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Zach was not pleased to learn that Ryan was back at Cambias Enterprises. Ryan told Kendall that he wanted his legal rights to his child reinstated. Tad admitted that he had feelings for Di, although he still couldn't forgive her. Tad, Jamie, and JR suspected the worst about Jonathan.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 16, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ryan thanks Kendall when she offers to keep him company on his first night back in the apartment he shared with Greenlee. When confesses that he is still having a difficult time dealing with Greenlee's absence, Kendall admits that she misses Greenlee as well. While Kendall disappears to the kitchen, Ryan answers a knock at the door. Hoping to cheer Ryan up, Julia decided to stop by and invite him out for a night on the town. Ryan tries to explain that he can't go out but Julia refuses to hear any excuses and pulls out a pair of handcuffs which she threatens to use on him if he doesn't cooperate. Just then Kendall emerges from the kitchen with a tray of hot chocolate. She is less than pleased to see Julia standing in the living room and takes the opportunity to fling a few insults at her before Julia decides to leave. Alone with Ryan, Kendall tries her best to discredit Julia but Ryan will have none of it. He reminds her that she made it clear that he is not permitted to comment on her relationship with Zach so she doesn't have the right to judge his with Julia. Ryan insists that he and Julia are only friends and that he enjoys her company because she understands what he's going through. Frustrated with Ryan's stubbornness in regards to Julia, Kendall gathers up her things and leaves in a fit of anger. After Kendall's departure, Julia knocks on Ryan's door once again. She explains that she waited for Kendall to leave so that she could apologize for interrupting their evening. Ryan accepts the apology and tells her that it doesn't matter how Kendall and Julia feel about each other as long as they don't ask him to choose between them. He then asks Julia why Kendall and Julia feel so much animosity for each other. Julia explains that they never really got along. She speculates that for Kendall the big kiss off was when Julia dragged Zach into the whole dragon mess while for Julia it was when Kendall ratted her out to the police. Later, as Julia is leaving, she tells Ryan he can call her any time he feels the need to talk. He gives her the same open invitation.

Zach tracks Anita down at the hospital to ask her for help. He wants to avoid Kendall going through a similar scare as she did the other day. Anita offers to get him the name of someone in obstetrics whom he can talk to and some pamphlets but beyond that she can't help him. Later, Kendall arrives home still upset about Ryan's involvement with Julia. Zach tells her to stop and pulls her into his arms. After a brief hug, Zach picks Kendall up and carries her to bed where they kiss. After Kendall changes into a nightgown and returns to bed, she asks Zach if he's ok with them not being able to make love. Zach assures her that holding her is enough for him.

At Di's request, Tad pays her a visit in the hospital. When Di tells him that she doesn't expect him to forgive her, Tad begins laughing. He feels that she doesn't have the right to have a say in whether or not he forgives her. When he wonders if a man can fall in love with someone he hasn't forgiven, Di weighs in with her opinion. She doesn't think he can but he can certainly have an affair with her. Tad is a bit taken aback. He admits that she was right about his feelings having nothing to do with Dixie. He goes on to tell her that he hasn't yet sorted out what his feelings are but he wants her in her life. After a brief kiss, Tad leaves Di's room. Anita stops him outside of Di's hospital room door, asking if he has any idea how to contact Joe. Tad suggests she call his service which Anita has already done without success. Tad speculates that Joe might have gone ice fishing which would mean that his cell phone may not have reception. Tad is certain that Joe will surface soon and tells Anita not to worry.

