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A new war is brewing
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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of April 25, 2005.

In this day and age of the internet where spoilers abound for everything, it's hard to be truly shocked by a television show anymore. And Passions is no exception. Even on this very site, one can easily read what's in store for the coming weeks. But there is one thing spoilers can not do, and that is rate a performance. I knew Fox was going to find out that nit Whit gave the baby up this week, but what I didn't know was that Justin Hartley would knock my socks off.

I could sense how bad it was going to get when Fox was playing with baby Jane and reveling in the joy of being a new dad on the plane. Justin Hartley has wowed me before, but when he got home and learned what Whitney had done, he totally blew me away. He went from shock to denial to anger in minutes. He went from "I love you and our son and our family" to "you manipulative little bitch." His anger was totally justified and nit Whit deserved everything that was thrown at her and more.

THIS PARAGRAPH CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!! Then when he learned that there was a possibility he could stop the adoption, all hell really broke loose. That is when Whitney, Eve, Julian, T.C., the frog, and Fox all learned that the baby was going to be adopted by one of them. What no one knew is that the baby is already adopted. Last week I said Chad was the best choice for the baby. A couple people wanted to know why I felt this way. Rene wrote in and asked, "How can you possibly think that incest peep freak Chad is the best for that beautiful little sweet baby boy?" I agree Chad needs some help getting over nit Whit, but considering a former playboy and an attempted murderer against an evil witch and a hothead, I think Chad was the best choice. But I really hope Fox ends up getting the baby back and trumping them all.

It was also no surprise Beth was named Marty's mother. I am glad Edna finally stepped up and tried to help Beth. I think Edna realized Beth really does love Marty. For a while I thought it wasn't so much about Beth getting Luis, but more about beating Sheridan. But Batty Beth is still after officer dumbass. And I must hand it to Sheridan, she really stood up to Luis and Beth this week. She knew Marty was her son and she got so aggravated at all the delays keeping her from him. If I were Sheridan though, I'd kick Luis to the curb. I know how preposterous she must sound to Luis, but she didn't care. She charged headfirst on with her plans, and really didn't care what he thought. The old Sheridan is back

Poor Pilar. She thought for sure her family was going to be back on track, and here comes Kathy waltzing back into town, and now Pilar's dreams are shattered once more. I don't understand why the Lo-Fitz women are willing to take a man who really wants another woman. I sure hope Paloma is stronger than that.

Ethan has chosen Gwen, but that doesn't mean that the war is over. Rebecca started in on her usual spiel about Theresa coming after Gwen, but both Gwen and Ethan shut her down and really want to put the past behind them. Gwen is happy in the fact Ethan chose her, but busty Becky knows Theresa isn't going to give up and she's right. However, I think Jane is Gwen's child. Did you see how hard it was for her to get off that plane knowing that baby is going home with Theresa? I really think the DNA tests were wrong, and Gwen really is the mother. This is Harmony after all. They are famous for DNA screw ups.

And Theresa wasn't on the ground good yet before she pressed charges against Gwen. And I loved Ethan handing it to her like it was. "You repulse me." Wow, those are some pretty harsh words. And as Katie says, "What I found to be most pitiful was when Ethan stormed out and she grabbed the baby and tried to shove her in Ethan's face." Theresa keeps insisting on fighting a losing battle. Why? Is Ethan really worth it?

High Point of the Week:: Justin Hartley. Enough said.

Low Point of the Week:: This whole absurd adoption thing.

Fantasy Storyline:: This week it goes to Jamison:

When Ethan makes his final choice between Gwen and Theresa, we all know it'll be Theresa. So, when he finally chooses her, and he's returned Gwen, Fox, Katherine, and Jane to Harmony, Fox finds out not only that Whitney gave the baby up for adoption, but she also lied about him fathering the baby. He angrily breaks up with her, leaving her one friend short.

Then, after some time of trying to get over the loves of their lives, Fox and Gwen begin seeing each other and eventually fall in love. So finally, Gwen will have someone who WON'T keep leading her on like that wuss, Ethan, who'll be blissfully living his life with Theresa.

Meanwhile, Whitney, who's lost Fox, learns that Alistair lied and that she and Chad aren't brother and sister. They get back together instantly, and the rest is history. And considering Reilly's the writer of this show, at least two years' worth of history.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I'm not surprised that Ethan chose Gwen. But I WILL be surprised if he manages to stick to his decision." I totally agree with you Galit. Ethan will be wavering before the end of the week.

"I don't understand how she could honestly think that she could give up "his" child for adoption and he'd be completely cool with it!" Thanks Stephanie!!!!!!!!

"First, how could Julian and Eve expect to adopt a child, when they are NOT married, and Julian is still married to Rebecca? Ditto with T.C. and Liz. However, how does Chad get the baby? A single man? Ah yes, the law is just like medicine in Harmony. The writers must be teenagers. Everything happens, then POOF, everything is fine, with nothing in between. In reality, Fox would call his lawyer, and fight to get the baby back, which happens all the time. That POA would be worthless." Very good point Mary Jane!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: Thanks Clifton!!!!

"You know, I bet if you ask T.C. or Liz what Eve has done they'll tell you:

*She conspired with Osama Bin Laden *Moved the moon to jump-start the Tsunami's *Contributed to the AIDS Epidemic *Promoted Starvation for Children *Shot J.R. *Killed Darth Vader

I am quite sure the list could go on if you asked The Frog and The Meathead."

Quote of the week part deux: "Why is that when someone gets knocked out, the person nearby always assumes the other person is dead? Hello dumbasses! There's a such thing as getting 'knocked the hell out'." Thanks Mimi!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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