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I remember how I used to look forward to the Crystal Ball every year in remembrance of Maria. It was such as treat to see the actors all dressed up and the Mardi Gras Ball provides all the essentials this year!!

I remember how I used to look forward to the Crystal Ball every year in remembrance of Maria. It was such as treat to see the actors all dressed up and the Mardi Gras Ball provides all the essentials this year!!

The Ladies' Outfits and Hair!

Oh where should I start? I think with the psycho one --- that would be Janet as she looked fabulous. That dress was wonderful for her. Don't you wonder how Janet wasn't even aware of the Ball until late so how could she have an outfit, makeup, plus sneak in? Other wonderful dresses --- that would be Erica and Kendall. They must be truly a wardrobe person's dream. Both of their hair styles were perfection. Kendall did have the smallest of pooches where she's supposed to be pregnant. I personally think this is believable considering how thin she is. It could take a while for her to show. More on the dresses --- Julia's feathers were a bit over the top for me as was Di's scales --- at least that's what Di's dress resembled in my opinion! I also thought Di and Julia's hairstyles were a bit "messy". I liked Babe's dress but didn't care for her hair although she's another that they have to make look bad since Alexa is so attractive. Simone's dress seemed to fit her personality I thought as she looked divine. Now for the out there one --- that would be Opal. I always wonder if Jill enjoys playing the role of over the top. She certainly does it well. That hair reminded some folks of Lionel Richie of The Commodores from the 80's!!. I don't know what TPTB were thinking when they proceeded to cover up all of Brooke. She's so pretty and that dress did not do her justice. Her hair looked great though. I have to comment on the attempts to show cleavage for both Lily and Amanda as it makes them look cheap. Plus Lily is too young for that dress.

On to the Fellows!

My, my, my did David look wonderful --- talk about easy on the eyes. That's my man for you. Why in the world is he begging Julia to dance with him? David get yourself someone deserving of your bedroom eyes. Jackson was just plain debonair. Doesn't he always look sexy? JR and Jamie's suits were somewhat disappointing but they are both so good-looking that perhaps the package doesn't matter as much as what's underneath those clothes! Adam just keeps getting better and better with age. Ethan --- what a hunk! Zach's suit was rather boring as it looks like most of the other suits he wears all the time. What a waste!! Ryan looked nice (except for the tie being so long) even as he was ruining Kendall's evening with the announcement that Zach was the culprit behind the blackout. The infamous blackout which resulted in Kendall's decision to have Dr. MADden inseminate her own eggs with Ryan's sample since Greenlee's eggs were not viable anymore. Zach had no right to interfere just as Ryan had no right to fake his own death. Both were wrong and 2 wrongs do not make a right. If Kendall holds true to form, she shouldn't be able to forgive Zach since the "truth" is always so crucial to her relationships. Considering that statement --- it pretty much eliminates everyone in PV as a potential suitor for Kendall.

Random Thoughts!

I find it interesting that Julia would be attracted to Ryan since Ryan's brother Jonathan murdered Edmund, her brother-in-law which in turn caused Maria to leave PV. Also, find it odd that Julia would sleep with David considering David was the one who "robbed" Maria's identity and let everyone believe Maria was dead. I still find it disgusting they are pairing a girl, Lily (age around 15 before they tried to age her to 16 or 17) with a grown man, Jonathan, who she saw murder Edmund. It matters not that Jonathan's crimes were blamed on a brain tumor and he was completely exonerated, he still committed murder in front of Lily's eyes. How is it she's ready for kissing? Jackson not only has a right but a duty as a father to put a stop to this. My AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Jeremy who concurs and writes: "How could Lily develop feelings for the man that held her and her sisters at gunpoint in a cave, threatening to kill them? Lily already has trouble letting complete strangers touch her and now she is okay defending Jonathan to Pine Valley? Leven Rambin is doing a fabulous job and she should be receiving more worthy material for her future reels of submissions in the Emmys, but I don't think this is one of them. .....while soap characters forget the past -- real life does not happen that way. And we cannot forget all the horror that J Lavery has brought to Pine Valley. And hey, if we have forgotten it, why don't we just call up Maggie in Europe? I have no doubt that she will remind us." Well put Jeremy! Too much "hate" mail about Ryan. It actually pains me that so much energy is being put into this thought process. I remember when Ryan had loads of fans and was much loved. What has happened? That would be the writers having turned folks against Ryan and have so maligned his image I'm not sure it can be reversed. This is indeed a shame for Cameron Mathison who must be so disappointed whether he admits it or not since he is very "fan friendly". Great Lines!

JR to Krystal "Don't you have a cake to jump out of?" This was one of the funniest lines as of late. I just had to laugh out loud (LOL). Zach to Kendall "Myrtle is going to be my Best Man." Jack to Amanda, "This is going to kill your father. Poor Trevor." Could this be another hint that Trevor is gone? Erica's "Josh will wish he'd never been born!"

The Suspense!

Josh's misdeeds are revealed and Erica knows the truth --- finally. Typical that Josh would continue to deny, deny, deny --- never admit to the truth when that truth could put you in jail. Tad told Erica that Josh is indeed Erica's son. I'm surprised Tad even said DNA since in PV DNA is always wrong! Yes, this is AMC history being re-written. It's nice to know according to AMC that any abortion can be reversed as the fetus can just be placed into another's womb ensuring the baby's well-being. Will Jeff Martin be informed? And by the way --- where the heck is Ruth? Yes, that's Dixie lurking around the Ball checking everyone out. I find it odd no one noticed her. So many have written me to say how they really don't want "Saint Dixie" back in PV. You know that's very interesting as I've never bought into the "Saint" part. Dixie was never blameless even though she may have been young, na´ve and manipulated by Adam. Dixie sure knew she was sleeping with a married man when she conceived JR. She also was drawn to David with or with out the Libidizone incident while she was married to Tad "the love of her life". I'm glad Dixie has returned and look forward to seeing what she'll do about Di trying to steal her life and "what kept her away". So Amanda finally remembers JR was driving and was the one that ran her down. Babe allowed JR to sweat it out just a bit before again accepting blame for the accident. This all leads up to JR's proposal sans pre-nup. Dixie hears all this as well as that info on Di which could be leading up to some post explosion fireworks between Dixie and Di.

I'm thinking Erica wishes she was still drugged since this week she's found out to keep New Beginnings on the air, she must accept Josh as the co-host. The same Josh that drugged and plotted against her. The same Josh that is her aborted son wanting to take her down in the worst way. My head is spinning.

Emmy Time!

Now I'm not a Krystal fan nor will I ever be as I just can't tolerate the character, but Bobbie Eakes has done a fine job in portraying Krystal and has been given an Emmy nod for that portrayal. Congrats also go out to Thorsten Kaye (Zach) and Leven Rambin (Lily). AMC sure missed out on some of the prime Emmy noms such as Outstanding Drama Series, Writing Team, Directing Team plus they only reeled in 6 nominations. With all that talent on board --- tsk, tsk, tsk!

Take care all you AMC fans out there and get ready for the "explosive" week ahead. I'll be back in two weeks!!

Mary Page
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