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Zach comforted Kendall when she feared that she was losing the baby. Erica recalled how she knew Greg. Adam grew jealous when he saw Krystal with Tad. Janet tried to convince Jonathan that he had pushed Di into the lake. Lily and Jonathan discussed sex and marriage in their life skills class.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 9, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, January 9, 2006

JR and Babe make love and afterwards enjoy some pillow talk. Both admit that the experience is different from what they had expected but neither has any regrets. JR doesn't make any promises when Babe worries that JR will give into his insecurities and see the worst in her but he does offer to apologize in advance. As they start to make love, JR's cell phone rings. Concerned it may be about Little A., JR answers the phone. It's Tad calling with bad news about Di.

As Tad and Krystal leave the boathouse together, Adam approaches them. The three of them trade words until they hear someone call out for help. It's Jonathan. He is frantically trying to rescue Di from the icy waters. Tad is the first to come to Jonathan's aid. Believing Jonathan accidentally fell in, Tad tries to pull him out of the water but Jonathan resists his attempts. Jonathan stammers as he tells Tad that there is a woman in the water. Tad realizes that Jonathan is talking about Di just as Jonathan dives back under water in the hopes of saving Di. Eventually Di is pulled from the water. Jonathan is distraught when it appears that Di isn't breathing. As Krystal calls for help, Tad does his best to revive Di. At the hospital, Joe begins treating Di for severe hypothermia.

As JR and Babe are dressing, Babe tries to convince JR to go to the hospital to see Di. She tells him about her encounter with Bianca on the beach and how Bianca told her that while she can't forgive her, she is working to let go of all the anger. Babe warns JR that he may end up hating himself if something should happen to Di and he didn't go to see her one last time. Reluctantly, JR agrees to go to the hospital.

In the waiting room, Tad talks to JR who is not at all pleased to be at the hospital. He tells JR that he understands how he feels but that at the moment all that he can concentrate on is the positive impact Di has had on their lives. A short time later, Joe informs Tad and JR that they can go in to see Di. He updates them on her condition and explains that for the moment, Di is stable. As they walk into the room, Di calls out Dixie's name in her delirium. JR stops short while Tad goes to her beside, concerned.

Ryan is shocked when he walks into Kendall's place to find her kissing Zach. Things are a bit tense as Kendall explains to Zach that she and Ryan reached a decision about the baby during Christmas. Ryan takes Kendall's announcement as a sign to order Zach to stay out of their lives. Kendall corrects Ryan's mistake by informing him that she and Zach are very much a couple. Kendall goes on to give both men the opportunity to walk away from their promises but accepts her offer. Ryan assures Kendall that he will not add to her stress by blowing up and causing her problems but Zach doesn't believe him. As the men trade words, Kendall is stuck in the middle. She tells both men that she fears this is how it's always going to be. Nothing is resolved when Ryan receives a call about Jonathan. As Ryan walks out of the door, he promises Kendall that he will return as soon as possible to discuss the matter further. Once they are alone, Zach promises Kendall that he will do his best to deal with Ryan for her sake. Kendall in return asks for a favor. She doesn't want to hide their relationship.

Erica becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Greg as past memories surface. She realizes that the "dream" of Greg that she's been having of Greg actually occurred. When she tells him about the memory, Greg admits that he was the doctor who performed her abortion years earlier. Erica is disgusted with the idea that he became fixated on a young patient under those conditions. Greg denies that is how it happened. He admits that she made an impression on her but that over time he would have forgotten her had she not become famous. His attraction developed over a period of time and their meeting years later was nothing but coincidence. Erica asks him why then, if it was coincidental, didn't he just tell her who he was when they recently met. Greg is offended. He tells her that besides his vow of doctor/patient confidentiality bringing such an incident up would have been embarrassing to her. Erica walks over to her desk and picks up the picture of herself as a child and shows it to Greg. She asks him why he had a picture of her as a baby in his files. Greg is momentarily speechless as he struggles to come up with an explanation. Erica draws her own shocking conclusions. She asks him if he engineered Kendall's pregnancy in some twisted attempt to make up for the pregnancy he helped her end. Before Greg can respond, Josh walks in with Erica's lunch. Knowing his father was in with Erica and concerned over the amount of time he was spending with her, Josh used the excuse of lunch to break up Erica and Greg's meeting. His plan works as Erica asks Josh to escort his father out of her office. Once the door is closed behind them, Greg warns Josh to end his campaign against Erica.

