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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 2, 2006 on GL
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Monday, January 2, 2006

Due to special programming, both As the World Turns and Guiding Light were preempted today.

This preemption and the preemption from last Friday were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd and pick up where the action ended on Thursday, December 29th.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Reva arrives at Cassie's farm to confront her about having Tammy and Jonathan arrested for arson. Cassie blames Reva for supporting Tammy in "throwing her life away" on Jonathan. She accuses Reva of overstepping her bounds by making decisions about Tammy and Cassie's lives, even going so far as to bring up the tragedy of Richard's death at Reva's hands. Reva defends Jonathan and Tammy. She tries to get her sister to see that Tammy isn't "out of her mind;" they truly love each other. She pleads with Cassie to just listen to her daughter and not make things worse. Cassie says Tammy and Jonathan's relationship is sick because they are cousins; people will stare at them and whisper behind their backs. Reva counters with the fact that the children were not raised together so their relationship isn't sick, it's just different. Cassie says Reva's actions are based on the guilt she feels from abandoning Jonathan. She will do whatever is necessary to keep Tammy and Jonathan apart. Reva says she will do whatever is necessary to help Tammy and Jonathan be together, revealing they were together for New Year's and she'd set it up.

Jeffrey comes home and announces Alan has been released. Cassie becomes concerned for Harley's safety. Reva seems more upset that Alan went free after killing Phillip, his own son, while Jonathan remains locked up for an accidental fire. Tammy arrives at the farm to collect some of her belongings to sell to raise Jonathan's bail money. Cassie tells Tammy she can not take anything from the house. Cassie asks to speak to Tammy alone to work out the problem. Tammy tells her mother that she is the problem and then asks Reva if she can stay at her house. Reva tells Tammy she'll always have a place for her. Cassie is furious with Reva and tells her she has nothing more to say to her. Tammy and Reva leave the farmhouse to head to Reva's house.

Mallet and Dinah are fooling around when Mallet's cell phone rings. Mallet finds out Alan was freed and Gus had gotten out of the jail cell. He asks Dinah to understand that he is worried about Gus and needs to go find him. Dinah tells him to do what he needs to do. In his search for Gus, Mallet runs into Harley on Main Street. Harley, who had been trying to reach Gus, finds out he and Mallet weren't working together that evening. She becomes more concerned about what Gus might be doing. Dinah arrives with Mallet's wallet, which he'd accidentally dropped on the floor of her room. Harley seems somewhat hurt by Dinah's arrival and closeness to Mallet. Mallet offers to help Harley find Gus, but Harley heads out on her own.

Marina stops by Alan-Michael's office in a sexy dress to let him know that her New Year's resolution is to go after what she wants...and he is what she wants. Alan-Michael, who is waiting on Alan to arrive and needs to get Marina out of the office, has to rebuff her advances. He tells her he's enjoyed their flirting, but she is only a kid and he didn't know she'd take him seriously. Marina tells Alan-Michael she'd better leave before she takes out her service revolver, letting him know that he'd mislead her and she didn't appreciate it. Beth and Alexandra arrive right after Marina's departure. They inform Alan-Michael that Alan has been released. He acts surprised but becomes concerned when he finds out it has been two-and-a-half hours since he was released. Alan-Michael sends Beth and Alexandra on their way under the guise that he is waiting on a date, then calls Alan's phone once they're gone.

After no success in locating Gus, Harley heads back to Main Street where she runs into Marina. The two discuss their miserable New Year's Eves, although Marina never tells Harley that Alan-Michael is the man behind her misery. Marina finds out Alan-Michael had once stood up Harley on a New Year's Eve years ago. Harley heads back to her room where she stumbles upon Gus' letter, letting her know that he was going to make sure Alan never hurt her or her family by taking matters into his own hands.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Harley's just awoken from a dream where Gus is with her. After reading the note that Gus left for her, she gets Zach ready. She lies to him that Gus is on a business trip and will be home soon. She leaves for work. There she's startled to find Mallet waiting in her office. She lashes out at him, eventually telling him that it's his fault Gus is missing. The conversation gets worse when Mallet admits he isn't helping her for Gus' sake - he's doing it because he cares for her.

