All My Children Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on AMC

During Erica's Mardi Gras gala, Kendall learned that Zach had caused the blackout. Babe was determined to have her revenge. JR reached a decision about Babe. Erica learned about Josh's misdeeds. Tad convinced Erica that his preposterous theory about Greg was true.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, February 6, 2006

Erica's Mardi Gras ball benefiting the American Red Cross Relief Fund kicked into gear as guests began arriving.

As Erica prepared to leave for the ball, Tad arrived and insisted on talking to her. However, when he saw who was with Erica, he changed his mind and made up an excuse about misplacing his ticket for the ball. Josh excused himself, promising to meet up with Erica at the ball, and left.

Outside, Josh answered his ringing cell phone. It was Jesse Johnson, calling him to offer him a new position. Josh declined the offer and hung up. Speaking to himself, he wanted more than for Jesse to ask him to take the job. He wanted to make Jesse beg.

Upstairs, preparing to change into her costume, Erica received an unexpected visit from Jesse. He told her that the affiliates were demanding that Josh be named as her co-host, or they would cancel her show. Erica was a bit surprised when Jesse went on to tell her that Josh had turned down his offer. She refused to be forced into making a decision but promised she would discuss matters with Jesse the following day. As Jesse left, Jack entered the room. Erica avoided telling him what Jesse had told her and insisted that the only thing she wanted to focus on at that moment was the ball and enjoying herself.

At the ball, Adam found JR and handed him a glass of champagne. He tried to make a toast to JR's brilliant move of insisting that Babe sign a prenuptial agreement, but JR wasn't in the mood to deal with his father. Elsewhere, Babe confided to Krystal that she was determined to make JR forget about the prenuptial agreement and win him back. When she had JR where she wanted him, Babe planned on breaking his heart and taking their son. Later, JR fumed as Babe ignored his overtures to talk in favor of showering Josh with attention. Krystal cautioned JR to not be like his father and advised him to tear up the prenuptial agreement if he hoped to have a chance at winning Babe back.

Josh took a moment to speak to a reporter, promising him a big story by the end of the night. Later, Josh revealed a bit too much when talking to Babe about Amanda.

When Tad arrived at the ball, he found Jamie talking to Josh. When he tried to gauge the depth of their friendship, Jamie admitted that he had a bad feeling about Josh. Jamie found JR a short time later and admitted that he didn't think Amanda was guilty of everything that she was being accused of. JR was disgusted with Jamie, attributing his cloudy judgment to lust. As the night progressed, Babe insisted that Jamie dance with her so that she could have a private word with him. She shocked him when she told him that she thought Josh might have set Amanda up for drugging Erica.

In the hotel room, Ryan filled Ethan in on the plans they had to expose all of Zach's lies. Ethan offered to be the fall guy to keep Ryan's relationship with Kendall from being further strained, but Ryan declined the offer. As Di left to join the ball, Ethan assured Marty that he would help him leave town and escape Zach's wrath after they had obtained the proof that they needed.

Zach gave Kendall a stunning diamond engagement ring while Ryan stood nearby and watched them. Later, Zach confronted Ryan about what Ryan thought Zach was guilty of. Ryan was careful not to reveal his hand as he taunted Zach about Kendall soon learning what kind of man Zach really was.

Josh introduced Erica, who made a grand entrance. After Erica and Zach made a point of showing a united front, Erica made a short speech about being the victim of foul play before inviting the guests to enjoy their evening. Erica also took a moment to have a private word with Josh about her meeting with Jesse before she joined her guests.

David asked Julia to dance with him, but she seemed to have eyes only for Ryan, much to David's frustration.

Tad asked Di if Ryan's plans to expose Zach's lies were still in place. He was disappointed to learn that they were, commenting that Kendall seemed the happiest she had ever been.