After pushing Di into the freezing water, Janet returns to her hideout, confident that Amanda won't be blamed because she's at work and has an airtight alibi. She ends up talking to her "alter" in the mirror and explains that pushing Di in the water was an act of retribution on her friend Dixie's behalf. As she continues talking to herself more of Janet's diabolical plans are revealed: She's far from done terrorizing those who have hurt her precious Amanda.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


At the new Kane/Montgomery home, everyone gathered to bid farewell to Bianca and Miranda. Erica came in visibly upset. When asked why she was upset she said it was because Bianca and Miranda were leaving. Much to Erica's chagrin, Kendall showed up with Zach. Bianca said to Kendall that she thought she was going to keep her new love a secret for a while, but Kendall told her that she thought it was safer to tell Erica while Bianca was there. Erica asked Kendall what kind of horrendous display this was and Kendall told her that she and Zach were a couple now. Erica responded by asking if this was just a way of sticking it to her. Zach told Erica that he expected her to be happy for her daughter and that he loved her very much. Reggie suggested cake to alleviate the tension and Jack reminded Erica that this was supposed to be Bianca's farewell party. Erica said that she did not invite Zach to crash this family party. She asked who truly believed that Zach and Kendall really had a future together. Bianca, Myrtle, Zach and Kendall raised their hands. Lily put her hands over her ears in anticipation. Jack and Reggie gave no answer. Erica asked if Ryan knew about this and Kendall said that yes he did. She told Erica that no matter what anyone thought she would not apologize for falling madly in love. Erica accused Zach of brainwashing Kendall. Bianca told Erica to give them a chance and she asked Bianca if she was responsible for this hook-up. Jack suggested that she do this another time so she didn't miss any time with Bianca and Miranda. Zach went to Lily and she told him she was mystified because they got married when they weren't in love and now that they were divorced, they are. Kendall thanked Bianca for everything and walked she and Miranda to the car. Erica told Jack that there must be some way to deprogram Kendall and Jack said that nothing Kendall did surprised him. Erica berated Jack for not trying to help Kendall. Zach and Kendall returned to her house, and she asked what she could offer him. He said she seemed nervous and she said no she wasn't. Visibly anxious, she asked Zach if they were going to sleep together. He said they were going to have a post divorce honeymoon. As he was lighting the candles, Kendall ran out of the bedroom and said something was wrong with the baby and he had to get her to the hospital.

David, having nachos and beer at the bar, noticed Julia when she came in. The bartender asked Julia where she had been hiding and she said under a rock mostly. The bartender then took her to the dance floor for some salsa dancing. David approached and told her that she could do better. David said he knew her. He said he knew she was the one who took down the Dragon. He introduced himself and she said that he was the guy who erased her sister Maria's memory. She then asked if he could do the same for her. He asked what she wanted to forget and she said nothing a shot of bourbon wouldn't fix. She said that she wanted to remember some new things and he said that this was her lucky night. She asked what he had in mind and he told her that they could make a night of it by making some new memories and then he would make her breakfast.

As Tad and J.R. watched Di continue to cling to life, she again repeated Dixie's name. J.R. said that even in an unconscious state, she was still trying to scam them. Di said, "Go to Dixie". J.R. left, but Tad continued to comfort her. J.R. told Krystal and Babe that Di was in and out of it and talking crazy. Babe asked what Di said and J.R. told them that what happened to Di had nothing to do with him. Adam told Krystal that he hated what Di was doing to J.R. After Tad left the room, Adam entered the room and said to Di that she was not going to snake her way back into their lives again. He then suggested that she do everyone a favor and die. Krystal was at the door and heard him and she told him that whatever Satan had in store for him, he deserved it. Brooke came to the hospital and Tad told her that he and Di had a bad fight. He said that he wasn't sure if Di was trying to survive. Tad told Brooke that he never stopped caring about Di. He said that Di stuck it out in Pine Valley for him and J.R. and Little Adam. Tad returned to Di's room and took her in his arms. Brooke left the hospital in the elevator as Janet was still lurking. The elevator doors opened and Brooke's boot was inside.

Krystal convinced a psychiatric doctor in residency that Adam was a danger to his family and society. She told the doctor that he even threatened a patient. The doctor asked Adam to go with him for analysis, but Adam refused. Two orderlies came to take Adam and he demanded they let him go. As they led him away, he hollered to call Brooke English.