After being cross at everyone all day, Harley finally breaks down in front of Buzz. After remembering how Gus tried to buoy her spirits when she was in prison, Harley calls Mallet and asks him to keep trying to find leads.

The next morning, Harley apologizes to Mallet for lashing out at him the day before. She confesses that she actually has feelings for him, too. This revelation makes Mallet uncomfortable. He tries to stop her from saying anything else. She starts blaming herself for Gus leaving. After reassuring her that she isn't to blame for Gus being gone, Mallet asks if Gus wasn't in her life, would they be together. Harley responds that Gus is in her life and she loves him. Though she admits it doesn't change her feelings for Mallet, she states she won't act on them. Mallet finally tells her why he's in her office - he got a lead on Gus. He rented a limo recently. Harley is now filled with hope.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Cassie wants Jeffrey to keep Jonathan in jail for one more day. But the harder she tries to keep her daughter away from Jonathan, the more Tammy wants to be close to him.

Josh refuses Tammy's request to help Jonathan. Josh bemoans the fact that he always seems to alienate members of his family. Jonathan tells Tammy to let Reva take care of everything. Reva asks Mel to represent Jonathan. Mel agrees until she realizes the case is a little more complicated than she thinks. She refuses to choose between Cassie and Reva. Mel is shaken when Reva compares the obstacles between Jonathan and Tammy to the obstacles Mel and Rick faced in their relationship. Rick says the "us against the world" thing brings people together. Mel hasn't come to terms with Rick's behavior after Phillip's death. She worries their lives have become too normal.

Jeffrey releases Jonathan on the condition that he attends anger management classes. Jeffrey lies to Tammy that it was Cassie's idea to let Jonathan go free. Tammy goes back to the farm to thank Cassie for freeing Jonathan and accepting their relationship. Cassie confesses that she didn't want Jonathan released. She tells an angry Tammy that she will never accept Jonathan. When Tammy leaves, Cassie asks Jeffrey to take care of Tammy.

Jeffrey tells Jonathan he knows what it's like to be in love with someone you're not supposed to be in love with. He urges Jonathan to do what's best for Tammy.

Sandy asks Cassie to let him help her get Tammy away from Jonathan. She refuses. Josh tells Sandy to let Tammy go and move on with his life. Jonathan warns him to stay away from Tammy. Sandy provokes him. He says Jonathan will always screw up things.

Josh encourages Reva to make amends with Cassie. He wonders if Reva is pushing so hard for Jonathan and Tammy's relationship because their own didn't work. She wants to know when he stopped believing in young love.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Harley is convinced today is the today they'll find Gus. First, Mallet tells her the car that Gus was driving has finally turned on its GPS system and they're tracking its location as they speak. Secondly, Harley gets a call from the Medical Examiner, asking her to come in and see if she can identify a recently arrived body as Gus. Harley, with Mallet in tow, heads for the morgue, but faints before going in. Mallet assures her she doesn't have to; he'll make the ID. However, at the last minute, Harley has to see for herself, and almost faints again, this time with relief, when she sees the body isn't Gus's. Afterwards, she and Mallet learn the location of Gus's car, it's apparent (to us) that it was driven off the road, with two still bodies lying inside it. Filling in for Harley at Spaulding, Alan-Michael is feeling on top of the world. Still, it doesn't help him feel any better about his brush-off of Marina on New Year's Eve, and he attempts to make amends with a bouquet of flowers and a vow to make her see that he is truly sorry for hurting her. Marina tries to play it off casually, but she is obviously charmed. Jonathan is forced to take an anger-management class as a condition of his bail, and he grudgingly attends, though it isn't long before his mind is filled with images of Tammy. Which are preferable to the ones of Sandy taunting that Jonathan will hurt the woman he loves the same way he's hurt everyone else in his life. Meanwhile, Sandy is telling Tammy that if she would only let him hold her again, she'd remember how great they were together, and take him back. Tammy resists and Sandy gets pushy which is when Jonathan steps in and howls for Sandy to let go of Tammy, or he'll kill him!

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