One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on OLTL

Niki and Tess separated, and Nash found Tess. He convinced her that he loved her. Paige visited Todd in prison and informed him that Spencer had been the one to frame Todd. Paige found a bloody room when she went to visit Margaret and accidentally picked up the murder weapon. Natalie begged Cristian not to box and John not to get on the plane with Todd, who was going to another prison. Blair admitted she would always love Todd.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, February 13, 2006

Antonio, Clint and Nash arrive too late at the cabin and find it deserted. Meanwhile, Niki and Tess catch a ride with a passing trucker. Margaret threatens to expose Spencer's sins unless he explains exactly how he plans to fake Todd's execution. At Statesville, Todd glumly informs Blair his life isn't worth a thing now that she's given up on him. Michael suggests to a beaming Marcie that they start making up for all the time they've lost. David presses Paige to open up about his brother's latest crimes. Nash finds a farewell letter from Tess. As Niki coaxes the trucker to take her to the Hot Spot, Tess realizes she's trying to track down the scum ball who hurt Jessica and demands to be let out of the rig. Michael plans a romantic surprise for Marcie. Spencer icily reminds Margaret of all he's done for her but she accuses him of working her to lay claim to Blair. Tess strikes out on her own. Michael's attempt to pop the question goes awry after he accidentally dumps a hot fudge sundae all over Marcie. Spencer grows violent with Margaret, who's horrified when he admits he never had any intention of saving Todd's life. Bo asks Clint if he still has feelings for Viki. Paige heads to the prison to speak with Todd.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tess decides to hitch a ride but is annoyed when the first car that stops proves to have Nash behind the wheel. Natalie wonders if John was responsible for the dozen red roses which appeared on her desk. At Statesville, Paige informs Todd she knows for a fact that he was framed. Meanwhile, Bo assigns a grumbling John to escort Todd to the maximum security prison to await execution. Matthew helps Asa deliver a romantic surprise to a delighted Renee. Michael and Marcie happily recall how they first fell in love. David finds Roxy sitting alone in Angel Square on Valentine's Day. Though Todd guesses that Spencer set him up, Paige nervously refuses to name names. Crosby reminds John how he could earn back his badge if he does well with the prisoner transport. Natalie learns that Clint sent her the bouquet. Nash urges a fuming Tess to believe that he loves only her. Antonio runs into trouble while searching for Jessica. Marcie inadvertently ruins Michael's next attempt to propose. Antonio struggles to extricate his leg from the steel trap. Renee takes Matthew to the hospital to visit his mother. Roxy and David give Michael conflicting advice on popping the question.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

As everyone readies for a performance by Lifehouse at UV Evangeline remembers her last Valentine's Day with John. She's startled by Cris who remembers his own as he entered Statesville and his choice to remain dead. They decide that Evangeline's love life and his looming boxing career are off limits so they make small talk. Blair is surprised to see Spencer who admits to following her. She's still regretting her decision to sleep with him and she's still not over Todd. Marcie and Michael meet up again after she's showered and changed but every time he tries to talk to her they're interrupted. Later, Michael tries to keep Marcie from leaving early and finally enlists the aid of Rex and Adriana. Rex discloses to Adriana that he has some clients, including one guy who's been set up. He agrees that he's trying to prove himself not only to Bo. As Lifehouse performs, Blair tells Spencer that what happened between them will never happen again. Their conversation comes to a grinding halt when Denton comes over and asks for his job back since Todd was like a son to him. When he's turned down by an incredulous Blair, he asks for money or a kiss instead. Spencer grabs the obviously intoxicated man and shoves him away. When Blair goes to the ladies' room, he reminds him that he was supposed to create a fiction for Blair to overhear and then he was supposed to leave town. He'd better not make him unhappy. When Blair returns she agrees to get her coat and leave with Spencer. As Rex bends down to kiss Adriana he goes crazy when he sees Denton with Spencer; he thought his lead had left town. He apologizes for having to go but before he can, Michael pulls him aside to introduce Lifehouse again. Michael stalls Marcie and faces her towards the ever-changing and lit up wall. They spell out Marcie Walsh, will you marry me? He doesn't get quite the reaction he expected though, as Marcie looks upset.

