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It's hard to decide what the best payoff was last week: seeing justice finally being served, Jennifer scolding Paul for lying to her, or Gwen's pain at losing her own son.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, "Yay! Jennifer has her baby back!" All is right in Oakdale again. Well, as right as things can get in that twisted little hamlet. Six months of Jennifer crying, Paul scheming and Dusty consoling led up to the heart-wrenching end of this story.

I'm not sure which was the better payoff: Justice finally being served, Jennifer scolding Paul for lying to her, or the amazing Jennifer Landon portraying Gwen's pain at losing her own son. The story served to showcase Jennifer Ferrin's talent over the past few months, but make no mistake, this week was the Gwen show. Jennifer Landon is fierce and vulnerable and evokes empathy from viewers. Her scenes with Carly were some of the best I've seen in daytime, ever.

Paul finally thoroughly explained his reasoning for doing such a heinous thing to his sister. He blamed Craig for what happened to Rosanna, and he feared he'd do the same to Jen. Irrational, perhaps. But, it's understandable that he acted from a place of fear, after Rosanna's tragic end. As for Emily, I still don't get why she became so driven in this cause. The fallout of the baby switch promises plenty of good drama to come. Watching Paul and Emily trying to regain the town's trust surely will be entertaining.

--Is it wrong to hope that more Oakdale citizens break the law, just so attorney Cass Winthrop will keep working in town? I think it's time this quick-quipping lawyer made the move from Bay City to Oakdale permanent. Who's with me? Someone call the moving van.

--It's been a while since we saw a booty call in the infamous Snyder barn. And even longer since we've seen Holden get some action. Well done. Nobody heats up the Snyder barn like that former stable boy.

--Paul should be forced to share a jail cell with Craig. Wouldn't that be cruel irony? They both ended up hurting people they love in misguided efforts to protect someone they love. They're both guilty of that crime.

--Did it bother anyone else that Hal didn't return the baby to Jennifer? It seemed out of character for him to just hand his newly discovered grandson off to Dusty for him to give Jennifer the good news. I know Hal wanted to berate Emily, but come on. He could have waited a couple hours, at least, until he had reunited what's left of his family.

--Call me prissy, but Olga was a brave gal to try to seduce Henry. He has to be reeking after weeks locked in that cellar, without a toothbrush, deodorant or a bathroom. Speaking of, just where is Henry going to the bathroom? It's not like there's a potty in the wine cellar. Ewww. Suddenly, that floor make-out scene just got a lot more disgusting.

--What was that weird popping noise BJ made with his mouth? It sounded like the mating call of an exotic bird. This dude just gets stranger and stranger. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a vampire.

--I never pictured Olga as a killer. She seemed a little soft, until she was standing over Mike with a poisonous syringe, gloating about how he'd soon be swimming with the fishes. I guess she really is deadly.

--I couldn't help but scratch my head when Emily claimed that, "Daniel has always been my priority." Huh? She had to know taking part in a criminal act would be grounds for her to lose her son. And when's the last time we've seen her spending time with that kid? If he's a priority, he must be at the bottom of the list, after scheming, lying and a mani/pedi.

--Now that Jen has her baby back and is off the meth, will she start straightening her hair again?

--Thanks Will for letting us know that the baby's last name probably would be Munson. We were all wondering if "Kasnoff" would be dropped in favor of Munson, considering Mike hasn't even checked on or mentioned Jennifer in months.

--Keith has transitioned quickly from bossy boyfriend to scary guy. He's just an '80s prom dress away from full-blown stalker. Maybe he and BJ should get together and discuss their stalker moves over some chocolate milk. Then again, is this town really big enough for two wackos?

--I'm weighing in early on new Luke. He only had a couple scenes, but so far, so good. He definitely looks like he could be Holden and Lily's son. But, please, cut the Casey hair.

--I can definitely see Casey as a frat boy. But Wisconsin? Now that it's official that his baby is dead, and he's off the hook as a teen parent, maybe he'll stay in Illinois.

--I enjoy Barbara as an overbearing mother, rather than a wacko. Seeing her share genuine moments with Hal, Jennifer and Will makes me miss the days when she was actually a good parent.

--Thank you Susan for saying what viewers have been thinking for months. Susan's assertion that Craig isn't a threat because he's in jail was right on. And even if he weren't incarcerated, that isn't an excuse for Paul and Emily's behavior, Susan said. Gee, I couldn't have said it better myself.

--Meg is a good liar. Wow. Her denial that she knew nothing to Paul and Emily was an Oscar-worthy performance. There is no doubt in my mind that lies will come unraveled at some point. And we all know how Dusty will react. Hello, Jennifer!

--Henry is free, but how far is he really going to get barefoot in the middle of winter? I hope he can outrun Olga or quickly make his way to a phone to call 911. Run, Henry, run.

Best Lines of the Week:
With all the drama this week involving the baby switch, no one was wisecracking. But, thank you Barbara Ryan for this gem.
((Barbara and Jennifer discuss Will and Gwen's relationship.)
Barbara: "Why your brother feels he has to look after that platinum sourpuss and her illegitimate child is beyond me."

Reader Spotlight:
((From Two Scoops reader Mary)
"I don't agree that Paul shouldn't be forgiven for this madness about the baby switch. Paul didn't do it to gain anything for himself, but to try, in his misguided way, to protect his sister from Craig. I would be infuriated if Paul and Emily are made to pay more than anyone, especially since in Oakdale everyone gets away with murder. It seems that Paul and Emily never get a break. Where is the outcry about Barbara and Rosanna getting away with drugging Emily? Where is the outcry about Hal putting Emily at risk, by bringing Barbara into his home? The writers seem to have managed to make everyone forget that Emily and Paul have been victimized and dumped on by everyone in this town, even before this baby saga began."

(From Two Scoops reader Jo)
"You can complain all you want about not being able to hear Dusty. Just let me look at this sexy hunk. I don't care what he is saying."

(From Two Scoops reader Ronnea)
"The best Christmas gift I could get this year from a soap is the end of Mike and Katie. I don't want to watch a BJ rape scene, but I do want his character to be the cause of Katie and Henry getting back together for some real love. Henry deserves to have the woman of his dreams and to be a stronger front burner.

(From Two Scoops reader Alice)
"I still can't get over that Mike has totally forgotten about his relationship with Jennifer. I know he's all about Katie now, but it's really messed up that he hasn't even called Jennifer to see how she's doing since Johnny died. For Pete's sake, little Johnny carries his last name. (I still haven't figured that one out). His actions toward Jennifer make Mike appear to be a very shallow man who lacks any kind of compassion at all. Jerk.

(From Two Scoops reader Lewis)
"I think the baby switch story has been one of the best in ATWT history. It involved so many of the actors on the canvas that the residual effects will last for years to come! I disagree with many that the story has gone on too long. I honestly feel it has been perfectly timed and with the holidays coming up - a perfect ending in sight (well, for Jennifer). I can't wait to see Jennifer Landon tear into her grief scenes. She is fantastic!

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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