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Passions Recaps: The week of January 2, 2006 on PS
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Monday, January 2, 2006

Due to NBC Sports coverage of The Gator Bowl, the entire NBC Daytime lineup of daytime dramas – Days of our Lives and Passions – was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd and pick up where the action ended on Friday, December 30th.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

At the Harmony Parks Department storage, Edna and Norma were still shrunken and stuck inside the Christmas tree ornament with snow, a tree and a snowman, packed in a box. They talked in little mice voices and dithered about the thunder and lightning storm raging in the winter night. Edna was sure that the lightning would break the spell. Norma complained that if lightning did strike them they'd be in trouble because they were standing in a water puddle. Edna squeaked that it wasn't water and then amazingly, lightning did strike the storage shed and went directly to their box of ornaments. Sparks, smoke, lightning flash, and poof! They were back to what is normal for them. Norma ran off in search of Tabitha and Edna toddled along behind with her walker.

At the Crane mansion upstairs Rachel revealed herself to Alistair. He refused to believe that she was really who she said she was because he thought Rachel was dead. She insisted she was who she said and he ran almost hysterically frightened from her appearance. He still thought she was playing tricks on him. She confronted him in the hallway and condemned him to death for all his evil actions. Alistair made it back to his office and called his driver. Rachel came in and told him that the line was dead. He told her that he was taking advantage of the ad she put in the paper and to look at the monitors-he was getting vengeance on all his enemies whom he invited using her plot.