The Exposer's headlines scream "Kill Me Now" atop Todd's picture as Natalie thanks Dr. Crosby for giving John a break. Crosby thinks the task is easy enough despite the fact that Natalie seems concerned. It's Todd she's worried about; her uncle is bad luck. Things always go wrong for John when they can, she feels. Crosby assures her that reinstating John will be considered as long as he completes the job and keeps his temper in check.

John waits for Todd so they can board the plane for his new living space. Todd still insists he's innocent and pleads to speak to Blair or Evangeline. John relents and loans him a cell phone though Todd can do nothing but leave the attorney a message. John asks for proof of his innocence; he was set up by Spencer Truman is all that Todd can offer. John can't help it but he only sees Walker Flynn when he looks at Todd and that was someone who got away with too much for far too long. He has no patience to hear anything that Todd might have to say. A big surprise shows up in the form of Natalie who begs John not to go because she has a bad feeling. She starts to say that every guy she...then stops herself. She just doesn't want anything to happen. The men board the plane as she carries on and tries to get him not to go. He has to, he assures her, as he waves goodbye.

Kelly chops away at the carriage house wall with a sledgehammer as Kevin arrives, shocked to see her display. She was trying to hang a picture and had a difficult time, she explains. She wanted to redecorate and found out that there's brick under the plaster. She figured a new wall equals a new life. Kev doesn't buy it and thinks it's all related to their not being able to start a family. She agrees she's frustrated but she's not giving up hope. She thinks he would enjoy joining in - it's a great release. He grabs a sledgehammer and swings away.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Michael proposes to Marcie, but doesn't get the response he was hoping for-at least, not at first. Her first reaction is to tell him he's crazy. Eventually, she confesses that she is scared. She rattles off a million reasons why they should wait, but Michael is determined. He tells her there will always be reasons to wait, but that will prevent her from really living her life. Then, he gets down on knee...and Marcie finally says yes.

On the plane, Todd tries to convince John of his innocence, and urges him to question Paige about Spencer's plan.

Starr passionately accuses her mother of wishing Todd were dead while eagerly awaiting the next man. She is furious that her mother let her go off on a ski trip while Todd was refusing to appeal. She asks, pointblank, if Blair has given up on Todd. Blair says no, but Starr reminds her of all the times Todd was there for her, and that she is not there for him now. She demands to know if her mother still loves her father. Blair finally admits that she thinks Todd is guilty. Starr is outraged and calls her mother a bitch. Blair slaps her daughter. She says she tried to be with Todd, but could not get past what he did. Starr is unmoved, and storms out of the room. Blair begins to fall apart when Jack comes downstairs saying, "I miss Daddy."

Tess and Nash take shelter in an abandoned house together, but she's still not convinced that he has no feelings for Jessica. Nash tries to convince the headstrong personality that just because he's kind to Jessica does not mean he has romantic feelings for her. They fight for awhile before she admits that she is scared of Jessica. "She's better than me," she says. Later, Tess is angered yet again when she catches Nash about to call Clint. He relents, saying he will call them tomorrow to let them know she is ok, and tonight can be just for them. The lovers relax, and feel the baby kick.

As Bo assures superiors of Todd's ultimate fate, Paige worries about what to do with the information she has about Margaret and Spencer. Finally, she tells Bo there is something she wants to tell him. Unfortunately, she is interrupted by Natalie, who tells her uncle that the plane transporting Todd has been grounded due to the weather. She also shares her concerns for John. Later, Bo informs Paige that he received a call from the warden, and he knows she went to visit Todd. Paige insists that she will explain later, and leaves hurriedly. She heads back to where Spencer was hiding Margaret. Upon her arrival, she finds a bloodstained bat and sheets. In disbelief, she picks up the bat. Spencer appears and reminds her that her fingerprints are now all over the real murder weapon. He threatens to frame her and Bo for the murder of Margaret and her baby if she does not follow his orders.

