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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 9, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, January 9, 2006

While Keith is at the airport making reservations for himself and Lily to fly to San Diego, Holden is at the Snyder farm handing Lily the signed divorce papers. Although Lily again tells Holden that she feels that she must keep her promise to marry Keith out of fear that something might happen to Luke, she can't bring herself to sign the divorce papers. However, when Keith calls her, she puts the papers in her purse and leaves for the airport. Luke arrives at the farmhouse, and Holden assures Luke that none of this is his fault. With tears in his eyes, Holden tells Luke that, if Lily comes back, it is because of her love for her family. Her flight leaves in twenty minutes, so their future as a family hinges on the next few minutes. At the airport, Lily begs Keith to free her from her promise to marry him. Keith reminds Lily that she made a promise "on your son's life," but he will let her go. His parting words are, "You have one more chance to do the right thing." Lily walks in to the Snyder kitchen. First Luke hugs her, then Holden takes her in his arms.

Will finds Gwen at Oakdale Memorial, where she is waiting for the results from her pregnancy test and her sonogram. The two go to Java for a cup of coffee, where they decide to name a boy William Munson, Jr. In his bedroom, Casey enthusiastically tells Maddie about his plans to attend the University of Wisconsin in the fall. Tom and Margo come in and tell Casey that he must stay home next fall and attend Oakdale U. Casey is hostile and angry, but Tom and Margo tell him that he must prove that he is trustworthy before they will let him go out of state to school. Casey storms out of the house to meet Maddie at Java. He walks into the coffee house and immediately spots Gwen. Casey rages at her, telling her that it is all his fault that his parents won't let him go to Wisconsin, then he storms back home and tears all his Wisconsin posters off his wall and goes out on the roof to sulk. Maddie finds him there and tells him that she will be glad to have him nearby next year. They kiss. Gwen and Will return to the hospital, where Dr. Schiller tells them that Gwen is not pregnant. She may never be able to get pregnant again.

Emily looks through the cabin window in the fog and sees Paul. Car headlights frighten Emily away. Meg returns to the cabin where she and Paul exchange angry words and threats. When Paul threatens to take Meg to jail with him, Meg tells him that she is the one who turned him and Emily in to the police. Emily returns to the hospital on the brink of hysteria. Emily takes her to Java for a cup of coffee, but she is suspicious about the mud on Emily's shoes and coat. Hal walks in to the coffee house and tells Emily that he thinks she knows where Paul is.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Meg reveals to Paul that she was the one who made sure Dusty found out the truth about Jennifer's baby. When an angry Paul tries to manipulate her, she threatens to abandon him until Paul begs her to stay. Meanwhile, Emily tries to convince Hal that she's not lying and doesn't know where Paul is. Hal goes to put out an APB on Paul, freaking Emily out even more. Later, Emily swears to Susan that she is certain she will never see Paul again. Gwen is devastated by the news that she can't get pregnant. Will comforts her and says they can adopt. Barbara appears and misunderstands, thinking Gwen is pregnant again and laces into her. She finds out what's really going on, and it's hard for her to hide her delight. When Gwen goes off, a desperate Barbara tells Will she will release his trust fund if he gives up Gwen but a disgusted Will leaves. When Hal summons Jack, Jack and Carly anticipate that Jack might be getting his job back. But, Hal tells him there are no openings and all he can offer Jack is part time work. After, Carly has a run-in with Nick, who has taken over Jack's desk. Maddie and Casey are shocked by the kiss they shared. Confused by the obvious chemistry between them, Maddie accuses Casey of always dealing with his problems by jumping on a girl. Meanwhile, Henry goes to the police station to gather info on BJ's whereabouts. When Nick informs him BJ is nowhere to be found, he breathes a sigh of relief, thinking his newfound bundle of money can't be traced. Maddie tells Henry about her problems with Casey and he immediately offers to find them a new place to live. But she insists that she can stay where she is for a while. She returns to Casey, says she won't be moving out yet and it is clear they are both pleased. Meanwhile, Henry uses BJ's money to support his new gambling habit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lily answers the door to find Holden standing on the other side. She asks why he didn't use his key. Holden tells Lily they have to some things to take care of first. Holden kneels on bended knee and asks Lily to marry him, again. She accepts and they decide to renew their vows. Just then, Lucinda arrives. They tell her the happy news, and then Holden leaves. Lucinda says everything with Lily and Holden turned out as she had hoped. Lucinda tells Lily her cancer experience has made her realize what is most important in life. Lily asks Lucinda to give her away. Holden, Luke and Faith arrive. Luke and Faith are told about the pending ceremony. Faith asks if she can be the flower girl. Lucinda, Lily, and Faith leave to locate a nice "frock' for Faith to wear in the ceremony. Holden tells Luke he wants Luke to seek counseling for his drinking. Luke agrees, but ads, he will be fine now that Holden and Lily are back together. Holden asks Luke to be his best man.