Back at the Chandler mansion, J.R. was packing his bag. He told Babe that was getting as far away as he could go. Babe asked how long he would be gone and he said he didn't know, but he told her she could stay in his room. She said "good," because it was closer to Little A's room, but he said that the baby was going with him. Babe told J.R. that he would not take Little Adam. J.R. said he could take his son if he wanted and Babe again said he wouldn't take her son. She said that if he was going to jet her son away, he had to take her with them. He said she wasn't going and she again said he was not taking their son. Babe said that if she went along he would get free childcare and more of her in bed than he ever imagined. He agreed to let her go.

Jonathan asked Erin and Ryan how Di was doing and Erin said he should have called for help instead of jumping in after her. Janet, disguised as a nurse, brought Jonathan some blankets and told him that she knew his secret. Jonathan thought he recognized Janet but she said they didn't know each other. She told him that people were talking about him but Janet told Jonathan that she was sure he didn't mean to push Di in the freezing water. Still trying to confuse Jonathan Janet told him that no matter what the police asked he should just keep saying he didn't do it. She told him to protect himself at all costs. He asked who she was and why did she keep getting things all wrong. She told him again that he did push that woman into the water. Jonathan said that he was the one who saved the baby and pulled the lady from the water. Janet told him that she was his friend and that his secret was safe with her. She told him to keep practicing saying, "I didn't do it."

Ryan told Erin that he had to save Kendall from Zach. He said that the harder she leaned on Zach, the harder she would fall. He said that if Jonathan had to leave to go someplace safe, he couldn't go with him because he had to stay with Kendall. Ryan said that it was so hard to not go after Greenlee and he had honored that so he also had to keep his promise to Kendall. He said that he couldn't leave his son unprotected. Erin told Ryan that if they were going to stick around Pine Valley that they needed to upgrade from the Pine Cone. He said he would start looking for apartments and she asked why they couldn't just go to his penthouse. He said because that would mean that his marriage to Greenlee as really over and that he wasn't coming back. Ryan changed his mind and decided that they would return to the penthouse.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Di woke up in the hospital following her near death drowning to find Tad sleeping in her hospital bed beside her. Confused, Di asks Tad how she got there and what happened to her. Tad fills her in on all the details once she explains that she does not remember anything after she had the fight with Tad about Dixie. When Tad informed her that she had been talking about Dixie when she was really out of it, Di mistakenly believes that she let it slip that Dixie was alive. She began frantically apologizing to Tad but stopped herself just in time when she realized that she didn't spill the beans after all. Jonathan entered the room and Tad introduced him to Di as the man that had saved her. Jonathan mentioned to her that Tad had helped save her too by giving her mouth-to-mouth. Before Jonathan departed, Tad quizzed him as to whether he had seen anything or anyone unusual on the ice prior to Di's accident. He assured him that he hadn't. After Jonathan left, Tad asked Di if she thought it was possible that Jonathan pushed her into the frigid water. Di said she didn't know because she could not remember. As Tad stepped out of Di's room, Amanda entered. Amanda laughed at her because she felt that Di was now the one that everyone hated and she added that "It sucks to be on the outside, doesn't it?" She went on to tell Di that she wished Di would have drowned and that Di didn't deserve to live because it was Di that she blames for her getting kicked out of the Chandler mansion and for almost losing Jamie. Just then Jamie stopped outside the door and heard "the new Amanda" telling Di, "I will never let you hurt me again."

After Jonathan had left Di's room he ran into David in the hall performing his janitorial duties. David accused him of being responsible for Di's accident. He went on to torment Jonathan about his murderous past (prior to his brain operation). He told Jonathan to leave town before he found out how everyone in Pine Valley really felt about him. Although Jonathan stood up to him and denied that he was a bad person, he was left shaken and upset following the run-in. A bit later Jonathan ran into Julia. She asked him what was wrong and he told her about everyone hating him and calling him a killer. She empathized with him and explained that she too had killed somebody. She told him that she thought he was very brave and that she liked him. She then told him that she had also killed somebody and knew how he felt. She explained to him that they couldn't change what they did but they can try every day to be better people. Julia offered that maybe they could help each other.