Erica is surprised when she walks into her office and learns that Josh is her new co-host. She is less than pleased at the news and tells Jesse, the network executive, that she has absolutely no intention of adding a co-host to her show. Jesse tries to convince Erica to change her mind but she refuses to be swayed, reminding him that it's her show and she has complete creative control. Josh, realizing Erica won't be forced into accepting him as a co-host does damage control by turning down the offer of co-host and backing up Erica's decision. Jesse reluctantly accepts but before he leaves he turns to Josh and warns him never to talk the way that he did to a network exec again. Alone, Josh notes that Erica appears unhappy. Erica turns to Josh and asks him to check closely and tell her if she's been stabbed in the back. Josh looks surprised and asks her what gave her the idea he had backstabbed her. Erica points out that twice now she was walked into her office to find him ensconced with a network executive. Josh does his best to convince Erica that she is misinterpreting things but to no avail. Erica stubbornly refuses that Josh hasn't been undermining her in order to further his own personal agenda. Realizing that Erica can't be convinced, Josh offers to resign. When Erica doesn't refuse the offer, Josh quickly changes tactics. As he's walking out of the door, he stops and asks Erica if he can ask her one more question. At Erica's prompt, he ask her if her hatred for his father spilled over onto him. Erica is offended at the suggestion. She tells him that she is having a difficult time connecting what happened with Josh and Jesse and Erica's feelings for Greg. Josh explains that Greg's obsession for Erica may have prompted Greg to plant the seeds of doubt in Erica by suggesting that Josh is trying to professionally stab Erica in the back. Josh's ploy works. Erica ends up giving Josh a second chance to work for her.

JR tries to ignore Babe's proposal of marriage by suggesting they go for a swim. Babe refuses to let JR off the hook so easily. She insists on getting an answer forcing JR to admit that while he wants to sleep with her, he isn't interested in marriage. Babe is hurt by his rejection. Before things disintegrate completely, they decide to pretend like the proposal never happened and pick up their enjoyable evening where it left off. Later, during a beach party, JR has a change of heart. Babe is overjoyed when JR not only asks her to marry him but suggests that they do it that very night. As they kiss, Winifred interrupts them with an urgent telegraph. She tells them that Adam is missing and when she called home, Lucretia told her that both Krystal and Adam have disappeared. Worried, they all rush to the hotel to prepare to leave for home.

Krystal doesn't take Palmer's proposal of marriage seriously and is saved having to explain herself when Marian walks in, concerned because Opal has apparently disappeared. Palmer is unconcerned but Krystal realizes that Marian is truly concerned. After Marian tells them that she hasn't heard from Opal or has been able to reach her on her cell phone, Krystal suggests that Palmer contact the police. He reminds Krystal that he doesn't have the right to do so as her ex-husband and then makes it clear that he couldn't care less where Opal was. Marian is disgusted with Palmer's attitude and points out that not even Petey has heard from Opal. Palmer is certain that Opal is somewhere gossiping but Marian insists that something is wrong. Realizing Marian isn't going to let Opal's disappearance go, Palmer decides to leave. As he reaches the door, he turns to Krystal and asks her to reconsider his proposal. Marian quickly realizes he is talking about a marriage proposal and tells him to stop embarrassing himself. As she follows Palmer out the door, Marian takes a moment to offer Krystal some advice. She tells her to cool it and get her act together. After both are gone, Krystal starts to turn to go back inside but spots Adam's shoes on the front stoop. She picks them up and calls out to Adam thinking he's somewhere in the house but he doesn't answer. Later, Krystal is unconscious as Janet rolls her into the trailer of a truck. Beside Krystal are Brooke, Adam, Opal and Joe, all of whom appear to be unconscious as well. After Janet locks the trailer, she climbs into the cab of the truck and drives away.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Julia went to Cambias Enterprises to warn Ryan that his life may be in danger. He guessed that she was referring to Zach. He told Julia that he could handle anything Zach dished out. Ryan asked Julia what he thought he should do. He said he was staying in Pine Valley and would enjoy the fight. Ryan asked Julia when she got to bed and she said she took a power nap and a pot of coffee. Julia said someone was after her too and if she nodded off too long, she would be gone. She said that whenever she closed her eyes, she relived the shooting that put her and Noah in the WPP. She told Ryan that she was alone and exhausted. Julia left and Zach came.

Erin and Jonathan returned to the penthouse. Erin left to get the rest of their stuff from the Pine Cone and Janet showed up at the door dressed as a police officer. Jonathan wanted to know who Janet was and why she kept showing up. She said she was his imaginary friend and he said he knew that she was very real. Janet asked Jonathan if owned a truck. He said no, but she then showed Jonathan the photo she took of him in front of the truck. Quoting from "Cool Hand Luke" she said, "What we have here, is a failure to communicate." Jonathan repeated the good deeds he had done since his return, and Janet told him she knew where he had stashed the people he kidnapped . Janet asked what his next move was going to be and what he was going to do with the bodies. When Erin returned, Jonathan was very freaked out. Erin asked what happened and Jonathan said nothing. He assured Erin he was fine and took her bags upstairs.

