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A massive explosion rocked Erica's Mardi Gras ball. Dixie saw Tad kiss Di. Kendall and Ryan felt the baby move. Josh held Erica's life in his hands. Zach apologized to a dying Ethan.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, February 13, 2006

Lily and Jonathan declare that it doesn't matter whether anyone objects to their relationship or not, they intend on seeing each other. Jack is furious and threatens to send Lily away to school. He reminds Lily that she is underage and therefore has no choice in the matter. Ryan tries another tactic by pointing out to Jonathan that if he was truly recovered from his surgery he would understand why a relationship with Lily is impossible. Listening to Ryan talk to Jonathan, Lily realizes that everyone is worried about Jonathan and her having sex. She quickly tells Ryan and Jack that they have absolutely no intention of having sex. Ryan appreciates her candor but insists that his concern stems more from worrying that Jonathan isn't recovered enough to adequately deal with someone special like Lily. As hoped, Ryan is able to convince Jonathan that it would be best if he broke things off with Lily. Jonathan asks for and is given a moment alone with Lily to talk privately. He tells Lily that he loves her but that he has a lot of work ahead of him and needs to focus on that.

Babe asks JR to agree to giving her custody of their son if their marriage should fall apart. Overhearing Babe's demand, Kendall interrupts JR from answering by demanding that he not give in to Babe's outrageous proposition. Babe doesn't appreciate Kendall's interference and tells her to stay out of her life. JR thanks Kendall for her concern but assures her that he is perfectly capable of making his own decisions. After Kendall walks away, JR tells Babe that he has absolutely no intention of agreeing to or signing her prenup. Babe is hurt but JR reminds her that she didn't agree to his terms either. He goes on to tell her that he would happily marry her any time but not with a prenup. Babe is furious and warns him that she is not going to go meekly away. She has every intention of being a part of their son's life.

Kendall walks rejoin the ball just in time to overhear Ryan tell Jack that she had broken off her engagement to Zach and that he'd like Jack to check on Kendall. Kendall is livid at what she sees as Ryan continuing to be manipulative. She tells Ryan that she hates him and demands that he stay out of her life.

Dixie listens in as Tad comes to Di's defense when Adam badgers her. As she continues to remain out of sight, she overhears Tad talk about her. Touched by his words, she steps out from the shadows just in time to see Tad kiss Di.

Erica refuses to accept Josh's explanations. She asks him to tell her who he really is and before he can say anything asks if it's possible that even he doesn't know who he is. Greg is shocked by Erica's question. Josh tries to defend his recent actions in a desperate effort to get back in Erica's good graces. He goes to far when he tries to blame his father for forcing him into acting irresponsibly and saying things he did not mean. Greg denies forcing his son to do anything of the kind. When Erica asks to speak to Greg alone, Josh insists that anything Erica has to say to Greg she can say to Josh.

Janet talks to Amanda about her plans for all the party goers to Amanda, who remains unconscious. Eventually Amanda comes to and finds her mother in a good mood. Janet assures her that everything is fine and the party guests are having a wonderful time when Amanda asks after them. Content with the knowledge, Amanda tries to convince her mother into leaving town with her that very night. Janet's hesitation raises Amanda's suspicions. Before long, Amanda realizes that her mother is up to something and everyone is in danger. Fearful for the guests at the ball, Amanda rushes to warn them. Janet tries to stop Amanda but is unable to keep up with her daughter.

Kendall announces to all of the guests that the time had come to drop their masks and reveal their true identities. All the guests begin lowering their masks except for Dixie. Simone notices and tries to cajole Dixie into revealing her face but to no avail.

Amanda rushes into the party and finds Jamie. Before she can warn him, a massive explosion rocks the party. Everyone is scattered as the balcony that Lily and Jonathan are standing on collapses and the ceiling crashes down upon the heads of the party guests. Guests become buried as debris continues to rain down upon the heads of everyone. Many long minutes later, everything falls eerily silent as Tad slowly starts to climb out of the rubble. Looking around at the sheer devastation, he mumbles, "Oh my God!" and then in a state of stunned disbelief asks, "Is anyone alive?"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Terrified, Amanda found Jamie and warned him that everyone had to be evacuated from the ball. Janet ran to save Amanda before the explosion, but could not catch her. As the device detonated, an absolute stunning montage was set in motion. Choreographed to the tune of "How High The Moon" the visual effects of the destruction of the mansion and those in it was heart-stirring and terrifying all at once. Filmed entirely in slow motion, the whole explosion and its effects can be likened to a ballet. Bodies and remnants of furnishings were flung with such force from where they had once stood to where they indiscriminately and effortlessly landed.

