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Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Springfield. This week, our columnist discusses the best that Guiding Light had to offer in 2005.

As we enjoy time with our family and friends, we often reflect on the year that was with fondness. This week, I want to take a look back at 2005 in Springfield - highlighting the good things that have happened in the year - and maybe a prediction or two for 2006.

Springfield welcomed some new faces in 2005. Some were new characters, but many were the return of characters from the past or recasts of characters current on the canvas.

New Additions to the Cast in 2005 include:
Nate (Ritchie Costner)
Robert Borgue (A.C. Mallet)*
Michael Dempsey (Alan-Michael)
Nicole Forester (Cassie)
Michelle Ray Smith (Ava)
Neal Bledsoe (Quinn)

Best New Addition to the Cast - Rob Borgue
I definitely see that Borgue's addition to the cast has made the most impact so far. Here's hoping that he looks ahead to time with Dinah and NOT Harley in 2006.

Leaving the Cast in 2005:
Jerry verDorn (Ross)
Nancy St. Alban (Michelle)
Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny)
Daniel Cosgrove (Bill)
Doug Hutchinson (Sebastian Hulce)
Stephen Martines (Tony Santos)
Ritchie Costner (Nate)
David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund)
Laura Wright (Cassie)

What can you say with so much turnover in one year? All of this will be addressed in next week's "Worst of" column with a look ahead as well.

Marriages in 2005
Cassie and Edmund (January)
Harley and Gus (August)
Alan and Beth (August)
Danny and Michelle (November)
Tammy and Sandy (annulled)

Hardly a romance filled year - something GL needs to address in the coming year.

Michelle and Tony Santos (broken)

Divorces in 2005
Danny and Michelle (April)
Sandy and Ava (finally)
Cassie and Edmund (pending)
Olivia and Bill (December)

Separations in 2005
Reva and Josh (Again)

Break Ups
Danny Santos and Marina Cooper

Hope Santos

Tony Santos (Stephen Martines)
Lena (Linda Dano)
Nate (Ritchie Costner)
Cassie and Edmund's baby (carried by Dinah)

Best Couple (Still Together) - Harley and Gus

Hardly a stretch since these two are one of very few couples still together (who get air time) in Springfield. I would actually like to see less of this couple in 2006 if we could spend some air time on characters who are long forgotten by GL's writers. And I would love to see Dinah and Mallet up for this title in 2006!!

Best Use of a Character - Dinah

Always one of my favorite GL characters, I am glad to see Dinah's Springfield past being used relatively well. While GL devoted way too much time to the baby switch story, Gina Toginoni's portrayal of a confused woman searching for happiness was well done. Dinah has an "in" with the Marler family, of course, Cassie's family and her history with Harley and A-M gives her plenty of story opportunities.

Best Wedding - Harley and Gus

Not a stretch, either, since you certainly couldn't vote for Beth and Alan. And Michelle and Danny's wedding barely got 5 minutes of air time (a big disappointment even if the show was cutting the characters - remember Harley's wedding to Mallet when both were leaving GL? It received a lot more air time). When a daytime show is so lacking in romance - especially a wedding - the bread and butter of a show in the past - things are not good for fans of "happily ever after." I did like Edmund and Cassie's wedding in the barn, but the ink was barely dry on the marriage license before they called the lawyers.

Best Actor - Ron Raines (Alan)

This was tough, since there are so many great performances. But Alan going crazy over "killing" his son was so well done you can't go wrong here. I love to see Alan on the canvas, since we are really lacking a true villain, and GL will give me my wish in 2006. The power struggle for Spaudling between father and son certainly has whet my appetite - GL please don't disappoint!!

Best Actress - Crystal Chappell (Olivia)

What can you say about an actress who brings such tremendous range to a character - even one so bad? Crystal always brings her "A" game to the table (and has an Emmy to prove it). Even when she's trying to justify her actions to Bill at the end of their marriage, you could see all of the emotions that played into Olivia's actions - whether or not you can justify them.

Best Younger Actor - Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan)

No contest - how he was overlooked for an Emmy is beyond me. Now that we have seen Jonathan play a full range of emotions, and hold his own with three-time Emmy winner Kim Zimmer, you have to give Pelphrey his due.

Best Character We Rarely See - Marj Dusay (Alex)

Since she announced she was leaving GL this fall, I was really not looking forward to another recast. I'm glad she and GL seemed to have come to some understanding (or at least I hope they did).

As I looked back on the show's recaps to refresh my memory for this column, I was amazed at all the things I had forgotten about. It's always nice to take some time and reflect on all of the things that happened in a year - whether it is in your own life or in Springfield.

If I were Santa, I know that I would wish for the citizens of Springfield a happy, healthy year in 2006 - and someone to share it with! Springfield needs to re-focus on romance and family togetherness and less strife in the new year.

As all of you take time to celebrate the holiday, whether it is Christmas or Hanukkah, with your family, I hope that you take time to reflect on each person who is able to share time with you this season. Remember those who are no longer with you, and enjoy the time together.

Next week's column will look at the "Worst of" 2005 and a look ahead for the new year. It should appear by New Year's Day. Then we are back to the normal "Two Scoops" format for the New Year.

Happy Holidays to All!
Keep the Light Shining!

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