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Passions Recaps: The week of January 16, 2006 on PS
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Halting the paramedics in their tracks, Theresa entreats Alistair to tell everyone what he knows about Gwen and Rebecca's dark secret. Kay and Fox happily kiss and make up. Later, Julian phones to rehire his son and instructs Fox to get over to the office immediately and start putting out fires at Crane Industries before rumors of Alistair's demise bring the company crashing down. Theresa resorts to threats to force her husband to come clean but he merely laughs in her face. Though Kay is elated to think that a bright future is finally assured for her and the man she loves, Tabitha warns the young woman that the success spell is still bound to rip Fox away from her in the end. Noah persuades Fancy to leave her ailing grandfather's side and spend some quality time with him for a while. A beaming Fox confides to Valerie how an important phone call is about to seal his future happiness. At the hospital, Theresa continues to pester Alistair to expose Gwen's betrayal. Fancy thanks Noah for helping her relax with an afternoon of ice skating. Tabitha and Endora try to cast a new spell to save Kay's romance.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

At the hospital, Eve announced that Alistair had a stroke and was unable to talk, write or communicate in any way. Theresa kept questioning Eve about how soon he'd be back to normal so that he could tell Ethan that Gwen and Rebecca sold Ethan out to the tabloids and Eve tried to get her to see reality. Julian decided that in Alistair's absence he could legitimately take over the reigns of Crane Industries and try to right some of Alistair's wrongs. After several of Theresa's tirades, and with Julian in charge of Crane, Ethan decided that now was the time to take advantage of that relationship and ask Julian to transfer him to another of the Crane offices. Gwen and Rebecca were exultant at this news and on their way past Theresa, their glee couldn't be contained. This only enraged Theresa more and she blew up with her mother about Gwen losing Ethan just as soon as Alistair comes to from his stroke. Pilar warned her to keep her distance from Ethan and just leave them alone.

At the park, Noah and Fancy rested after skating on the ice rink, but Fancy couldn't relax because she felt like someone was watching them. Indeed a mysterious woman in spike-heeled boots was watching and following them from afar. Noah decided to get them hot chocolate to perk them back up and it worked for a bit. Fancy got a call from Julian asking her to go to Crane and put out fires with the nervous staff since people were starting to panic at the news of Alistair's hospitalization.

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Tabitha watched in her water bowl for clues about the person who wanted to keep Kay and Fox apart. Kay asked Tabitha to protect her with a spell and it seemed at first to work, but eventually the person in the vision (wearing brown gloves) made a reappearance and pulled Fox and Kay apart. She despaired and asked Tabitha to help guide her. Tabitha got out her Tarot cards and dealt a spread of Romeo, the wizard, Isis and Juliet. At that moment, Noah walked in without knocking and asked what they were doing. Kay covered by saying that she was just asking for relationship advice from Tabitha while Tabby hid the cards. Tabitha stepped out of the room for a moment and Noah and Kay commiserated about having secrets that could break up their relationships with Fox and Fancy. Tabitha returned and Noah went to use the phone in the kitchen to ask Sam if he's found Jessica. Tabitha read the cards and told Kay that if Fox proposes to her she has to turn him down because it is not an auspicious time and they'll be doomed if they get engaged at this time.

At Crane Industries, Fox kept mooning around, waiting for someone to arrive, not able to help Valerie return all the phone calls and emails from nervous investors and associates. Valerie was upset not only because she had to do the work herself, but she was afraid that when Alistair gets back she and Fox would get fired if they didn't keep the ship floating. When Fox's visitor finally arrived, it was a jewelry store owner with diamond engagement rigs for Kay. Fox asked Valerie to help him and this made her even more despondent since Ivy had promised her that she'd get Fox instead of Kay. Fancy walked in after she got her areas straightened out and was amazed that Fox was actually going to ask Kay to marry him. Fox asked her which of two rings he should give Kay and she told him that even though those were the two biggest stones, they didn't suit Kay. She looked through the jeweler's briefcase and found one with a beautiful setting. The two of them went to Tabitha's house to pop the question. Fancy tells him that he's about to make Kay the happiest woman. He stands there looking at the ring with fear on his face.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tabitha warns Kay not to get engaged before the planets realign, or else her relationship will be doomed. Fox tells Fancy that he plans to propose to Kay immediately, but she urges him to spend the proper time making the night perfectly romantic first. Helping Fox plan his proposal to Kay gets Fancy thinking about marriage.

