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Seeing Josh and Reva last week was great. Josh, usually the strong, silent type, told Reva exactly how he felt, and how hurt he was by her rejection of their life together.

I am such a sucker for romance! THIS is why I love watching daytime television. Not the murder mysteries (although I love them, too) or the corporate takeovers (which I also enjoy). It's the romance that keeps me watching.

Years ago, I remember meeting Maureen Garrett (Holly) outside the old GL studios. I told her my one of my first GL memories was when Dr. Peter Chapman (Mark Dawson) took her to an exotic island (I can't remember where) and they walked on the beach, holding hands, and drank fruity drinks with umbrellas in them. That's when the little 9-year old me vowed when I was all grown up, that was what I wanted to do. That spelled romance for me. A walk on the beach with someone you love, and a fruity drink. Now 30 years later I still love to see the romance blossom between characters (just as long as they are both single).

Seeing Josh and Reva, a couple I adore, was great this week. And Josh, usually the strong, silent type told Reva exactly how he felt. How hurt he was by her rejection of their life together. I certainly would have loved for him to accept Reva's date, but understand that he has endured quite a bit from his "forever" love. The spoilers I am seeing have him moving in another direction, which makes me a little sad. But I take some solace that all of cupid's knocks haven't changed him, just made him more cautious about his heart.

Now with Gus attempting to break out of his hideaway, you know that he'll return to Springfield soon. But look what is waiting for him - deception. His bride hits the sheets with his partner/her-ex-husband? If there was a body, it wouldn't have been cold before this hookup. Come on, GL. Fans are really enjoying Mallet and Dinah - couldn't you let us have some happiness and romance without the drama for a good six months? And Harley will have made a pretty dangerous enemy in Marler - just ask Cassie. Dinah did time for icing her last love gone wrong - Hart Jessup. The Dinah/Harley friendship was getting back on solid footing, after the absence of Dinah for so many years. Now that will be ruined forever.

And Lizzie just can't be happy with the great guy she has. I know that the teen has had a bad year with the loss of her father and now grandfather and uncle. Her Mom married her grandfather, who "killed " her father. But how can you not be happy with a sweet guy like Coop who will do anything for you? Lizzie has learned her Spaulding lessons at Alan's knee and will ruin her own happiness for the elusive golden ring (or in her case, a designer handbag). And when you have all of the happiness explode in your face, Ava will be there to pickup the pieces of Coop's broken heart.

Jonathan seems hell-bent on messing things up with Tammy. But she doesn't see the danger her ex brings to her life. Since the Casting Corner has already reported the departure of Scott Bailey (Sandy) and Jonathan's incriminating statement last week (conveniently recorded by Sandy) I see that this will have an explosive ending - perhaps during Sweeps.

Speaking of Tom Pelphrey, a hearty congratulations to Tom, and all of the GL'ers nominated for Emmys this week. After being robbed of the trophy last year, I would love to see him win one this year. A complete listing of Emmy nominees can be found here (

So as you enjoy Valentine's Day with your loved ones (hopefully not in all of the snow that we got here in Maryland!!) I hope that GL shares a bit of romance with their fans this year!


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