Mike and Katie are happy to finally be alone. While sharing a passionate kiss, Nick arrives. He has been evicted. Jack then arrives. Mike and Katie invite Nick to stay with them, until he finds a place to live. Mike receives a phone call from Lisa; she wants him to do some work at The Lake View. Jack wants to help Mike since he is only working part time. Jack and Mike leave for The Lake View. Nick begins to ask Katie about the relationship between Mike, Carly and Jack. Katie tells Nick what happened between those three is in the past, and Carly and Jack is the happiest couple she knows.

At the police station, Hal tries to locate Paul. Will arrives and asks for help with his meddling mother. Barbara arrives. Barbara and Will argue about his future and what is best for him. Hal agrees with each of them. Will leaves thinking his parents are against him. Hal tells Barbara to let Will live his life and make his own decisions. Barbara will do what it takes to protect her son.

Gwen is at the coffee shop, interviewing for a job, when Carly arrives. Carly tells the manager what a great person Gwen is. Gwen lashes out at Carly, and the manager excuses himself. Gwen tells Carly she can no longer have children because of the fall. Carly apologizes and agrees not to pressure Gwen, but she will not give up on her either.

The manager returns and tells Gwen that she didn't get the job.

At The Lake View, Mike tells Jack that Nick was a wild kid who did not like authority.

Looking for Gwen, Will arrives at the coffee shop. Hal spots Will before he can find Gwen. Will tells Hal he got a job at Bert's garage. Hal says Will needs to stop hiding behind Gwen and follow/find his dream. Unbeknownst to Hal or Will, Gwen overheard their conversation. Will tells Gwen he can start at the garage, whenever he wants. Gwen says she doesn't want to spend her life with a mechanic, and she leaves. Will follows her and tells her he wants to be with her. Gwen says she was afraid Will wouldn't follow her, when she left. Will says he would follow her around the world.

Barbara finds Carly at the hospital, and offers her a job to keep Gwen and Will apart. Carly refuses. Barbara says if Carly doesn't want Gwen to get hurt, she will do her best to break Will and Gwen apart.

Lucinda and Luke are outside Lily and Holden's house. Lucinda tells Luke to stay strong. Luke says staying strong is pretty tough.

Back at the police station, Hal tells an officer to look at Bert's Garage to find anything..."not on the up and up."

Katie and Mike start to wonder, what Nick could have done to get evicted in one day. Soon they hear an extremely loud guitar playing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