Meanwhile in the living room Tabitha, Simone, Rae, Katherine, Sam, Ivy, Noah, Fancy, Kay, Fox, T.C., Liz, Eve, Julian, Sheridan, Chris, Martin, Pilar, Theresa, Gwen and Ethan were all locked in. The clocks all started chiming the midnight hour and then the raging storm outside knocked out the power so the lights went out. They all screamed and when the lights came back on they found they'd all collapsed from fear. They all checked each other out and everybody seemed fine. Simone introduced Rae to Julian and Eve. Fox decided that he would track down Alistair and make him pay. The rest of the men agreed and they decided to pry the steel off the doors and windows. Katherine started choking as smoke began pouring in and Sheridan opined that her father had lured them all there to kill them by burning them in the mansion. Sam instructed everybody to get down near the floor and then told all the men to look for an exit. Julian remembered that there were controls in every room to open the steel enclosures and hit the switch in time to start clearing out the smoke. Everybody ran throughout the house looking for Alistair. (Only Tabitha remained in the living room so she put a spell on the punchbowl to give her "bowlavision" so she could keep an eye on what was going on in the house. The first thing she saw was Alistair frightened by Rachel. She cheered Rachel on because she thought it was time Alistair suffered for a change. The she considered that Alistair could be the one murdered tonight. She then caught a look at Norma and Edna. They were on their way because Tabby's babysitter had told them where she was. This made her think that maybe she herself was the intended victim.) Rachel told Alistair that he hadn't changed a bit-he's still the same sick control freak he always was. He told her that he loved her and he'd wanted to keep her for himself. She told him that she knew he'd try to turn this party to his advantage. She advanced on him with her knife telling him that she'd caused him quite a little panic. He backed away and slipped out a secret door. She swore that he could run but he couldn't hide. He'd have to pay for his lifetime of hurting people. That he'd pay tonight with his life. Noah and Fox ran into each other upstairs. They thought that either Kay or Fancy could be the target. They said they had to find them and Fox said he planned to ask Kay to marry him, but he had to find her first. He wasn't going to let Alistair break them up and Noah agreed that he felt the same about Fancy. Chris found Sheridan outside shivering. She said she needed fresh air after finding out that she'd killed her aunt. It had hit her hard that her father had destroyed all her relationships. He convinced her to go back inside. He said that Alistair hadn't destroyed him and he never would. Sheridan told him that Luis and Antonio had said the same thing and now they are dead. He said that Alistair was going to pay for what he'd done and Sheridan agreed that things were different now. Martin, Sam, T.C. and Julian all bumped into each other while looking for their women. None of them had seen the women so they split up again and went off in search. Julian prayed that Liz wasn't planning to kill Eve that night. In her bedroom, Rebecca crowed about enjoying "the stroke of midnight" with the waiter and when Ethan came in she asked if he should be up walking around so soon after being bok choy and he told her he was looking for Gwen. She asked if Gwen had killed Theresa yet as she flashed the newspaper ad at him. He blew her off and said he was looking for Gwen and Theresa-they'd gotten separated when a downdraft filled the living room with smoke from the chimney. Gwen came in and was excited that her mother had made it back in the storm. Rebecca wished her daughter Happy New Year and showing her the ad told her she hoped Theresa was going to get it. The three of them went to look for Theresa and they found her lying on the floor, looking dead. Ethan said that she must have been Alistair's intended victim. Rebecca blew her noisemaker and cheered then said she'd have to remind the staff about leaving trash on the floor. (Downstairs, Edna ran into Tabby trying to leave and warned her about Norma. Tabby protested that she knew they were upset about being stuffed into the ornament, but Endora did it to protect her. Edna only wanted to be young and beautiful again. Edna said Norma would stopped by the potting shed to sharpen her axe. Tabitha turned and Norma was there behind her.) Noah found Fancy, professed his love and kissed her. Fox found Kay, professed his love and kissed her. Julian found Eve, kissed her and then since T.C. didn't kiss her, Liz felt dissed. Sam found and kissed Ivy, then Jessica found them. Pilar found Martin, they kissed, then Katherine found them and asked if they were okay and where was Theresa. Although Gwen and Rebecca wanted him to go get the kids and leave the mansion, Ethan wanted to tend to Theresa. Gwen, Ethan, Theresa and Rebecca all got text messages saying Pilar was in trouble in the living room. Rebecca wondered snidely if her green card had expired. Theresa and Ethan ran to the living room so Gwen and Rebecca followed. Rae and Simone found each other. Rae wanted to get out of the mansion, but Simone wanted to find her parents and make sure they were okay. Rae wasn't sure that was a good idea since T.C. had been so angry. Sheridan got a text message saying that James was hurt badly in the living room. She and Chris couldn't understand how James got there, but raced to the living room to find out. T.C. and Eve got text messages saying that Simone had collapsed in the living room so they went running with Liz and Julian close behind. Ivy told Sam and Jessica that they'd been at enough Crane parties that ended badly, so they should get out while they could. Fancy and Noah joined them and Fox and Kay too. They then all got a text message saying that Ethan had a relapse in the living room. They immediately ran to his aid. Fancy was appalled that every time she turned around Alistair was doing some new horrible thing. Sam and Ivy tried to explain to her that she just hadn't seen his evil side before. Martin and Pilar got text messages that Theresa was in trouble in the living room. Katherine was sure that Alistair was brutalizing her in front of everyone, so they ran to her assistance. Rachel held her knife and mused that Alistair had brought so much trouble to all these people and prayed that he wasn't about to bring more. Then she added that if he is she'd stop him and she slashed her knife downward. Back in the living room, Norm waved her axe at Tabby and announced that "No one stiffs Norma for a motel room and lives to tell about it." Tabby finally knows why Norma's been trying to kill her all these years and offered to write a check for what she owes plus interest. Norma swore that she couldn't put a price on "Daddy's" pain and suffering. She told Edna that he was never the same after Tabitha left. Tabs explained to Edna that his skull fell off his corpse in a rocking chair accident. Norma said that Tabitha left her to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and now she's going to leave Tabitha in pieces. Edna told her to swing away because Tabby promised her good looks, good clothes and bladder control and she's 0 for 3. Tabitha shrieked for her to stop. She told Norma that she couldn't kill her because it was too dangerous. Edna said maybe for her, but not for them. Tabs told them that something ghastly was going to happen at the mansion tonight and she reminded Edna that spawning her devilish daughter was the least of Alistair's evil. She told them that Alistair had summoned a large group of people to the mansion after posting an ad in the paper that there's be a murder there tonight and if they don't leave, they'll be blamed for it and they won't end up in padded cells with pretty pink pills this time. Instead they'll be doing time in a cell on death row. They said she was lying so she took them to the punchbowl and showed them the vision for the evening and told them it was what they'd be blamed for if they didn't leave right away. Tabitha swore that no one was prepared for the horror coming down the pike. She told them that since they are escaped mental patients, everybody will jump to conclusions and blame them. She told them that they had to leave Harmony and never come back. As they left Norma swore that one day when Tabitha least expected it, she'd be back for a pound of flesh. Sheridan and Chris strode in demanding to see James and then Sam's group came in for Ethan, Ethan's group for Pilar, Eve's group for Simone, and finally Pilar's group for Theresa. They were all bewildered that they'd gotten text messages to go to the living room on false pretenses. Sam realized that Alistair had rounded them all up again. Tabitha asked if anybody knew where Alistair was. Just then he stumbled into the room through a secret door with a butcher knife buried in his back near his shoulder. They all stood there gasping (or in Ivy's case smiling) in horror as he staggered in and collapsed on the floor. Rachel appeared in the doorway behind them in her apparently clean white cape without her knife.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Alistair collapses on the floor with the knife sticking out of his back. Fancy is the only one who wants to do anything to help him, and she convinces Eve to try to save him. Eve checks his pulse and declares him dead. Fancy says they have to find out who murdered him, and everyone at the party remembers threatening to kill Alistair. All of a sudden Alistair moans and Fancy thinks he must be alive. Eve is able to find a very faint pulse, but she tells Fancy that without medical equipment Alistair will die. Fancy remembers that Alistair stored medical equipment downstairs, and some of the guests help her bring it up. Eve hooks Alistair up to the machines. She says his heartbeat is extremely erratic and she can't get his breathing to stabilize. She can't tell whether he will live or die.

