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Last week, Ivy confronted Theresa, and yet again, Theresa denied sending the tabloids anything. Only this time, it struck a nerve with Ivy, and she confronted Gwen and Rebecca, who must be two years old, as they lie with their fingers crossed behind their back.

How interesting that Sally Chin is Maya's mother. Great use of a back-story there, writers. Of course, it was inevitable that Fancy would catch Maya and Noah and assume the worst. But did Noah really have to run out of the house, with snow on the ground, shirtless? Aren't we getting a little too extreme with the shirtlessness on this show? First it was Ethan for a month in the hospital. Now Noah runs outside in the dead of winter. What's next, Fox in the swimming pool during a blizzard? Come to think of it, I'd like to see THAT scene,

I would love to know what it is that Noah and Maya did to have people after them. And I would love to know why these people after Noah now. Why weren't they chasing him in Vegas? And now there are people driving cars through diner windows to get Noah? Why hasn't Sally Chin's Restaurant been burned down?

How impressive that Noah lifted that car (albeit with some help) to rescue Fancy. What's even more impressing is that there was another doctor on call at the hospital besides Eve. Of course Dr. Miracle shows up and we all have the scare that Fancy will lose her eye. With all the other miracles that happen on this show, Fancy will experience hers as well.

Ivy confronts Theresa, and yet again Theresa denies sending the tabloids anything. Only this time, it strikes a nerve with Ivy and she confronts Gwen and Rebecca, who must be two years old, as they lie with their fingers crossed behind their back. Too many people are getting too close to the truth for this to stay a secret much longer. And what was up with Ivy telling Theresa she'd still be married to Julian if Theresa hadn't spilled the beans? Didn't Ivy hate being married to Julian? Ever since the show began, all Ivy lamented about was her lost love Sam. That line came totally out of left field.

The thing about the tabloid secret is, even after Ethan thought Theresa had sent it, he still wanted to be with her. He only married Gwen when she said she was going to New York with their unborn baby. So after all these years of "I'll never leave my wife," will Ethan stay true to Gwen? Probably not, and he probably shouldn't, but it would be nice if Ethan wanted Theresa back, and she had moved on with her life. She's too good for him. Especially after he calls her a "bitch" and threatens to have her arrested for poisoning him this week.

Theresa is using her power a little too well; you would think Alistair had trained her personally. But she needs to consult a fashion guru, because that outfit she had on all week was awful. It looked like something from Prince's reject pile instead of something a corporate kingpin would wear. And while she bullied Mr. Lawrence into firing Ethan, Big Wig 101 should've taught her not to make ultimatums she can't back up. All she really has going for her is her name; Alistair is the one with all the power. I think it would be great if Theresa got the power Alistair has, and when he comes out of his coma, no one answered to him, but cowered at Theresa.

To make sure that Ethan doesn't leave, Theresa dangles the golden carrot in front of him, Crane Enterprises. Ethan so wants to bite it, but he's gotta know Gwen will take Jane (who is not even her child - that has to be some sort of kidnapping, right?) and leave town. Why doesn't Ethan think with the little bit of brain he has at the top of his body? When Alistair comes back, Ethan's going to be facing the same FATE he did before. Alistair is not going to let Ethan, someone who's not even a Crane, run his empire. Ethan would be stupid to think otherwise. What THERESA is offering him is great. Alistair's only going to kick him in the butt when he comes back.

I think Gwen should've left town when she was pregnant with Sarah like she wanted to. At least she'd have her own baby now. And while I am still pro-Gwen, the only reason is because Ethan has sworn to stand by her side no matter what, and I think he should have to reap what he sows.

Kay and Fox agree to be, "engaged to be engaged". I loved Kay calling Ivy on the carpet about her schemes with Valerie. Kay then told Ivy straight up that she is not going to take her crap anymore. Ivy tries her best to get the one up on Kay, but Kay's not having it. It is all out war between these two now. It also amazes me that while her child is lying in the hospital, Ivy is on the line with Valerie trying to break up Kay and Fox.

I don't understand why Sheridan has these moments of inspiration to get her child back, and then Chris walks into a room and smiles at her, and she's ripping her clothes off. I knew Chris talking on the phone would be some ploy to help get Marty back. He's not going to turn out to be a bad guy just yet. These two make me sick, and the sooner Luis gets back, the better. And I still am singing "The Golden Girls" theme every time I see that bedroom.