Julian agrees to help Sheridan figure out Alistair's old passwords and search through his computer records for information on Otto.

Pilar worries about Theresa. Katherine agonizes over her choice of hurting Pilar or never having love in her life.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Katherine arrived in order to ask Pilar a very difficult question. She wanted to know if Pilar wanted to spend the rest of her life with a man who is in love with another woman. Pilar was outraged that Katherine seemed to be returning to her goal of breaking up Pilar and Martin's marriage. She angrily told Katherine that Martin loved her and wanted to be with her and she forgave him for loving Katherine. Katherine told her that she should examine her feelings because she knew Martin was still in love with her and would never abandon that love. Katherine asked her if she was sure. Pilar swore that Martin wanted his family back. Katherine told her that he really wanted to be with Katherine instead. She told Pilar to think about what she was planning to do because Pilar was a proud woman and not just a doormat to live with a man who didn't love her back like she deserved. Pilar told her to get out and Katherine said she wouldn't leave until they talked it out for once and for all. Pilar told her that she had nothing to say and Katherine replied that Pilar had plenty to say, but nothing that convinced her that she was wrong. Pilar swung the door closed again. Pilar told her that he loved her and was living with her because of that. Katherine told her to search her heart and see that she has doubts. Pilar got very agitated that Katherine was trying to break up her marriage. Katherine reminded her that Martin went back with Pilar to protect Sheridan from Alistair. Pilar told her that none of that matters now because Martin came back and the only thing he wants is to be her husband. Katherine begged forgiveness. Katherine said that she wanted to do the right thing and has since realized that the right thing would be for Martin to stay with her because they'd been together longer than he had been with Pilar and shouldn't their love count for something? Pilar angrily reminded her that it wasn't such a short time because they'd had five children together. Katherine wanted to know why Pilar's relationship was more sacred than hers. Pilar was aghast as she reminded Katherine that she and Martin had gotten married in a church before God and have children and Katherine is just the slut who seduced her husband. Katherine tried to justify her love with Martin saying that they fell in love after being friends for so long. She threw it back in Pilar's face that it may make Pilar feel better, but she's not his whore, she's the one he loves. Katherine then demanded to know if Pilar was going to hold Martin to a promise that was made out of duty and obligation. Pilar pulled her hand back to slap Katherine, but Katherine stopped her saying that she couldn't slap her anymore. She said she was sick of Pilar's abuse because she felt guilty. Pilar screamed that she is guilty of stealing her husband and destroying her family. Katherine told her that she and Martin fell in love and she's not going to take the brunt of Pilar's frustration anymore-frustration that comes from her being right and Pilar knowing it. Pilar started to leave the room saying that she didn't have to listen to ant more of it. Katherine told her that she had to hear it because she wasn't going to be made to feel guilty or apologize because she did everything in her power to get Martin to go back to Pilar and love her, but he loves Katherine. Pilar spit out angrily that Katherine can't pretend she did that to be honorable because she admitted that she did it to protect her own daughter. Pilar screamed that Katherine is a selfish, self-centered woman who doesn't consider that she's stolen another woman's husband. Katherine's retort was that Pilar wanted to hold Martin to his duty without any concern for his feelings. She said Pilar just might be the selfish one. Pilar stood there seething. She told Katherine to get out of her house or she'd call the police. Katherine left but told Pilar that she was going to fight for the man she loved-the man who loved her.

At the Bennett house, Fancy quizzed Noah about true love and finding soul mates. Now that Fox is going to propose to Kay, she realized that she found her "one" as well and is wondering what is holding him back from asking her to marry her. Noah squirmed out of answering as well as keeping the conversation on Kay and Fox instead of them. She brought up the idea of marriage several times and he kept passing on it. He said that marriage was a big permanent connection that he thought needed time to decide. He got flustered and decided that a change of venue would help. They decided to get dressed up and go out.