Dr. Madden stopped in to see Di mentioning to her that he had come by earlier to check on her but had not done so because he had seen that she had company ... Tad Martin. He told her that he didn't want to intrude since they had been holding hands and looking very comfortable which looked pretty odd for such admitted arch enemies. He then fired her and abruptly left the room almost bumping into Tad on his way out. Di then filled Tad in on what Dr. Madden had said and how he had suspected that Tad and her where in cahoots. Tad said that she had done some pretty great work for him and that if he ever needed an assistant, that she would make a good one. She said she just might take him up on that.

Later, David ran into Joe while he was mopping the hallway. He asked Joe if he had found out who had almost performed unnecessary heart surgery on him. Joe assured him that they had a full investigation going on and that when he found out the person responsible that they would be punished to the full extent of the law. (It was shown that Janet was listening in on the conversation from a nearby room.) As Joe continued on his way, David chastised him for walking on the wet area of the floor. Minutes later, as Joe turned the corner, David heard a thud-like noise but didn't think much of it. He proceeded to leave with his janitor's cart in the opposite direction. The camera then panned to where Joe had disappeared and it was revealed that Joe's shoes where in the hallway minus Joe.

Amanda and Jamie were filled in by Joe about Di's condition. Joe explained to them that it was touch-and-go for a while there but that she will be okay. He also let on that Jonathan was responsible for saving Di though Amanda didn't believe that Jonathan was the hero and instead believed that he was the one that pushed Di in and then saved her for the attention.

Julia and David ran into each other at the hospital and he asked her what happened to her that morning. He said he woke up following a passionate night of lovemaking only to find her not there. She explained that she had to go home and cool off. David told her that women don't usually run off in the morning after spending a night with him until after they try his French toast. Julia made it clear that she enjoyed their night together but wasn't looking for a commitment but that she did promise to call him again sometime. Julia then went to visit with Di and check on her. Di was excited to find out that Julia had spent the night with a man and asked her if it was anyone she knew. Julia didn't let on that it was David but did hint to Di that she herself was surprised of who it was that she had ended up in bed with which left Di wondering who it could be.

Adam, hospitalized in the mental ward in restraints thanks to Krystal, was not amused when Krystal towered over him taunting and teasing him about various things. She told him that JR and Babe went off to the islands with Little Adam and that they would be gone a long, long time. She went on to suggest that they may even tie the knot again. His mood further soured when in walked Palmer ... camera in hand. Palmer took pictures of Adam in his restraints to show to the board members of Chandler Enterprises hoping to oust him and convince the board members that Adam was crazy. Krystal and Palmer boasted in front of Adam about how great a team they would make taking over Chandler Enterprises together. Krystal suggested they would change the name of Chandler Enterprises to "Krystal with a K" Enterprises -- or KWAK! After Palmer and Krystal took more pictures, Joe entered just in time to catch the ruckus and immediately accused them all of abusing the hospital facilities. He told them that they can all take their little squabbles back to their mansions and leave the rest of them in peace. He then untied Adam and told them all that he expected them off the hospital premises within five minutes or that they would to meet up with his security team. After Palmer and Joe left the room, Adam told Krystal to be prepared for his "return volley."

Kendall, hospitalized herself since she started "spotting", fears the worst for her unborn baby. As she waits to get news of the test results that Dr. Madden is running, she explains to Zach how she can't explain her protective maternal feelings for the welfare of her baby as she never expected to feel them. She worries that she is going to lose the baby because of something she might have done that will cause a miscarriage. Ryan dropped in unexpectedly and wanted to know what had happened to Kendall. Kendall asked Zach if she could speak to Ryan alone, Zach excused himself to the cafeteria. Kendall went on to tell Ryan of her unexpected maternal feeling for their baby and they shared some positive thoughts together. Dr. Madden reappeared to give them good news ... the baby appeared to be doing well. Later, Dr. Madden approached Zach and informed him that he was pretty sure that Kendall and the baby were going to be just fine but, just as a precaution, they should not make love for a while until he is absolutely certain that things were going to be okay with Kendall and the baby.

