey she can not forgive him, but she asks him not to leave since they'd promised never to end things if they aren't absolutely sure...and she isn't sure yet. After Jeffrey walks out of the room, Cassie sits and stares at a photo of Prince Richard.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Reva opens the door to Billy who has brought her breakfast. It's 6:30 AM. She asks whether he's been drinking. Billy says no, but that he thought about it all night. He picks up a letter addressed to Reva from her old High School in Tulsa. She has been invited to talk to the girls about her life. Reva says she's not interested in doing it as she doesn't feel she's an inspiration to anyone. She says Billy won't be able to change her mind. Later, in Outskirts, she tells Jonathan about the letter. He encourages her to go. He teases his mother that she has much wisdom to impart. She can tell the girls all about how she married her way through an entire family!

Back at the house, Joshua turns up. He's going on a ski trip and needs to pick up his skis. Reva asks Josh if their life together was all bad. Josh assures her it wasn't, but wonders what's up with her. Reva tells him she's wondering if she learned anything from the past. Josh leaves and Billy tells Reva they ARE going to Tulsa. After a little cajoling, Reva agrees but says if they are going, they are going to do it right! The two go to Company where Reva tells Olivia she wants Cross Creek for a few days. When Olivia refuses, Reva sweetens the deal by letting Olivia know that she won't be around for a few days, and therefore not around Josh, either. Olivia immediately agrees and hands over the keys to Cross Creek.

Reva and Billy drive to Tulsa and sing along to both Country and Western songs, reminiscing about old times. At a rest stop, Billy tries to buy what remains of a six-pack from a traveler. Reva pays off the man to leave with the beer. Back in the car, Reva is preparing her speech and reads out a line to Billy, 'The choices you make today will affect the rest of your life.' She thinks it sounds terrible, but Billy tells her to just wing it. Reva decides she's going to get prepared the only way she knows how. She opens the moon roof, stands up and sticks her head out and yells at the top of her voice for Billy to go faster. Reva Shayne is coming home! Feeling empowered, she tells Billy her nervousness is gone. Billy starts to tell Reva about his feelings over the past couple of weeks but is interrupted by a flat tire. Reva doesn't have a spare in the car and after waiting a while they are helped on their way by a passing truck.

Reva takes over the driving and talks to a silent, semi snoozing Billy. She talks about her life, and wonders what she's accomplished. Billy is awake enough to tell her she's accomplished a lot. Reva dwells on her marriage to the same man three times, how she screwed it up each time and lost him each time. She reminds Billy that he warned her she would lose Josh again and he was right. Reva wonders what would have happened if she had stayed married to Billy.

Reva's mind visualizes her life with Billy. They are well dressed, party-goers. Billy is off on a "business" trip to Las Vegas and wants Reva to stay behind. To mollify her, he presents her with a trinket. Billy tells Reva that Joshua called. His wife, Sonni, has died. He's passing through and wants to visit. Billy leaves the room and Reva searches for a journal and a photo of Josh and her. She touches it lovingly.

Reva visualizes Josh arriving. She's fresh out of the shower and wearing only a towel.

Billy is back driving and Reva is now snoozing. Billy takes the opportunity to tell Reva that she makes him strong. When he's with her even though he wants to drink, she makes him not want to. He says she's in his head and he doesn't want to get her out.

In her reveries, Reva is talking to Josh who has just arrived. She tells him she's sorry about his wife and that it's been a long time since they saw each other. When she goes to dress, Josh finds the book and picture and remarks on it when Reva returns. Billy turns up and is happy to see his little brother. Reva prepares food for Josh. Billy takes a telephone call and steps outside. It's Vanessa, who is apparently the "other woman"! She's petulant and tells Billy she's fed up with playing that role. She and Billy leave. Inside the house, Reva asks Josh if he believes in destiny. They kiss passionately!

Reva wakes up in the car and asks Billy if they are there yet. Billy tells her to look out the window. They have arrived at Cross Creek. Reva tells Billy she's proud of him. They talk about destiny. Reva asks Billy if he believes some people are just meant to be together.

Back in her reveries, Josh turns to leave. Reva begs him not to go, reminding him of what they meant to each other years ago. She never got over losing him, but Joshua leaves. Reva weeps openly and when Josh reappears, they cling to each other and kiss.

Reva is standing at the podium at the school and sees her old Principal. She is in her final year at the school and retiring. To Reva's surprise, Joshua turns up. Jonathan had told him where to find Reva. He thought his name might come up so he decided he'd like to hear what Reva had to say. When Billy arrives with flowers for Reva, he looks put out and wonders why Josh is there. He thinks Josh will mess up things.

