Making up is hard to do

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Making up is hard to do
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The writers seem to have created a new Cristian, one who makes decisions without regard to other people's feelings.

Making up is not going to be so easy to do as Natalie sets out to punish Cristian and John for not being upfront with her about Chris really being alive? When I found out that Cristian was leaving the show the first time he was supposedly killed in Vegas, I was devastated. So imagine how Natalie must feel having gone through it time and time again. Over the years, I've enjoyed seeing Chris's character in relationships with Jessica, Téa's niece Roseanne, Jen Rappaport, and now Natalie; however, since his coming back to life with amnesia due to Carlo Hesser having programmed him to kill Tico and Antonio, I'm not so sure that I'm witnessing the same Cristian I'd come to know and love. The writers seem to have created a new Cristian, one who makes decisions without regard to other people's feelings. The Cristian I knew would've at least told his family that he was indeed himself and what he was going through emotionally-- that's just how caring and considerate he was. The old Cristian would also have told his wife Natalie that he was alive and to get on with her life without him. In short, he would have been brutally honest and begged them to forget about him while he did his life sentence in prison. They wouldn't have done it of course, and we would have witnessed Natalie, Carlotta, and Antonio working together to get his conviction overturned.

This new Cristian has a callous edge to him. How can he expect Natalie to make up with him so quickly after he lied to her for so long; not to mention the fact that, she has been in a relationship with another man, namely John? His arrogance is unnerving. He needs to humble himself and not pursue Natalie so aggressively. He should be more understanding and recognize that she needs time and space to digest the enormous pill she's been forced to swallow. It's understandable that Natalie is hurt about being lied to for months by John and Cristian; however, she owes more to Cristian than to John because he is after all, still her husband. With that said, perhaps asking for a divorce was the best thing Natalie could have done for herself at this time. Although it was a hasty decision, I guess she feels she needs time to heal, alone. Good for you Natalie!

When John first came to town and flirted with Natalie while teaching her how to bring her game of pool up to snuff for her tournament, I loved the on-screen chemistry between the two actors; however, as time went by and Cristian died, came back to life, then died again and came back from the dead yet again, I have watched John and Natalie struggle to get their on-screen chemistry back, but it just hasn't happened. This couple should never ever become boyfriend and girlfriend again; however they should make up and go back to maintaining a friendship, which seems to work best for them. As for Natalie and Cristian, perhaps the same can be said. These two seem to have lost that loving feeling. The kiss between them this week was painful to watch, especially since Chris had all that facial hair. Ugh! Should this couple make-up or break-up? One thing's for sure, there has been way too much water thrust under that bridge. Maybe Natalie should move on to greener pastures or fly solo for awhile. God knows she's been through way too much in the past year at the hands of men who supposedly had her best interest at heart; namely, John and Cristian, but let's not forget about Paul Cramer!

Speaking of making up; how about Kevin and Kelly, they sure were doing a good job of making up this week. These two made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as I watched them interact. Making up wasn't so easy to for these two to do. But now that they have, it's nice to see that they've worked out their differences and are trying to make their relationship work. Kevin proposing to Kelly was just the right icing on the cake now that the two are working on having a baby. These two deserve some happiness after the whole baby switching fiasco and the meddling of others (Dorian, David and Spencer) in their relationship.

And since I'm on the topic of meddling, when is Bo going to chin check Spencer for interfering in just about everyone's life on the show, including his? Now that the prison riot is over and Bo is recuperating well at the hospital, I'd like to eventually see him really do something about the disaster brewing in his personal life? By the way, what's up with showing Nora at the end of the week, as though she's an after thought? I have a better question, why aren't these two characters (Bo and Nora) back together yet? For years the writers were hinting at and toying with the idea of bringing them back together. Now I hear that Hillary B. Smith might be leaving the show. What an upset! She is an amazing actress who brings so much flavor, history, and soul to the show-- poor Matthew, poor Bo. Poor viewers! Now we're subjected to scenes with Bo and Paige, who is clearly on edge whenever Spencer enters a room that she and Bo are in. I thought it was great when Bo told her that he and Matthew couldn't go away with her because Matthew needed to be close to his mother. Adding that they don't have anything they need to run away from was a nice touch. But, speak for yourself Bo! Paige has a lot to run from and she is going to do a number on you just like Daniel did on Nora, but the sad thing in all this is that you might not have Nora to turn to when things really begin to hit the fan with Paige, which brings me to Spencer Truman.