Noah watches the ice storm through the window and thinks he sees a woman outside, but he says he must be imagining things. Sam tells everyone that they have to stay at the mansion because they need to figure out who killed Alistair. No one wants to stay, though, and they are arguing about it when Alistair's heart stops!

Thursday, January 5, 2006

At the Crane mansion Alistair laid on the floor with a butcher knife stuck in his back up to the hilt. They couldn't contact anyone because the phone was out. They couldn't leave because the ice storm had made the roads treacherous and because Sam admonished them that the police would want them to stay in place. The guests stood about, mingling in small clumps and chatting about what a horrible man Alistair was. Fancy begged Eve to keep her grandfather alive and Eve tended to his medical needs with the equipment that was available there in the mansion infirmary. The guests all contemplated how his death would help their lives, sometimes celebrating how it would take care of certain problems. Chris asked Sheridan if she was okay and she said she wasn't feeling anything. Pilar told Martin and Katherine that she couldn't pray for him to live and Katherine agreed. Martin suggested that they could pray for his soul if he had one and Katherine wanted his black heart stopped so he couldn't hurt another life. Rebecca asked Gwen why Eve couldn't just let him die and Gwen said that Eve has to do what she has to do, just like they have to do what they have to do. Rebecca asked her to cross her fingers that Eve can't help him and Gwen told her that she doesn't believe in luck and fate like Theresa does, she's going to have to take action. Noah asked Theresa how she was holding up and she said she was praying for Alistair to die. She wished that he was suffering more because she'd really enjoy seeing him suffer. He agreed that her life had been like hell recently and she stipulated that he'd raped her repeatedly and was trying to take her children away from her and he admitted responsibility for both of her brothers' deaths. She admitted that she wanted him dead even if that makes her an evil person. Kay asked Tabitha if she couldn't just cast a spell to finish him off and Tabby said that there are times when a spell is too risky. She went on to say that even though she admired his evil, he often went too far even for her. Liz took a flute of champagne to T.C. and he told her to stop waiting on him, in fact he begged her to go away and leave him alone. She commented that it was too bad that whoever tried to kill Alistair hadn't been able to complete the job. T.C. remarked that they probably thought they had and she quipped that maybe the killer had been interrupted. Sam and Ivy hugged Jessica and Ivy asked him if he thought the police would really charge somebody with murder. He replied that they'd want to question everybody. He commented that it had stopped raining, but that the whole state was probably covered in ice and too dangerous to leave. He wished he could get Jessica home and she reminded him that they were suspects too. Julian prodded Eve saying that her CPR didn't seem to be working and that should probably give up. She agreed that whatever she did, he would probably die anyway. Julian noted that if he did, one of the people in the room is a murderer. Eve asked for help in creating a defibrillator. Most people just turned their heads, ignored her, and continued eating and drinking. Fancy begged everybody to help.

[Noah contemplated his earlier meeting with Alistair that night: Noah burst into Alistair's library. He accused Alistair of doing something to his sister and Alistair just calmly asked if he was talking about the whore or the one with the bastard kid. Noah tried to grab for Alistair's throat but Alistair pulled a gun on him. He accused Alistair of thinking he ran the town and Al told him that he did run everything: who slept with whom; who was a success, who only scrapes by and that everyone around him is just a bunch of puppets. As he did with each guest, Alistair accused Noah of placing the "Murder Announced" ad in the paper to elicit a response. Noah denied putting the ad in the paper and Alistair told him that he had decided to have his own bash and he was going to destroy everybody and when he was finished there won't be a man or woman standing. He said he'd reveal everyone's dirty secrets. He said he had a file on Noah that he was going to share with Fancy, which would cause her to have nothing to do with him ever again. Noah laughed at him and then Alistair showed him a photo of one of Noah's past girlfriends. Noah was shocked that he had it and he wouldn't let Alistair do that to Fancy. Alistair taunted him with, "Really? What are you going to do? Kill me?"]