From the rubble, Tad appeared first. With blood on his hand and soot on his face, he asked, "Is anyone alive" Choking, Jack sat up and immediately shouted for Lily. Tad helped J.R. up as Janet surveyed just what she had done. Thinking that she had killed Amanda, she swore she would never forgive the people of Pine Valley for what they made her do.

Tad found Brooke alive and she immediately asked for Jamie. Opal suffered a badly burned arm as she worried about Palmer. Tad heard Di, but couldn't see her. He found her as Jack found Reggie and Dani. They immediately searched for Lily. Julia told Tad that the gas was still leaking and they were still in grave danger. He told Julia to help everyone who could stand out of the mansion. Another smaller explosion went off and again rocked the mansion.

Dixie was trapped alone but heard Tad tell everyone to evacuate. He was met with resistance as everyone looked for their family members. She heard Tad again shouting for survivors to respond to him so they could be rescued. Tad thought he heard someone where Dixie lay, but she remained silent.

The emergency crews arrived and told Tad, Brooke and Aidan that they could not return to the building until the gas was turned off. Tad told the crew one way or another they were going in there.

Trapped with Ryan, Kendall was still unconscious but had her hand on her stomach. She moved ever so slightly and Ryan checked her pulse. As she awoke she was frantic to see Zach. Ryan asked about the baby and Kendall told him that her baby was none of his business and she wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible. He told her to take a look around that she was stuck with him. They argued about custody of the baby and she said to not talk to her and stay away from her.

Even in the midst of such chaos and buried under the rubble with Zach, Simone and Ethan found a way to blame him for the explosion. Zach asked Ethan what he wanted from him but Simone told Ethan to pretend that Zach wasn't there. Ethan told Zach that he just wanted out of there and never to see him again. Ethan stood looking for a way out and a wall of stones fell directly on him.

Jamie and Amanda smelled the gas fumes from where they were and Amanda wanted to make love. Jamie didn't think that was such a good idea. They heard J.R.'s voice and he began to remove the rubble. He asked if they had heard from Babe and Amanda asked him if all he could think about was the slut who lied about running her down. After Jamie crawled out, he told J.R. he would help him find Babe. Jamie wanted answers from Amanda and blamed the explosion on Janet. Amanda dodged the questions and walked away.

Josh and Erica were trapped together and showing his true colors, Josh could only talk about what a ratings sweeps this would be. Erica told him he was sick and demented and not to touch her. Erica, repelled by Josh, said she didn't know him at all and he told her to take a good look. He told her that he was the guy who deserved fame and fortune with little effort. He told her that drugging her was nothing personal, just a way to get ahead. In original black and white footage, Erica thought back to when she was very young and ambitious, saying the same things Josh had said. (In the sequence, she was talking to Nick Davis)

Jonathan awoke and Lily was rocking back and forth. Jon told her to think of purple tulips to console her. Unable to calm her down, Jonathan continued to talk to her reminding her of their dance earlier that evening. She saw blood on her arm and as she was getting upset again, they heard Jack's voice. Jack began digging them out, but a beam fell and hit him squarely on the back.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jack assured Lily that he would come to her rescue as Jonathan used math to keep the girl calm. Jack became injured while trying to aid Lily and was rushed to the hospital. Reggie followed his dad after Aidan promised to track down Erica, Lily and Kendall. Aidan reassured Erin that they'd find Jonathan, as well.... Jon and Lily discussed Jack's determination to keep them apart. Jon said he couldn't bear to be separated from Lily.

Jamie and JR continued to scour the grounds for Babe.... Opal was despondent over Palmer and Erica, but bonded with Erin, who was also missing a loved one.

Erica realized that Josh had no idea that he's her son. Josh demanded to know what Erica was keeping from him, but before she had the chance, he blasted her for judging him. Upstairs, Tad reported to Joe that Josh and Erica were still missing. "I told Erica that Josh is her son," Tad added.... Josh explained to Erica that his hunger for the spotlight was brought on by his parents, that his birth saved his mom from suicide, then quizzed La Kane about her interest in the circumstances surrounding his birth. A terrible pain struck Erica at that moment; Josh rushed to her side.