Aidan, Ryan and Erin tried to convince Jonathan that they believed he was not responsible for Di's plunge into the icy water. Later, Tad and Aidan discussed whether or not they thought Jonathan was responsible for Di's accident. They both came to the conclusion that they didn't think it was Jonathan. Aidan offered that he thought a more likely suspect was Amanda. Jamie approached them and said that Amanda had left her job about the same time and had plenty of time to push Di into the icy water. He also told them about overhearing Amanda threatening Di in her room and that Amanda genuinely hated Di. Jamie told them that he would try to get into Amanda's head and try to find out if she was in fact responsible. Tad told him that Amanda's head wasn't a very safe place to be and not to stay too long. Jamie told them that if anybody was going to nail Amanda for trying to hurt Di, Little Adam and Babe, that it was going to be him. Tad told him his mother (Brooke) would be proud and pointed out that he would tell her himself but that it was strange he hadn't been able to locate her since he saw her at the hospital the prior evening. A few minutes later a nurse was holding a pair of boots that were found by the elevator and, not knowing that they belonged to Brooke, asked another nurse to take them to the lost and found.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Babe wakes JR at their island retreat, hoping to continue forging the connection they recently rediscovered. Instead, JR tells her that she can't possibly believe that getting together again would work. Babe is amazed that even though they are in a gorgeous locale with their son, JR can still find a way to be cold to her. JR tells her that things have sped up so fast between them, and he doesn't have any reason to believe that she isn't trying to con him again. He questions why they are there, and Babe tells him that she is going to give him exactly what he deserves. JR wastes no time in running down a list of horrible things she could do to him, but Babe cuts him off. She tells him that her motivation might be something other than sex or revenge - something like love, hope, and fear. JR doesn't buy it, and mocks the reality she tries to create for them. Having had enough, Babe tells him that she is booking her own room, and that she will spend the mornings with their son, while he has the afternoons. Further, she tells him that if the only thing he plans to do is mock her, she would rather not speak to him for the duration of their vacation.

On the beach, Babe plays with her son and helps him build a sand castle. JR approaches, holding a covered tray, presumably with breakfast underneath. Babe halfheartedly tries to blow him off, but JR admits that he had been unnecessarily rude earlier. JR plants himself in the sand and they use their son to have a conversation that will get them back to good. He then asks if she booked her own room. She admits that she did, and he asks her to cancel it. She wants to know why and he simply says that he wants her to wake up next to him.

Erin and Aidan take turns playfully teasing each other for a moment before Aidan asks her out to dinner. Obviously delighted, Erin says that since Jonathan's class is over soon, she will let him decide what will be on the menu. Aidan thinks that Erin is trying to tell him that she isn't interested, but she clarifies and says that she doesn't date in a traditional sense, where there is an expectation of something couple-like afterward. Aidan thinks that while that's a heavy load, it's also a fair assessment. She then asks if he wants to reconsider the invite. Sidestepping her question, Aidan notes that the man who turned her off to dating wasn't a very good man at all. She starts on a mini-rant about the culprit, and Aidan quickly figures out that she is referring to her father. She tells him that years of watching her parents' miserable relationship provided enough reason for her to remove dating as an option. Aidan decides to look at the situation as a case, the objective being to find out what could make Erin want to see the up side of dating. She doesn't think there is an answer, and walks off the find her brother. He is only alone for a minute, as an orderly soon approaches him with a pair of shoes. He asks Aidan if he knows who the owner of the pair is, but Aidan is forced to tell him that he has no idea.

In the Life Skills class, Jonathan questions Julia about personal space in regards to making people not afraid of him. She gives him a ready answer, and in turn unknowingly encourages Lily to broach the subject of her own: how to conduct herself so that boys will know she isn't ready to have sex. Lily explains that she has analyzed all of the data related to sex, and she knows that it's not something she wants to do. She also knows this means that she will probably never get married like normal people. Both Julia and Jonathan assure her that her decisions do not make her weird. Jonathan goes on to tell her that while he'd had sex plenty of times, and while it was fun, it did nothing to make him more normal, and it didn't fix what was wrong in his life. Julia takes this opportunity to introduce a new topic: just how much personal information is okay to share. They merge into discussing the rules of love, and how more often than not, people don't follow any particular order. Ryan and Greenlee, and Kendall and Zach are mentioned by Lily and Jonathan as examples. Lily then asks Julia if anyone follows the rules. Uncomfortable for a moment, Julia manages to eke out an acceptable answer: that sometimes people just follow their hearts. Julia tells the group that she wishes there was a book that everyone could read with all of the answers, but sadly, one doesn't exist. She concludes the group for the day, telling them that their homework is to say something they wouldn't normally say to someone they wouldn't normally say it to. She reminds them to always be kind, honest and respectful of boundaries. As the group disbands, Jonathan blurts out a surprising question for Lily: he asks her to be his girlfriend. He says he will understand if she said no, but she tells him that she doesn't understand why he wants her to fill that role for him. She cites her failed experiences with Aidan and Sam, but Jonathan doesn't care. He tells her that she is smart, beautiful and that he is just happy when he can look at her hair. He also tells her that it made him feel good when she made up her mind all by herself about the good person he is now. She reminds him that boyfriends and girlfriends spend time together, and that her father doesn't want her anywhere near him - so it could never work. She then glimpses her father through the window in the door, and tells Jonathan to quickly hide. He does so, with only seconds to spare before Jack enters the area. He asks if she is ready to go home, but she tells him that a classmate has a question that they need help with, and she gives him a revised schedule for arriving home. Jack is pleased that she is reaching out again and making friends, noting that he wants her to be happy more than anything in the world. He leaves then, and Jonathan comes out of hiding. He thinks that he did something wrong and is confused when Lily says yes. She then clarifies by saying that she will be his girlfriend. He asks her how it would work since Jack hates him, but Lily repeats Jack's sentiment about wanting her happy - which implied to her that he wants that more than he doesn't want them to be together. She also cites Erica's distaste for Zach as a model for them, and how they could survive against the odds.

