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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 16, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Jennifer reveals to Emily that she confronted Paul and urged him for once, to put someone else's feelings before his own. Emily is shaken, realizing that Paul decided against marrying her for her own sake. She goes to the bluff to express her regrets about killing Paul, and then tosses her engagement ring into the river. Meanwhile, Meg finally locates Paul under a layer of snow outside the cabin. He's deathly ill and she wants to take him back to town but he adamantly refuses. She tries to help him but when he tells her he loves her, she realizes he's hallucinating and speaking to Rosanna. Later, Meg is forced to climb into bed with Paul in order to try to keep him warm. Meanwhile, Dusty and Jennifer discover that Meg has moved into the Lakeview. This piques Dusty's curiosity, since Meg has no money and no job. When Nick shows up at Carly's, she wants nothing to do with him but he insists he's there on police business. He questions her about her friendship with Emily and then ingratiates himself a bit by playing music with Parker. Meanwhile, Hal has put Jack on a case involving an illegal gambling circuit. Having had his desk taken over by Nick, Jack arrives home from work and finds Nick cozy in his home. Jack warns Nick not to come around. Gwen and Will are happily settling into Gwen's old apartment when Burt interrupts with news that he's firing Will and evicting them from their place. Angry, Will guesses that Hal got to Burt and confronts his father, who admits it and claims he is doing this for Will's own good. Will and Gwen then go home to pack, worried about how they're going to survive. Maddie is horrified to realize that Margo is investigating BJ's disappearance. She panics when she overhears a reference to "K-K-K-Katie" and reveals to Casey that she's the reason BJ came to town. Though Casey promises to cover for her, he urges her to come clean.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Paul and Meg wake up in bed together. Paul is still weak and in his feverish state, he reveals his sorrows over Rosanna. When Meg finds herself being drawn in by Paul, she battles the urge to see him as a human, determined to stick to her plan to take his money and run. Later though, when she needs to go into town for more supplies, she can't help but show him a little tenderness. Meanwhile, Nick questions Emily and concludes that Paul is long gone. Emily is freaked, though, when Nick mentions Paul's car and how the cops haven't found it. When she overhears that Paul's last cell phone call originated near the ridge where the shooting took place, she begins to fret that the car, and thus her secret may be uncovered. Maddie is a nervous wreck about her role in bringing BJ to town. She asks Henry for advice and ends up giving him advice about the way he's spending BJ's money, mainly through gambling. Jack asks Henry about the gambling syndicate he's researching, and Henry realizes he needs to get rid of that money, fast. Later, he's passing by on the bluff, searching for the perfect place to bury it. Meanwhile, Maddie concludes that she must tell Katie and Mike the truth and Casey offers to go with her. Meanwhile, Katie and Mike receive a surprise visit from Jennifer, who has come to give Mike a divorce. Jennifer and Mike end their tumultuous relationship amicably, both happy for the other's future. Later, Jennifer, pleased at the clean slate she's procured from Mike, calls Dusty and asks him to come and meet her.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Maddie gives Katie and Mike expensive watches, and then confesses her involvement with BJ. Mike wants to call the police, but he won't if Maddie tells the police what she knows. Katie forgives Maddie and returns the watches. After Casey and Maddie leave, Mike and Katie are relieved that all of their unfinished business is....finished. Mike proposes, and Katie accepts.

Jack runs into Carly at the coffee shop. Carly is waiting for Gwen to start work. Jack and Carly complain about Nick before Jack leaves. Carly discovers Gwen didn't get the job because of her.

Gwen and Will are packing with nowhere to go. Will leaves in hopes of finding them a place to live. Carly arrives to find Gwen is moving. Carly offers Gwen and Will the spare room at her house. Gwen declines and Carly leaves.

Emily overhears Nick mention searching the area around the cabins. Jack tries to work on his case but is interrupted by Nick. Nick tells Jack that Paul's case is nearly solved.

Henry finds Paul's car, as he looks for a place to bury the money. Emily arrives and sees Henry. Henry realizes she "killed" Paul. As Emily tries to hit Henry with a shovel, he drops his briefcase; and the money falls out. Emily realizes where the money came from, and she suggests they help each other.

Casey invites Maddie to a party. Before she can agree, his date arrives. Maddie decides not to go.

Carly calls Barbara to discuss Barbara's job offer.