Fancy told Noah that he'd accept him as the man she loves and be grateful for saving him. Noah and Julian asked her what she needed and she described how to make a defibrillator with plastic plates, electric cord and some metal pans. Rebecca scoffed that there'd be any plastic plates in their house. The men went off in search of the items needed. Julian and Noah came back with paddles that they made with Frisbees, lamp cords and some metal pans all duct-taped together. Eve shocked Alistair and managed to get his heart rate stronger and stabilized. Gwen asked Ethan if he that Theresa was the one who killed Alistair and he told her that everybody in the room had a reason to kill him except for Fancy. T.C. went outside for air and Liz followed him. He couldn't understand why Eve was trying to save "that monster's" life and Liz made a crack about her noble sister thinking she had to save people even though she destroys the lives of the people she's supposed to love. T.C. immediately told Liz to never say anything bad about Eve again. Liz asked him who he thought tried to kill Alistair. He said that he didn't have an opinion, but that whoever did it was trying to do everybody a big favor. [Liz remembered that Alistair came upon her in the hallway earlier. He wished her a Happy New Year and she angrily told him to get away from her. He predicted that she would have a very bad year because he was going to reveal her secret to Eve that night. She said he was bluffing, but he made it clear that he knew about what she had done to Eve. Eve would be happy to know what really happened. He said she wouldn't have a chance to hurt her again because she'd be ruined and that she'd be "dead in the water" when Eve found out. She sneered at him that she'd see him dead first.]

Liz went back inside out of the cold and T.C. reflected on seeing Alistair's message about Rae "turning Simone gay" and muttered that Alistair had crossed the line once too many times and now he could never go back. He followed Liz back inside. Rachel lurked outside and muttered that so many people wanted him dead, but none of them more than her. Eve wished she could close up Alistair's wound, but couldn't risk it without an ER and equipment. Julian snidely said "Oh dear. That means he still might die." Eve said that as much as they all wanted him dead, she couldn't be responsible for his death. Theresa asked why not and Fancy screamed at her. [When Theresa remembered meeting Alistair earlier, she thought about how Alistair told her that he wanted to have sex before the party. She said she was on her way to go see her son. Alistair said she meant his son and let her know that little Ethan was officially his son now that he'd been adopted. Theresa was shocked that he'd done that without her permission. He told her that sometimes she acted like a child. He told her that he was going to ruin her and everybody else that night and that only he and little Ethan would be left standing. She yelled "No!" Alistair said he was his boy now and he was going to have ice water in his veins. He was going to have the strength to crush anything that gets in his way. Theresa swore that she would never let him turn her son into him because she would protect him and do whatever it took to make sure he didn't turn out like Alistair. He asked her what she was going to do this time. She hollered that he was supposed to be poisoned, not Ethan. He told her she should just give up.]

Under her breath, Theresa muttered that the third time's a charm. Ethan served up another drink at the bar to his wife. He commented that it was a good thing the bar was stocked because it looked like it was going to be a long night. Gwen wished that Alistair would just die so the police could come and arrest Theresa and take her out of their lives forever. He reminded her that it could have been anyone. Rebecca asked Gwen if she could speak to her for a moment and pulled her away. Ethan mumbled that there were some who wanted him dead more than others. [Ethan remembered that he had walked in on Alistair in the library. He said, "Ah, there you are." And Alistair repeated the phrase. Alistair called him the luckiest man in Harmony. Ethan asked him why and Alistair said that everyone thought he'd be died by now and he wouldn't have to have this conversation. Ethan shook his head, crossed his arms defensively and asked him what conversation. Alistair said it was the one where he told him to pack up his stuff and his wife, move out, and quit freeloading. Ethan reminded him that he'd insisted they stay there, and he'd be more than happy to pack up Gwen and Jane and get the heck out of Dodge. Alistair stopped him and said that he'd told him and Gwen to leave, but Jane had to stay with him and Theresa. Ethan said over his dead body and Alistair reminded him that could be arranged. Ethan angrily told him that he couldn't keep his daughter away from him. Alistair loudly said he could do anything he wanted and then added that Ethan hadn't shaken him up by the ad in the newspaper. Ethan denied putting in the ad. Alistair said it was okay. He decided to have his own little party and he was going to use it to wipe the slate clean. Ethan asked him what he meant and Al said it gave him the opportunity to get rid of "all you people." He then commented that he was sure Gwen would have pulled his plug and he'd be six feet under by now. Ethan retorted that she'd had every reason to since the tests showed he wasn't going to come out of the coma. Alistair quietly said, "I know. I changed them." That stopped Ethan, "You what???" Alistair replied that he saw the results, it looked like he was going to be fine, so he changed them. He wanted Gwen to pull the plug because he wanted to get rid of him. Ethan was shocked that Alistair had led everybody to believe he was at death's door and not coming back. Alistair said he would have told Gwen, once Ethan was gone. Ethan declared that Alistair was a sick man and wondered why he'd do something like that to Gwen who has never hurt anybody. Alistair angrily stopped him and told him that he doesn't know some of the dishonest things that Gwen has done. Ethan asked for an explanation and Alistair dithered saying certain things that a husband should know about his wife—and he would because Alistair was going to tell. Ethan swore that Alistair was lying and didn't deserve to live. Alistair asked him what he was going to do about that.]

