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The big letdown
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Alistair's (supposed) murder had its high moments, but it also had its share of low points. The flashbacks of everyone threatening Alistair were pointless, especially since the viewers already knew who the culprit was.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the "Lady in Red" storyline. Rachel was the most obvious choice, and I hate that. This is just like the big reveal as to who the "Carver" was on Nip/Tuck, which strangely disappointed yet, fascinated me. Rachel in no way fascinates me. She is going to be another Katherine & Sheridan, weak and helpless. Why couldn't it have been someone fresh and new? All Rachel seems focused on is revenge on Alistair, which is the SAME storyline everyone else on the show has right now. And I really can't blame her for admitting to stabbing Alistair. How many other people have gotten away with murder in this town?

Alistair's "murder" had its high moments. I loved no one caring, and drinking champagne to celebrate. If not for Fancy, no one would've lifted a finger to help. And I can't blame Eve really; Alistair has made her life a living hell. But she did take the Hypocrite Oath (I know it's supposed to he Hippocratic) and therefore by law she has to save him. I'm just wondering with all the miracles she's performed, why isn't someone of some faith looking into this?

The murder had its low points as well; mostly the flashbacks of everyone threatening Alistair. What was the point of this? It was all scenes recently shown and the viewers knew it was Rachel who stabbed Al. Going through each character to make them look guilty was a waste of time.

Another low point was Theresa's usurping of power. Rebecca had no more got the words out of her mouth about "her carpet" when Theresa frankly informed her it was Little Ethan's carpet. And Pilar certainly had no qualms about threatening the police when she went to get "Alistair's wife."

Ethan's ridiculous Christmas Eve miracle bored me to tears. Here is a man in a supposed weakened condition, riding around in Ivy's old scooter one minute and up on his feet threatening Alistair the next. Of course it's no different than any other miracle that takes place on this show.

And where did the hostages get clothes to change into the next morning? I can understand Theresa, Gwen, Ethan, Rebecca, Eve, Julian, Fancy, Katherine, and perhaps Noah. They all live there. But did Rachel actually bring clothing and set up shop in the mansion before she stabbed Alistair? What about T.C., the frog, Sam, Ivy...where did they get clothes? And where did Fox and Kay get skis?

However there are some things in the last few weeks I am interested in and happy to see. For starters, who was the masked person (or person's) who tried to kill Alistair? Luis perhaps? And I love that as soon as Rachel mentioned Alistair hiding someone out, Sheridan jumped on the Marty and Beth bandwagon. I am glad to see she hasn't forgotten she has a son she still wants to find.

I loved that Kay was going to tell Fox the truth herself. Kay actually got the words out of her mouth and looked her future in eyes. Then she goes and turns back time and now Fox doesn't know. I hate this. I wish they would've broken up for a little while and got through this and then got back together with a stronger relationship because Kay had finally grown up. Too much to expect from these writers, I guess.

I also loved Gwen's attempt at telling Ethan the truth, but that is either one secret that will never come to light, or the show will end on that note. I must admit though I admire Theresa's persistence to unveil the truth. And Ethan even admitted that he's not so sure that Theresa did send the info. But Ethan has stated for so long NOTHING could make him leave his wife, I wonder if this secret could?

Some Random Thoughts:

"When is Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy going to get theirs!!! I am so frustrated how the show is making Theresa out to be (yes, she is a little obsessed) but she has every right. I hope they reveal to Ethan it was Gwen and her mother who outed him on his paternity. I do hope for an Ethan and Theresa union. (I was always a big fan of this couple; I was very upset when he married Gwen). But I also think that Theresa and Noah have a great chemistry as well. I would like to see the two brothers fight over her. The women in harmony would be fuming." Thanks Yvette!

"Is it just me, or did there seem to be two intruders in black? When Eve was fending off the one attacking Alistair (that one seemed to be in a black ski mask and hoodie) at the same time it seemed that Sheridan was chasing off another intruder (one wearing just a black ski mask.) Do you think it's just bad editing? Or are there two intruders? Hmmm...." I did notice that and was wondering if one is Luis, then who is the other intruder? Thanks Angela!

"I like Rachel's return from the dead, as I know Sharon Wyatt is a talented actress. What I strongly dislike are two things: the Theresa/Ethan/ Gwen triangle and the lesbian story. Honestly, Liza Huber and Lindsey Hartley are two of the best actresses on the show. Eric Martsolf is a decent actor in his own right. So, why not move these characters in another direction for goodness' sake? What used to be okay to watch is simply painful. I say scrap Simone as the lesbian character (since the chemistry between Josarra Jinaro and Cathy Doe is a hot as an ice cube) and have Theresa and Gwen's hatred for one another lead them to the path of lust for each other. This is Passions; anything can happen. Not to mention, there would be so much fallout from this turn of events. There is potential for this show; the writers simply don't want to acknowledge this potential." Sharon Wyatt is wonderful, but so is Kathleen Noone and they did almost nothing with her character. Thanks Li!

"The revelation that probably surprised me most was Alistair knowing Ethan was going to be fine the whole time and changing the results to make it look like he wouldn't be fine. It's more proof that Alistair's evil knows no bounds. The revelation that came as a close second to me as most surprising was Alistair's knowledge of Endora's true paternity. The third most surprising revelation to me was the reveal that Alistair paid Rae to seduce Simone into becoming a lesbian. I was surprised that Katherine, who usually doesn't seem to possess a sense of humor, actually said something funny (the comment about adjourning to the solarium to play Bridge)." Thanks Jamison!

"The writers really need to think outside the box and stop doing the same old crap they've been doing for the past 6 years." I totally agree. Thanks Adrian!

"Don't you think that it would actually do the show good to kill of Alistair? Wouldn't it actually change and stir up everything if Teresa as Little Ethan's trustee, ran the Crane fortune? Think of all the people that it would affect. They need to do something drastic, not the same stories/different characters, year after year. I think it is so dumb the way that they handle the so-called suspense of who killed Alistair, Identical to the way they did it with Julian. A week of everyone relieving when they said they would kill him. Come on.........." I'm sure Theresa would love this. Thanks Shanee!

"Yes...all theses young kids in Harmony and the young adults all have cell phones, great clothing, but DOES ANYBODY WORK? Before Therese married Alistair where did she get the money for the phone and wardrobe? I now know that Fox and Kay are working. But what are Pilar and her long lost husband do for money? Just so fake." So true Marie!

Quote of the week: "She's like 80 pounds and 3 men can't subdue her?" Gwen to Rebecca while watching Theresa try to beat Alistair back to life.

Until next week friends,

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