A horrified Zach looked on while Simone freaked out when Ethan became pinned under a slab of rock. Ethan and Zach began to exchange heated words over their troubled history. Ethan spat to Zach that Slater is dead to him. Zach replied simply that he loves Kendall and Ethan and has lost them both. "Go to hell," Ethan countered. Simone told the men that she was sick of listening to them fight and urged them to bury the hatchet. Just then, Ethan lost consciousness.

Kendall invited Ryan to feel the baby moving in her womb. They were awestruck. Kendall fretted about having lost both Zach and her faith in the decision she made to use her own egg to give Greenlee a child — and held Ryan responsible for her losses. Ryan said that Kendall isn't alone, as she has him. Kendall didn't find that comforting and broke down in tears over Zach. Ryan embraced her as she wept.

As Dixie listened from where she was trapped, a weakened Palmer begged David for help. David taunted Palmer, withholding pills Cortlandt desperately needed since Hayward isn't, after all, a licensed doctor anymore. Dix flashed back to her pasts with David and Palmer.... David told Palmer that if Cortlandt uses his influence to get David's medical license reinstated, David will hand Palmer his pills.... Tad heard a noise coming from where Dixie was trapped and summoned JR over. The men stood poised to uncover Dixie....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jamie assists his father in clearing away more debris, neither of them aware that with each passing moment, they get closer to finding out that Dixie is alive. They find that a board is blocking the entrance way and decide that they need to find the edges and hoist the entire thing off. They call down and promise that they are on their way to rescue whoever is trapped, and this leads Dixie to flashback on one of her weddings to Tad. In it, he tells her that he is in it for the long haul with her, and that nothing could ever keep them apart. She softly calls to him, and although no one else can confirm it, Tad is certain he hears something.

Palmer tries to call out to Tad, but in his weakened state, he fails. While David holds his nitro pills out of reach, Palmer swears that he won't be blackmailed into giving David back his license and his job. Frustrated, David asks if he has any last words, aside from an admission that he died because he was stubborn to the end. Palmer refuses to give in to David's tactics. Just then, JR hears Palmer from above, and they mistakenly think they are in the wrong spot. Everyone but Tad deserts the location above Dixie. As JR and Aidan continue to dig for Palmer, Jamie asks his father if he still thinks there is a survivor under their original location. Tad admits that though it was only a feeling, it was enough of one to want to pursue it. Jamie agrees to help him as soon as they unearth Palmer. Meanwhile, Dixie hears their momentary retreat and remembers a confrontation with Tad years prior where they fight about his affair with Liza, and Dixie ends up slapping him because of his betrayal. This spurs her on to try to dig her own way out. As she does so, she remembers additional incidents of their betrayal, but also Tad's admission that she is everything to him, and always will be.

Jamie checks in with JR to see if he is okay, and finds that his brother is worried about whether or not he will find his son's mother alive.

David continues to torment Palmer, this time by reminding him that because of his extraordinary medical gift - Dixie lived. Further, because of that gift, a bond was forged between David and Dixie that no one could sever. Finally, David notes that the only person that Dixie trusted when she left town is the person now holding Palmer's life in his hands. This sends Palmer over the edge and he promises David that he will have his license and job reinstated as long as he hands over the pills. Unable to believe his ears, David asks Palmer to repeat himself. Palmer does just that, but David doesn't trust him to keep his promise after the fact. He tells Palmer that he needs to swear on something that he would never betray - something like Dixie's name. Although it pains him to do so, Palmer swears to keep his promise, and David forks over a pill, just in time to drag him back from the edge of a heart attack.