When Meg gets a call from the hospital, she hopes it means she might get her job back while Paul worries he'll be left to fend for himself if she does. But, Meg finds out from Susan she's not only suspended from working at Memorial but from practicing nursing as well. There, Meg runs into Holden who is shocked by her behavior but still encouraging that things will be all right. He invites her to the vow renewal but when he leaves, Meg sticks to her plan and begins stealing medical supplies to bring back to Paul. Meanwhile, Emily's trying to get her mother to pick up the rest of her things at Paul's penthouse. But, when she realizes Susan can't do it until later, she decides against her mother's urging and goes herself. Once there, Emily's bombarded by memories of the passion she and Paul once shared. Then Hal arrives, more certain than ever Emily knows something about where Paul is despite her insistence to the contrary. Meanwhile, Paul hears a man's voice outside the cabin and, fearing the police have finally caught up with him, tries to make a break for it. But even though it's soon clear the man is only a hunter, Paul's situation becomes dire when the infection Meg warned him about finally sets in. Back at the Lakeview, Emily is attempting to drown her sorrows when she suddenly gets up and rams into an oncoming Meg, spilling the incriminating contents of Meg's bag. Lily and Holden couldn't be happier as they prepare for the renewal of their vows. Off of their decision to invite Meg to the party, Lily pleads with Dusty not to hate Meg for what she did, insisting that while she knows where he's coming from, hating the person who hurt you will only cause more hurt in the end. Dusty assures he has no intention of letting any feelings for Meg come between him, Jennifer and the baby again.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Everyone is getting ready for Holden and Lily's renewal of their wedding vows. Lucinda isn't having a good day and is feeling nauseous from the chemotherapy, but when she sees Faith and Natalie with makeup all over their faces in their effort to look beautiful, it makes her laugh and feel better. Luke questions Holden about what made him fall in love with Lily, and Holden tells Luke the story of their early relationship, when no one approved of them being together. Luke is interested in how Holden felt in the face of all that disapproval from friends and family. Holden tells Luke that when Luke finds someone who accepts him the way he is, he'd better hold onto that person.

As Jack and Carly get ready to go to the "wedding," Jack tells Carly to watch their expenses because money is tight. She tells him about Barbara's offer of a job, but Jack doesn't want her to accept it because Barbara always has an ulterior motive and is a dangerous person to get involved with. He also tells her he thinks Nick Kasnoff won't last long as a detective because Mike told him he has issues with authority figures, so Jack plans to be able to get his detective job back in a couple of weeks.

Meg literally runs into Emily at the Lakeview, and her stash of syringes and medications fall out of her purse, causing Emily to ask if she's stolen them from the hospital. Meg offers to call the police, saying she knows Emily wouldn't want that. Emily leaves, and Emma arrives; she sits down with Meg and tells her she thinks she should come to Lily and Holden's ceremony, but Meg isn't sure it's such a good idea.

Emily goes to the hospital and tells Susan about Meg's stash of medical supplies; Susan is more concerned with whether or not Emily is getting her own house in order by apologizing to Jennifer for what she did to her.

At the renewal of vows, Holden and Lily tell each other how much they mean to one another and vow to stay together from now on. Meg walks in, but she turns around and walks out again when she sees Jennifer, Dusty, and Johnny there; Emma follows and apologizes, saying she had no idea they'd be there, but Meg tells her not to worry about it and leaves. After the ceremony, Lucinda tells Luke that one day soon, girls will be lining up for him, but he looks doubtful and grabs a glass of champagne when Lucinda isn't looking. She catches him with the champagne flute later, but he tells her it was just ginger ale.

Emily goes back to the Lakeview, where she runs into Jennifer; Jennifer tries to leave, but Emily tells her about Paul calling and canceling their wedding for no apparent reason. Jennifer tells her that she thinks she knows the reason: "Me!"

When Hal comes into the station to work, Nick calls him, "Lou" (for "lieutenant"), which Hal doesn't like. Nick asks to be assigned to the Paul Ryan case because it's a conflict of interest for Hal to be involved in it. Hal dresses Nick down for his attitude but ultimately assigns him the case, telling him he'd better see results soon. Nick calls Emily and asks her to come in for some more questioning, but she refuses. He then decides to go question Carly to ask her about Paul Ryan and Emily.

Paul's condition is worsening, and he becomes delusional, thinking at first that Emily has come to the cabin to shoot him and later that Jennifer has arrived, axe in hand, to murder him. He manages to call Meg on the cell phone and tell her it's not safe at the cabin because Jennifer and Emily have been there; she tells him he's delusional, but then he loses consciousness. When he awakens, he thinks both Jennifer and Emily are there at the same time, laughing at him, and he manages to get out of the cabin. Meg arrives at the cabin and can't find Paul.


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