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Everyone wants your baby
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Okay, Ryan has gotten Kendall to sign papers giving him parental rights. It may all be on the up and up, but is there a reason Kendall didn't have Jackson (who used to be a fine a lawyer) take a look at the papers she was signing? Why would anyone have such blind trust? Next thing you know Julia wants to raise Kendall's child.

Okay, Ryan has gotten Kendall to sign papers giving him parental rights. It may all be on the up and up, but is there a reason Kendall didn't have Jackson (who used to be a fine a lawyer) take a look at the papers she was signing? Why would anyone have such blind trust? Next thing you know Julia wants to raise Kendall's child. Now that is a disgusting thought. Julia can barely take care of herself much less a baby. And I know there is NO WAY Kendall would give her child to Julia with the animosity between them. Could this be part of Julia's pact with Zach we didn't get to see or did they even make a pact? Now, another thought --- what if Ryan isn't the father of this child? Will he still want paternal rights? I'm guessing "NO". So much to wade through, so many plots still to unravel.

Dangerous Games!

Janet is over the edge and actually dangerous. I think the writers changed some of the bad deeds and decided to dump them on Janet as I never thought Kendall being hung in the hammock had anything to do with Amanda and Janet. I would have preferred that "honor" to go to Del or one of Kendall's other ex-boyfriends. Seems TPTB took the easy way out. How about when the Laverys got fired upon outside the Court House? Janet had no reason to do that deed. Loose ends! Amanda knows her mother is to blame and doesn't squeal on her but locks her up. Now didn't we all know Janet would escape? And Janet is now after Jamie since he's just been pretending to be on Amanda's side. The person Janet should go after is Josh.

Speaking of dangerous that would be Josh. The man needs to be found out, stopped and incarcerated. Stealing someone's pills that he doesn't know anything about and proceeding to drug someone is just plain evil.

Yes, Erica has been drugged, starts hallucinating a taunting Michael Cambias and then she takes a knife to Zach --- shades of Erica and her letter opener stabbing of Dimitri. Kendall was trying to talk with Erica during all of this but why didn't someone help and lead Erica away? What about Jackson ---- where was he? Will Erica be tested for drugs in her system? I believe that would be standard protocol for someone acting so bizarre and out of character.

Zach is playing a dangerous game not telling Kendall whatever it is he knows or has done. It don't believe Zach wouldn't have destroyed any evidence that tied him to any past crimes. After all Zach is a pretty smart cookie. Is he being setup? Is Ethan the guilty party never having forgiven Zach or gotten over Kendall? Lots of speculation on this one since it's been announced that James Scott (Ethan) has been let go from AMC. I for one was saddened by that news. Not only is James Scott great eye candy, but he is talented and was sorely under-utilized. Kendall and Zach are in love and are going to re-marry. Hmmmmmm. Seems no one is for this consummation as Ryan, Ethan and Simone all broke into Zach's office to find damaging information so they could take that to Kendall to burst her happy bubble. Now why wouldn't any of them even remotely consider that Zach had cameras in his office? Especially since Ryan knew Zach had cameras all over the place before when he was allowed to view Greenlee in mourning after he faked his own death? This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from all those Kendall and Zach fans that wrote in. There are just too many to name, but here's the essence of all those happy emails: "I love characters that stay together through all kinds of adversity. Zach and Kendall are simply wonderful and the fact that they are bringing out the best in each other is a love story that simply must be watched."

The ICK Factor!

I know there's a lot of support out there for the "new and improved" Jonathan, but the pairing of Lily and Jonathan just repulses me. First off Lily is WAY too young for any kind of serious relationship not to mention immature and inexperienced. Plus with her autism she has special needs. Where is Jackson while this potential pairing is going on and why isn't he involved in his daughter's whereabouts and upbringing? I think Laurel must be turning over in her grave about now.

The Carey Way!

Yes, I heard Krystal bargain with God --- if He would get her out of the quicksand she'd become righteous. So far I've yet to see any change in the woman. Perhaps lightening'll zap her. I'm hoping!

Babe wants to come clean with JR and tell him about her underhanded ways, but this will never happen. One could argue that it doesn't matter since Babe's feelings have changed towards JR and it doesn't matter "how they got back together". Of course, this will be one of those secrets that come out eventually at the wrong time and ruin the relationship. Now JR has a pre-nup for Babe to sign and what is in the clause that caused that fowl language to spew from Babe's lips? Perhaps something about Little A? Give the child a real name please.

Take care all you AMC fans out there!! I'll be back in 2 weeks!!


Mary Page
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