Cristian asks Evangeline if she is still in love with John, and she can't say no. Witnessing Michael and Marcie's newfound happiness, Evangeline asks Cris how he proposed to Natalie. He reveals that his proposal was through a painting-and Natalie walks in on the conversation, adding, "On a rooftop in Angel Square." Evangeline excuses herself, and Natalie and Cristian look on uncomfortably as Michael and Marcie celebrate their engagement.

As the plane prepares for take-off, Todd vows to John that he will get his family back.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Tess and Nash are happy in the wake of their lovemaking, but they soon begin to argue when Nash tells Tess that he is bringing her back to Llanview. She accuses him of planning this from the get-go, but he reminds her that they can't keep running from her family. Tess says that she will not go back to Llanview with Nash. He then asks her for information on Niki Smith, because he feels like he owes it to Clint to help him find the mother of his children. Tess confesses that she doesn't know where Niki was heading. Nash wants to know what they talked about in the cabin, and Tess says that they basically fought because she wouldn't tell Niki the secret of what happened to Jessica. Tess believes that the secret is the only thing preventing her from slipping into Jessica's psyche forever, and she reminds Nash that she's keeping it to herself. Nash assures her that they can take on the Buchanans, and they can take on the whole world if they need to. However, they must go back to Llanview for the time being for Tess's own well being. Reluctantly, Tess agrees to go with Nash.

Natalie storms over to Cristian's loft to once again try to persuade him not to enter the boxing match. He is upset when she says "First John, and now you," referring to the fact that neither man will listen to her attempts to warn them that they are in trouble. Cristian interprets the "John first" part to mean that he will always come second to McBain. Natalie makes it clear that this is not what she meant. Cristian comes on to Natalie, telling her that he doesn't believe she is really over him, because she keeps popping up at his door. Natalie calls him a pompous bastard and storms off. A little while later, Cris receives a phone call from Lindsay, telling him that she has found a buyer for his art. However, Lindsay is in cahoots with Natalie, who believes that if she buys Cristian's paintings, he will have a reason to stay away from boxing. Lindsay warns Natalie that she knows what it's like to be in love with someone who has broken your heart, and that if Nat isn't careful, this meddling will come back to bite her in the face. "It already has," says Cristian, who has arrived at Lindsay's gallery on a gut feeling, only to discover that Natalie has played him for a fool. He storms out, and Natalie runs after him, asking Lindsay if the night could possibly get any worse.

The night is just about to get worse for John and Todd, who are on the plane headed to the maximum security prison in Ohio where Todd is to await execution. Todd continues to plead with John to talk to Paige Miller and investigate Spencer as the person who really killed Margaret. Suddenly, Charlie, the pilot, calls McBain to the cockpit and informs him that due to an ice storm, they are being rerouted once again. Meanwhile, turbulence has allowed Todd to loose himself from the handcuffs, and he gets the upper hand on Wallace, the incompetent officer who is guarding him. While Todd and Wallace struggle for Wallace's gun, the weapon goes off and shoots Charlie in the shoulder. He starts to go unconscious, but John gets him to point out the autopilot switch. John puts the plane on autopilot, then storms back to Todd, telling him that no one is flying the flight. Todd realizes what he has done. Will the plane go down?

David and Adriana are busily arranging the photo shoot for the spring fashion spread in "Craze." Dorian arrives at the office and eavesdrops outside the door, growing increasingly disgusted as she hears her daughter fawn over Rex.

Meanwhile, Rex gives Matthew advice about girls over the phone, as Roxy listens, impressed. When Rex makes a crack at Matthew about Bo's family adopting him, Roxy is disturbed. She tells Rex that he's not adopted, and Rex explains that he was simply making a joke. It's obvious that Rex's investigation into the family who adopted Paige Miller's son is really bothering Roxy, but why?

Rex heads to the "Craze" offices with flowers for Adriana, but a meddling Dorian causes him to misinterpret a phone call for Adriana, and he dumps the flowers into the trash can. A dejected Rex leaves before Adriana can see him, and Dorian is satisfied with her machinations. David rips into Dorian for trying to destroy her daughter's happiness, then he heads to Ultra Violet, where he flirts with Joyce O'Malley, the secretary to District Attorney Hughes. Before long, David and Joyce race out of the bar, evidently headed for the bedroom!

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