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Last week, Sheridan and Chris got engaged. Can they just fall into a volcano in Hawaii now? Of course, Chris is going to die soon anyway; every man who ends up involved with Sheridan dies eventually.

That spiel Theresa gave Ethan about bringing good to Harmony included everything but "It's FATE" and "Do this for Jane," (which I really thought was coming). It was obvious Ethan wanted to take Theresa up on her offer to run Crane Enterprises, but he knows all to well Gwen will grab the nearest bedpan and go crazy on Theresa again. However, Theresa is not stupid by any means. If Ethan were to take this deal, Theresa will have been the one to have given him everything; his dream and a child of his own. She will have Gwen beat.

Then to top the deal off, Theresa not only offers Crane to Ethan, but herself as well. Has she no respect for herself? Does she not think she deserves to be more than his floozy? While I commend Ethan for somewhat controlling himself and honoring his vows, I must condemn him on the comment he made. Ethan said he would never be able to go to mass again if he had an affair. Hello, but did he or did he not tell Theresa he knew it was her the night she "raped" him and Jane was conceived? So because his wife thinks it was rape, means it really wasn't an affair and he can now go to mass? I'm pretty sure the Good Lord doesn't work that way.

But I loved Ethan telling Theresa two things. Number one, she never thinks of anyone else, including her children. This has been proven time and again by all the careless things she's done, including contemplating suicide this week. Number two, if FATE meant for them to be together, they would have been by now. I watched a couple of the first Passions episodes on the Sci Fi Channel this week, and from the very beginning, Theresa has felt as though Ethan belonged to her. She has never given any regard to anything or anyone else, just her own selfish desires. It's amazing how little this show has changed since the beginning.

I wish Noah would tell Fancy the truth already. I'm so tired hearing him debate about it. And it is obvious that Fancy isn't going to give up on getting the truth out of Noah, so just spill the beans and get it over with. That is the surest way to the power away from Alistair, let all the secrets come out. Then he has nothing on no one.

NuFox debuted this week, and while he's no Justin Hartley, his scenes with Kay were pretty good. I am still rooting for this couple. And the scene where the announcer told us about the new actor playing Fox and then told Tabitha to answer the door was hilarious. I think Juliet Mills is THE most underused actor on daytime and watching her old scenes with the much-missed Josh Ryan Evans this week proves just how much potential this show had.

So Sheridan and Chris are now engaged. I wish they would fall into a volcano in Hawaii already. Of course Chris is going to die soon anyway. Every man that ends up involved with Sheridan dies eventually.

I'm glad Julian is concerned about Fancy, because Ivy sure doesn't seem to be. I'm also glad to see someone show some concern towards the frog. There is a very real reason she is the bitch she is. Those scenes where Alistair raped her were brutal.

Some Random Thoughts:

"So let me get this straight? Twas Alistair who raped Liz all those years ago? Lame, lame, lame, lame, LAME!!! What is up with these writers? They take random events from peoples lives and blame it on Alistair. Liz's rape, Simone's coming out, and Chris's relationship with Sheridan, to name a few, were so much better when it was thought Alistair had nothing to do with it. On another note, I recall someone stating that there needs to be some new blood on the show. I second that motion. It's only a matter of time before Valerie turns out to be Alistair and Liz's daughter. I support Noah and Maya, mostly because the fact that Sam and his children are involved with Ivy and her children and it looks weird to me. Also I think they should bring back the following characters: Reese Durkee, John Hastings, and Syd Valentine." Thanks Jon!!!!!!!!!

"I would like to see Theresa move on from Ethan, too. But for different reasons than yours. He's so wimpy with his 'I love you but I'm married but let's make out' attitude. The guy gets pushed around by his mom who didn't want him to marry Theresa cause she's poor and brown. Gwen pushes him around and complains every 5 minutes. Speaking of soap justice, shouldn't Gwen and her racist mom get outed for their secret? I would just like to see it so Gwen would lose Ethan. Theresa should be with a man who can commit to one woman. Too bad hunky Hartley is leaving the show cause they are great together on screen and I was always rooting for them to get together." Thanks Christina!!!!!!!

"I agree with you about the tabloid story. Why is everyone saying if Ethan isn't a Crane, then his life is ruined? It is far from the truth. He life is better than if he actually was a Crane. He is still working, has connections, has a family that loves him unconditionally and is away from the family that no one wants to be associated with. It has been going on too long and Gwen should tell the truth and get it over with. Theresa has done far worse things and I don't think Ethan will be with Theresa. Shuis was the couple I use to love and wanted to be together forever, now I don't have any use for them or care about them anymore. Sheridan is written as a helpless, weak, crying, pathetic woman, who after a couple of days after Luis' "death" moved on with her life with a complete stranger. And Theresa; at first I loved her putting everything on fate and faith, but now she is living in a dream world. She thinks that lying and scheming will get her Ethan, but every plan has backfired on her. She is now becoming pathetic and laughable trying everything in her power to get Ethan. She is a strong woman, but the writers want her to be all about a guy. I think it is a show for teens, but the message is clear: Be a skank or do anything to nab a guy and lose your self-respect. This show reeks of misogyny. At first Noah and Fancy were great together, but now it is the same story with different people." Thanks Reggie!!!!!!!!!!

"I love Theresa and her and Ethan belong together. I hope Gwen and her mother get exposed for the liars they are. Just like they tried to do Theresa, I think its time the tables turn on Gwen and Ethan returns to Theresa's arms bringing her daughter back to her." Thanks Yvonne!!!!!!!

"I really want to strongly thank you for not trashing Theresa in [last] week's column. I have read your columns for a while, and I am pro-Theresa, and it hurts soo much when I hear you talk bad about her. Please remember that your readers are both pro Theresa/Gwen and to make it enjoyable for everyone you can't really show too much favoritism for one. Thanks so much." Thanks Antoine!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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