Ryan shows up at the Cambias offices, and Ethan informs him that he has an exciting offer that he can't refuse. Ryan tells Ethan that Kendall has decided to keep the baby, and that he will stay in Pine Valley to support both of them. Ryan also fills him in about the new union of love between Ethan's father and former lover/stepmother. Taken slightly aback, the two exes discuss what Kendall needs in a relationship, and how horribly hurt she will be in the end because Zach won't be able to fulfill those needs. Ryan admits that he is on to Zach's game of pushing his buttons so that Ryan will lob a punch at him, thus proving to Kendall that he hasn't changed. Ryan is willing to resist the urge for now, but notes that if Zach hurts Kendall - all bets are off. While Ethan finds the scenario slightly amusing, he proposes a different tack, a legal one - and one that would be more fun for them and would inflict more pain on Zach. Ethan offers Ryan a partnership at Cambias and tries to get Ryan on board as a way to stick it to Zach, but Ryan won't go down like that. Ethan reminds him that the job would make him rich - and this sits well with Ryan now that he has Jonathan to take care of and a baby on the way. Ethan promises that he will deal with all the boring things - stuffed shirts and contracts - while Ryan can handle all of the hot action that will put Cambias on the map. Ryan briefly considers this before agreeing. Simone walks in at this moment and, thinking that she knows what's going on, she starts to prattle on about ideas for the wedding and assumes that Ryan is the best man. Ryan maintains a confused look on his face until Ethan, an amused look on his own, tells him that he and Simone are engaged. Ryan faces dissolves into a happy expression, and he notes that he should have been able to guess. Simone then stops short, wondering what Ryan agreed to if he didn't already know about the wedding. They quickly fill her in on the change in personnel at the head of the company, and Simone immediately sees through her fiancé's actions. They try to tell her that it's to provide security for Kendall and the baby. Simone calls Ethan out on his true intentions, and realizing that he couldn't possibly pull the wool over her eyes, Ethan lets his latest idea of revenge go. They chat for a little while longer, but when Simone brings up the wedding again, Ryan takes that as his cue to leave. He congratulates her on the engagement and tells Ethan that they'll talk more later. Once alone with his fiancée, Ethan reveals that he finally got Simone a real engagement ring.

Zach shows up at Kendall's hospital room to spring her. Although she is more than ready to go, Zach takes a moment to revisit why PVH is "their place". He reminds her of how he showed up after the fire, and told her while she slept that he loved her. She tells him that she heard him then - but she also heard Dr. Madden more recently. With them both knowing that they aren't allowed to make love until the good doctor gives them the all clear, Kendall wants to know where that leaves them. They coyly dance around how difficult the coming months will be, but Zach finally tells her that they have already made love - with their romantic night, the candles, the wishes. Although he admits that his need to make love to her is more than strong, he also knows that it will be worth the wait. Trying to hide her embarrassment at his openly wanting gaze, she breaks eye contact with him several times before agreeing wholeheartedly. Shortly thereafter, as he helps her into her coat, Zach reminds Kendall of some upcoming appointments. He tells her that appointments will be much easier to keep track of once she moves into the casino. Suddenly irritated, she tells Zach that while his actions are insanely loving, they aren't working for her. Zach tells her that the doctor said that she needed to take it easy, but she retorts that his directives don't equal bed rest. She tells him with all of the changes in her life in the past two months - losing her best friend, having a business marriage and the idea of carrying someone else's child is now not being able to make love to the man she is in love with and having her own baby - is more than enough to deal with. She admits that she just wants to keep things as they are for a while...and enjoy what they now share.

