Luke's 'boy' friend
by Jennifer Biller

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Luke's 'boy' friend
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Holden's in denial about Luke's sexuality, and who could blame him? The Snyder men do have a reputation with the ladies, after all.

Hey Scoopers! It was a crazy week in Oakdale: Dead man walking, a bar room brawl, and young love blossoming. Good times. Let's scoop.

--It's official: Hal is the worst cop in history. He doesn't question that Paul's suicide could possibly be a scam, despite that he faked his death once before. And he doesn't question Henry about collecting "clothes" from Emily for charity. (That alone should have sent up a red flag that something wasn't right.) Jack had better get back to the force soon. I'm just saying.

--Luke and Kevin downed an entire bottle of vodka and neither one of them had a hangover? Geesh. Have they been hanging out with Henry?

--I am loathing Paul. The fact that he would put Will, Jennifer and everyone who loves him through the pain of thinking he's dead, again, just proves how selfish this guy really is. I'm so disgusted with his self-righteous act, that I reached for the fast-forward button several times this week, but changed my mind. I was afraid I'd miss some important detail that I may need to write for "Two Scoops." You're welcome.

--How heartbreaking were Barbara and Jennifer's speeches at Paul's funeral? They summed up what family members must feel when someone they love commits suicide and there is no chance for apologies.

--What's with all the daydreaming/dreaming going on lately in Oakdale? Daydreaming is usually Maddie's territory, but this week, Meg, Carly and Paul had their own little segments. I'm not complaining. Who in real life doesn't take time out of their day to daydream a little, say for example, being whisked off to Paris on a private jet with George Clooney? Wait. Maybe that's just me.

--Thumbs up to the Lucinda and Luke scenes this week. Lucinda was the perfect person to find Luke and Kevin after their night of partying. "Why do you want to throw your life away," she yelled at Luke, with all the desperation of a woman battling cancer. She was tough on Luke for his ungrateful attitude toward his improved health and new kidney, while showing compassion for a confused young man. She gives grandmothers everywhere a good name.

--When did Jack become such a boozehound? Who knew he could drink like that? If that's all it takes for him to put a beat down on Nick, he should have got liquored-up sooner!

--Here's a line I never thought I'd hear, "I'm not going to pay you your million bucks, unless you take me to my funeral." But, seriously, how cool would it be to hear what people say about you at your own funeral? I'm with Paul. I probably wouldn't be able to pass that up either.

--Mike invited Jack and Carly to his engagement party, but Katie didn't invite Henry. Pardon me while I scream, "Huh?" He has been her best friend for years, through marriages, schemes and illness. I understand he needed to be across town at Paul's memorial, but Katie could have at least tossed out a line that she was disappointed he couldn't come or something like that. It's really hard for me to like Katie and Mike when they treat Henry so shabby. Maybe it's time Henry cut his losses with the future happy? couple entirely.

--I don't like all this foreshadowing of a Paul/Meg romance. Run, Meg, don't walk away from this loser. His history with women speaks for itself. His girlfriends/fiancÚs always seem to meet an ugly end, either in a coffin, coma or teetering on a nervous breakdown.

--I love Henry and Emily as cohorts in crime. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. It reminds me of his earlier relationship with Katie. Ah, the good ol' days.

--The new kid Nate looks a lot like Cass Winthrop, don't you think? Is it possible he could be Cass's son somehow? Maybe just in my dreams, but I see a great opportunity there.

--It looks like Casey has been hitting the gym. Who could blame poor, infatuated Maddie for daydreaming about her hunky housemate?

--I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it appears Henry may be getting a story that doesn't involve Katie. It seems his gambling addiction may play a part in this gambling-ring crime story. I'm begging, please, please, please, let Henry in on this one. He could help Jack crack this ring. Jack and Henry working together would be must-see-TV.

--Good for Gwen for coming to her senses and taking Lisa and Kim's charity. Sleeping on the street was beyond crazy.

--I know plenty of people are going to criticize Holden for his less-than-enthusiastic reaction to finding out that Luke is gay, but I'm not one of them. I think his reaction is realistic. I'm sure that news would be shocking for any parent, who has no family history of homosexuality. He's in denial, and who can blame him? The Sndyer men do have a reputation with the ladies, after all. And Luke's "boy" friend has been a bad influence, so I understand that Holden wants to cut him out of Luke's life. Admittedly, I really didn't want Luke to be gay. I was hoping Casey might have some real competition for Maddie. But, I admit, this storyline has great potential and the acting has been superb. I'm even enjoying that troublemaker party-boy Kevin.

--I can't believe it, but I'm digging Casey and Maddie. Her locking him out was hilarious. But, Casey "Casanova" Hughes is way to smooth for a teenager. Where did he get that from, Uncle Craig?

-- Good use of history this week, when Jack balked at presuming Paul was dead. He cleverly brought up the fact that the police didn't dig deep enough when Jack was missing and declared him dead, when he wasn't. Also, Margo mentioned Katie donating part of her liver years ago. And Dusty remembered that Paul faked his death once before. Well done!

--Tell me, Scoopers, what do you think of Nick Kasnoff? I'm not loving the character. In fact, I'm not even liking the character. I'm trying, but he's lukewarm. He doesn't seem to have the charisma of Simon or Craig, or those other bad boys that made me race home to watch the show. Nick just comes across as arrogant, in a Doc Reese kind of way. And to me, that's not a good thing. If they wanted a cocky character to give all that screen time to, why couldn't it be Cass Winthrop? Now there's some arrogance I don't mind watching.

--New Luke is wonderful. I've been hard on the show in the past, for its terrible teen casting choices, but they've been on a roll lately with teens Will, Gwen and Maddie, and now Luke. Van Hansis is doing a fantastic job in a difficult storyline. Props to the casting department for finding a great talent.

--I love that Holden talks to Jack about his family problems. There are two few friendships on soaps and on "ATWT." It's nice to see the Snyder men bond and discuss their fears and relationships. Do real men really talk like this? I hope so.

--What is it with rushing marriage on this show? Mike was barely divorced, before he popped the question to Katie. I think I speak for all of us when I say, "There's a sensitivity chip missing there somewhere."

Best Lines of the Week:
(Meg and Paul discuss the possibility of Emily finding out that Paul faked his own death.)
Meg: "If she knew you were faking this, she'd probably kill you herself."

( Casey finds Maddie in his bed and tells her she better not have sweated on his sheets.)
Casey: "What is your problem? I was joking about the whole sheet thing."
Maddie: "Yeah, well, my sense of humor went to bed a couple hours ago, about the time you were supposed to be home."

(Maddie sacks out on Casey's floor, so she won't get caught leaving his room.)
Maddie: "Now I know how Henry felt when he was locked in that the wine cellar."
Casey: "Yeah, well at least he had better company."
Maddie: "That's debatable."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Crystal.)
" Meg Snyder has chemistry with every man on the show! Excellent choice for a misunderstood character you don't know whether to love or hate."

Crystal, it's true. Marie Wilson is fantastic. In fact, she's received several nominations in this year's Dankies - click here to vote!

(From Two Scoops reader Lara.)
"I don't know if this is the direction the writers are heading, but Emily and Henry seem like a possible couple. Henry is finally over Katie and Emily needs someone to tell her secrets to - and they're both more than a little shady. What do you think?"

Lara, as long as Henry gets screen time and a good story, I don't care who he's romancing!

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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