Janet, who is in disguise, visited Amanda in jail. Jonathan quickly recognized Janet as the woman who had been setting him up and tormenting him. Janet tried to convince Jonathan that she was nothing more than a figment of his imagination, but Jonathan pointed out that Amanda speaking to her proved she was very much a real person. When Jonathan called for the guards, Janet made a quick escape before everyone, including Aidan and Erin, could spot her.

Aidan questioned Amanda, who lied about Janet being there. She insisted that Jonathan was crazy and had been hallucinating. Aidan wasn't convinced. Just then Livia arrived to tell Jonathan that he had made bail and was free to leave. Back at the apartment, Erin and Aidan learned that Jonathan intended to meet Lily at the ball. They were adamantly against it, insisting that the woman trying to frame him was not going to give up, which put him in danger.

Erin and Aidan wanted Jonathan to go with them, where there would be plenty of eyewitnesses who could attest to his whereabouts in case something happened. Jonathan seemed to cooperate with them, but as they walked out the door, he paused and told them that he had forgotten a book. He promised to meet them at the car once he had fetched it. Convinced that Jonathan was telling them the truth, Aidan and Erin left the apartment. Jonathan quickly gathered up his costume for the ball and left.

Janet returned to the jail to see Amanda, much to Amanda's dismay. Amanda was further distressed when Janet warned Amanda to stay put in jail so that she had an alibi for the night. Before Amanda could question Janet further about what Janet planned, Janet took off.

Dressed in costume as one of the partygoers, Janet entered the ball.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Kendall called Bianca and told her that she and Zach were flying to Paris to get married. She asked Bianca to be her maid of honor. Unaware that her world was about to crash down around her, Kendall continued to have a fabulous time with Zach at the ball.

Ryan and Ethan continued their quest to prove to Kendall that Zach was the cause of all that had gone wrong in the world. Ryan strong-armed Kendall into the room where Marty and Ethan waited with the "proof" of Zach's guilt. Marty told her that Zach was the one who had caused the blackout.

Josh still acted like he was the only one supportive of Erica. Dr. Madden took Josh aside and told him that he knew what Josh was up to. Josh told his dad that he could do whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted.

Babe and Jamie tried to convince JR that Josh was the one behind all the things that had gone on in Pine Valley. The trio went to visit Amanda in jail. The lights went out at the jail, and when the emergency spotlights turned on, Amanda realized that it had been JR behind the wheel of the car that had hit her. She wanted Derek to arrest him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Amanda told Derek Frye that she remembered JR had been the person driving the night she had been struck by a car. JR laughed off Amanda's claims and turned to Babe to confirm that he had not been driving that night. JR experienced a moment of panic when Babe hesitated answering. Sensing that Amanda might be right, Derek pushed Babe to answer truthfully. Instead of answering, Babe turned to JR and reminded him of all the insulting and hurtful things he had done to her recently then she turned to Derek and asked him what would happen to their custody agreement if JR should go to jail.

For Babe, it was nothing more than a ploy to make JR squirm. In the next breath, she stuck to her story that she had been driving the car that had struck Amanda. Amanda was furious and accused Babe of lying. Amanda tried to get Derek to believe her, to no avail. Derek pointed out that there was no evidence to support her claims. When JR and Babe returned to the party, JR angered Babe by asking her what her next move was. Disgusted that he couldn't appreciate her help, Babe walked away. Later, JR looked for Babe and found her at the top of the staircase, kissing Josh.

Jonathan arrived in costume to the ball, much to Lily's joy. They shared a special, romantic, imaginary dance and then stepped outside to talk. Jonathan was frustrated that everyone still thought he was a bad person. Lily pointed out all of the good things he had done recently. Lily's defense of Jonathan and her unwavering loyalty led Jonathan to declare his love for her. Lily was a bit taken aback.

Lily told Jonathan about Sam and how he had told her that when two people were in love, they had sex. She was adamant that she did not want to have sex. Jonathan understood. He reminded her that what was normal for other people didn't suit either of them very well. To him, a kiss was just a kiss. Reassured, Lily asked him to kiss her so that she could decide if she loved him back. As they slowly drew closer for their first kiss, Jack was standing nearby with a look of disbelief on his face.