Later, Pine Valley's latest lovebirds show up at Casa Kendall and she finds that Zach has filled the place with white roses. She is awestruck at the gesture and rewards him by confessing her love once again. He does the same, and then announces that he needs to bring his toothbrush over. Kendall isn't sure she wants that, but he notes that if she thinks he is so amazing, she should want to be around him all the time. She admits that she does, but also says that cohabitation is a completely different thing. Zach tells her that he is simply going to crash on her couch as a way to be as close to her as he can. She realizes that he wants to protect her from Ryan, and tells him that he doesn't need to. She knows he doesn't trust Ryan, but Zach knows that she does - and that's what worries him. Zach sees it as Ryan had it all, and still went over the edge. Now that he has drastically less and Kendall is carrying his baby, Zach feels he has a right to be concerned.

Del accompanies Opal on her rounds with the book cart at the hospital. She thinks that as a big-time writer, he must be bored with such a menial task. Del tells her that the experience (and the stories she tells) are exactly what he needs for his book. Delighted, she tells him to stick with her, because she has plenty of other stories ready to tell.

A few moments later, Erin runs into Del in another hallway in the hospital. He asks if she'd seen a tall, red-headed woman pushing a cart. Erin regretfully tells him no, and continues on her way. Del wonders aloud if he'd been ditched. He makes his way out to one of the nurses' stations and asks an attending if he'd seen Opal. He hadn't and he takes off with chart in hand. As the attending makes his way down the hall, he unknowingly passes a pair of shoes that had been tossed to the side.

Janet pushes an unconscious Opal through a darkened hospital hallway on a gurney.

At the same moment, Anita approaches Aidan, having not seen him since she left for California with Maria. He asks if she got his messages, and she admits as much, but tells him that she didn't call back because she didn't know what to say. Aidan thinks that various holiday greetings, or even a simple hello, would have sufficed - unless she had something more to tell him. She explains that she never thought that she would be able to trust another guy after Bobby, but that Aidan changed that. She thanks him for all he did to save her from herself, and notes that when she met him - she wasn't ready. She thinks that the opportunity has now passed both of them by, and they are both okay with going back to being friends. He wishes her a happy new year, and they hug before she takes her leave. He then turns to find that Erin had come back and had witnessed his reunion with Anita. She immediately launches into how she is a blathering egomaniac and says that next time, she won't wait outside for Jonathan's class to conclude - she'll go in with him and try to learn a thing or two. She goes on about how he couldn't have possibly asked her out in a dating way since he has a girlfriend. He lets her ramble on for a few moments before informing her that Anita is his ex. He also points out that since she didn't assault him, that must mean that he's not half-bad as far as guys go. He then tells her that he respects her dating policy, which she seems slightly deflated by. He goes on to say that he does, however, reserve the right to make a policy change, if there are no objections. Much happier with that comment, Erin happily agrees.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Amanda videotapes herself promising to be a brand new person at New Beginnings, but Jamie walks in and gives her a kiss. From another room, Josh watches the scene unfold. Amanda turns off the camera and tells Jamie she was making a tape for him as a token of her appreciation. When Jamie asks if work is keeping her busy, she begins to think he suspects she did something wrong. Jamie says no, he just is staring at her because she is so beautiful. Josh walks in and tells Amanda it's a good thing she snagged a rich man because she's fired. Amanda begs for her job, but Jamie tells Josh not to let his power trip get to her. Amanda asks Jamie to wait outside while she talks to Josh. Once Jamie is gone, Amanda tells Josh she loves her job and needs one more chance. Josh points out all of Amanda's screw-ups, but decides to rehire her. When Josh asks Amanda if she called an important executive for Erica, Amanda tells him she did not. Josh claims he asked Amanda to call over an hour ago, but she does not remember that. Amanda asks if she still has her job and pretends to make the call himself. Amanda walks out and tells Jamie she did not lose her job, but forgot to make the important call. Amanda says she usually knows when the blackouts come, but what if she had one and didn't remember. She could have done some horrible things without knowing. Amanda tells him her last blackout was on Jan. 6 when she was at work and then ended up in the park. Jamie tells her about what happened to Di, but Amanda claims she could not have done that. Josh tells Amanda to take the rest of the day off.

