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It appears that Gwen and Will are trying too hard to be adults. Will should listen to his parents, even though Barbara does not know the meaning of the word tactful.

Due to computer problems, I am finally able to get my column out for this week. This past week had so much happening I did not want to miss commenting on it.

Emily's Cry
I received more email about Emily's cry that I have ever received about anything else since I started writing this column. I laughed so hard at some of the comments that I received. Someone backstage must have also been annoyed by her squeals because if you noticed that the flashbacks have stopped in addition to her subdued crying spell.

As you can see from her scenes with Henry as she confessed about the 'murder" of Paul, she is trying so hard not to cry as she did right after the shooting. Can you believe that she is in cahoots with Henry of all people? I hope she does not get romantically involved with Henry. She appears to have some chemistry with Detective Nick Kasnoff. I think he would be a better potential love interest for her.

Does anyone think that Paul and Meg are headed for romance? I think that they would be a good match as the two pariahs of Oakdale hooking up. As time goes on, Paul is becoming more and more dependent on Meg and she is becoming more and more concerned about his well-being. These two together would be a good for keeping things in an uproar in Oakdale.

Carly and Gwen
I am bit tired of the Gwen blaming Carly for all of her problems. Carly might want to keep a new distance for the time being and focus on keeping her marriage on good terms.

It appears that Gwen and Will are trying too hard to adults. It is obvious that they need to grow up a little bit when they refuse to take a warm bed at Kim's in order to stay out in the cold and freeze to death just to be together - how stupid is that? Will should listen to his parents even though his misguided mother, Barbara does not know the meaning of the word tactful; in addition, Hal has jumped on board with some dirty business of his own which seems so out of character for him. I understand 'tough love' but how can two people run into so much bad luck in such a short period of time.

The Reunited Snyder Family
What is going to happen next to Lily and Holden? We see that their next issue is going to be about Luke. Luke has gone through so much lately by being so involved in his parents problems that he never had a chance to deal with own growing pains. It looks like Holden will have more issues with it if Luke is gay and everything that Holden says just goes right over Lily's head. Let's just keep an eye to see how this story plays out. I hope they play it responsibly with a number of balanced viewpoints. As more and more soaps are doing gay storylines, ATWT has always been one of the best at presenting issue related stories - let's hope they do the same here.

Finally, I really like Maddie Coleman as she is a great character based on her honesty and imagination. She has the best daydreams and she is slowly making Casey into a real Hughes. He is using his friendship with Maddie to become a better person. I was so proud of the way she handled herself when she told Mike and Katie that she is the one who brought BJ in their lives - an adult and honest confession; she could give Emily Stewart a few lessons.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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