Noah and Fancy went to the Blue Note and sat down at the bar. As they drank, Fancy wondered if Fox had proposed yet. They agreed that it would be an amazing and wonderful moment. They strayed back into the territory of talking about marriage where Noah talked about it in general and Fancy was obliquely talking about them specifically. The mystery woman who had been following them in the park strolled through the bar. Noah cluelessly decided that he needed to go talk to Liz about getting extra hours tending bar and fled the conversation. A woman who had been sitting near Fancy, slid down closer to her end of the bar to talk to her about men being commitment-phobes. They chatted on, getting Fancy more convinced that the woman was wrong and that Fox and Noah weren't players like that. Noah came back with the good news that he'd gotten more hours. Fancy was cold to him and he wondered what was wrong. She said that she was just pondering something she learned. Finally, the mystery woman has a face-and a gorgeous body! A waiter came to take her order and fawned all over her about her beauty. The beauty (Maya) sat sipping her drink and watching Noah. Noah was upset that Fancy wasn't having a good time and she covered saying that she was just anxious to find out if Fox had proposed. Noah checked for messages on his phone and seeing none said he was sure Kay would be so excited when she got engaged that she'd call everybody. Fancy made a pointed comment about getting engaged to the man that they love is every girl's dream. She excused herself to go to the ladies room. He muttered that he knows what she wants and sighed. As Fancy entered the restroom, she ran into Maya who commented that she seemed preoccupied. Fancy acknowledged that she was and Maya suggested that she was thinking about a man. Fancy asked her how she knew and Maya said that men can do that to you.

At the Seascape Restaurant Fox could hardly contain his excitement as he waited to propose to Kay and Kay was astonished at the lavish preparations Fox had made for their dinner-special champagne, caviar, and flowers. (At Tabitha's house she watched with trepidation in her bowl of water to see what was up with Kay and Fox. She realized he was going to pop the question and tried to find a way to get Kay on her page. The planets were all lined up wrong for Kay and Fox to have an auspicious engagement.) He told Kay he wanted it to be a special night that she'd never forget. She told him that she hoped that the night would never end and Fox told her it would never have to (Tabitha did a spell that made Kay need to run for the ladies room.) Fox told Kay he had something to ask her and Kay had to run of to the restroom leaving Fox hanging. (Tabitha hoped that Endora would wake up and help her do magic, but she was snoring as loudly as a hibernating cartoon character, with whistles and clucks and snuffling lips.) Tabitha called Kay and told her she was in danger, that Fox was about to propose to her. Kay was excited, giddy and so happy. She thanked Tabitha for ruining the surprise and then hung up before Tabitha could set her straight about the warning and ran back to Fox waiting at their table. Tabitha called back and finally got Kay to remember that she shouldn't get engaged right than and she begged Tabitha to help her. She worried about how to say no and worried that he'd never ask her again. She commented that she was probably the only girl who had to use magic to keep her boyfriend from proposing. She told Tabitha to get Endora to help and she'd stall Fox. Kay went back to the table and Fox had dessert parfaits for them. Kay's ring was in hers and when she saw it, she buried it deeper in the dish, feigned fullness and asked Fox to dance. (Tabitha did everything she could to wake Endora-clanging pots and pans, hollering-finally Endora woke up as Tabitha started to panic and while Kay and Fox were dancing, cast a spell to have the bus boy pick up their dessert dishes with Kay's engagement ring in her parfait glass.) Kay told Fox that she was tired and started yawning. He told her to hang in there with him because this was going to be the best night of their lives and when they got back to their table he panicked to see the dishes cleared. He ran to the kitchen to rescue the ring and Kay made a mad dash out of there, telling the bus boy to tell Fox that she had to go home because of an emergency. Fox dug through tubs of dirty dishes until he found the mucky ring and asked the bus boy for a towel so he could go propose to his girlfriend. The bus boy told him Kay left and Fox said he had to forge ahead because he was definitely going to propose tonight. Tabitha worried that Kay wouldn't be able to avoid Fox.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Fancy discusses her and Noah's relationship troubles with a beautiful stranger.

With the help of Endora and Tabitha, Kay temporarily avoids Fox's proposal.

Ethan requests a transfer to another Crane Industries office so he can move himself and his family far away from Theresa.

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