Erica, Jackson and Tad go to the hospital where Erica tells them that Greg terminated her pregnancy when she and Tad's brother, Jeff, were married. Erica tells them Greg thought it would be best if she did not know because the issue is so sensitive. Now, she thinks Greg got Kendall pregnant with Ryan's child as some part of sick plan. Jackson tells them that he does not have any evidence to put Greg behind bars because the procedures were both legal. Erica wants to continue investigating Greg, but Jackson and Tad think she should let them handle it. Greg walks in and defends his choices then asks about Josh. Erica promises not to punish Josh because of their past, but Greg says she needs to know something about his son. Erica does not hear Greg out and walks away with Jackson following. Tad tells Greg that he will find something that will send Greg to court before Greg leaves. Thinking back on past experiences with Greg, Tad says something is impossible. Erica goes back to the office where she finds Josh talking with the executive producer, Jessie.

Ryan goes back to the home he once shared with Greenlee, with Kendall following behind. Ryan tells Kendall that although Greenlee's personal belonging are still around, but it does not make her absence any easier. Kendall admits she wants to call Greenlee sometimes too then blurts out she is going to have the child without Ryan. She insists that she would prefer to have the baby alone. Ryan thinks Zach has gotten to Kendall, but she tells him he had nothing to do with it. Kendall tells Ryan he can be there for the child after he is born, but now, he should go try to find Greenlee. Ryan reminds Kendall that although time has passed, Greenlee still would not want him to be in her life anymore. Ryan begins harping on how bad Zach is and does not think Kendall should be around him. Kendall tells Ryan that he has hurt people he is close to also, but she is happy with Zach. When Ryan and Greenlee got together, Kendall says she never thought they would be happy, but in the end, they were. She asks him not to ruin what he and Zach have, the way she tried to wreck he and Greenlee's marriage. Ryan agrees to back off and Kendall finds a scarf in the couch that Greenlee took from her. Ryan jokes that Greenlee used to wear it all the time. He and Kendall share a moment of sadness for Greenlee. Ryan tells Kendall that he wanted a night alone before his siblings move in, but Kendall offers to stay with him.

Adam calls JR and tells him that Babe is setting him up, so he needs to come back home with his son immediately. JR tells his father is exactly where he wants to be and hangs up on his father. Babe comes to the beach to join JR with a surprise, but makes him apologize for being grumpy that morning before he can get the gift. Babe pulls out a tent, his surprise, for JR to put together so they and their son do not fry in the heat. Babe reads the instructions out loud, but JR is already working to put the tent together. After it is put together and the pair is underneath, it topples down and they share a kiss. In a moment of happiness, Babe asks JR to marry her.

Jonathan walks outside the hospital where he is tracked down by Janet. Janet tells him that their secret of Jonathan's supposedly bad deeds is just getting better and better. Jonathan reminds her he did not push Di, but saved her instead. Janet pulls out her telephone and takes a picture of Jonathan because he is her "new friend." Jonathan gets nervous and walks away as Janet looks at her evil twin through a mirror on a truck. The twin tells Janet that involving Jonathan in her schemes is a mistake, but Janet thinks it will take the heat off Amanda. Janet gets in the truck and starts the engine.

Krystal walks in as Adam tries to reach JR again, but he gets no answer. Adam tells Krystal she will never get control of his business and Babe will never get her claws into JR. Krystal disagrees, thinking that JR and Babe might be walking down the aisle soon. Adam offers Krystal a very hot and strong cup of tea, but she thinks he might have drugged it. When she gets up from the chair, a heavy sandbag falls down in the place she was sitting. Krystal gets upset at Adam's prank because his prank could have hurt her, but then realizes Adam is getting desperate and scared he will lose everything to her. Krystal tells Adam that she has drawn up a will, and in it, she has given her half of the money to Babe. Adam kicks over the chair with the sandbag. When Krystal goes looking for Adam, she can't find him. His shoes are outside the door, just what happened to Joe, Brooke and Opal. Palmer goes to see Krystal to let him know about the sandbag issue. Palmer tells Krystal to divorce Adam and take a huge settlement. He even offers to marry her after divorcing Adam, but he has been kidnapped by Janet. Krystal thinks Palmer wants to marry her to stick it to Adam, but he says he truly has feelings for her. Janet lugs Adam into the back of the truck with an unconscious Brooke, Joe and Opal.



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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