We got our first glimpse at Miguel this week. He seems a bit wooden, but to give him some credit, he was in a scene with just a phone. Hopefully he won't cause too much of a problem for Kay and Fox. But then again he isn't coming back just for Martin and Pilar's wedding.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I like Maya with Noah. I didn't like Maya on her own, but the actors actually work well together. Watching Noah with Fancy has been like Nails on a Chalkboard, but there was something so intimate between Noah and Maya that the character actually came to life for me. I hate Fancy and Noah, so whatever Maya does is ok with me. I hate Theresa the Terrible. I hate Theresa in general, but now, it's even more ridiculous. IF she wanted to get her child back, I'd applaud. It's being stuck on stupid w/regards to Ethan that just makes me want to reach through the TV and smack her. I finally realized why they put Valerie in the story with Fox and Kay. They're trying to shill Kay as someone 'sympathetic', which is ridiculous because she's never paid one iota for all the schemes she's done, and the combo of Valerie/Ivy is supposed to make Kay some sort of victim/heroine. Not gonna happen. Kay never paid for what she did to Charity. I didn't even like Charity, but I believe in soap justice. And soap justice demands that Kay be exposed for her lies, manipulations, cruelty and secrets." Thanks SIPort!!

"Just wanted to say that I really hate Gwen and why is she always relying on Ethan to get a job? When she was pregnant, to manipulate Ethan into proposing to her, she said that she had a job offer in New York and she was gonna raise the baby there. What happened to that job? I also wonder how the writers are going to hide Sheridan's pregnancy? If they make her preggers by Chris, so help me I'm going to scream! He's so weird!" I'll be screaming with ya!! Thanks Yoldyve!

"First, a comment about the Indian scenes. If anyone is a fan of the "Bollywood" movies, made in India, those scenes were fantastic and just perfect. Now, my pet peeve, Theresa. As I watched her stop Ethan and Gwen from leaving, my blood sugar dropped (I'm a diabetic,) and I got very angry at the show. It's funny now, but at the time, a bit scary. Anyway, I am just so sick of her. Your comment on former first loves made me go????? My first love was a great guy, and I have fond memories, but if he showed up today at my door, I would say hi, thanks for coming, and that's it. When a relationship is over, it is OVER. Anyone who moons over a past love has a real problem. I loved it when Pilar and crew refused to move in the mansion, although Paloma and the food were funny. Theresa is nothing but a hypocrite. No one forced her to marry big Al. She did it to use him, just as he did it to use her. Then she moans about how mean he is and how she hates him. Well, duh, honey. Now, she's thrilled that he gave her power. Like there aren't strings? Also, it was SO nice to see Julian with some spunk, and vitality. He's been a monotone zombie since the whole Eve thing started" Thanks MJ!

"I have to say that I absolutely love the new Theresa, it is the best thing that has happened in the show lately. I can see the potential that Alistair saw in Theresa, and did you see the way she ordered that poor maid around? Theresa is definitely the female version of Alistair in the works and I can't wait to see what she is going to do next. As for this whole Chris and Sheridan relationship it needs to end. First of all because Luis is coming back so they just need to put him back and get rid of Chris because this is ridiculous. Sheridan who supposedly claims that she loves her son is letting her love life get in the way. What is this she gets a lead on how to possibly to find her son and what does she do?... she turns around and has sex with really creepy Chris. I just wish that she would get Marty back so that she can quit her complaining, now don't get me wrong, I love Sheridan, but this whole victim thing she's got going on is getting way too old, she is in perma-blame herself mode, 'Oh my god, Chris you are dead now and it is my fault, just like Luis and Antonio's deaths were my fault too.' She really needs to get over herself and get with the program." Thanks Danielle!

"Last week someone said, 'Theresa and Ethan are a power couple like Bo and Hope. I love passions and it's still new, however they have no power couples. They need to build a foundation in which to build on for the future.' First off let me say this, I have watched Days for a long time now, and NEVER!! EVER!! compare THERESA & ETHAN to BO & HOPE. The obvious thing is that Bo & Hope have been together for SOO many years, and stuck together after all their problems. Theresa and Ethan, NEVER REALLY was together that long, and they are still not getting with each other. The love between them is not as strong as the love between BO & HOPE. Please don't ever compare the two, because Ethan & Theresa are no where even CLOSE to being Bo & Hope." Thanks Sheila!

Quote of the week: "I know this part. This is the part where you talk about fate...about fate wanting us to be together. Don't make me rip my ears out if I have to listen to that speech one more time Theresa." Ethan to Theresa. My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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