Life with the Lewises, flaws and all

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Life with the Lewises, flaws and all
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Josh and Reva, who have been to the altar three times (and that's just when they married each other) have had a life filled with drama. But despite all that they have been through, the pair is always linked to each other.

Bravo GL! Someone at GL is finally listening to me! I've been trying to get the show to deal more with family issues for so long - ones that aren't straight out of a daytime talk show. And finally, GL delivered this week with the in-depth look at the Lewis clan.

While I admittedly was nervous about this change in format - I felt that a family was the best way to focus one entire episode. The Lewis family - with all of their problems in 2005 were the perfect choice to showcase.

Marah and Shayne's annual Family Video was the perfect foil to show how people want you to see the very best in their lives, but that things are rarely as they seem on the surface. Even Marina's faux-happiness gave way to the pain of her recent break-up with Danny and her uncertainty about her relationship with A-M.

But it was the Shayne and Lewis family who were the big stars in this episode. Josh and Reva, who have been to the altar three times (and that's just when they married each other) have had a life filled with drama. But despite all that they have been through, the pair "always" are linked to each other. Now we have to see if this episode is the start of this couple finding their way back to one another (I sure hope so). You could see that despite the troubles they have shared, the love is still there.

Seeing Hawk was a pleasant surprise - one I hope to see more of in 2006. GL has some veterans (like Maeve Kincaid) who have let it be known that they would be open to returning on occasion. This is definitely an area that GL can improve upon this year. Since the ratings have been in a lull for so long, bringing back fan favorites - even on occasion - might jumpstart a ratings resurgence. And without the cost of a long-term contract - something I know would make the network happy.

Another fan favorite (and certainly a favorite of mine) is Jordan Clarke (Billy). I really hope that GL can find some air time for this valuable veteran. Billy's fall from the wagon could be a story that impacts so many players on the canvas. And hopefully it will break up any ideas of a Josh and Olivia pairing (ick!). Maybe Melinda Sue could fly home for a week to try to get him back in shape.

Speaking of family get-togethers, I loved the "dance" that Jonathan and "Aunt Cassie" shared. It was interesting to see the two talk about how much they love Tammy and wanted what is best for her - while each seeing that they will always agree to disagree on what that "best" thing or person is. And I am glad that GL finally had the characters address the fact that they are cousins, if even on such a small scale. I know many fans are against this pairing, but I do still like their chemistry - if only Jonathan could control some of those impulses that get him into trouble! Of course, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

In other stories, we have Dinah (another one of my all-time favorite characters) reverting to her old, insecure self. Feeling that Mallet and Harley will reunite (if Gus is gone - which I'm still trying to figure out) she gives up on that gorgeous man? Is she insane? Well, yes, she did kill the "love of her life" Hart so she's not the most stable person in the world. She has serious abandonment issues (she was raised in the circus and didn't know her parents - Vanessa and Ross - until she was a teen) which always make her more vulnerable than most. If Gina Tognoni didn't have such great chemistry with Rob Bogue (Mallet) I'd say pair her up with A-M - they were friends long ago and could balance one another out nicely. But I am really enjoying the Dinah/Mallet relationship - so don't blow it!!

I guess the writing is on the wall for a Ross/Blake divorce after Blake's discussion with Dinah this week. While I am sad, at least GL wasn't foolish enough to let the incredibly talented Liz Keifer get away. And a Ross re-cast would be courting with disaster.

This week it looks like we might finally get some answers about the mysterious Jeffrey O'Neil - I hope. And it will be great to see David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund) again - I wish GL hadn't let him go - we need a "dark prince" in Springfield. Although A-M's behavior has me thinking that he might be a contender for that role!

Until next week...
Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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