One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 2, 2006 on OLTL

Antonio did some investigation of Nash on his own. Kevin landed in the hospital with a virus that had the ability to leave him sterile. Adriana and Rex revealed their feelings about each other but did their best to stay apart. Clint tried to get Niki to return. Dorian announced her intention to date Clint. Bo ordered John to see a therapist for posttraumatic stress disorder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 2, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, January 2, 2006

Due to ABC Sports coverage of The Citrus Bowl, the entire ABC Daytime lineup of daytime dramas – All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital – was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd and pick up where the action ended on Friday, December 30th.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Tess and Nash are reunited. Meanwhile, Niki coaxes a startled David out onto the dance floor. Cristian encounters Natalie in Angel Square and reminds her that no one should be alone on New Year's Eve. Kevin regains consciousness and asks a passing good Samaritan to help him locate his fiancée. At the lodge, a woozy Asa awakens to discover Spencer standing over him. Renee phones Clint to report on "Viki's" strange behavior. Evangeline finds John back at his desk late at night. Duke and Kelly struggle to stay warm after their stranded car runs out of gas. On another stretch of deserted road, Adriana confesses to Rex how much she wants him as they share body heat to fend off the cold. At the jail, Blair encourages a dejected Todd to believe that 2006 will bring them nothing but joy. Spencer gleefully taunts Asa about the destruction he has planned for the entire Buchanan clan. Cris tells Natalie he's decided to give her a divorce after all. Todd thanks Blair for cheering him up and for sticking by him despite everything that's transpired. Niki hisses at Clint to butt out after he breaks up her private party. Later, Dorian clues David in about the true identity of his dancing partner. Renee assumes that Asa drank himself into a stupor when he can't recall what happened earlier in the evening. Tess and Nash make love. Clint's kiss at midnight brings Viki back to the surface, while David plants a lingering lip lock on his former fiancée. Rex and Adriana finally give in to their long burning desire.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Nash treats Tess to a post-holiday celebration, complete with breakfast in bed and loads of raising baby books. She's skeptical that they'll be able to do a good job with a child, mainly because only Jess has been able to have time to get used to the idea. Nash puts her mind at ease but is secretive when Tess decides to pursue his own past life. He'll only say that he doesn't think the same people will attack him again.

Antonio asks John if he can run another check on Nash and though John becomes busy when pursed by the doctor sent over by Internal Affairs, Antonio successfully gets into the database on his own. He finds an order of protection issued against Nash. John has his own issues and is not able to get rid of Dr. Crosby, even finding him in his office after walking away from him. The doctor refuses to let John choose what he wants to talk about, asking him about Natalie instead. He declines to let John get away without revealing his feelings even though John tries to plead his own case. He's never broken the rules or lost control while on the job. Dr. Crosby cites John's losses of his father and fiancée and mentions that he will really lose it if another loss occurs. The doctor guesses that John always wants to be the one in control and hasn't been able to do that. John gets angry and leaves.

Natalie visits Cris because he wants to prove to her that they belong together. He shows her his latest work; it's a portrait of her made with remnants of their past life together. Items include a ticket stub, a portion of their wedding invitation, the deed to their cottage. Natalie seems touched but becomes angry as she accuses Cris of using tactics to get to her. She loves his work and he's using that love, she charges. The issue is his betrayal and the divorce will go through, she continues. In her heart she is no longer his wife.

Rex and Adriana, separately, recall their New Year's Eve of passion. While Rex fights off an employee who stops by, Adriana attempts to recap her evening for Dorian who can see right through her daughter's guarded explanation. Tell Duke everything, she urges. It's not good to lie to him. Adriana sees it as protecting him instead. When Roxy arrives home from her trip, she stops by to see Rex who tells her about the evening, ending it with the fact that he's going to give Adriana up out of respect. Roxy refuses to accept that from her son who should know better from what she's taught him. As the young couple obviously reveal their feelings for each other, Rex decides to take his mother's advice. Getting to Adriana's place he hears her mention things like how predictable Duke is while Rex has dealt with low life. He hears more about his past not so nice side and takes off before hearing the rest; that he's exciting and trying to change and that she wants to be with him. Life with him would never be boring. When Nina, his employee, drops by his place again, he invites her in.