Out in the foyer, Rebecca told Gwen that this whole thing was starting to make her nervous. She asked why Alistair couldn't just die so they could have their New Year's Eve party and everybody would have something to celebrate. Gwen agreed. Rebecca said it would certainly be the best thing for the both of them. [Rebecca and Gwen remembered that Alistair had walked in on them and accused them of putting the ad in the paper since they had such close ties with the press. Rebecca brushed him off with "Oh Alistair. With everything we've meant to each other, how could you think I'd do this?" He told them that he was prepared to share their little tabloid secret with Ethan. Gwen played innocent and Alistair asked if they were going to pin this one on Theresa as well. They played dumb and he spelled out how they'd gotten the info about Ethan's paternity off of Theresa's computer and used it, then convinced Ethan it was Theresa who sent it. Rebecca said she wasn't admitting anything, but what person in her right mind would let that little tramp to stick her hooks into Ethan? He asked her if she meant his wife and Rebecca agreed and he reminded her that Theresa is his tramp. Gwen asked him what he planned to do with the information and he told her that he was going to tell Ethan and watch her lose her husband. Then he told her she should have taken him off life support some time ago. She said it was lucky she didn't and Alistair told her it was a pity, because he would have told her that Ethan was just fine. He admitted that he changed the test results. They were astounded that he knew Ethan was really okay. She said she felt sick and Alistair told Gwen she was weak and that meant he had to change his game plan. Rebecca asked what game plan. Alistair said he had to tell their tabloid secret to Ethan and then they could both watch him run back to the true love of his life when he found out what she'd done. Rebecca swore that he was never going to get away with this. She mumbled until she spit out that he's an evildoer and he's lousy in bed too! He asked her how she was going to stop him. She said she didn't care what it took. They would stop him. He just laughed at them.]

Sheridan remembered her father's cruelty telling her how she'd stolen his only love and she felt guilty about killing Rachel. She swore under her breath that her father had caused her nothing but pain since she was a little girl and he couldn't cause her anymore pain because she's made sure of it. She told her mother that all the other deaths were her fault. If she hadn't killed Rachel (who was listening in on their conversation and thinking that Sheridan was wrong because she was alive.) then her father wouldn't have killed Luis and Antonio. Katherine told her wasn't her fault because Alistair was responsible for all of it. She said she was a murderer and Katherine told her she wasn't. Chris came out where they were and asked if she was all right. She hugged him and said "Thank God he wasn't able to take you away from me too. [Chris remembered meeting with Alistair in his library. He asked Alistair how he could treat Sheridan so badly. He said that Alistair had destroyed her. Alistair said he wasn't finished yet. Chris wondered what he'd do to her next Alistair said that he wasn't going to do anything at that point, but he was going to reveal everything he knew about Chris to her so that he could destroy both of them at the same time. He told Chris that he knew he would because he could.]

