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With another dull week of storyline inertia, the only excitement this past week in Llanview revolved around Todd's transfer from Statesville Prison to death row.

A change of heart, a mission to reunite a family, and an impulsive act of desperation all contributed to the most interesting of any storylines occurring this week on One Life to Live. With another dull week of storyline inertia, the only excitement this week in Llanview revolved around Todd's transfer from Statesville Prison to...well...death row! I've been so done with this storyline for a long, looooong time, but my renewed interest definitely has been the result of the mystery of Margaret's fate at the hands of Spencer and also "Paige's" (I use the quotation marks because this newest incarnation is NOT any resemblance of the character we've been had to watch over the last year or so) conscience over Todd being convicted for a crime he had no part of. All of these actions came to a head when John escorted Todd to the plane (I was impressed by the actual plane used in these sequences rather than a fake one normally used for such purposes) which would jet him to his ultimate death.

First, Todd's suspicion of Spencer finally seemed to be validated when Paige stopped by Statesville for a visit and informed Todd that he was being set up. With that quick revelation, the Todd of Old finally reemerged. No more of this pathetic, unresolved wimp we've had to watch over the last few weeks---Todd is now back in almost-full form. The spark was reignited in him, and he immediately found the strength to determine for himself that he wanted to fight for his freedom, his innocence, and his family.

I love that Todd has another person to set his anger towards. Boy, if he only knew what his wife/ex-wife/wife...oh whatever! was up to with Spencer! One can only imagine the violence that will emerge when the truth about Blair actually is made clear to him. I loved Todd's desperate plea to John to allow him a phone call to Evangeline so that he can request an appeal, one that he initially turned down! With the guilt Evangeline already feels over Todd's verdict, it will be just a matter of time before she jumps into action and does something to accommodate Todd's request.

I did enjoy the action of the plane scenes. Watching Todd try to steal a gun from the sleeping officer (that man deserves to be fired!) and then try to figure out what to do next once John caught him made the scenes even more enjoyable. Too bad for Todd and John that the accidental gunshot made during the turbulence hit the pilot! Oops! But in classic soap opera fashion, John managed to hit the auto pilot until another solution could be determined. I'm not entirely sure where a potential plane crash will propel this storyline, but it's the only excitement I've had in Llanview all week.

I'm still holding my breath for some more excitement during this Februrary Sweeps period, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for some explosive action very soon.

In the meantime, on to other random thoughts...


1. I really enjoyed the scenes between David and Roxy in the park this week. These two actors are completed under-rated on this show, and it was nice to see these two, who normally don't interact at all, share a conversation. I would love to see more of this.

2. Michael's proposal to Marcie was quite nice. I loved the way the question showed up on the monitors, and I really enjoyed watching Marcie's reaction. I think she's still so devastated over Al, who we all know was the love of her life, and I think she is still trying to get over personal demons about her weight and her appearance. Once she understands that she is a lovely person regardless of any physical features, she will jump into this wedding with full-force. I look forward to this marriage.


1. NuPaige. I must reiterate from last week that I am completely turned off by the character, the actress, and the entire way this character is forced down the viewers' throats. I don't think the character was ever important enough to warrant three (!!) recasts! And I should clarify my comments from last week when I suggested Mary Beth Evans was playing the role. I actually meant to make it clear that Evans was initially hired to play Paige, and then when Evans backed out of the deal, Kimberlin Brown was hired. That, in my mind, showed the curse this role would have from the get-go. Evans' walking away from the role in addition to Brown's exit and Cady Huffman's dismissal shows that the producers have no clear direction about this role. I can't believe the show would potentially take Rex, a character who has become more popular every year, and possibly make him Paige and Spencer's son! I am telling everyone now----if this happens, it will be a monumental mistake along the lines of Antonio actually being the son of Santi. That one was such a mistake that we don't even hear about it anymore...it's almost ignored completely!

2. I want more Kevin and Kelly! Heather Tom is a phenomenal, multiple Emmy-award-winning actress! Why is she relegated to the back-back-back burner? She more than proved her mettle during the baby-switch storyline, so why not put her up front where she belongs?


In my continued quest to make Hillary B. Smith a permanent fixture in Llanview again (more than just the next year of her contract extension), I take a moment to reflect back on a favorite memory of Nora.

Friendships on soaps are often ignored. Whenever the word "relationship" is thrown around, it too often is immediately associated with romance and marriage. I, however, think that one of the strongest relationships Nora has ever had has been with one of her best friends, Evangeline Williamson. It's so awesome to see two females sitting on a couch and sharing their feelings about how their days went, what struggles they have in their personal lives, and what advice the other might have. I loved the scenes when Renee Goldsberry and Hillary B. Smith just sat down and talked about their lives with the knowledge that there is no jealousy, no competitiveness, no animosity, no hidden agendas, and no deceit taking place. They are two friends doing what two friends do in "the real world"---being there for one another. In many scenes, these two powerful actresses show that even the smallest scenes resonate with the greatest impact.

If you haven't already written a letter in support of Hillary B. Smith, please do so today. Just a few paragraphs will do the trick! And every letter can make a difference. We must not give up! I also hope to see many of you at Hillary's first fan club luncheon in New York City on May 6! Information about the gathering is on her official website, and I'd be happy to send you in the direction of that information if you shoot me an email. I look forward to meeting any faithful readers who may also show up for the event.

Enjoy your week,

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