Janet tried to get Erica to help her prove Amanda was innocent of drugging her and that Josh was the guilty party. Erica pointed out that Amanda had confessed to drugging her and that the medication used had been Janet's. Erica then went on to tell Janet that she wanted what was best for Amanda; Erica felt that Amanda would benefit from professional help. Janet was furious at the suggestion that Amanda wasn't mentally sound. After Erica rushed off to rejoin her guests, Janet remained in the room, seething with anger and plotting her revenge against those she referred to as "the haters," which included Erica.

Zach joined Kendall, Ryan, Ethan, and Marty in the room and demanded to know what was going on. Ethan and Marty quickly made their excuses and slipped out of the room, leaving Zach alone with Kendall and Ryan. Ryan tried to send Kendall out of the room so that he could deal with Zach alone, but she refused to leave. She told Ryan to leave instead. Alone with Zach, Kendall told him about all the things Ryan and Ethan were accusing him of, believing they were nothing but malicious lies. Her worst fears were realized when, instead of denying the accusations, he admitted to them.

Kendall was furious to realize everything that Zach's act had cost her: her best friend, a child she never wanted, and the presence of a man in her life that she didn't want. Zach explained that he had taken such drastic measures to prevent her and Greenlee from going through with their surrogacy plans because he had believed it was inviting heartache of the worst kind. Kendall asked him why he had never gone to her with the truth even though she had given him opportunity after opportunity to do so. Zach answered that the truth would not have changed anything. Kendall disagreed. She reminded him that Ethan had kept secrets from her, and she had stopped loving him.

Zach flinched. He asked her if she had stopped loving him. Instead of answering him, Kendall accused him of having changed her life forever without her consent or knowledge. She asked him who he thought he was. Zach surprised her by telling her that he was just like her. He pointed out that she had made a similar decision by using her egg to give Greenlee the baby she had desperately wanted. It had been an act borne out of love.

Zach had done what he had to spare Kendall the pain she had been inviting by bearing a child and then having to give it up. He went on to tell her that he loved her and wanted to marry her, reminding Kendall that Bianca was in Paris, waiting for them. Rather than responding, Kendall walked out of the room. Ethan, standing nearby in the hallway, walked into the room to confront his father. In the hallway, Ryan stopped Kendall.

Jamie found Erica at the party and pleaded with her to help get Amanda out of jail. He was convinced something bad was about to happen and worried that Amanda might be the only one who could prevent it. Jamie went on to accuse Josh of being the real culprit who had drugged Erica. Erica refused to believe it and started to turn away with Josh, but Greg shocked them all when he told Erica that Josh was indeed the one who had drugged her. Josh was furious with his father's betrayal.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Rejoining the Mardi Gras soiree, a mystery guest entered and took in the scene, including the latest confrontation between Babe and JR. Babe, absorbed in a makeout session with Del, initially seemed oblivious to his approach. JR warned Del not to get involved with Babe, but Del thought JR was the one missing out. JR offered to give Del money to leave Babe alone, since being paid off was Del's "M.O." While Del would be more than happy to take money off of JR's hands, JR rescinded the offer faster than it had been made.

Moments later, Opal showed up to reclaim her date, swearing that Del was too good to waste his time with people like Babe. Del and Opal made their way back down to the dance floor, leaving JR and Babe to continue arguing. JR swore that he didn't want their relationship to be over, but Babe reminded him that she would never sign away her son. However, if he really wanted to marry her, without a prenuptial agreement, she'd agree to do it that night.

JR didn't like the idea that Babe might be playing him, but she said that it was about time she gave it to him straight: he could do what he liked to her -- trash-talk her, pull the stunts that Adam had pulled on Dixie -- but she would never give up on their son. As Di listened from the floor below and the mystery guest listened from the stairs, Babe promised that she would be a part of her son's life until the day she died, and she stalked off.