Lily expresses her discomfort at the idea of being married, and asks if Jonathan knows what it would mean for them. Jonathan tells her that he thinks it's a guarantee that they will always be together. Lily reminds him that being married also means that they would have to sleep in the same bed, and maybe have sex. Jonathan assures her that there are plenty of married couples that don't have sex, and that there are no rules that say they must. Lily reminds him that he confessed in class that he had sex before and enjoyed it. Jonathan confirms that much as true, but says that because he is with her, he wants what she wants, so no sex is okay with him. Tentatively, Lily asks him if he would be able to help her like sex as well. Jonathan tells her there is a lot of touching involved in sex, and that she shouldn't want to do something that doesn't make her feel good. She tells him that liking sex is normal, which is what she wants to be. Jonathan assures her that her version of normal is just as fine as any other. They are interrupted by the sound of collapse nearby, and Jonathan talks Lily through it, reassuring her that they will be rescued soon as the loud sounds come to an end. She tells him that she likes being trapped with him because they have more to talk about. She wants to talk about love, because people usually get married because they love each other. She then admits that even though he loves her, she doesn't feel like she loves him. She asks if he is able to teach her how to be in love as well, but Jonathan sadly tells her that it's something that just happens. Trying to work through it logically, she tells Jonathan that she used to think that she belonged with her father but now that he doesn't trust her to make her own decisions and do what's right, she has changed her mind. She knows that with Jonathan, she can be an adult and that he will make decisions with her - and that is something that she wants. Jonathan then remembers that even though he said they should get married, he didn't propose. Aiming to right that wrong, he tells her that when he first came back to Pine Valley, he was broken - in his head, and in his heart. However, she saw something in him worth saving. He tells her that he wants to be a good man, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life thanking her for believing in him. With that, he asks Lily to be his wife.

Adam and Krystal are caught in a somewhat compromising position, which makes neither of them happy. Adam begs to be put out of his misery, but Krystal assures him that her misery is greater. She then tells him that all she wants is for him to be quiet. To grant her wish, he does just that - by laying a kiss on her. Krystal breaks away, but Adam tells her that he can't help himself - the lack of oxygen makes him lose control of his inhibitions. She asks why he thinks she would want to have sex with him again, and he tells her that if they die in the rubble - he votes that they die happy. Krystal breaks away again, insisting that instead of thinking about his carnal desires, they think about loved ones, and how they might never see them again. In addition, she thinks he should start trying to atone for his sins since he has so many. Adam briefly considers this but quickly decides that adding one more sin to the list would be better. He lays another kiss on her, and after a few moments of struggle, she gives in. Some time later, they have only moments to bask in the afterglow before more debris collapses in on them.

Erica starts to panic because she can't breathe, and Josh thinks that she may have punctured a lung. He offers to take a quick listen, but she demands that he stay away from her. Josh plays devil's advocate by asking if she would prefer he tell Kendall and Bianca that she was strong to the end when they are crying over her grave. The tactic works and she agrees to let him examine her. He does, and finds that he needs to do a small procedure to help her breathe. He explains it to her, and says that it will hurt but that it will be better than the alternative. After hearing him out, she denies him any further access. He tries more reverse psychology on her, but to no avail. Just then, Erica passes out from lack of oxygen and after checking for a pulse, Josh prepares to go ahead and perform the procedure, noting that Erica will breathe again whether she likes it or not.

Simone manages to rouse Ethan from unconsciousness, and the first thing he utters is a sarcastic note to his father that he will be okay. Ethan comes across as thinking that his father wants him dead, but Zach confirms just the opposite by admitting the love he has for his son. Simone tries to neutralize the situation, saying that small places make her freak out - and that it would be good if Ethan could just focus on her. Instead, Ethan rubs their love in his father's face, and follows it by saying that he also got real love from his mother. He notes that while his mother thought she was doing him a favor by telling him about the father he had out in the world, so that he might have a family after she died, he wishes that he'd never had the opportunity to meet Zach. This causes Zach to withdraw, allowing Ethan to try to comfort Simone with talk of their wedding. Soon, she notices that he is shivering, and he makes a quip about the heater being on the blink. With Ethan unable to calm her fears, Simone looks to Zach but he simply stays put, trying to stay out of their conversation. However, he soon realizes what is going on, and donates his jacket to help keep Ethan warm. Simone proceeds unaware, not taken off guard until Ethan stops talking about their honeymoon and starts talking as though he is a child headed to school in Manchester. Alarmed, Simone pleads with Zach to tell her what is going on. Zach moves in closer, placing his hand up on his son's skin, and finds him to be as cold as ice. He tries to get Ethan to look at him and to focus. Ethan tries, and as he does so, he admits that he doesn't know who Zach is. As they try to keep him conscious, Ethan continues to fade in and out on recognizing who they are and where he is.