Zach brought Kendall breakfast in bed. He handed her the newspaper and she saw the front page article that stated Ryan had joined Cambias. Zach said he had to go to work but Kendall wanted to know if he was going after Ryan. Kendall explained that Ryan stayed in PV for her and he needed something to occupy his time. Zach told her that it wasn't business, it was personal. Kendall tried to assure Zach that Ryan had nothing to do with them and nothing should get in their way. She said that she went to Ryan's penthouse last night and he promised to stay away. Zach's phone rang and he left the bedroom to answer. It was a very mysterious call. He told Kendall he had to go and to call if she needed him. Julia showed up at Kendall's door.

Tad went to the hospital as Di was packing her things. She asked him why he came back. She told him that she wasn't holding him to what he said. Tad told her that J.R. had stopped by too. He said that he wanted to make it work. He said he couldn't give any guarantees and then Del came in and said he guaranteed that he was going to stay away from his sister. Del then asked Tad what he said to Opal to make her stay away from him. Del said she had gone missing. Tad said that Del and Opal spending time together was disgusting. Tad then told Del that he was going to leave he, Di and Opal and Opal's money alone.

J.R. and Babe raced back the mansion only to realize that Krystal and Adam were still missing. J.R. and Babe both accused the other's parent of setting up the whole disappearance. They finally realized that it was no set-up, but a kidnapping. The doorbell rang and Tad and Di were there. Di thanked J.R. for stopping by the hospital and J.R. told her he didn't care about her, in fact he had hoped that she died. Babe asked where her mama could be and Tad said that maybe they left together and Babe said that he mama wouldn't leave without telling her.

In the back of the truck, Janet's hostages were beginning to awaken. Adam came to first and pondered how much he had to drink. Brooke then awoke and wondered if she was in the basement. Joe, Opal and Krystal came around and Opal demanded that Krystal give back her shoes. Krystal accused Adam of setting up the whole thing and told him to tell his goons to open the truck. Brooke found a box of goodies left for them so they wouldn't starve. They realized that their cell phones were gone. The ladies beat on the truck and screamed to attract attention, but to no avail. Opal was going to drink the punch left for them, but Joe and Brooke warned her not to drink it. Krystal took a sip and nothing happened. They tried to figure out what the common thread was. They considered David as the culprit, then perhaps Erica or even Billy Clyde Tuggle. Krystal told Opal that Palmer had proposed and Opal did not take the news well. Joe got Opal off Krystal and Opal said that Palmer's fortune couldn't be touched. Adam said that he would be happy to step aside for Palmer so he could reclaim Brooke who said, never. Joe heard a noise and Janet was outside the truck with a hose. She poked the hose inside the truck and turned the nozzle on a tank full of "fun" gas (Janet's word).

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Julia stopped by Kendall's to speak to her about Ryan. Julia offered some advice to Kendall to either pick Zach or Ryan because she said that she didn't want Kendall's baby to have any undue stress. She went on to tell Kendall that she needed to limit the arguing between Zach and Ryan for the baby's sake. Kendall realized that Julia is falling for Ryan telling Julia that is was "cute, you with a crush." Kendall told Julia that Ryan and Zach had minds of their own and that she could not keep them from fighting. As the two girls argued over Ryan and Zach, Ryan listened from outside the door. Just then Kendall began having cramps and Ryan barged in to her aid. Julia questioned Kendall as to what she had eaten that day and then offered that it was heart burn and nothing more and to take some antacid which Ryan promptly brought her. After Julia left, Ryan questioned Kendall on who was going to raise their child. Kendall told him that she would need more antacid to discuss that right then. She asked him what he wanted from her to which he responded, "I want you to marry me."

Zach stopped by Cambias Enterprises only to see Ryan back at work. Ryan told Zach that Zach would never have anything to do with his baby. Zach offered that Ryan should let his son be raised by anyone but him and asked him where he got off by having Maria fight his battles. When Ryan insisted he didn't know anything about Maria calling Zach, Ethan entered and took credit for instigating the telephone call to Maria as well as convincing Ryan to come back to Cambias Enterprises after offering him a really big bonus. Zach insisted that Ryan was using Ethan to get to him. Ethan told Zach that the reason he got Maria involved was because, "I didn't have a choice. You have come between the lives of too many children and parents." Ethan went on to blame Zach for breaking up him and Kendall and told him that he would not let Zach do that to Ryan and Kendall. Zach asked him when he and Ryan became such good friends. Ethan informed him that there was nothing left for Zach there and to see himself out.