Although Erica seemed determined not to believe the accusations, Jamie and Greg continued to try to convince her that Amanda had told the truth at the beginning -- Josh was the one who was guilty of drugging her. Erica started to run off, and Josh tried to help her, but Greg begged her to stay and listen. She told him that she had no reason to believe anything he told her, prompting Greg to reveal that Josh had been out to get her since the day she had hired him.

Unwilling to let the discussion disrupt the party, Erica took Jamie, Greg, and Josh to a private room upstairs. She made it clear that if neither Jamie nor Greg had any concrete proof that Josh was really her nemesis -- Amanda's claim did not qualify, as far as Erica was concerned -- then she wanted the conversation to end. Jamie mentioned that since Josh had finished medical school, he would be perfectly aware of the effects the drug he had stolen would have on Erica. Josh denied all of their claims, citing Jamie's lingering anger about Babe and his father's anger about his son deserting medicine as excuses.

Erica then claimed to be completely aware of Josh's capabilities as well as Greg's capacity for lying. Greg then dropped a bombshell -- he reminded Josh of the conversation they'd had earlier in the evening about Erica's career. He said that he had been afraid that he wouldn't be able to relay it verbatim, so he had taken the liberty of recording it. He played part of the recording, where Josh had said that Erica would fall from grace and be a has-been, while he would be on top.

Erica, horrified that she'd been taken in, stared at the recorder in shocked silence. Josh, enraged at having been exposed, attacked both his father and Jamie. Greg reminded his son that the confrontation had been solely about Josh's secret motives. Greg then told Erica that he had gotten the idea to record the conversation from Josh himself -- and further revealed that Josh had bugged her office and had known her every move.

Erica removed herself from the mix as Josh tried to quickly think up some sort of excuse. She placed a call to Derek and asked that he release Amanda and take her to the Mardi Gras ball. She told him that she had new evidence in her drugging case.

In the courtyard, Jackson rushed over and broke up the tentative first kiss between Jonathan and his daughter. Although Lily screamed and begged him to stop, Jack appeared as though he couldn't hear her. He told Jonathan that if Jonathan touched Lily again, Jonathan would have much more to fear from Jack than a little shake-up. Lily continued to try to get her father to release Jonathan and walk away, but his ire was too great. She announced that Jonathan was her boyfriend and that he could kiss her anytime he wanted.

Lily's declaration only fueled Jack's anger, and he demanded that Lily go inside, find her brother, and have him take her home. She refused just as Reggie, Aidan, and Erin showed up. Reggie immediately went into protective mode and asked if Jonathan had hurt Lily. Jack wanted to have a one-on-one talk with Jonathan, but Aidan and Erin became a physical buffer and kept Jack from attacking again. Unable to handle them anymore, Lily ran off, with Reggie on her heels.

Jack demanded to know why Jonathan was out of jail, and Livia, newly arrived on the scene, informed Jack that while Jonathan had made bail, she had instructed him to stay away from Lily and the party. Jack snidely started to run down just how obedient the Laverys were, but that got Erin going, and she started to get in Jack's face. Unaffected, Jack reminded her that Braeden had raped his sister, Ryan had destroyed Greenlee, and Jonathan liked to rape and pillage. He made a very stern proclamation that there was no way Jonathan would ever get to his daughter again without going through him.

Jonathan tried to take off to find Lily, but Jack grabbed him and tried to detain him. Jonathan managed to spin out of Jack's grasp, just in time for Ryan's arrival. Ryan asked what was going on, and Jack accused Jonathan of molesting Lily. Jack's inflammatory language upset everyone, and Jonathan tried to make it clear that he had only kissed Lily, and only because she had asked. Julia, who had been following Ryan, showed up on the scene and immediately asked if Jonathan was okay. Jack was horrified that Julia could be so nice to Jonathan, especially after what Jonathan had done to Edmund.

