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Last week, Theresa manipulated someone into giving Gwen a job, and Gwen all too eagerly accepted. This is one more absurd attempt to lure Ethan back to Theresa, only to have it blow up in her face again.

Kay is my new hero. While Theresa was belittling Miguel, Kay called Theresa out on the Ethan situation and compared Theresa to Miguel. Of course Theresa chimed in with the "they are totally different situations" chant, but Kay has her number. I didn't like Kay and Theresa scheming to get Ethan away from Gwen. However, I thought it was sweet of Theresa to offer to help Kay with Maria.

I did not like Kay fantasizing about Miguel. I love Kay and Fox together, and since it has been pounded into our heads that Charity is Miguel's soul mate, it would seem as though Miguel was settling for Kay because he can't have Charity. I know Kay has done some evil things, and yes she should pay for them, but I really like her and Fox together.

Ivy and Valerie are scheming at midnight to break Kay and Fox up by bringing Miguel home. I loved the reference to Miguel doing some gardening work on Wisteria Lane. However, while running around the country searching for Charity, when does Miguel have time to work?

I thought it was sweet of Theresa to offer the wedding of Pilar's dreams to her parents. Marvin the marvelous, whose specialty is picking out the bride and groom by the way they look at each other, picked Katherine and Martin as the happy duo. Right on top of Rachel helping Martin realize he really loves Katherine. Pilar sounds just like Theresa with her, "you have no idea what I am capable of" threats. I have a bad feeling some bedpans will be brought into the mix before these two are done. If the Lo-Fitz women could get a clue, they could get on with their lives and be happy instead of miserable.

You had to love Theresa twisting that knife in Katherine's heart with the comment about Martin and Pilar being together forever. And then she jumped right in and threatened both Rachel and Katherine with matching pine boxes and her "Mrs. Alistair Crane" name, a name she throws around way too much and too comfortably.

Martin and Katherine making out like teenagers in PILAR's bed made me sick!!! Katherine begging Martin to run away with her sounded just like Theresa begging Ethan to take her on as his mistress. Martin has made up his mind, and just like Ethan he's in love with one woman and refuses to leave the other. Mark my words, BEDPANS!!!

Theresa has manipulated someone into giving Gwen a job. And Gwen all to eagerly accepts. Theresa is hoping this job will drive a wedge between Ethan and Gwen, and drive Ethan right back to her. Why not use this wisely as a way to get her child back instead of the child's father? This is one more absurd attempt to lure Ethan back to Theresa, only to have it blow up in her face.

It's already working though, as just the thought of Gwen working and him not, has Ethan going off the deep end. He sounds like Ricky Ricardo with this "you stay home and raise the kids while I go out and earn the living" crap. Gwen is educated (somewhat), so why shouldn't she go out and support herself and her family? Theresa will never do that because she expects to be taken care of.

It takes the whole week for us to see Fancy, and while Noah is confessing to her (while she's sleeping no less), May a shows up yet again to stop him. Does she have some sort of radar that goes off the minute Noah opens his mouth about what happened? And with all the other "surprises" that have come out on this show, this one will be just as lame I'm sure. I really think it's Maya behind the whole bullet on the pillow and "they are trying to get us" crap. I think she's working with Ivy, and using some non-threatening secret to break up Noah and Fancy.

I hope this new Fox is getting some acting lessons. He sounds almost like Chad, and I'd hate to see this wonderful character ruined by this boring actor. Those scenes when Fox called out Kay for helping Theresa scheme to break up Ethan and Gwen were some of the most awful I've seen on this show in a while.

Does anyone care that Sheridan and Chris got married? Me neither. And her stopping the ceremony because she needed something blue or else it would be bad luck were laughable. The fact that she loves him is back luck enough for him. I mean, look how well Luis and Antonio fared with her love.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I've never written before but I have to defend Theresa. I think she is one of the best characters on TV. If it weren't for her, I probably would not watch Passions. She is strong, smart, relentless and fascinating every minute she is on the screen. No wonder Ethan loves her but is too wimpy to leave Gwen and go to Theresa. What Passions needs is a new character that can come in and sweep Theresa off her feet. A strong, no nonsense guy who won't take no for an answer and who eventually will win her heart and help her give Ethan the boot. Someone Theresa will not be able to resist no matter how hard she tries. This storyline would be great and spellbinding." Thanks Sandy!!!

"If Eve is divorced from T.C. and has been for a few months now, why are we still referring to her as Dr. 'Russell'?" Many divorced women retain their married name, especially those that are professionals. Thanks Cheree!!!

"I completely agree with everything that you've said in your commentary [last] week. Passions has the potential to be such a great show, they have some great characters and storylines to build off of. But the drawn out pace of the show makes it almost unbearable to watch at times. I have found myself going from an avid fan to watching once a week just to see if anything new has finally developed. But alas, week after week it's still the same stories over and over. Hopefully the writers will get a clue sometime soon, and start picking up the pace!" Thanks so much Nicole!!!

Quote of the week: "My powers are fading faster than Michael Jackson's career."-Tabitha, who in turn took Vitamin E-vil to restore her powers.

Until next week friends,

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