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Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the best that Passions had to offer in 2005.

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    Best Actor:

    The best actor on this show is Justin Hartley. And I am saddened he is leaving. Beyond saddened. His leaving will take one of the few decent actors on this show. Ben Masters is brilliant, and we all know this. But lately, between his scenes with Amelia Marshall and Tracey Ross, he is stiff and boring. Justin on the other hand lights up every scene he is in, whether he is collaborating with Valerie or falling for Kay. His recast will have some whoppers of shoes to fill.

    Best Actress:

    The best actress race results in a two-way tie between Liza Huber and Lindsey Hartley. These two actresses reign front burner and are involved in one of the most hotly debated storylines in daytime television. Bottom line is, you either love their character or hate their character (depending on who you believe is the more evil of the two). And you love or hate their character because these two actresses knock the ball out of the park every time they are in a scene.

    Best Character:

    The best character on this show is Alistair. Without him, no one on this show would have a storyline. He controls everything that goes on in Harmony and everyone in town hates him. The Lady in Red wants him dead, as does half the town. Right now, the Lady in Red storyline is about all Passions has going for it. Without Alistair, the show would have no drama except for Gwen/Theresa/Ethan, and that storyline is older than dirt.

    Best Storyline:

    Right now, the best storyline is the Lady in Red. But I must admit I love Simone's homosexuality. Passions has such a wonderful opportunity here, and so far they haven't dropped the ball. Yes T.C. is ridiculous, but a lot of parents have trouble accepting their children's lifestyle choices. From the friends that love her and accept her for who she is, to those that have shunned her, Simone's story is the most real and moving story on the show right now.

    Most Missed Character:

    The character that is Most Missed is Beth. Kelli McCarty was a perfect villainess and her psychotic shenanigans are missed. I know for Beth to come back to the show would mean she would have to die or go to jail, but there's got to be some way to keep her around. She made Passions a wild ride and her departure made a hole in this show that has yet to be filled.

    Most Surprising Moment:

    The most Surprising Moment of 2005 was Beth getting away with Marty. Everyone expects a happy ending, and we all thought Sheridan would be reunited with her son after Beth had spent years passing Marty off as her own. Instead, Beth got away with Marty and Luis "died" in the process of trying to rescue Marty and bring him home. I'm sure before it's said and done Sheridan will reunite (rightly so) with Marty. But I for one was truly shocked Beth got away this time.

    Best Non Passions Moment 2005:

    Normally I use this space to lament about the accomplishments of my beloved LSU Tigers. And they have had an awesome year. But nothing tops the love of my life proposing to me a week ago. It has been an up and down year, only to be topped off by this wonderful news. I am thrilled that I am going to be his wife and I cannot wait until the big day arrives.

    Next week... The Worst of Passions 2005.

    May God bless you and your families throughout this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas,

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