Jonathan revealed that Julia had been his Life Skills teacher, and Jack turned a cold eye to Julia, enraged that she hadn't felt it necessary to fill him in on that tidbit of information. Just then, Reggie returned, admitting that he had lost Lily during the chase. Everyone started to scatter in different directions, but Ryan stopped Jonathan from going. Both Ryan and Livia informed Jonathan that it had been a bad idea for him to go to the ball, and it would be a bad idea for him to join the search party. Jonathan insisted that he had to look for Lily because he loved her.

After Kendall left Zach, she ran into Ryan in the hall, and he whisked her off into a separate room. He asked her if Zach had confessed and, when met with her distraught silence, reconfirmed that Zach had been the main person behind the blackout. He then apologized for leaving her alone with Zach and for everything that had happened in the aftermath of the blackout. He hugged her in an attempt to comfort her and told her that he would help her in any way that she wanted. The mere words enraged Kendall, and she slapped him across the face. She pointed out that his good deed had just been revenge in different clothes.

Kendall admitted that she was aware that Ryan blamed her and Zach for Greenlee leaving town, and she asked if he'd gotten revenge enough. Ryan tried to protest, saying that he had exposed Zach's misdeeds for Kendall's good. Kendall told him that Zach had been for her good -- as were her wedding and her happily ever after. Instead, according to Kendall, Ryan's need to be self-righteous had wrecked her life completely. He told her that she could hate him if she needed to, but he couldn't, in good conscience, let her marry Zach again without knowing the whole truth.

Kendall confirmed that she did indeed hate Ryan for what he'd done. Ryan asked if she could have really been happy not knowing and with letting Zach get away with what he had done. She told him that she could have been -- she wished that she had never found out. She also said that she was sick and tired of people protecting her when she didn't want or need it. She blamed him for stealing her last chance at true happiness, told him that she would never forgive him for it, and walked out.

Zach and his son faced off, and Zach congratulated a smug Ethan on a ruse well played. Ethan gleefully said that he was pleased that Kendall had finally done what she should have done long before -- leave. Zach asked if Ethan really hated him, and Ethan confirmed it. Ethan then told his father that if Zach loved Kendall half as much as his son, then he knew the pain Ethan had suffered on the docks in Florida.

Zach said that Alexander was applauding Ethan from hell and that Ethan had proven himself to be a true Cambias. Ethan declared that he loved his lineage but wished he could have inherited it without being connected to Zach. He then invited his father to go back to the party, where he could enjoy his pain, because he had earned it. Without another word, Zach walked out of the room, leaving Ethan with a less-than-joyous expression on his face.

As Janet descended into the ballroom and had a quick consult with Mirror Janet, Adam and Brooke enjoyed spending a few moments together, and Krystal warned David not to get too happy about the apparent failure of Babe's plan.

Kendall reentered the ballroom and ran into Julia. She asked how Kendall was doing, but Kendall was confused about why Julia cared. Julia admitted that she had spoken with Ryan earlier and that he had filled her in. Not surprised, Kendall told her longtime rival that she could have the father of her baby -- and she could take him far, far away. She disappeared into the crowd again, and Zach, after descending the stairs moments after, started to trail her. He ended up in the wine cellar, but after realizing that Kendall wasn't there, he started to leave.

A noise alerted Zach, and he opened a side door and found Lily on the floor, rocking and repeating, "Love hurts." Zach managed to get her to calm down and then asked her what she meant. She revealed that while her father loved her and her boyfriend loved her, her father didn't want her to be with her boyfriend. Zach told her that things weren't always that simple. She then revealed the identity of her boyfriend and told a stunned Zach that she didn't understand why, when she knew that Jonathan was better, her father would want to keep her away from the person that made her happy.

