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It was great to see Theresa taking control of her life last week, and Gwen obviously knows that Theresa has some power now. Mrs. Alistair Crane tops being the stepdaughter of Julian Crane.

In honor of my editor and friend, Dan Kroll, who runs this site, GO STEELERS!!! [Editor's Note: If it can't be the Philadelphia Eagles, there's nothing wrong with routing for a cross-state favorite!]

So who is Maya working for? Ivy of course; it has to be. Think about it. Ivy has interfered in Ethan and Theresa's relationship and Fox and Kay's relationship. Why should Noah and Fancy be any different? Why is Sam's son good enough for Ivy's daughter, but Sam's daughter not good enough for Ivy's son? Also, this is the same woman who dug up Grace's first husband (granted Grace had amnesia and David wasn't really her husband). But still in all, she has proven the lengths she'll go to, to get what she wants.

I can understand Noah's predicament. We all have that special love that didn't work out, and will never completely go away. But if he can't see he has a great thing going with Fancy, then he is an idiot. Of course all of these characters are so new, it's really hard to care about any of them. However, it's obvious that either Noah or Maya killed someone. From what I've seen, it looks like an older man, so possibly Maya's father or stepfather? Perhaps she's a victim of abuse. Or maybe it was a professor that Maya was having an affair with? Who this victim is and why he was shot has interested me.

Hannah obviously served her purpose to push Theresa to usurp her power, but did anyone else think she was a Dixie Chick reject? She annoyed the heck out of me. However, I am thrilled to see Theresa taking control of her life. And Gwen obviously knows Theresa has some power. Mrs. Alistair Crane tops being the stepdaughter of Julian Crane. Even Julian is ready to fight her tooth and nail for the power Big Al has bestowed upon Theresa.

And what is the first thing Mrs. Crane does to use her power? Demand her daughter back? No that would be too easy. Instead she just pulls the money rug from underneath Gwen and Ethan and stops them from leaving. I understand Ethan won't leave his daughter (at least that is what Theresa is banking on), but Theresa only wants her kids as a way to hang on to Ethan. If Ethan would haul off and leave anyway, Theresa might actually step up and be a mother to her children.

On television, why does everyone headed to Hawaii wear lei's? As if we the viewers wouldn't know where they were going otherwise? And I laughed so hard when I saw Chris and Sheridan's room. It reminded me of Blanche's bedroom from "The Golden Girls" (it's my favorite show, I watch it everyday).

My daddy always says, "money talks, and bullsh*t walks". Maybe it's a southern thing, but obviously Sheridan has never heard the saying. I guarantee you I would've offered that records clerk a ton of money to let me search those archives. Instead she gives up (after surprising me and being so positive about finding Marty) to run off and rendezvous with Creepy Chris. Oh Luis, wherefore art thou? And so help me if Sheridan gets preggers by Chris, I will fast forward through the rest of her scenes.

I love my fiancé with all my heart, and his proposal to me was perfect. But if his proposal had been half as romantic as Fox's to Kay, I wouldn't have stood a chance at saying no. I understand Kay is trying to avoid the wedding disaster, but a man that handsome, in a setting that romantic, all I can say is she better figure out a way to make it up to him. And these two better get their act together soon. I have been pushing for this couple since Deanna played Kay.

Martin makes me want to puke. He is just like Ethan. "I love you," "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." All the while he is thinking of another woman. Pilar, he ran off in the middle of the night with Katherine. Obviously your marriage wasn't that strong to begin with.

I loved Alistair's scenes at the hospital. He's exactly right, even in a coma, he's still making people's life hell. Also it is great to see Paloma and Simone, but do they really think Alistair is going to keep incriminating evidence on himself hidden in the files at the Book Café? Especially when he has hidden rooms all over the mansion?

Some Random Thoughts:

"Theresa and Ethan are a power couple like Bo and Hope. I love passions and it's still new, however they have no power couples. They need to build a foundation in which to build on for the future." I agree Kimberly. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Passions never seems to amaze me with its ridiculous symptoms. This doctor thinks Passions needs a lot of work. First, Theresa needs to come up with a better plan to get Ethan. I love those two to death, but sometimes they both need a whack in the head. An idea of taping Gwen in the nursery is ingenious. But then again, when is Theresa ever a genius? She's better than Little Gweny though. Gwen's daydream was disgusting. It was an insult to Indian culture. Despite the fact she looked great in blue, I hope she doesn't think that fancy outfits, horrible make-up, English words in Indian songs, and a TREE of LOVE is going to be anything like India. (Tree of Love? Come on!) Ethan is getting me mad- it'd be great if at the airport he runs to Theresa and they fly away. I'm sick of this never- ending love story. Sheridan better open her eyes- cause Creepy Chris is up to something. Bout time Luis shows up- with little Marty. Chris will get what Dr. Soaps prescribes- kick in the rear end. I don't want another Antonio/Sheridan/Luis triangle. Katherine better fight for Martin- because Pilar is getting a little obsessive. Maybe Katherine and Martin can catch a flight with Theresa and Ethan. I think Fox and Kay should join the flight too- and Poison Ivy can rot at home with moping Valerie. If Miguel comes back, maybe him and Valerie can elope. I honestly don't want another Ethan/Theresa/Gwen triangle. NEVER thought I'd say this, but I hope Alistair wakes up- he can stir up more trouble than Tabitha and her goons in the basement!" Thanks Dr. Soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!

"What Theresa feels for Ethan is not love. Lust, maybe, and obsession, but that isn't love. Ethan is an idiot. One minute he's standing up to big Al, and macho, the next, he's teary-eyed over Theresa. Gwen may not be perfect, but she loves him. Why, I don't know, because if MY husband were moony over his ex, he would rapidly become MY ex." Thanks MJ!!!!!!!!!

"Theresa has completely lost it. I used to be a huge Theresa/Ethan fan. I stood by her up through the whole surrogate mother business and wanting Jane back, but I lost all respect for Theresa about the time she married Alistair. Does she really think her evil husband is just going to let her run off with another man? Alistair is not one to be made a fool! Even if she managed to get away from Alistair's claws, he would never let Theresa and Ethan be in a romantic relationship in peace. Marrying Alistair sealed Theresa's 'fate' without Ethan. Alistair has proven time and again that being Mrs. Alistair Crane is no match for being Mr. Alistair Crane." Thanks Abby!!!!!!!!!

"Pilar is not turning into Theresa like you said. Pilar is turning into Gwen. Gwen is the one who, like Pilar, is so desperate to hang onto the husband who is in love with another woman. Theresa doesn't have to admit that the person she loves doesn't love her, because Ethan does in fact love her! 'Theresa is the love of my life.' 'That's how I knew the right woman for me was Theresa.' Ethan's words, not mine." Thanks Brunette Beauty!!!!

Quote of the week: "And after all the times I made his bacon sizzle." Rebecca referring to cook.

Until next week friends,

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