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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 16, 2006 on GL
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Harley is stunned when Mallet reveals that he knows how much she loves and misses Gus. It is- because he feels the same way about her. Unable to deal with it, Harley stresses for Mallet to keep his feelings to himself. Their mutual denial is interrupted by an FBI agent who has come, with Frank. He is there to take over the case - and take Mallet and Harley off it. Harley at first resists, and then heads home, where she stubbornly insists Gus will be found safe and sound. This is despite her private fears that Alan killed Gus, or vice versa. Later, Mallet asks Frank for a leave of absence so he can pursue the case on his own. Frank questions his motives, but Mallet insists everything is legit. At the end of the day, the FBI has a clue to Gus's whereabouts...

Jonathan discovers the photos of Jeffrey and Richard. He pumps his aunt Olivia, who is out on a date with Josh, for details. He learns Josh has a file on Jeffrey he hasn't yet shown Cassie. Jonathan lifts Josh's key and steals the file.

Meanwhile, Tammy is out with Lizzie and Marina. The three discuss family matters like, if Marina marries Alan-Michael, she'd be Lizzie's aunt, and if Lizzie married Coop she'd be Marina's aunt, and Tammy is in love with her cousin. Leaving the girls, Lizzie goes to meet Quinn, who is having doubts about letting her have his penthouse. Lizzie, to prove to Quinn how much she appreciates everything he's done for her, gives him a kiss - which Ava sees.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Josh sees that his room has been ransacked, but the file on Jeffrey is the only thing missing. He calls Olivia and they try to figure out who the culprit could be. Over at Company, Frank hears the call come in about the robbery and decides to show off for Olivia by handling the case personally. Olivia, however, stalls Frank by claiming the break-in was actually Reva pitching a hissy fit and Josh would like to keep it private. Meanwhile, Jonathan is over at Cassie's, blackmailing her about the contents of the file. Either she give her stamp of approval to Jonathan and Tammy's relationship, or he spills the beans about Jeffrey and Richard's connection. Cassie stands up to Jonathan and dares him to go ahead and do it - especially when Tammy catches the two of them together. But Jonathan lies that he was just here trying to convince Cassie to give him another chance. Cassie backs up his story. Later, she heads to Josh's and tells him that Jonathan has the file. Cassie asks Josh what's in it, but he is forced to admit he never read it. To head Jonathan off at the pass, Cassie and Josh decide to do their own inquiry into Jeffrey. Josh asks Cassie if she can face what they find. Cassie assures him she can. Ava catches Lizzie kissing Quinn. Lizzie tries to convince Ava it's nothing, that she and Quinn dated a long time ago, then accuses Ava of wanting Coop for herself. Both women are forced to lie when Coop comes out to ask what they're talking about. Lizzie, feeling guilty about her actions, turns to Coop for confirmation that what they have can't be torn asunder, while Ava chats up Quinn and learns he and Lizzie never dated at all....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dinah Marler is happy to be single. No, really. She is really, really happy to be single. In fact, being chained to a prison wall in solitary confinement is still preferable to being chained to a guy like A.C. Mallet. Whom she never thinks about anymore. And whom she is certainly not following around town. Or reading about in "Love in the Lock Up." Or talking to on the cell phone and inadvertently accepting a date with.

Dinah is running frantically about her room, trying to get ready for dinner with Mallet, when Blake shows up. Dinah decides what she needs are some basic ground rules to keep her relationship with Mallet from ending...badly. Blake insists that Dinah needs a drink. They head downstairs, where Olivia provides some advice. Then, she and Blake take Dinah to a couple of male experts - Frank and Rick - to pick the perfect dress for her to wear.

Dinah and Mallet banter over dinner, with Dinah resolved not to fall for the banter. She falls for the banter. They're kissing when Mallet gets a call from Harley, needing him to come down to the courthouse. Mallet agrees and asks Dinah if she wants to come with him. Dinah reluctantly accepts. Unfortunately, listening to Mallet and Harley going over old times is enough to make Dinah beat a quick exit. She ends up at Alan-Michael's office, declaring she has no intention of putting all her eggs in one basket, and pulls him in for a kiss. Freaked out, Alan-Michael beats a hasty retreat. Which is when Dinah realizes her face is covered in hives, thanks to an allergic reaction. Mallet comes looking for her. Dinah is determined not to let him see her in such a state. But Mallet finally busts down the door and literally sweeps Dinah off her feet to take her to...the doctor. How can any girl resist that?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Alan-Michael rallies support for himself as the new CEO of Spaulding and pilfers Harley's files. Harley is too distracted by thoughts of Gus to notice. Alan-Michael tells Dinah that he thinks it's too soon for Harley to come back to work. Marina doesn't realize that Alan-Michael is playing her as well. He tells a contact to spread the word that Alan has been spotted in Florida. Marina gets the tip and tells Harley to pack her bags for Florida. She kisses Alan-Michael, unaware of his machinations.

Jeffrey tells Reva that he will do everything he can to protect Tammy. Mel decides to represent Jonathan in the arson case but doesn't want him to testify. Tammy refuses the prosecutor's deal, which would involve her rolling over on Jonathan. Frank and Reva testify at the bench trial. The prosecutor, Doris, tries to bring out the relationship between the star-crossed cousins. Jeffrey tells Doris to back off. He offers her his job in exchange for her dropping the charges against Tammy. Doris accepts and drops the charges against Tammy, but not against Jonathan.