Zach reminded Lily that Jonathan had done a lot of bad things the year before. She told him that she couldn't forget how he had scared her and locked her in a cave. But she also knew that he was better, and he was sorry about what he had done. Lily asked why people had such a hard time with forgiveness. Zach told her that it was difficult for some people to let go of the past, and that would always get in the way or forgiveness.

Zach and Lily talked a bit more, until Lily felt ready to rejoin the party. She stated her intention to go find Jonathan, but Zach urged her to find her father first. She couldn't understand why, especially since her father never listened to her. Zach told her that she had a good father, and she should never want to lose that.

As JR ended his dance with Anita, he observed Babe and Krystal talking. Unbeknownst to him, Babe filled her mother in on the fight they'd had and how she thought she might have to let him go. Krystal asked how she knew JR wouldn't really give up on her. Babe admitted that she held no such knowledge, but she wouldn't give in to his demands on the off chance that she might lose her son.

After Babe walked away, JR turned and ran into Di and Tad. Di tried to express concern for what she had overheard, but JR was no closer to letting her back into his life. He accused Tad of trying to substitute a fake for the original and reminded them both that Di was not his mother. Tad retorted that Dixie was gone, and JR caustically replied that he was glad one of them remembered that. JR walked away and ran into Kendall. He attempted to get her on board with a dance, which would serve as a bit of revenge against Babe, but Kendall wasn't so easily fooled. She'd seen him practically drooling all over Babe throughout the night, and she refused to get caught up in another game where he ended up miserable.

Jonathan listed all the reasons why he felt that he loved Lily and why he wanted to be with her. Ryan asked if Jonathan could see the problem with what he wanted. Jonathan admitted that he knew Jack didn't like him and said that Jack could yell at him and push him all he wanted. It wouldn't change how he felt toward Lily. Ryan tried to encourage his little brother to stay put, as Jonathan finding Lily was the last thing that Jack would want. Jonathan replied that when a person loved someone, that person was supposed to watch out for them and protect them, even if it did make people angry.

As he danced with Di, Tad watched the exchange between Kendall and JR. He was soon distracted when he saw Amanda arrive with Derek Frye. Amanda looked around briefly, but Derek led her upstairs. Tad excused himself and headed upstairs to join them. After a few snide comments from Josh about how they might as well invite the whole town and make popcorn, Erica asked Amanda to tell them her whole story, explaining why she thought Josh had been behind all of the things that had gone wrong.

Josh tried to trip Amanda up by warning her that they would build a stronger case against her if she got anything wrong, but Erica and Jamie demanded his silence. Amanda noted that the erased master tape had been Josh's doing, that he had given her the wrong address so that she would miss the interview with Geraldo, which he had been miraculously able to fill in, and that he had been the one that had prepared the cup of tea that he had then asked Amanda to give Erica. Erica apologized to a grateful Amanda and said that they should have listened to her from the beginning. She then turned to Derek, handed over the tape that would corroborate their claim, and asked that Derek arrest Josh.

Josh announced that he had never confessed to any crime, and what they had against him didn't amount to much. Even though Erica fired him, Josh stood strong in the belief that they had nothing to hold him. Knowing that Josh was right, Derek made no move to arrest him. Erica was flabbergasted and slightly defeated. Amanda thanked Erica for finally listening, and Derek suggested that they all give Erica some time alone.

Everyone filed out of Erica's office but Tad. Erica urged him to follow suit, stating that she needed time alone to recompose herself before going back downstairs. Tad told her that he couldn't oblige because he had news about Josh that she needed to know first. Erica was in no mood, but Tad was relentless in his insistence. She finally caved in, and Tad revealed that Josh was actually her son.

Ethan met up with Simone and filled her in on how everything had gone down. He told her that he'd been waiting for that moment since the day his father had married Kendall and that part of him felt great. She told him that she was glad it was over and begged him to let their relationship be enough to sustain him.

