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Who can fault Lizzie for her romantic inadequacies? She grew up in the Spaulding mansion, where you learn to eat your young and trust your heart to no one.

Valentine's Day is hardly a day that brings to mind winners and losers, but this year's expedition to a romantic inn had some definite ups and downs.

The winners (in my opinion) were:

1) Josh - who finally got some backbone and told Reva and Olivia to stop playing games with his heart! One of the sweetest men in Springfield (and a doll in person, as well) he deserves the love of a good woman who isn't out to play him for all he's worth. Maybe once Reva and or Olivia figure this out, one of them can re-claim his heart.

2) Buzz - who finally got the girl - sort of. This Springfield sweetie has had a rough time in the romance department (with Nadine and Jenna both gone now) and he finally finds someone he can love - even if it is scheming Olivia. But since son Frankie has his eye on the same girl, Buzz is stepping aside for his son. I hope this little triangle means we'll see more of Buzz in the coming months.

3) Coop - who might finally be rid of that scheming little Lizzie. They were so cute together, but her insecurities (and neediness) drive me insane. If you have to have the designer handbag and shoes, for goodness sake, take the shallow (but rich) Quinn, who will buy you all that you want but will break you heart in the end. Of course, who can fault Lizzie for her romantic inadequacies since she grew up in the Spaulding Mansion where you learn to eat your young and trust your heart to no one.

And the losers were: 1) Marina - who has given her heart to another man who will let her down in the end.

2) Alan-Michael - who can't see that he has a great girl who adores him, if he'll just stop his all-consuming quest for Spaulding power.

3) Olivia - who has half of the men in Springfield ga ga over her, but she's still not happy. You can be happy with a man of lesser means - or even all by yourself!

4) Cassie - who thinks that Jeffrey has been totally honest with her - why can't she learn?

5) Jonathan - his girl ditched him on their first Valentine's Day to be with her Mom?

That being said, I loved the twists and turns this week. The "Inside the Light" episode had me guessing until the very last minute of the couple who got together with all of those prying eyes around. Most of the time I thought it would be A-M with either Marina (finally) Ava or Olivia (who I think he would be great with).

But while I loved most of the stories this week, I am trying to get GL to step on the gas with the Harley/Gus story. Now that she has decided to build their dream home (before April Fool's Day) does this mean we have another 6 weeks of this torture? And we know that either Dinah and/or Gus will learn about Harley and Mallet's night together (spoilers will tell you more) will this mean we're watching week's of Gus wincing in pain for nothing? Has he lost Harley after going through all of this to save her from Alan?

I hope a lot of you were able to catch GL Head Writer David Kreizman on SoapTalk this week. I don't always remember to tape it, but with Lisa Rinna on "Dancing with Celebrities" (which I love) I've been wanting to see what she says there. It was interesting to listen to him outline the writing process for the show. I couldn't begin to explain the whole process, but it was very educational and interesting to hear what he is thinking about the show.

This week's "Inside the Light" looks like it will be a blast from a GL (alternate) past with Reva and Billy looking back on their life if they had stayed married. I remember the good old days when Reva first came to Springfield, and am looking forward to the trip back in time.

Hopefully everyone had a great, romantic Valentine's with their special person. Stay warm with someone you love, watch the fireworks this week in Springfield and, as always...

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