When Jamie tried to leave his apartment to go over to the Chandler Mansion after being summoned by his Dad, Amanda insisted she go with him. Jamie reminded her that she is not welcome there. Amanda went on to blame JR of just wanting to get Jamie away from her. She continued on to tell Jamie that JR and Babe hate her. Jamie promised Amanda he would come back but told her he would have to leave before he could come back. After Jamie left, Myrtle showed up to visit with Amanda. She asked Amanda if she could rent her room at the boarding house as somebody was interested in it. Amanda asked if she could hold onto it for a little while longer, just until she was sure about her future. She went on to share with Myrtle her budding love for Jamie and sought her advice on what she should do to keep him. Myrtle told her that she needed to be herself. Janet then came by to visit with Amanda and brought her some new earrings. Myrtle noticed that they matched the ones Janet was currently wearing and brought it to Amanda's attention. Amanda said that maybe she didn't want to "match" her mother. After Myrtle left Amanda apologized for her comment and tried to explain to her mother that she did not mean it the way it sounded to which Janet responded, "Are you ashamed of me?" Amanda did her best to reassure her mother that she didn't think she was a nut job. She told her that she thought she was great for how much she worries about her and tries to help her. Janet told her she wouldn't do all these things to help her if she didn't love her wherein Amanda questioned her mother as to what she had done for her.

At the Chandler Mansion, Babe, JR, Tad, Di, and Palmer put their heads together to try to figure out where their missing loved ones were. They all finally came to the conclusion that somebody kidnapped them. They tried to figure out what the connection is between all of the people who were missing. Amanda came to mind as a possible suspect but Tad thought that it would have to have been somebody that could lift more weight than Amanda. Jamie also doubted that Amanda was responsible for this particular incident, he nonetheless promised to get information of their family member's whereabouts out of Amanda if in fact she had something to do with their disappearance. Tad then called Derek and asked him to put out an APB on the missing people. Tad then left (with Di in tow) to go "pay somebody a visit" which turned out to be Jonathan. Palmer also left to go make sure some spaceship hadn't taken off with Opal muttering that they may have sucked her up after all. JR and Babe stayed behind in case one of the missing people checked in.

Meanwhile, in the back of an enclosed metal semi-truck trailer, Opal, Brooke, Adam, Joe, and Krystal wake up side-by-side together without their shoes and wondered how they got there and where "there" was. While they are trying to figure out what is going on Brooked smelled a sweet-smelling fragrance which they figured out to be some kind of gas. With this knowledge they all thought that their lives were going to soon come to an end. Outside, Janet from another Planet was giggling as she turned up the level of the gas (nitrogen oxide). The prisoners began frantically banging on the truck to get attention. Soon all of the prisoners begin giggling uncontrollably over small things, with the exception of Adam who was more somber. Opal asked Brooke if they were still alive. Brooke responded with, "I hope so because if we're not and we are with him (pointing to Adam), we are in hell!" Everyone chimed in with laughter at Adam's expense. Brooke and Krystal bonded over some snacks that had been provided for them and discussed the things they had in common ... Adam and Tad! They agreed that Tad was very good in the sack. Brooke asked Krystal if she knew that Adam seduced Dixie when she was helping run their house and then tried to convince Brooke to adopt their baby and that is when Adam put Dixie in the insane asylum." Krystal told Brooke that she was sorry that Brooke had been married to him at which Brooke replied, "I am sorry that you still are!" Adam sat down next to them and suggested a threesome. Meanwhile Opal was admiring Joe's hands insisting that they were so nice and soft and his cuticles were so healthy "not like the claws some people sport and call it class," glancing wryly toward Adam.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tad and Di stop by and visit Jonathan at the penthouse under the guise of Di giving him a gift, thanking him again for saving her life. He invites them in, only to hear that Adam Chandler was talking about him, saying that Jonathan hadn't changed since his surgery. The tone in Jonathan's voice changes, as he notes that neither Adam nor his son should talk, as they are the bad ones. Tad informs him that Adam is someone that he always tries to steer clear of, and tells Jonathan that maybe he should adopt the same policy. Then, as Jonathan opens his gift, Tad introduces the idea of an interview with Brooke on his heroics as a way to find out if he knew who Brooke was. Jonathan denies any knowledge and enjoys his new gift, unaware. Next, Di tells him that she is starting to remember what happened at the lake, and that she was beginning to think it wasn't an accident. As he listens, Jonathan's face darkens. He starts to think they are implying that he is really the culprit rather than the hero, and he asks them to leave. Although they try to explain that they were really just trying to jog Di's memory, Jonathan remains highly agitated and practically pushes them out the door. Tad manages to give Jonathan his card before leaving, telling him that he can call any time if he thinks of anything. Once alone in the penthouse, Jonathan flashes back to Janet's visit, where she suggested that they didn't get all of his tumor, and that he is responsible for all of the bad things that have been happening. Then, Erin comes home, toting a bag of groceries. Still needing time to sort through everything, he tells her that he is going for a walk and quickly exits.

