Holiday wishes are coming true

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Holiday wishes are coming true
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It was heartbreaking to watch Lucinda, after the effects of her chemotherapy, tell Lily that she belonged with Holden, and that she needed to forget about the deal that she had made with Keith.

I have to believe that all of these wishes will come true for all of us who have been waiting and watching for an end to all of this mayhem. For the most part, the drama surrounding all of these crises was interesting to see it unfold - the time has come to move on to other things. If they all end at the same time, where does the show go from there?

Jen and Her Baby
A lot of the emails that I have received lately have been about how long this saga has been going on - it looks like there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel for all those loyal fans. I couldn't bear to see Jennifer with Billy one more time; feeling with every fiber of her being that there was a connection with this child. I have enjoyed watching the performances of Jennifer Ferrin as Jennifer throughout this entire storyline; she has been phenomenal - her Emmy nomination this year was dress rehearsal for her win next year.

Another part of this story is to see Paul and Emily get what they deserve for their horrific behaviors. The look on their faces when Hal and Dusty burst in on them when they were trying to get rid of the information about Billy's DNA test was priceless - it's about time. I can't wait to see how everyone turns against them like Jennifer, Barbara, Hal, Susan, Will and Tom. Next week is going to be the week to watch.

Poor Gwen is going to be devastated. She made some major strides by forgiving Carly now that her mother is gone; she has Will who loves both her and Billy. Gwen and Will are such a great couple to watch. On the other hand, it looks like Casey will finally have to be punished for his lies: he is a teenager and mistakes are a part of the process so hopefully he will learn something valuable as a result of all of this.

Holden + Lily - Keith
Keith needs to go right now as it is apparent that Lily belongs with Holden. It was heartbreaking to watch Lucinda after the effects of her chemotherapy tell Lily that she belonged with Holden and forget about any deal she made with Keith. Keith has become more irritating than his sister was. He just appears wherever Lily is like he has some type of tracking device on her. The big question is: how stupid is Lily that she can't just go back to Holden and tell Keith to take flight out of town - pronto.

Henry Needs to be Free
This thing with BJ has also gone for too long as BJ is a lunatic. I find this whole story is being force-fed on the viewers to just take up time. Katie pretending to like BJ to save Henry and Mike is almost fast forward material. Then the writers have Mike get hit by a car once again. Why was Maddie walking on a deserted road all alone with all of her fears about safety? None of this makes too much sense to me. I am hoping that this ends real soon and Maddie move on to a romance with Casey by helping him recover from the fallout of his lies about Gwen. One more thing on this subject, what is this FBI investigation into BJ's past about or has that been dropped just like this whole story should have been.

Finally, I have enjoyed this show for many years and I look forward to 2006 as they celebrate their 50th anniversary on the air. I hope that those in charge do something special throughout the year to commemorate this milestone.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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