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Reva certainly hit the nail on the head with her reaction to Josh and Olivia last week. It wasn't a good idea for Josh to bring his ex-wife to a party where his current wife, and his brother Billy, would be in attendance.

As I sit here listening to Christmas songs on the radio, it is easy to get into the spirit of the season. It's not always so easy for the residents of Springfield - who might have a less than jolly time this holiday season.

Reva certainly hit the nail on the head with her reaction to Josh and Olivia. I can't say that it was a good idea to bring his ex-wife to a party where his current (and past/future ex wife - if that makes sense) and his brother Billy (who Olivia pushed "off the wagon") would be in attendance. Sandy's appearance was pretty bold - and in bad taste. Of course, he turned the spotlight on Tammy and Jonathan - just has he meant to. But will her families reaction make Tammy return to her ex-fiancé'?

Poor Buzz has reason to be down and out this holiday season. GL finally remember to pay homage to his late wife Jenna (played so wonderfully by the much-missed Fiona Hutchison) and her loss during this month. I would love to see Rocky Cooper arrive in Springfield (but will certainly like to see a Bauer return first!!). How can Olivia not see what a catch he is? Of course, so is Josh. But maybe she needs to take a "holiday" from men, given the year she has had. ; )

Speaking of the Cooper clan, why can't Harley be happy with the husband she has? No, she's got to flirt with not one but TWO ex-husbands. What is that girl thinking? She might want to get her head out of the clouds and keep her eye on her current (and ex) father-in-law who is planning to return to her life in a big way very soon. I can't imagine how he can do that (even with his mega millions) but that's soaps for you!

Frank and Marina need a little romance in their lives. I'm still not sold on Marina and A-M - since he originally thought he could be her father. Poor Frank needs the love of a good woman in 2006. Of course, given Marina's track record, she might want to take the same "holiday" as Olivia and ease back into dating slowly.

Coop and Lizzie were cute together, but with Crystal Hunt leaving soon, I wonder where this relationship will go. And I have to admit that Quinn gives me the creeps - you know he wants a lot more than he is letting on. Lizzie thinks she's playing him, but actually he holds most of the cards in that relationship. I can't imagine it will end well for the Spaulding Princess. And when will Phillip re-appear to clear Alan of murder? So many loose ends here - all because of the numerous casting changes in the past year or so.

The Winslow women aren't really doing so well either. Cassie is burying her head in the sand on two issues - Jeffrey's dual identity and Tammy's relationship with Jonathan. She's certainly had her share of heartbreak in 2005, and I can't see the year ending on a happy note for her, either. And with her relationship with Reva on rocky footing, this will be an interesting Christmas dinner - even with Hawk and Rusty in attendance.

All of this doesn't leave much room for a Merry Christmas in Springfield. But I have to admit that I can't wait for Vanessa to run into Olivia in town - which you know she will! GL is really not the same without Maeve (Vanessa) and I'd love to see more of her warmth and spirit in Springfield in 2006. (hint, hint to GL)

Still, as all of you prepare to spend time with your family, I hope that you take time to enjoy the moments together. Eat too much food, laugh a lot, take plenty of pictures and enjoy yourselves.

Keep the (Christmas) Lights Shining and Happy Holidays to All!!


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