Duke and Kelly anxiously await news about Kevin and when they finally get in to see him, he's less than receptive towards them. They attempt to summarize their evening and why Duke would be without a shirt. Michael tosses them out but Kelly prevails first and seemingly convinces Kevin of her feelings. Shortly after, Michael and Spencer discuss his case and the only thing they can figure at present is that Kevin has contracted some kind of airborne virus but a positive diagnosis will still be needed. Unfortunately, the virus may cause sterility. Kevin feels that someone infected him. Duke tries to call Adriana but she won't answer.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Adriana tells her appalled mother she won't let anything stop her from being with Rex. Feeling bereft as Todd's trial begins, Blair leaves a melancholy message for Spencer. Marcie wishes Hugh luck with his first case as district attorney. At the precinct house, Bo puts an edgy John on notice after the detective nearly manhandles a suspect. Blair reminds Todd that she believes in him and in his innocence. Meanwhile, Starr slips unnoticed into the back of the courtroom. Duke decides to share a belated New Year's celebration with Adriana. Bo orders John to either continue his sessions with Dr. Crosby or face indefinite suspension. Adriana goes to the loft to declare her feelings to Rex but is dismayed to find him with a scantily dressed Nina. Michael presses his brother to admit that he's been thinking about their dad. Outraged by Hugh's remarks about her father, Starr angrily interrupts the D.A.'s opening statement and has to be escorted from the building. A gloomy Rex confides to Bo how he messed up his chance with the girl he loves. Across town, Duke is deflated when Adriana declares that she's moving on without him or Rex. Worried about his brother, Michael urges John to keep seeing the shrink.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Cristian and John decide to have a friendly boxing match at the gym, but their respective emotions regarding Natalie cause things to become somewhat competitive. Cris gets the upper hand on John this time, but between punches, the adversaries manage to express themselves just a little bit. Both of them admit to missing Nat, and Cris makes it clear that he's not just going to lie down and grant her a divorce. In spite of the bond they forged during the prison riot, it's evident that the men will never be the best of friends.

Meanwhile, Natalie soothes her aching heart by spending a bit of quality time with Rex and Roxy, who has just returned from her cruise. Together, the Balsoms bemoan the state of their love lives. Rex fills his mother and sister in on the debacle with Adriana and the Ultraviolet employee, and Natalie opens up about her feelings for the men in her life. Her tears flow freely as she talks about John and Cris.

While Rex unloads about Adriana, Ms. Cramer is doing the same thing with her mother, Dorian. For once, Dorian manages to put most of her objections to Duke and Rex aside and simply listen to her daughter's problems. It's evident that Adriana appreciates her mother's effort, and the two end the conversation closer than they have been in months. Dorian is not feeling completely good-natured, however, because the next thing she does is head over to Viki's to tell her that she will indeed be dating Clint. Although Clint has in no way expressed similar sentiments, it's obvious that Viki has been bit by the jealousy bug.

Nash once again asks Tess to tell him the secret she is hiding from Jessica. As usual, he gets nothing out of her except for the continued declaration of her love. Nash tries to explain that he will accept Tess no matter what happened to Jessica, but at this point, she has kept the secret so long that there seems to be no way for him to break through. As frustrated as Nash is, it's nothing compared to what he feels when their conversation is interrupted by Antonio, who has once again managed to track down the fleeing love birds.

Evangeline enjoys her last day of freedom before Todd's trial begins in full force. Layla joins her sister, but cannot keep her mouth shut. Before Evangeline knows what's hit her, Layla is insisting that she needs a new man in her life. Will the New Year finally bring Van a true love to replace John in her heart?

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