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Theresa used to hate Julian, as did everyone in town, but in the softest way, Julian pointed out last week that perhaps Theresa should move on with her life. Theresa defiantly refused to live without Ethan, but Julian's words seemed to make an impact.

Noah is an idiot. He has a beautiful woman in love with him, and he is calling out his old girlfriend's name. If I had been Fancy, I'd have gone Lorena Bobbitt on him. Not to mention the fact that it's obvious that Maya is there to cause trouble. This is looking more and more like another Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle, which does not please me.

I am so ready for Kay to bust Ivy. Why doesn't she just come out and tell everyone what Ivy did to her parents? I mean she has a lot to lose, but in the long run, it may help her hang onto Fox. And what is with Ivy trying to decide what is best for her sons? She did it with Ethan, and now she is doing it with Fox. I'm not going to compare Kay to Theresa, but neither of them are as evil as Ivy wants them to be.

My VCR malfunctioned and I missed the daydream, which has upset me as I was looking forward to it. But Theresa has disappointed me. I'm sure she will pull a rabbit out of the hat before it's over with, but when she crumpled to the floor, she basically gave up. Personally, had I been chasing a man for five years and he repeatedly told me he's not going to leave his wife, I would've already given up.

I did love Julian and Theresa's interactions. Theresa used to hate Julian, as did everyone in town, but in the softest way, Julian pointed out that perhaps Theresa should move on with her life. As townsfolk gathered round in Alistair's office, Theresa defiantly refused to live without Ethan. But I think Julian's words struck Theresa more than we know.

Can Martin please go back to Katherine and both of them go back to Mexico? And can they take Rachel with them? I have always liked Pilar but she is turning more and more into Theresa with her obsession with keeping Martin. Nobody likes to admit that the person they love just doesn't love them, but these obsessions this family carries are absurd.

Some Random Thoughts:

"Ugh, I want to strangle Gwen everyday (I felt she was right at one moment, but she quickly changed my mind). I suppose that is what draws me back to this soap, but enough already. Gwen is such a psycho who needs to be revealed. Why doesn't Theresa tell her that she is not responsible for the death of Sarah? Gwen is responsible. Ethan went to Theresa, not the other way around and Gwen left the hospital. Theresa did not seek her out. Yes, Theresa is responsible for getting pregnant for Jane and the boy, but she didn't choose which one died." Thanks Ginger!!

"In your commentary you mentioned how Theresa should wear a wire so she can get the proof she needs to out Gwen. The whole time she and Gwen were in the nursery yelling at each other I could not help wondering why she did not do just that. How dumb! She has had ample opportunity to tape Gwen confessing and yet she is too stupid to do it. And Gwen! How rude (and dumb, Theresa is Mrs. Crane) was she when she was snidely telling Theresa that she was leaving and taking her daughter and that Theresa could do nothing about it? I wanted to smack her. First of all, why is Gwen even still living there? Theresa has the power to kick her out on her butt and should have done so long ago. And why would Gwen want to live there anyway. She is the one who is always complaining that Theresa is in her way, and that she can't stand to be around her. She calls Theresa a gold digger, she should look at herself. No one else I know gets to live in a mansion scot-free just because her mom lives there. Um, isn't she married and about 30 years old? Why would you still be living with your mom? (Of course we all know the real reason is that Passions doesn't want to build another set.) Did you notice in Noah's flashback that his apartment was Hank Bennett's old apartment?" I didn't realize that at all. Thanks Jeannie!!

"Well I guess I never would have thought that Pilar and Gwen would have something in common, the two of them are holding to men that are clearly in love with other people. Oh and I just wanted to also say that Gwen and Ethan got temporary custody of Jane, the operative word being TEMPORARY, so I don't know why they think that they could leave the country with Jane, or why they would even bother I mean Theresa is just going to find them, she is Mrs. Alistair Crane and you can see that she is slowly starting to realizes that she has power, so I would like to see how this goes in this triangle in between her, Gwen and Ethan. I wanna know who those two burglars were... do we think Luis is coming back, cause there would be a nice love triangle, Luis, Sheridan and Chris." Yes Luis is coming back, but no it won't be a nice triangle. It'll be the same as the Antonio/Luis/Sheridan triangle. Thanks Danielle!!

"Here is a thought, Teresa finds that she really loves the big A. Crane. Let Teresa be the love of Alistair's life and he only admits that to Jane and little E. Somehow it comes out that he wants to see his wife and tells her where to find the tapes. Also Julian finds that he isn't in control of Crane Industries but Teresa is and he has no power since his father is ill and can't speak. Fancy is tooooooooo spoiled and gets on my nerves with the Noah and Grampy thing. I hate Katherine and Pilar as well as Martin. That triangle bores everyone." Thanks Barbara!!

"Quote of the week: Tabitha (not 100% sure exactly what was said but here's a try) 'Dr. Eve is an expert in every type of medical aspect. You might as well put a cape on her and call her wonder woman.' That was the funniest thing anyone has said on the show all week. She does seem to be the doctor that can do anything. I wonder how long it took her to complete school??? Maybe, it was Julian paying for all her medical school that got her certified in every field. It's so sad that the smartest person on the show is a witch." Thanks Jennifer!!

I just want to extend a special thanks to all my readers. Without you this column wouldn't be possible.

Until next week friends,

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