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This week, we're providing a slightly different point of view, as we highlight some of the comments that readers have been sending in.

  • Read Brandi's column from last week with her Best of 2005
  • Read Brandi's column for the Worst of 2005.

    "Brandi I disagree with each of your opinions concerning Passions characters, who you'd like to see go or stay. My opinion on each is just the opposite. I'm happy to see Alistair leave or die; he's a pain in the butt!" Thanks Dee!

    "Brandi, I find it hard to believe that you did not give any special recognition or 'best' of something to Juliet Mills. She is truly a great actress. I watch this show for the most part to see her wonderful portrayal of Tabitha." Thanks Frederick!

    "Now about PASSIONS, my favorite characters this season were Endora and Precious. I would have loved to have seen them in a storyline together. But the interaction among the playpen set (conversation bubbles, etc.) is so much fun, I almost forget I'm watching a soap. Also, we need to see Angel Girl again. If she is truly the Standish family guardian angel, Kay and Jessica could certainly benefit from her presence and her influence." Thanks Pamela!

    "Get off Teresa's back. She is much better for Ethan than the ugly dog faced Gwen. Have you forgotten that Gwen started this whole mess by framing Teresa with the tabloid deal. Gwen needs to leave the show, she is so grosssss!!!!!" Thanks Lou!

    "Hi Brandi. For the nominations I would like to nominate Endora for cutest witchling! Umm, Best Actor has to be Fox, or Ethan. I'm thinking more of Fox; he has a lot of diversity in the character he plays. Best Actress I think would be Liza Huber and Lindsay Hartley. Both of them have kept us glued to the screen fighting for Ethan. Even though their fighting has lasted 6 years they both make it entertaining. I think funniest moment had to be when Beth was disguised as a nurse and she was on Alistair (at the time he was in a coma) and Alistair does what he tries to do best, which is [try to] have sex with her. The way they [the writers] did it was hilarious. Most anticipated moment was 'Who's the mommy' where they did DNA test to figure out who was James biological mommy, and of course the other anticipated moment is Ms. Red Nails identity!" Thanks Antoine!!

    "Best of for 2005
    Noah and Fancy top my list. I love these to together and they have kept me watching, now that Luis and Sheridan no longer can keep me interested. Endora is just too cute, and for a brief moment Kay and Fox were good as were Fox and Whitney. Eve choosing Julian was great too.
    Worst of 2005-
    Beth/Luis/Sheridan drama. I still love Shuis in theory but the writing has GOT to get better because I honestly have lost interest. Chris/Mark/Sheridan - this is just contrived drama to upset Luis when he gets back, and Chris is beyond boring. Kay/Fox- started off good, then they moved it along at lightening speed and ruined it. Chad still wants his sister and that is gross. Liz is still on the show and that is dumb and pointless. Teresa/Gwen/Ethan as always make the list. I would love to see Gwen fall in love with someone else and leave those two idiots to moon over each other. Jessica/Spike - I can't even begin to explain how annoyed I am when these two take up air time." Thanks Shannon!!

    "Best Of '05 eh... let me think
    Eve and Julian finally
    Lady in White getting together!
    It's easier to do worst of!
    Kay not being like she used to be.
    Ivy screwing around with Fox and Kay
    Jessica again
    Sheridan just forgetting Luis for Creepy Chris
    Beth being gone (I MISS her!)
    the Gwen and Theresa feed that won't stop
    Lack of Zombie Charity
    Chad being gross
    Whitney being not as gross but still kinda gross
    Thanks Ryan!

    "You are definitely not the only one who wished Sheridan would have died in the ice. The acting is horrible, how many lives does she have? 'It's a miracle.' Miracle is a normal thing in Harmony. I have loved Theresa's character for years, ever since I started watching the show, but now I'm getting annoyed of everything she does, she is no better than dummy Gwen. The whole plot between Theresa, Ethan and Gwen should be kicked to the curb. Yuck! Passions is lucky that is the only thing on during the time it plays here in my area, otherwise the show would be cancelled. I suggest the producers, writers and the rest of the staff, get some better actors, storylines, and more creative, otherwise they are going to be just another show that got cancelled." Thanks Alicia!

    "The best thing that happened this year is when Fox and Kay got together. She deserves a man who will love her back. The worst thing that happen this year is when Theresa married Alistair I don't even want to think about their wedding night." Thanks Dara!

    "Best Actor: Julian
    Worst Actor: Ethan
    Best Actress: Teresa
    Worst Actress: Sheridan
    Best Character: Beth
    Worst Character: Jessica
    Best Storyline: Martin's back
    Worst Storyline: Teresa marrying Alistair
    Most Missed Character: Charity
    Character That Needs To Go: Jessica
    Most Surprising Moment: Luis is 'dead'." Thanks Nikki!

    "Best Actor - Justin Hartley. Just... wow.
    Best Actress - Liza Huber. She's just blown me away throughout this entire Ethan [in a] coma storyline.
    Worst Actor - Charles Divins. He makes me feel absolutely nothing for Chad.
    Worst Actress - Danica Stewart. Her acting, coupled with this ridiculous prostitution storyline, has made Jessica a joke.
    Best Character - Fancy Crane. She never ceases to crack me up.
    Worst Character - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane. She is not a heroine! She does not love Ethan! She is an obsessed stalker-turned-rapist masquerading as some poor, burned ingénue, and I'm so sick of her it's not even funny.
    Best Storyline - Noah/Fancy. They're a breath of fresh air for this rather stale show, and I love the fact that they actually TALK about their problems.
    Worst Storyline - Jessica the prostitute. The writers have handled it so appallingly that I feel no sympathy for Jessica whatsoever.
    Most Missed Character - Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Two months until his return!
    Character That Needs To Go - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane. I can't stand her. Every time she comes on the screen, obscenities automatically slip from my lips. It's become a reflex.
    Most Surprising Moment - Passions has these? Um... Esmé going after Noah and Fancy with the gun. I mean I knew she was going to do it, but I thought the spoilers meant a Handgun, not a gun made for killing [a] MOOSE!" Thanks Charity!

    "I just finished reading your Two Scoops Column this week. I wanted to comment on your worst Non-Passions moment. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Katrina was truly horrendous. I hope that you and yours are well." Thank you Cody. I hope your family and friends are safe as well. May God Bless everyone affected by this tragedy.

    Thanks to everyone who wrote in wishing me well on my engagement! When we set a date, I'll be sure to let you guys know!!! Hope you all have a safe, blessed, and wonderful 2006!

    PS - There will be a new column next week!!

    Until next week friends,

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