As the mystery guest looked on, Di confronted Babe about the argument she'd had with JR earlier. Babe declined to get the third degree from Di, but Di noted that even though JR hated her, she still loved him. She just wanted to make sure that whatever Babe was doing, it was because she loved JR.

In the courtyard, Adam found his son and reminded him that ending things for good with Babe was the right decision. He then asked if everything was back on track, and JR told him that it was. He planned to marry Babe right after he tore up the prenuptial agreement. Adam called JR's latest plan, which included giving Dixie's star necklace back to Babe, stupid and an insult to Dixie's memory. JR told his father that he could never forget the things his father had done to his mother while she had been alive, and therefore, Adam had no right to speak about her memory. As the mystery guest looked on, JR told his father that he thought his mother would be proud of him for giving the necklace to the woman he loved.

Lily returned to the party and found her father. She told him that Zach had encouraged her to talk to him about Jonathan, but Jack couldn't handle it at that moment. Jonathan saw them from across the room and started to go check on her to make sure she was okay. Ryan held him back, noting that Jack and Lily needed some time alone. Jack suggested that his daughter leave Pine Valley for a while -- perhaps go back to her old school. Lily was visibly upset by the idea that her father wanted to send her away.

Jamie, Derek, and Amanda went back to the party, and Jamie asked Derek what the timeline was on taking Josh in for what he had done. He also asked if Amanda had to go back to jail. Derek couldn't pinpoint anything specific on Josh and needed to consult with the D.A. about Amanda. While Derek made that phone call, Jamie turned around and found out that Amanda had disappeared. He took off to find her. On the other side of the ballroom, Josh confronted his father about his betrayal.

As Janet surfaced in the wine cellar and made a rambling toast justifying hurting "people that don't love you," Zach caught up with Kendall on the main floor and told her that he loved her and that he wouldn't give up on her.

Friday, February 10, 2006

At the ball, everyone seemed to be having a good time, except JR and Adam. JR told his father he had no right to use his mother's memory against him then walked away as Dixie hid in the bushes. JR grabbed Babe outside to give her back his mother's necklace, but Babe thought it was a scheme. Babe decided to wear the necklace but still didn't understand why.

JR told Babe he wanted to marry her without a prenuptial agreement. She gave him a kiss, indicating she would marry him. When Babe asked JR why he had changed his mind about the prenuptial agreement, JR answered that a good talk with his father had done the job. Dixie got tears in her eyes as she listened to Babe and JR proclaim their love for one another.

Babe rushed in to tell Krystal that JR had proposed marriage again. After hugging her mother, Babe went back to JR as Di and Adam overlooked the couple share another kiss. Adam was angry at the reunion, but Di was happy. Babe told JR she had a prenuptial agreement for him to sign before they rushed to the altar. Babe claimed that the agreement stated they would share joint custody if, for some reason, the marriage did not work. Dixie overheard Adam listing Di's schemes, including impersonating Dixie, by the open doors.

Josh was upset at his father for exposing the truth to score points with Erica. Greg claimed he had exposed the truth for his son's own good, but Josh thought his father wanted to blow his career to bits. Greg told Josh that one day, when he had a son, he would understand the desire to correct a child's mistake. Josh thought Greg was more concerned about his ego, but Greg continued to say his betrayal had not been about egos.

Erica was stunned when Tad told her that she was Josh's mother. Tad reminded Erica that it was not the first time he had told her things that seemed surreal, such as Miranda being alive. Erica said she had only given birth to two children -- Kendall and Bianca. Tad explained about the blood test, using Erica's saliva and Josh's blood, which verified she was Josh's mother. Plus, Tad added that he had taken Greg's coffee cup, and Greg was not Josh's father.

When Erica wondered who the real father was, Tad informed her it was his brother, Jeff Martin. Tad thought that Greg had taken Erica's embryo when she had gone in for her abortion. Josh had been born exactly seven months after that appointment, Tad said. He also added that after speaking to Josh, he was pretty sure Josh had no idea about what was going on. Tad was waiting on the DNA results for Jeff, but Erica promised to handle the news herself. When she went downstairs, she overheard Josh telling Greg that Erica was nothing to him.

