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So Ethan is going to end his Theresa problem by moving half way around the world? Didn't he try this already by running off to L.A.? Didn't his daughter die because he couldn't resist Theresa's charms?

So Ethan is going to end his Theresa problem by moving half way around the world. Didn't he try this already by running off to L.A.? Didn't his daughter die because he couldn't resist Theresa's charms? And the kicker is, Theresa didn't even know he was going to be in L.A. She'll know exactly where he's going now, plus as Alistair's wife, she will have unlimited use of the Crane jet. This move will solve nothing.

Why doesn't Theresa go search the mansion while Alistair is out of commission? Or at the very least, why doesn't she wear a wire when she is eavesdropping on Gwen and Rebecca? Then she'd have all the proof she'd need. Instead she has foolishly placed all her hopes on Alistair revealing Gwen's secret. Does she not see disappointment in this as well?

I loved Fox trying to propose to Kay, but I am very intrigued by who the mystery person may be. Of course all fingers point to Miguel, but I would love to see the truth about David and Grace come out, and it be Grace who shows up and ruins the big day. Of course the truth about how Maria was conceived could also come out and the mystery person could be Charity. Or even better, Evil Charity; she's been missed.

I am so glad Julian is spending some time with his mother. And I love that Sheridan is hell bent on finding her child. Chris seems a little eager to stop her, which leads me to believe that he knows Luis is alive and Sheridan will stumble upon him, or he's in cahoots with Alistair and trying to keep Sheridan away from her son. Either way, I will be glad to see him go.

I don't care much for Katherine, but I am glad she finally told Pilar what she needed to hear; Martin doesn't want to be with her. Of course this is Theresa's mother, and we all know how well Theresa listens. Pilar really should just let him go. I mean he left her for another woman, all alone to raise five kids. I'm pretty sure his promises to her mean nothing.

I can watch Noah and Fancy, but barely. I really don't think Noah's ex girlfriend will cause much interest. This seems just like another contrived Gwen/Ethan/Theresa scenario.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I'm a Noah/Fancy fan all the way. But that might end if Fancy keeps up her Alistair love fest. I know he was so good to her growing up, but I think everything he did at the party should've opened up her eyes. One of these days, she's going to have to accept that her 'Grampy' is not the same man to others as he is to her. And the sooner she accepts it, the better. Otherwise, it may eventually hurt her relationship with Noah." Thanks Jamison!!!!!