Di and Tad make their way to the park to try to figure out what Jonathan's reaction could mean. They believe that either he is guilty, or he is upset because everyone thinks he is guilty. Tad thinks that there may be something he is overlooking that connects Joe, Brooke, Opal, Adam and Krystal to each other. Just then, Aidan calls and confirms that his mother, father and ex-wife were all taken from the hospital - their cars are all still there, and that's where their shoes were found. Unfortunately, Aidan reports that nothing shady was caught on camera. Tad ends the phone call and shares the information with Di. They try to think of someone who could be the culprit. Di thinks it could be Dr. Madden, especially because he had been researching the Martin family. Tad agrees that it's a possibility, but notes that his gut tells him no. He thinks that the guilty party was organized - and insanely so. Di offers David Hayward up as another alternative. Tad admits that while David is smart enough to pull something like this off, there are several things - among them, not wanting to torture his daughter by kidnapping her mother - that make David an imperfect fit at best. Tad thinks a bit more, and then remembers that his father has the same kind of cell phone - and that they both have a GPS feature. He calls the company and explains who he is, what he wants, and that it's an emergency. He confirms that they will call him back on his cell once they get a location. Di then tries to get him to brainstorm some more, but before she gets very far, he drags her out of the park.

At the Chandler mansion, JR argues via phone with a detective in an effort to get an investigation started into the disappearance of his father and stepmother. After he abruptly ends the call, he turns to a worried Babe and tries to reassure her that the best people are working on the case, and that their parents will be found soon. Babe starts to go up and check on their son, but JR convinces her that it would be pointless. She relents and confesses that the worrying is sending her over the edge - especially because of the fact that besides her son, her mother is the only person she has. Tenderly, JR tells her that she has him too. Babe calls him on it, insisting that he is only saying that to calm her down. JR, almost pained by the admission, tells her that he loves her...that it's always there, even though his actions most of the time make it hard to believe. He then tells her that everything will work out - everyone will be found, and then they will run back to their island getaway so that they can get married. He believes they can have what they always wanted: them together, and in love. Guilt-ridden, Babe tries to convince JR that he doesn't want to make that kind of commitment to her. He tells her that he has seen her for who she really is: someone who believes in miracles so much that she will put her heart on the line time and time again in the hopes of getting just one. He then says that he wants to be the person to give that to her, and he believes that they can make it work. All he needs to know is that she is still willing to go on the journey with him. He goes on to say that he is really invested in the idea of having a family again, one where their son sees them getting along instead of forcing him to split his time between two feuding sides. Unable to take anymore, Babe interrupts him and says that she can't marry him without telling him the truth.

In the back of the truck, Adam and Krystal declare their love for one another, and seal it with a kiss. Opal takes notice and alerts Brooke and Joe by singing her own version of a kids' kissing jingle. After indulging in a few more moments of face time, Adam tells Krystal that they should go on a honeymoon, now that they are open and honest about their real feelings. Krystal thinks that the kids should decide since she thinks they should go on the honeymoon as well. Adam is a little befuddled at first, but finally gives it up to the old "if you can't beat them, join them" adage.