Kendall admits to Ryan that even though Zach broke her heart, she will die loving him. Ryan tries to make light of the situation by saying that she will be too senile to remember his name, let alone being in love with him, by the time she dies. Kendall, too distraught to find him humorous, tells him that he can't know that - after all, they may die underneath the rubble covering them. Ryan tries to assure her that they will be fine, but Kendall is in no mood to be patronized. She starts to rip him a new one about how he knew that the truth about Zach had to be revealed. Ryan is incensed that they have managed to start talking about Zach again, but Kendall quickly clarifies that she is only talking about him, and his need to know everything. She reminds him that even though he knew Jonathan was innocent, that Greenlee would be better off without him, and that she needed her eyes open - every single time, he was wrong. She goes on to try to recreate history, saying that everything he did in their relationship ended up destroying them. Ryan remembers it differently, but Kendall reminds him that her negativity toward what they shared might have come from the fact that he ended up marrying Greenlee and declaring her the love of his life. Ryan tells her that he is willing to endure her verbal assault if it helps her forget where they are or why they are there, but he demands that she get it right - because when he loved her, he loved her more than words. They reminisce for a while about their relationship, finally mellowing out and admitting that they both did indeed love each other. They also confess to the hurt that they caused and the sorrow they felt, and still feel about it. Then, to lighten things up, they touch upon the good times. Kendall reminds him that one of the greatest gifts he ever gave her was the fake pregnancy pooch to help protect Bianca. Now, she has a real one, also from him - but Kendall admits it feels more like a theft. Ryan tells her that even so, in the grand scheme, actually creating their baby wasn't so bad. Kendall then notes that since they can remember all of the mistakes they've made in the past clearly, they won't be doomed to repeat them. With Greenlee gone, Zach banished and a baby on the way, Kendall suggests that maybe they should try again.

Tad peers into a hole, and pronounces that Palmer is as good as out - right before the flooring caves underneath him. He falls into David's lap, much to David's anger and dismay. With the wider opening, the EMTs are able to pull them all out to safety. As Joe checks Palmer over, David goes on about how it must be Joe's nightmare to have David come back to work at PVH, fully licensed. Tad is in no mood to hear David prattle on, and invites him to be checked out by an EMT. David agrees, but before leaving the scene, he tells Joe that sometimes nightmares do come true. As he walks away, JR calls out saying that he found another air pocket, and several people rush over to help out. As they do, another medical person carries Erica out into the light. He lays her down, unconscious, and Greg starts to fret. Josh brings up the rear, and Greg expresses relief that Josh did not suffer a similar fate. He brings his father up to speed on the procedure he performed to save Erica's life and then, as Tad and Joe look on, notes that he will make sure everyone knows about it. They take her outside where she briefly regains consciousness. Greg informs her that she is on the way to the hospital, but before she goes, Josh asks if he can have a moment alone with the patient. Greg backs off and allows Josh a few moments to reassure Erica himself. His motives become crystal clear when a reporter tells him that they got it all on tape. They leave, and Erica, confused, lets it slip out to a shocked Josh that she can't believe he is her son.

On the other side of the room, JR continues to call out for Babe. David approaches horrified that his daughter is still among the missing. JR expresses his ire that someone like David could be rescued before someone as treasured as his once and future love.

Tad notes that the last collapse caused another massive slide of debris - and that anyone still down there would be in deep trouble. Near enough to hear him, Dixie refuses to give up trying to dig herself out.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Josh asks Erica to repeat what she said, so once again she says, "You can't be my son." Erica is taken aware on the stretcher, but Greg is unaware of what she said. When Josh asks his father is Erica ever had a son, Greg says they both know she only has two daughters. Josh admits that he thought he heard Erica say something odd, but immediately dismisses the issue when Greg wants more details. Di tries to help outside too, but gets clumsy and knocks over water bottles. Julia suggests that she go home and get rest. When Di arrives home, she is shocked to find Dixie standing in her living room.

Ethan goes into shock, unable to recognize Simone and Zach. Ethan tells his "mother" that she will love Simone. Simone realizes her fiancé is dying and tells Zach that similar events happened to her grandmother before she passed away. Simone pretends to meet Ethan's mother as tears flow down her eyes. Ethan asks her to tell his mother about their wedding plans, but Zach pipes in that he will be center stage at the wedding. Zach taunts that he might steal a dance from a bridesmaid or even the bride, because after all, he is supposedly such a bad guy. Zach tells Simone the only way to keep Ethan alive to keep fighting with him. Simone agrees to let Zach continue to taunt Ethan, which keeps him talking and conscious. Zach also apologizes for denying his son and coming in between him and Kendall. He begs for Ethan's forgiveness, but Ethan ignores him and turns his attentions to Simone. Before Ethan loses consciousness, he tells Zach he will never forgive him.