Spencer is all the things Asa referred to David as being. He is scum and a weasel. Since coming to town Spencer has been nothing but trouble. I've never been a fan of Spencer Truman. The only thing he has going for him is good looks and his surgeon skills, which I'm starting to doubt as people begin to die on his operating table. And the more the writers revealed about him this week in relation to Margaret, the less I liked him. As a matter of fact, I agree with Todd, he is being set up. What Todd doesn't realize is Truman is the one doing the setting up. Here's my conspiracy theory: I believe Spencer strangled Margaret to death after she faked drowning, all in an attempt to get Todd away from Blair. He killed ginger on the operating table because she was a loose end that could destroy him. But he kept Bo alive because whatever he has planned for the Buchanans he needs them all alive and kicking when he shocks their world. Going after Blair is one thing, but killing Margaret and framing Todd for the murder just to have Blair all to him self seems pretty desperate, even for Spencer. He's no a pound puppy and can have any woman he wants. Why go after Blair with such determination. Spencer is a pretty warped character who has developed more enemies than allies. With that said, I don't think he's going to get away with what he's planning for the citizens of Llanview. Hhhmm, we just might be in for a Who Done It! Who in Llanview would have a motive for killing Spencer Truman? The list is endless.

While I'm on the subject of the citizens of Llanview, the Tess/Jess storyline has been brewing for a while now, and although I enjoy seeing this character interact with the many prominent characters on the show I would just love to know what the big secret is that Tess or Niki is suppose to know. Here's what I think: Niki Smith doesn't know anything because she was too occupied with some "loser" at the bar, while Jess or Tess was being molested by a sleaze ball in that dive of a bar. It's the only thing that makes perfect sense. What's very obvious however is the fact that whatever happened to Tess/Jess, it was and still is extremely painful to think about, let alone discuss. Which is why I don't understand why none of the characters of this storyline have been made to even ponder the notion of rape, especially since the reason for Viki splitting into Niki was due to her having been molested by her father. Notwithstanding Erika Slezak having been on vacation, I think the writers are dragging their proverbial pens on this story because of the positive responses they are receiving in regards to the feisty Tess and her relationship with Nash. Apparently, most viewers thought Jessica was boring and her relationship with Antonio, the same. Also, Nash has generated a huge buzz among female viewers, but once the secret is revealed and Jess and Tess are integrated where will that leave Nash's character, who seems to be turning into a cash cow? And then there is the baby, who's is it? Is it Antonio's or Nash's? This storyline has the potential to develop many twists and turns. For the sake of one of the most beloved families on the show, I hope the writers don't write themselves into a corner on this one.

Here are a few things that struck a chord with me this week...


1. Kevin and Kelly was a ray of sunshine to watch during the coldest time of the year. To see a couple completely happy (however short-lived this might turn out to be) is a welcome change. While Most of the relationships on the show are going through turmoil, this couple is holding it together and trying to build a warm and loving family. Good for them!

2. Bo and Rex's scenes are always fun to watch. These two characters have such great chemistry and potential. I especially liked seeing rex ask Bo if he could get Adriana a pass to see Cristian in prison. Brilliant chemistry! Adopting Rex would be like putting icing on a cake. These two work well together. Rex's character has grown and matured nicely. I wouldn't be surprised if Rex became Llanview's next private eye. He's just so good at getting dirt on people. And his sarcasm and wit is wickedly funny also.

3. The scenes with Niki were a treat to watch. They always are. The new Clint handled things as well as could be expected. He has jumped right in and taken hold of the reigns in a commendable fashion. The comic relief added by Niki and Clint exhibited what's missing on the show, especially now that Dorian and David are on the outs. Adding the lawyer was an added comical bonus. I almost fell over when he announced who he was and what he was doing at Llanfair. He looked to be just as crazy as Niki. Those scenes were all fantastic to watch, as they drew some of the attention away from the seriousness of the D.I.D situation and kept me glued to the set.


1. David and Spencer's banter is getting old really fast. The same is true about Spencer and Paige's cryptic discussions. David looks so helpless around Spencer, as does Paige. When is the old David going to come out of hiding and give Spencer a dose of his own medicine? He gave a great speech to Spencer this week that was both moving and heartfelt, but it's getting boring to see this type of thing over and over again. Get on with the big payback! Paige the same thing goes for you. Stop being a victim and start being a victor.

2. Bring Nora back! Don't cut loose a vital part of the show. Nora is connected to so many people in Llanview; (as we saw on Friday) to let her go, would leave a gaping whole in the show's fabric. Will her character be killed off, if not, who is going to replace her? Will the new person be as good as Hillary B. Smith is in the role? I shudder at the thought of it all. Hopefully the producers will do the right thing, which is to keep Nora in Llanview, no matter the cost.

Take care and enjoy the week,

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