A short time later, the gas starts to wear off and Krystal and Adam break off mid-kiss, bewildered. The card players continue on merrily for a moment longer, and then start to realize that they'd been playing nonsensical games. Joe is able to inform the group that they had been the victims of laughing gas. Krystal swears that she didn't mean it when she told Adam she loved him. He shoots back that she did, and just didn't want to admit it. They all wonder again who would be crazy enough to subject them to such treatment.

Amanda begs her mother to confess anything that she may have done recently. Janet tells her that she does things for her every day, and that she will fill her in if she promises not to cry. She then completely avoids the subject, and instead starts discussing frivolous things like changing her hair color so that she can be more beautiful to Amanda. Dismayed, Amanda asks if her mother had been taking her medicine and getting her check ups. Janet refuses to confirm or deny Amanda's implication, choosing instead to gaze into the mirror. Although Amanda tries to drag her away, the frumpy reflection staring back warns Janet not to say much more, lest she clue her daughter in, thus helping herself back into jail. She lies to Amanda, telling her that the mirror no longer talks to her. Amanda tells her mother that a lot of weird things had been happening, and that she just wants Janet to be safe. Janet insists that she has always taken stellar care of herself, and then quickly notes that she needs to leave because of a flight leaving in an hour. Amanda, trying valiantly to hold back her tears, nods mutely as her mother hurries out of the apartment.

Jamie returns home and Amanda asks after where he'd been. He tells her that he saw his dad first, and found out that in addition to Krystal and Adam, his mother, grandmother and grandfather were also missing. After that, he tells her that he spent time with Aidan reviewing hospital security tapes. Horrified by the news, Amanda falls back into an old habit that helps calm her nerves: baking. She then notes that whoever kidnapped all of those people had to be crazy. Jamie appreciates her concern, and she tells him that she cares about him and hates seeing him so worried. Jamie then says that if it was just Adam, he would understand because he has made many enemies while obtaining his riches. The rest, however, don't make any sense. Amanda wastes no time in agreeing.

Tad shows up at his son's apartment, and Jamie asks if there have been any updates. Tad quickly tells him no, and stalks over to Amanda. He grabs her and tells her that he has hit a brick wall in his investigation - so if she knows anything or has any ideas about what is going on, she'd better confess.

Back in her secret hiding place at the warehouse, Janet plops down a gigantic container of oatmeal, much to the dismay of the reflection. She explains that it's her punishment for almost spilling the beans to Amanda. The reflection tells her that she hopes oatmeal is brain food because Janet needs some help figuring out the next step...unless there is something she already knows but hasn't shared. Completely dismayed, Janet admits that she doesn't have any ideas and then she picks up a toy model not unlike the truck her captives are housed in. She plunges it into the oatmeal, and after a split-second, she is aglow with inspiration.

Adam starts the blame game by insisting that the whole ordeal was masterminded by Krystal and Palmer. She dismantles his theory easily, but that doesn't ease the fighting. Then, they hear someone get into the cab of the truck, and they start to bang on the adjacent wall, begging to be let out. In the cab, Janet laughs quietly to herself. She starts the truck and drives off, singing about how her good fortune is their bad luck. She stops a short time later, and quickly exits the truck. She sees it sinking, which fills her with glee. Her unhappy passengers, realizing what is happening, start to scream again, begging once more to be let out.

Zach is sorting through his messages in his office when Julia shows up. She tells him that she is seeking the answer to one simple question: does he want Kendall's baby? Zach tells her that he wants what Kendall wants, but he knows that's not what Julia wanted to hear. She clarifies by saying that she wants to make sure that his bad feelings for Ryan wouldn't cause any problems - for anyone. Zach assures her that he is not a threat to Ryan unless Ryan positions himself as a threat to Zach, or to anyone Zach cares about. Julia asks if he'd like to up the ante to ensure calm waters. Zach assumes that he will need to participate somehow. Julia admits to as much, but says that for the moment, his job is just to convince Kendall that she is not the enemy.