Reva is giving her speech. She tells her audience she was always a big dreamer when she was younger. But along the way, she made many mistakes. She adds that she wouldn't change any of those mistakes because she always followed her heart. She tells the girls not to stick with the logic in life because if they do, they will miss out on many wonderful things. If you're lucky, she tells them, you will end up where you need to be. She assures them they won't screw up like she did: driving off a bridge, dancing on tabletops, marrying the same man three time, but she promises them a journey of a lifetime. Her best advice is to never run away from it because there is always a reason for the madness. Reva stresses the important thing is to realize that life is one's destiny.

After the applause has died down, Billy kisses and hugs Reva and tells her she nailed it. Josh also hugs Reva and she tells him to meet them back at Cross Creek.

On the way back to Cross Creek, Reva tells Billy she learned something from her speech. She'd been feeling lost for so long but now she realizes what her destiny is. It's Joshua! She loves him and she intends to get him back.

Billy starts to tell Reva about his feelings for her and their recent kiss meant more to him than he'd said. He tells Reva if she wants to talk about destiny she should look at what's in front of her. Reva sees a bottle under the dashboard and angrily asks Billy if he's been drinking again. The car swerves; there is a screech of brakes and the sound of a car crashing!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Billy regains consciousness from his accident to realize that he's stuck behind an air bag, and Reva is unconscious. Josh comes upon them and manages to get Reva out and administer mouth-to-mouth. While the ambulance arrives and works on Reva, Josh tries to rescue Billy - only to come upon the half-empty bottle of bourbon. Horrified, Josh tells Billy to go get himself checked out - and hides the bottle from the police. Alan confronts Beth about her lies and she admits that she has been to town. Beth wants to know if she and Alan are still partners and he enthusiastically agrees. When Gus comes to, Beth ties him up to keep from escaping. But, when Alan starts making plans for his triumphant return to Springfield, Beth clobbers him and informs the stunned duo that she's the one in charge - they got that? Gus and Alan are horrified by this new, cruel Beth. Until Alan guesses that she's actually Lorelei.... Dinah begins her morning with flowers, sent by Alan-Michael to celebrate her first day on the job. As Dinah gets settled in, Alan-Michael reminds Alex about the corrupting influence of power, and predicts that Dinah will eventually turn on Harley, not to mention screw up the job. And then Alan-Michael will step in and run Spaulding. Meanwhile, Dinah calls Mallet, only to catch him with his hands in Harley's cleavage (he's wiring her for a sting operation). Dinah is totally cool about Mallet and Harley working together. Until Alan-Michael mentions that the word down at the precinct is that Mallet was deliberately resisting getting another partner - until Harley was available.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Jonathan and Tammy are alone at Outskirts when he remembers he has a meeting with a beer distributor. He thinks about canceling but Tammy encourages him to go, telling him he doesn't need to guard her. As soon as he leaves, Sandy enters. A shocked Tammy demands to know what he's doing there and he innocently suggests they study together. Tammy's upset and asks him if he wants to get himself killed, prompting Sandy to comment about how much faith she has in her boyfriend. Tammy reminds him that he agreed to stay away. He states he thought that only meant when Jonathan was around. A very perturbed Tammy tells Sandy he has to move on. Sandy accuses Tammy of being cold and tells her that Jonathan's dragging her down to his level. Tammy yells at him to get out and leave her alone. He coldly tells her not to take that tone with him. Sandy suggests that Jonathan is putting ideas in Tammy's head. He wonders if their living arrangements were Jonathan's idea. He reminds her that he bought Tammy a cottage, which Jonathan promptly burned down. Tammy gets increasingly upset and demands that he leave her alone now. An upset Sandy tells Tammy that Jonathan must be dragging him down to his level, too. Because a part of him wants Jonathan to fall off the cliff again, only this time he'd make sure he stayed dead.