Jonathan told Ryan that Lily needed him, but Ryan, Erin, and Aidan urged Jonathan to wait until Lily fixed things with her father. Jonathan waited impatiently for Lily to give him a sign so he knew if she should stay or go. Aidan tried to explain to Jonathan why Jackson was so protective of Lily, but Jonathan did not listen.

Lily told Jackson she would run away if he made her leave Pine Valley. She told her father that he only thought she needed to be protected because she was stupid. Jackson said his daughter was not stupid, but she trusted easily and was very kind to everyone. Lily claimed she wanted to make her own choices, including dating Jonathan.

Jackson told Lily that if Jonathan ever went near her, Jackson would get a restraining order against Jonathan. Jackson asked Lily to promise never to see Jonathan again, but she couldn't do that. Jonathan rushed over to try to help Lily, but it only made Jackson more upset. Ryan agreed that Lily and Jonathan should not see each other, which made Jonathan push himself away from his big brother.

Zach told Kendall they were not over, but Kendall thought he had ended their relationship when he had taken the lights out. Zach claimed he would wait for Kendall to get over her anger, but she told him not to hold his breath. She stomped over to Ryan and demanded that he dance with her. Ryan realized Kendall only wanted to dance with him for revenge, but he took the opportunity to stick it to Zach again.

Julia loomed from upstairs, checking out Ryan and Kendall. Ryan tried to convince Kendall of why he had blown her world apart, but she told him he should have pretended to be dead. Ethan went up to Kendall and asked if she had forgiven them because of the dance she had shared with Ryan. Kendall made it clear she thought Ethan had only teamed up with Ryan to stick it to Zach, not to help her.

Simone found Zach outside. She told him that although what Zach had done had been odd, she understood why he had done it. Simone realized Zach had done it out of love. She also hated that Ethan disliked Zach when it was so clear Zach loved his son. Zach walked off as Simone trailed off that it was up to the father and son to fix their problems.

Janet told her evil twin she had a huge surprise for Pine Valley and took swigs of champagne. Jamie frantically searched for Amanda, who had found her mother in the wine cellar. Amanda told her mother that Erica had cleared Amanda's name because Josh was the real druggist. Since everyone knew Amanda had not committed the crime, Amanda suggested getting revenge on Josh, not everyone else in Pine Valley. But first, Amanda wanted to stay low with Janet until they could pin Janet's crimes on Josh.

Janet did not seem convinced that Pine Valley's residents would always be on Janet's side. She used a wrench to begin loosening the pipes so gas would fill the basement and eventually blow up. When Amanda asked her mother about the innocent people at the ball who had done nothing to her, Janet said they would only help Pine Valley learn a lesson. Amanda lashed out and called her mother insane because she had ruined Amanda's life. She said she loved her mother, but Amanda was not the reason Janet should go and hurt people.

Amanda threatened to tell the cops what her mother had done unless Janet went with her to get help. As they walked out, Janet was able to knock out Amanda with one quick movement to her neck. Janet was able to get the gas going then dragged Amanda out of the building in a wheelbarrow. As the two women left, the hiss of gas leaking into the wine cellar continued.

Walt Willey returns to General Hospital


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B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, husband welcome their fourth son
Thomas and Hope... Liam and Hope... what about both?
Brandon Barash, wife Isabella welcome a baby boy
Louise Sorel back as Days of our Lives' Vivian
Suzanne Rogers celebrates 50 years on Days
Jen Lilley headed back to Days of our Lives
Brandon Barash, wife Isabella welcome a baby boy
GH's Chad Duell welcomes a baby boy
Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
Michael Damian to reprise Y&R's Danny Romalotti
Y&R's Eric Braeden announces he is cancer-free
Camryn Grimes, fiancé Brock Powell expecting first child
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