Chris hugged Sheridan and thought, "Alistair can never hurt you again, Sheridan." And they went back to the living room. Katherine stood there after they left. [Katherine remembered confronting Alistair in the living room earlier. He asked her what she wanted and she told him that she wanted him dead. She said she wanted him to suffer for what he'd done to her daughter. He protested that she seemed to be alive and kicking. Katherine told him that they'd had an agreement not to tell her about Rachel. He said she broke the agreement when she placed the ad in the newspaper and had rose petals strewn about with "her" scent on them. Katherine denied having anything to do with the ad or roses and had no idea what he was talking about. He started getting very angry. She said he should have talked to her before he broke Sheridan's heart. He said he was going to tell her at the party anyway. He sneered he was going to reveal all the secrets and everyone would be destroyed including her. She told him that he destroyed her a long time ago and now that he destroyed the one person she loved most, he couldn't do anymore damage to her. He laughed and said there were a few people she loved that he could still damage. He said he was talking about Martin and she asked "what about him?" He said he had great plans for her lover and Katherine told him to leave Martin alone. He said he was going to take great pleasure in ruining Martin Fitzgerald and he will rue the day he took Katherine away from him. Katherine told him that he was the one who would rue the day he met her and when she was done with him he'd be sorry he ever came into her life.]

Julian joined his mother in the foyer and asked her if she was all right. She said yes and soon they would all be all right. Rachel, who had been listening at the hallway door asked under her breath, "Dear sister, have I pushed this all too far? Have I opened a Pandora's box? Well it's too late to close it now. She left and made her way to the attic.

Outside, Tabitha, Kay and Fox got some fresh air. Ivy came out and asked how they were doing. They were fine and Fox asked about Alistair. Ivy said Eve was doing the best she could, and then smiled as she said that he wasn't responding. Tabitha sarcastically said it was too bad the roads were all iced over, just when someone needed transport to the hospital. They all laughed and Kay said it was unfortunate for Alistair. Fox asked if Ivy could think of anyone but Fancy who wanted him to survive. Nobody could think of anyone. Ivy quipped, "certainly not the person who tried to kill him. Whoever that may be." Then she went back inside. Inside, Martin and Pilar comforted Theresa as Eve tried to get Alistair's heart working better. Theresa told them that Eve should give up. She wished it was all over. Martin said they all did [Martin remembered confronting Alistair when he was still in his dressing gown in his library. He told Alistair he was going to wring the life out of him with his bare hands and he was going to enjoy every second of it. Alistair just chortled. He said that Martin wasn't man enough and he couldn't even count all the times he'd threatened to make him pay for his supposed sins. Martin said that this time it was different and Alistair scoffed. He told him he was a gutless wonder, that around him he was completely impotent and who knew around whom else. Martin said he underestimated him.]

Martin told them that some of them wanted to see Alistair dead more than others. [Pilar remembered running into Alistair in the upstairs hallway. She confronted him with her anger that he'd admitted killing Luis and Antonio saying that he was going to pay. She said he may have all the power but he was going to be held accountable. He asked if she was going to kill him or if Martin was going to dredge up some guts. She spit out that Martin is more of a man than he would ever be. He laughed at her and said she was defending a man he'd had to blackmail to go back to her. She didn't believe it and he told her that he'd agreed to keep the secret of Sheridan killing Rachel if Martin went back to Pilar. Now that the cat is out of the bag, he wondered how long it would be before Martin was back in Katherine's bed. He said that before long, Theresa would be back in his bed. He wondered who would be in her bed. He imagined that it would be empty. She hollered at him to burn in hell. He scoffed that the angelic Pilar has a temper. She violently pushed him with both hands and promised that not only will she get angry, she will get even.] Katherine joined them and Pilar angrily looked away. Rachel walked into the storage area of the attic and asked what she had done. She thought she could live with herself, but she can't. She said it was too late to justify what she's done. She said that things have gone too far and it's too late to stop what she put in motion. Eve called everyone to attention to let them know that their defib machine had worked. Katherine asked if he was going to live and Eve said he's out of danger for the moment. Rebecca dejectedly said, "so it looks like he's going to survive" and Eve agreed. Fancy was the only happy guest. Sam reminded them that when Alistair regained consciousness, he'd be able to tell them who tried to kill him. As Alistair lay there, he saw the faces of each of his guests telling him how hated he is and how much they wanted him to die. Sam reminded them that he was sure that Alistair would expose every secret of every person in the room.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Simone confronts Rae about Alistair's involvement in their tryst.

Ethan, Ivy, Katherine, Martin, Pilar, Sam, and Sheridan hear someone sobbing and search the mansion to find the source.

Gwen searches for Alistair's evidence that she and Rebecca exposed Ethan's true paternity to the tabloids.

To Pilar's disgust, Theresa continues to pester Ethan about the love she knows they share.

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