Cassie and Joshua pay a visit to the dark side of San Cristobel in order to get the truth about Jeffrey. A gloating Edmund says Cassie knew Jeffrey long before Jeffrey came to Springfield. Jeffrey made a practice of knowing how to be Richard. Edmund says the arrangement between Richard and Jeffrey started out as business but ended up being about Cassie. He reveals that Jeffrey helped Dinah impersonate Princess Cassie.

Dinah is content in Mallet's arms and bed. When they go out to Company for lunch, she wonders about his motives for helping Harley. Harley tells Dinah that she thinks Mallet should not come with her to Florida. Dinah offers to go with Harley and be her partner. Harley agrees and says they should stay in the house Mallet and Harley shared during their married life. Frank tells Mallet to find Gus and Alan himself without involving Harley.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Jeffrey offers Wolfe his position if she drops the charges against Tammy. She agrees. Soon the hearing begins and Wolfe does drop all charges against Tammy--but not Jonathan. This news sends Tammy and Reva into an uproar. Reva knows Jeffrey made some kind of deal for Tammy and pleads with Jeffrey not to leave Jonathan hanging out to dry. Jeffrey steps out for a second to speak with Sandy. When court resumes, Wolfe calls Tammy on the stand to testify against Jonathan. Wolfe tries to badger Tammy into admitting that Jonathan started the fire. It becomes too much for Jonathan and he blurts out for her to leave Tammy alone--he started the fire by himself. As Jonathan demands to be allowed to testify, suddenly Sandy approaches the bench stating that he knows how the fire started. When he's on the stand, he testifies that he saw the pair running away from the house. When he entered, he saw the smoldering remnants of a fire. He threw the hot poker into the fireplace and stormed upstairs. When he came down, the rug had caught fire and it quickly spread. With Sandy's testimony, the judge dismisses the charges against Jonathan. Afterwards, Tammy thinks Sandy but he tells her he did it for her, not Jonathan. When Jonathan thanks him, Sandy whispers that he owes him. Meanwhile, Reva tells Jeffrey that she thinks that he got Sandy to lie on the stand. As it turns out, Jeffrey did suggest to Sandy that the best way to get Tammy back might be to be the hero.

Dinah and Harley have arrived at Harley and Mallet's old house in Florida. They start talking about Mallet, whom Harley insist is in her past; Gus is her future. After some talk, Harley starts to wonder if they're chasing a bogus lead--after all, Alan was seen injured up north. She then starts ranting at Gus for running off without telling her and putting her in this position. Dinah then veers the conversation back to Mallet. She confesses that she's afraid because Mallet did cheat on Harley, so he could do it again. Harley assures Dinah that they are all different people than they were years ago. Suddenly, a man comes to the door telling them he has information on Alan Spaulding. He tells them that Alan approached him, hurt and bloody, asking for money and a place to hide. The man states that he gave Alan money and is letting him hide out in an old dark shed. He then states that the money he gave Alan was for his niece's wedding -- and he really the $3,000 back. Suddenly Harley strong-arms him. She knows he's lying because Alan's claustrophobic, there's no way he'd stay in a dark abandoned shed. The man admits to lying and gets thrown out. Afterwards, Dinah assures Harley that Gus loves her and will find his way back to here.

Harley admits that she does believe Gus is somewhere close trying to tell her something.

Meanwhile, a bloodied Alan is lying at an unknown location in the wilderness.

Mallet's at CO2 working on some leads on Gus. Buzz approaches and accidentally lets it slip that Harley and Dinah went to Florida to follow a lead themselves. Mallet doesn't seem too concern which surprises Buzz. Mallet simply states that he's tired of running off after Harley. Buzz thinks Mallet's attitude is because he knows he cares too much and is trying to keep his distance from her. Mallet doesn't respond to that comment and keeps on working. Soon he starts having a vision of Gus. "Gus" tries to get him to reason out what must have happened. Mallet has theories: 1) Gus killed Alan and disposed of the body--No, he wouldn't kill his father 2) Gus stashed Alan away in a psychiatric hospital--No, too far-fetched. 3) Maybe it wasn't Gus who got the jump on Alan--maybe Alan got the jump on Gus. In other words, maybe Gus is dead.

In San Cristobel , Cassie is having a hard time believing Edmund's story about Jeffrey. He tries to convince her that it's true. After all, who had the connections to release Dinah from prison? Edmund tells her that Jeffrey set it up for Dinah to act as Princess Cassie in Europe--to his Prince Richard. He tells her to ask around in Washington DC if she doesn't believe him. Then come back and thank him for telling her the truth. Josh thinks Edmund is just messing with Cassie's head, but Edmund insists that he's speaking the truth. Suddenly,, Cassie asks to speak with Edmund alone. When they're alone, Edmund talks to her about Jeffrey. He knows she believes him. He asks if she ever had any doubts about Richard. Were there days when he just seemed different? He then asks if she's wondering just how far the impersonation went. Did Jeffrey pretend to be Richard when he was alone with her? When Cassie gets angry and says that he's sick, he suddenly grabs her and says she's the sick one for falling in love with a man with Richard's face. At that point, the guards rush in and Edmund is dragged away. Cassie then tells Josh she needs to get some answers. Later, she confronts Jeffrey at the farm to get some.

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