The rest of the group, JR, David and Joe, hear sounds below the debris. Adam begins calling out when he realizes Krystal is not breathing. JR tells his father to hold on as Adam tells Krystal not to leave him. Both are rescued and as David performs CPR on Krystal, Adam throws a fit because he thinks David will not save her. Josh goes inside to help, where he patches up a small wound on Joe. Joe praises Josh for saving Erica, as medical crews take Krystal out. Adam rushes after her as David tells Tad that Krystal has a slim chance of making it. Jamie and Tad continue to haul out debris so they can rescue an unknown Dixie. When they get the hold big enough, they look down and Dixie is gone. Tad finds a mask and remembers the woman wearing it refused to take off her mask when everyone else did. Jamie wonders JR is trying so hard to find Babe when he finally has the chance to get rid of her, but JR just tells his brother to shut up.

Babe can hear JR above, but no one hears her yelling. She says that just when she had JR where she wanted, this has to happen. She even admits that the marriage could have worked, but knows she pushed to far by pulling her own pre-nup agreement out. Babe throws a piece of material against the wall in frustration. Babe hears someone from the other side of the wall, then humming. Babe continues yelling for help and when she pulls out away the rocks, light shines through. On the other side, Babe is horrified to see Janet.

Ryan is shocked when Kendall suggests they give their relationship another go round. Kendall thinks the idea could work, but Ryan thinks it's a plot to get revenge on Zach. She claims that is not the case. She just wants to have a family - a mother, daughter, and child - together. Ryan says she doesn't love him or even like him. Kendall thinks that does not matter and they should get married before the baby is born. When Ryan asks her if she wants to keep the baby, Kendall does not know. She is afraid because she does not know whether to keep him, give him up and being alone. Ryan takes Kendall hand and promises her that she will not be alone because he is there to protect her. They hear sounds from above and start yelling. Kendall and Ryan are rescued, but Kendall is not happy about going to the hospital. They hear Zach yelling for help as Ethan continues dying.

Erin begins to lose hope as she and Aidan can't find Jonathan and Ryan. Aidan assures Erin they will find her brothers, but Erin is skeptical. When Jonathan asks Lily to marry him, she starts calculating numbers, but does not give Jonathan a straight answer. Lily says that likes Jonathan, but people get married because they love each other and she doesn't love him. Despite that, Lily admits she would rather marry him than be forced to leave Pine Valley. Lily and Jonathan hear Aidan and Erin from above, but Lily tells him not to ask for help. She is worried about what will happen to their relationship once found. Jonathan promises to come up with a plan so they stay together and Lily starts to yell for help. Erin and Aidan immediately rush over and begin removing debris. Outside of the building, Greg starts to put a bandage on Lily, but pulls back when he remembers she does not like to be touched. Lily tells Jonathan that she trusts him to put the bandage on. She asks about Erica and Jackson and Greg offers to take her to the hospital. Jonathan tells Lily to go, but will make sure to see her again. In Jackson's room, Greg tells Lily that her father suffered several fractures to his neck, but will be fine. After Greg leaves, Lily sits next to her father. She tells him she loves him and does not want to fight anymore. Greg goes to visit Erica in another room, but all she can hear in her head is Tad announcing Josh is her son. When he walks over to her bedside, she spits out that Greg took her child.

At the hospital, Reggie rushes over when he sees Erica brought in. She asks about Kendall, Lily and Jack and Reggie tells her they are all probably fine. Brooke finds Adam, who is searching for Krystal. Reggie finds Lily, who directs her to Jackson's room. Adam tosses his name around to find Krystal, but the nurses are preoccupied with too many other patients. He stops a doctor, who tells him Krystal did not make it. Palmer rolls up in a wheelchair, telling Adam that he is probably happy Krystal is gone. He insults Adam for using Krystal as Brooke yells at him to stop. Adam goes into the mortuary, where he finds Krystal covered under a sheet. He admits that although she has been nothing but trouble in his life, she has been the most fascinating woman. Adam promises never to forget her and their last lovemaking session. Under the sheet, Krystal says, "It was good for me too."



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