Jonathan walks into Company for his meeting but as soon as he gets there, the guy cancels on him. Jonathan spots Cassie and Jeffrey having a tense dinner. He approaches them, offering to buy their dinner. He sits down and tells both of them that he's worried about Tammy. He tells them Sandy is stalking her. Jeffrey seems to pay more heed to the accusation than Cassie. Cassie calls Jonathan for being a hypocrite for caring about Tammy after he'd lied to her. He points out her boyfriend's no better and stalks out. Jeffrey tells Cassie he has a point. What Jeffrey did is no different than what Jonathan did. If she can forgive him, why not Jonathan? Cassie asks who said she has. She tells him it's not in his best interest to compare himself to Sandy. Jeffrey says he's not concerned with them right now; he's concerned about her relationship with Tammy. Just then Tammy enters asking for their help. Tammy tells them about her run-in with Sandy and the threat he made against Jonathan. Jeffrey asks if she's told Jonathan about this, but Tammy responds that she's reluctant, since he might get upset. This sets Cassie off and she tries to tell Tammy how wrong Jonathan is for her since she's so concerned he's volatile. Does she really want to be with someone capable of this much violence? Jeffrey tells Cassie she could ask herself the same question. Jeffrey tells Cassie when Edmund kidnapped her, he would have done ANYTHING to get her back and he knows she would do the same for Tammy. Jeffrey tells Tammy that he'll get a restraining order against Sandy while Cassie assures her that she believes her story and they'll all get through this.

Driving back to the bar, Jonathan is shocked when Sandy pops up from the back seat. A menacing Sandy tells Jonathan he hates him. Jonathan's not intimidated in the least, he tells Sandy that Tammy's over him. He starts taunting Sandy about what a loser he is, he had to hide in Jonathan's car to scare him. Sandy unexpectedly asks Jonathan if he'd ever seen the movie "Speed". He tells Jonathan that attached to his brakes is a bomb. If he stops, or even crashes into something, it will explode. Meanwhile, they are heading right for the train tracks with a train approaching. A worried Jonathan accuses Sandy of lying since he wouldn't kill himself. But Sandy replies like Jonathan said, he is pathetic and has nothing to lose. As they're approaching the tracks, a scared Jonathan hits the brakes in desperation. They stop, but nothing happens. Sandy runs out of the car with a furious Jonathan chasing after him.

Alan holds out a rose to Beth, calling her Lorelei. He remembers that Lorelei's personality comes forward Beth can't handle things. Beth starts speaking in Lorelei's southern drawl. She suddenly attacks Alan with the pipe, yelling at him that she's Beth. Beth rages since she finally fights for something, he accuses her of being under Lorelei's influence. She yells that she doesn't need Lorelei to fight her battles. She warns Alan to treat her with more respect or he'll wish Lorelei was here. She tells Alan she got his present the day he was released - divorce papers. She rants to both Alan and Gus that she did everything Alan wanted and that's how he repaid her. Alan tries to tell her the papers were just part of a grand plan but she's not buying it. Gus tries to interrupt only to get struck by the pipe himself. She then calmly leaves to make dinner. Alone with Alan, Gus points out that with his injured leg and Alan's injured arm, they need to work together to escape. Soon, Beth returns with cake for Gus - it's his birthday. She gives Alan a glass of champagne and has one for herself. As he's thinking about the pills he'd hidden in the drawer, Alan tries to sweet-talk Beth by saying he underestimated her. Beth admits that he did use her, so did Gus and Harley when they humiliated her. She comments on how both of them cast her aside. She leaves. Alan looks in the drawer and discovers that of the six pills he'd put in there, only two are left. At the moment he realized what happened, Alan starts to collapse. Gus tries to get Alan to get up and escape but Alan's way too tired. He is able to get to the other side of the room and untie Gus. Gus thinks the door is locked but Alan sates he fixed the door - it should be open. While a weak Alan pleads with Gus to come back for him, Gus escapes.

Mallet and Harley are "arguing" in front of the Ludlows. Upon being noticed, Mallet introduces himself as Tom McCoy and Harley as his wife, Katie. He offers to buy them drinks and starts chatting up Dan Ludlow. He starts talking about how his and "Katie's" love life could use some spicing up. He comments he'd heard about some kind of love drug. When Ludlow tries to leave, Harley acts upset at "her husband" for pumping Ludlow for information. She admits they'd heard about the couple from their son and they wanted some information. "Tom" rants that their love life sucks and passionately kisses her to make a point. When "Katie" gets angry and pushes him away, the Ludlows realize they're legit since only a real couple would fight like that. They offer to sell the drug right then and there. The transaction is completed and an arrest is made. Afterwards, Harley rails at Mallet about the impromptu kiss. Mallet declares he was just improvising but Harley is shook up because it felt awful. It felt wrong to pretend to be someone else's wife.

After signing the arrest report, Harley suddenly realizes its Gus' birthday. Afterwards, she goes to the lake and talks to "Gus" about the recent developments in her life. Suddenly, Mallet arrives with beer and pizza, offering to keep her company. As they toast to Gus, suddenly they see something moving in the woods. They try to get a better look and realize it's a person. Suddenly Harley exclaims, "Oh my God! Gus?"

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