Having just been proposed to by Ryan, Kendall tells him that she is not up for any mind games. Ryan tells her that since she is carrying his baby, it only makes sense for them to get married. Kendall blows it off as a joke and Ryan acquiesces, but he follows by saying that he needs her not to remarry Zach. Kendall reminds him that he has no say in her personal life, and Ryan agrees - but he also needs to make sure that any decision about the fate of their child will not be made without him. Kendall tries to reassure him that she would never make a move on that front without talking to him, but Ryan believes he has every reason to be worried. He briefly alights on betrayals of the past - how Kendall tried to expose him and Greenlee as frauds when he handed half of Cambias over to his ex-wife, or when she slept with Jonathan. Kendall swears that all of those kinds of things were when she was in love with him and are far in the past, and that she is a different person now. She swears that Ryan can trust her with the baby, but Ryan believes that he can't - and tells her that he won't. Kendall is appalled that Ryan could think so poorly of her, and he apologizes, saying that he is just reacting to the bizarre situation they are stuck in. He then admits that he talked to Livia, and while he signed off on all of his rights when he became a donor, he agrees that he should get her promise of inclusion in writing. Before Kendall can begin to process that latest nugget of information, she catches her heel on a wire and almost falls. Ryan catches her, and after she assures him that she is all right, she admits that she's been more klutzy lately. Ryan is momentarily lost in thought, and is only brought back to the here and now by Kendall blithely asking him to marry her. He snaps to attention (which is what she wanted), and then he apologizes. He starts to tell her the crazy thought he was having, but Zach interrupts. He insists that Ryan go on with what he was about to say, but his mere presence makes Ryan's guard go up. Sensing that the hounds were beginning to circle, Kendall tells Ryan that now would be a good time to leave. Ryan agrees, with the proviso that they pick up the conversation later. He takes his leave, and Kendall knows that Zach wants the scoop on Ryan's visit. She says this aloud, but Zach acts disinterested, saying that it was her personal business with her ex. She disregards his statement, and tells him that Ryan wanted to ensure his legal rights to the baby - and that she is inclined to give him what he wants. Zach tells her that he will support her choices, because her instincts have been right for as long as he's known her. She thanks him, and then he literally sweeps her admittedly tired self off her feet and takes her to bed. After getting her into pajamas and tucked in, Zach kneels by the bed, kisses her hands and tells her that he loves her. She thanks him for being so good to her - so patient and honest.

Ryan rushes into the penthouse, completely distracted, and heads for the phonebook. Erin notes that both of her brothers seemed to be preoccupied. Ryan promises that he will check in with Jonathan as soon as he gets back, and she is shocked that he is leaving again so soon. She asks what's wrong, and he tells her nothing - at least, someone had better hope there is nothing wrong. He tells her that he has a hunch about something involving his son, and he needs to check it out. With that, he takes off.

David shows up at Wildwood, and Julia seems amused at his presence. She asks why he felt the need to stop by, and he tells her that it's been a long time since someone so smart, beautiful and sexy not only made him laugh, but showed him such a fantastic time. He moves in close and asks if she would be interested in seeing if their amazing night was an anomaly - or a taste of more to come. Without letting her answer, he closes what's left of the gap between them and kisses her. It lingers for a minute or two, and then Julia breaks away, saying that although she likes persistence, tonight won't work. Although he can't hide his disappointment, David tells her that it's fine, and that he thought he would give it a shot. He tells her that he will try again another time, and leaves Wildwind the way he came. Julia turns around and looks into the empty sitting room for a moment. Then she runs after David and asks him to stay so that she doesn't have to be alone.

Friday, January 20, 2006

At Zach's casino, Ryan remembers Julia talking about "Zach pulling the plug on anything" until Simone and Ethan interrupt his thoughts. Simone thinks Ryan and Ethan are there together to crush Zach, but Ethan claims he wants to celebrate their engagement. Ryan tells Simone he wouldn't care about Zach if he wasn't involved with Kendall. He asks them what the expression "pull the plug" mean to them, then to imagine those words coming from Zach's mouth. Ethan brings up the possibility that maybe Zach is in the mob, but Simone questions the theory. Ryan tells them he can think of other theories, but Ethan's might be worth checking out. Ryan heads out of the casino, while Simone gets personal with Ethan. She tells him about being a former journalist and her rocky relationship with her father. Ethan promises to let his father go, but wants Simone to understand that it may take some time. Then, he and Simone set a wedding date of March 20. Ryan breaks into Zach's office and starts looking through his desk. Ryan finds a folder hidden under the desk and opens it to get a copy of a building map.