Kim says, Will and Gwen can spend the night, in separate rooms, with her and Bob. Kim says both of them cannot live with her. Will returns to Gwen and tells her, he's found a place.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Holden and the kids move back into Lily's house. Meg stops by, but tries to avoid her mother. Emma does catch up with Meg but gets nowhere when she tries to confront her about the medical supplies Emily caught her stealing. Back inside, Lucinda shares her concern that Luke seems emotionally scarred by the turmoil his parents have been though. Meanwhile, Luke and his friend Kevin return from playing basketball and Kevin asks Luke to give him a backrub to rub out a muscle cramp. Luke is reluctant at first, but gives in and can't help but enjoy it. Holden sees this moment and takes in Luke's reaction. Jennifer announces to Dusty that she's making the divorce with Mike official, but doesn't want Dusty to feel pressured. Dusty assures her he doesn't. Later, Emma tracks down Dusty and asks him if he knows of Meg having a drug problem. Dusty admits he has no knowledge of Meg's drug habits. After, Dusty confides in Jennifer that he's worried about Meg but she urges him to let Meg go. Emily confesses to Henry that Paul left her at the altar and that she shot him. She convinces Henry to help her get rid of Paul's car in exchange for keeping Henry's secret about the money. Later, they hear the cops coming and take off. Meanwhile, Paul continues to struggle physically without Meg, who finally arrives with medical supplies. Meg is tending to Paul when Nick knocks on the door! Paul hides and Meg answers Nick's questions. She tersely tells him that she's up at the cabin because she's done some things she's not proud of and needs some space. Later, Nick informs Emily that they haven't found anything yet. Back at the cabin, a freaked Paul wants to relocate, but Meg warns he'll die if he travels, giving Paul an idea for how they can fool the cops. Desperate to help Gwen, Carly falsely agrees to break up Gwen and Will in exchange for a job with Barbara. Carly asks for an advance of $1,000, but Barbara balks, telling Carly she'll have to prove she's serious, by calling Gwen over to talk about Will, before handing over the cash. Meanwhile, Will tells Gwen he arranged for her to stay at Kim's, while he's got plans to stay in a friend's garage. Though Gwen is touched at Will's generosity, she refuses to be separated from him. Gwen then gets a call from Carly, who writes her a check for $1,000. Meanwhile, Barbara shows up at Burt's to try to talk to Will, but he informs her that he doesn't need her help because Gwen is getting money from Carly!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Carly tried to give Gwen a check for $1,000 but had to convince her to take the money. Meanwhile, Barbara found out from Will that Carly was going to lend them $1,000 and went over to Carly's, where she told Gwen that she'd given Carly the money as an advance on the job she'd offered her in exchange for her help in keeping Gwen and Will apart. Will came in, and Barbara told him that Gwen was no good for him and that Gwen and Carly were trying to scam him. Will didn't believe her, and Barbara left. Carly tried to tell Gwen that she actually was scamming Barbara, but Gwen didn't want to hear any of it. Will said it was really his fault that Carly got caught, because he'd told Barbara where they were getting the money, without knowing what Carly was trying to do. Gwen still insisted she would be better off without Carly's help.

Will and Gwen went to Java for hot tea; Will thought Gwen should have given Carly a chance, but Gwen said that there's something wrong with the way Carly works and the way she thinks, even when her intentions are good. Gwen and Will got kicked out of Java when it closed early because of a snowstorm that was on its way, and they ended up in sleeping bags outside in the snow, because Will's car was impounded and they had turned down all offers of help from everyone in their families.

At Lily and Holden's house, Luke massaged his friend Kevin's back because Kevin said he'd gotten a knot in it from playing basketball with Luke. Holden saw them through the window and was concerned with the way it looked. Holden went out on the porch, and Luke acted extremely nervous in front of him. Lily came out and invited Kevin to stay for dinner, but Holden nixed the idea, saying it wasn't a good time. Kevin left, and Luke went to get ready for dinner; Holden told Lily he didn't think Kevin was a good influence on Luke, because he was the one who'd gotten him to drink before. Lily said she'd talked to Kevin's parents and that they were keeping an eye on him, and she wasn't concerned anymore about the drinking. Holden was adamant that Kevin and Luke shouldn't hang around together anymore, and Lily thought that would be very hard for Luke, because Kevin was one of his best friends.

Holden then called Jack and asked if he could meet him at his house to talk about something. When Holden got to Jack's, he danced around the issue with Luke, just telling Jack that he thought Luke might be hiding something because he thought it was wrong; Jack wondered what it was that Holden was so afraid of. Meanwhile, Lily talked to Luke, asking how things were going with his counseling and whether he was happy; Luke said he wasn't, because he'd caused all the trouble with Keith, but Lily told him not to think that way and assured him he was safe now and shouldn't be afraid to tell his parents anything about how he was feeling.

Carly left her house to go find Jack at the station, but Jack had already headed home to meet Holden. Instead, she ran into Nick, who tried to get her to stay for some coffee; in her attempt to get away from Nick, who was holding her by the arm, she spun around and fell down, twisting her ankle. Nick picked her up and carried her to a chair to get ice for her ankle, against Carly's protests. When Carly tried again to stand up to leave, she fell a second time, this time right on top of Nick, who said, "Now, that's more like it!"

Paul told Meg that if they could find the gun Emily used, they could wipe off her fingerprints and put Paul's prints on it, then leave the gun by the river along with other "evidence" that would make it seem like Paul had killed himself and fallen into the river. Paul said if everyone thought he was dead, they'd stop looking for him, and he and Meg would both be safe. Meg ultimately agreed to the plan and went to look for the gun in the area where Paul said he'd seen it. She conveniently fell down and landed within inches of the gun. She put the gun in her purse and then was blinded by someone shining a light in her face and shouting, "Freeze!"

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