"I would like to see Kay tell Ivy she's telling Fox and Sam the truth and have Ivy flip out and attack Kay and kidnap her, bringing her to some secluded area not seen before. [Ivy would] keep her hostage there all to keep Sam to herself. I think that could be a pretty interesting storyline for the show. Of course the conclusion would have to see Ivy either kill Kay or Ivy written off the show. If she ended up murdering Kay then the character of Ivy wouldn't be able to be redeemed and again would soon spell the end for the character, but still that's how I would write it. (Kay wouldn't die if I wrote it and Deanna would come back.)" Thanks Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I think it's about time Gwen and her mother are taken out with the truth. Ethan loves Theresa; Martin loves Katherine; and it's time for Whitney and Fox to find each other again. Sounds impossible but that's Harmony. Oh when will Grace return [and] Ivy's lies will come out and Kay will be sent to the dark side permanently with no return, only in visions. Pilar needs to work in the church; Luis needs to come back to Sheridan and Chris is a murderer. We love Tabby and Endora needs to listen to her mother. Fancy and Noah are great together. Eve and Julian are great together. Get Lost Rebecca. Noone needs to return to the show as a main character and not old lady." Thanks Enola!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I have been watching Passions on and off since the show started. I love the show, but I don't know how much more I can take with the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle. It is so unbelievable that anyone would stay in this situation. No woman in her right mind would stick with Ethan if it meant dealing with a complete psycho ex-girlfriend trying to ruin your relationship. Theresa is told every single episode that Ethan loves his wife and she keeps coming back for more. She has to have MAJOR mental problems to be able to take the constant rejection. And the icing on the cake... Ethan just manages to cope with these 2 trying to kill each other every time he turns his back. Even though I prefer Gwen/Ethan (I think she is the lesser of 2 evils.) I would love to see ANYTHING new happen in the storyline. None of these characters will EVER be happy. Whether it is Gwen/Ethan or Ethan/Theresa. I am so sick of the constant repeated dialog between the three of them. HOW CAN ANYBODY BE ENTERTAINED WITH THE SAME storyline FROM 3 YEARS AGO?!!?!?!" Thank you Alicia, you have hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"If you want a real twist how about Little Ethan not really being Julian's son. If I remember correctly when Teresa found out she was pregnant, thanks to good ol' Dr. Eve, she hoped the baby belonged to Ethan. But alas, Dr. Know-it-all says impossible because Teresa was on birth control so it is not possible. But birth control is not 100% effective.... this leaves a doorway for Ethan to be Little Ethan's real father. Ethan chose Gwen over Teresa at the last minute because of Gwen being preggers with the late little Sarah. With the revelation of Little Ethan's true paternity I wonder where Ethan's loyalty would lie. With Teresa, Little Ethan and Jane or with lonely old Gwen? I would love to see Ethan make up for lost time with Teresa and Little Ethan. By the way, doesn't a father have to give up parental rights and claim before someone else could adopt the child? Well this would make Alistair's adoption of Little Ethan null and void because no way would Ethan consent to Alistair adopting his son. Just some thoughts to spice up a floundering show. P.S. GO LSU TIGERS!!! I AM FROM NEW ORLEANS AND I AM PROUD TO CALL IT HOME!!" Thanks Rebecca. I sincerely hope Katrina didn't take everything from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Okay so everybody knows that Jane is Theresa's biological baby, and we all know that Theresa is Mrs. Alistair Crane, so why in the hell hasn't she abused her power to get her daughter back? Theresa has so much potential to reign hell over Gwen and Rebecca and Ivy, being now that she is the ultimate Crane and all. However, she lets Rebecca who is Mrs. Julian Crane, all in all her inferior, push her around. Theresa needs to seriously start thinking about what she is doing before she acts, like if you are going to fight Gwen and Rebecca, at least fight on the same level as they do." Thanks Danielle!!!!!!!!!

"I'm back to TIVOing the show and fast forwarding it. For a while, it was getting good, and I eagerly watched every day. While I was shocked that big Al knew Tabby is a witch, except for Endora and Tabs, the show is just a rehash of old shows. Sometimes the writers come up with a flash of 'WOW' but most of the time it is the same old stuff. And now Luis is coming back, and it will be more of him trying to control SherSher, and his stupid anger problems. I'm glad the Sci-Fi channel is bringing back the old shows. At least I can see how good the show used to be. Not to mention save all the episodes!!" Thanks MJ!!!!

"First of all, the only ones who have an honest reason to hate and want to kill Alistair are Sheridan and Pilar. Alistair's mistreatment of Sheridan all her life is enough reason for her to hate him especially his trying to have her murdered. Pilar because Alistair has declared war on her entire family when they have done him no harm. Alistair's quarrel is with Martin not her. Finally, why Pilar would want Martin back is beyond me. He deserted her leaving her with five children to raise by herself." Thanks Lloyd!!!!!!!

"I was starting to like Kay but when she called my Theresa a gold digger, she lost points in my book. And she also called Theresa something else that was hurtful. How can she when she was just as bad (if not worse) as Theresa when she was pining after Miguel?' Thanks Yoldyve!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "Rachel needs to fall on her own knife. She adds nothing to the show. And she needs someone to give her a new hairdo. That actress might be attractive but not wearing that fright wig. She's scary looking. Teresa needs to get a brain. Sheraton (not misspelled, just in honor of her open bed) got it right away. Alistair is out of commission, I can find out his secrets. Alistair has got EVERYTHING on tape - everything Gwen and Rebecca have EVER done to poor Teresa and Ethan has believed Gwen was a saint. Teresa give him the show of a lifetime. He wouldn't want Gwen to lick his trashcan clean after that. Also, try acting like the CEO of the world. You have custody of the heir to Crane enterprises and Alistair is out of commission. Everything is yours now. Act like it!" Thanks Judi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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