As Zach and Kendall lay in bed, Kendall asks Zach what is keeping him awake. Zach claims nothing is wrong; he is just having some trouble sleeping. As Kendall sings his praises for not judging her about the baby, Zach stops her. Although he loves her, he strongly opposed her carrying Ryan and Greenlee's child, Zach says. Not to mention he could have stopped it by telling her Ryan was alive, he adds. "My arrogance blew things up right in my face," Zach says. When Kendall tells him she does not understand what he means, Zach figures it is not important. Kendall figures that Zach must have regrets about his past, but Zach realizes he can not change the course of events passed. Zach tells her that only a divine intervention could have stopped Kendall from helping Greenlee. She says the blackout almost intervened, but she had to think fast and decided to use her own eggs. Zach tells Kendall he is going to the casino, but will return later. Kendall leaves shortly after.

JR is confused by Babe's sudden disinterest in marrying him. Babe says that although he thinks she knows her, she is still capable of pulling dirty deeds. JR thinks he has seen the worst in her, and vice versa, but they have gotten through that. He admires her strength and way of not taking crap from anyone, including his tricks to try to keep her away from their son. Babe has been there for him more than once, such as covering for his hit-and-run with Amanda, JR adds. Babe tells JR that he isn't listening to her - she has been right about her mischievous ways all along. Winifred comes downstairs with Little Adam before she can tell JR about her plans to remarry him.

Tad pleads with Amanda to tell him what she knows about his family's disappearances. Amanda thinks Tad is calling her the guilty party, but he says he just wants answers. Jamie walks over to embrace Amanda as she remembers what her mother mentioned during their visit. Di tells Amanda that her hatred for JR and his family makes her a capable suspect. Amanda points out that she would not take Jamie's family because she loves him and would have no way to knock out five people. Tad and Di say Amanda could have gotten hold of some drugs, but she denies it. Tad apologizes for accusing Amanda, but admits he is scared for his family. Di thinks they should go back to their other suspect, Jonathan, which Amanda immediately agrees with. While Tad keeps pushing Amanda for information, he gets a call. After Tad leaves, Amanda tells Di that suddenly she is a goody two-shoes after ripping the Martin's apart, so how fair is that? Once Di leaves, Amanda calls her mother, but gets a voice mail. She immediately leaves the apartment.

JR gets a call from Tad to let him know that Joe's cell phone location has been tracked down. After JR and Palmer leave, Babe tells her son she almost lost him by telling JR the truth.

More cell phones keep ringing in the truck as Opal, Joe, Brooke, Adam and Krystal yell to their kidnapper to let them go. Brooke tells them that the kidnapper is probably no longer there, as the truck keeps sinking. Adam claims he can negotiate with the kidnapper. Brooke tells everyone that the truck is sinking into quicksand. She tells them the less they move and panic, it will keep the truck from sinking so quickly into the sand. Krystal claims she needs to get out of the truck to save her daughter, although everyone else looks down on Babe. Of course, Adam thinks he is the most important man to leave. Joe reminds everyone that snapping at each other will not make the situation any better. Suddenly, people start confessing their sins. Adam apologizes to Brooke for being a bad husband and Opal claims she still loves Palmer.

Janet, dressed in a carnival costume, walks to the park with a handful of balloons and runs into Jonathan. Jonathan continues to believe Janet is not real, until she pops a balloon with a needle to catch his attention. She continues to tell Jonathan to listen to her, unless he wants to be put in the psych ward. Jonathan tells Janet that he is well now, but Janet keeps trying to make him believe otherwise. He asks her to go away and leave him alone. Janet tells Jonathan that he needs to go to Willow Lake to fix a life or death situation. Jonathan rushes to the sinking truck, but has trouble breaking the lock so he rushes off. Janet steps out from the woods and calls Jonathan a moron because everyone is going to die. She hides in the woods when Jonathan comes back with a tool to crack open the back door. Tad, JR and Jamie show up in the middle of the rescue attempt.

"Do I look like David Copperfield to you?" -- Amanda Dillon, in defending herself on charges that she's made five people disappear.



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