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What if Jonathan and Tammy are only cousins, and not related (even by adoption) to Richard? Suppose that Jonathan is Jeffrey's son and not Richard's? Of course, Cassie and Reva are still half-sisters, but it might be less gross.

Unlike most any other genre of television show, a soap can bring together fans who like the show as a whole, just not the whole show. In fact, just calling GL a "soap" can make some fans less than happy. Daytime drama, soap, soap opera, whatever you want to call it, you know what I mean. And while I try not to change someone's opinion of the show, I do try to make you see things from other perspectives - it's great to try to guess what is going to happen - no matter how you feel about it. Plus I love to vent about the show - it's VERY therapeutic!

With so many characters and stories, it's always interesting to see people have such strong reactions to stories, both positive and negative. I admit that most of the email I receive these days is about the Jonathan and Tammy story. Some of you love to love the star crossed couple. Others of you want to tell me the legalities of their relationship and how wrong it is. However you feel, that's great. It means you are watching the show - which I know GL certainly appreciates. But as I was responding to some of you, my little brain kept going back to another story that we don't know much about yet: Jeffrey and his connection to Richard.

Now, here is a thought. Based solely on me watching GL for nearly three decades (I can't believe I actually admitted that!). What if Jonathan and Tammy are only cousins and not related (even if by adoption) to Richard? Suppose Jonathan is Jeffrey's son and not Richard's? Of course, Cassie and Reva are still half-sister's (I rarely use that "half" distinction - like with my own brother - who I only share a mother, but for this it is important). While I know it won't change the minds of those who think that "kissing cousins" is wrong - and I'm not trying to - it would be an interesting twist. We are learning more and more about the mysterious Jeffrey, so this could be a twist GL could use.

Thinking of this, it makes me wonder who Cassie was really married to. Did Richard tire of royal life and switch places with the secret agent before the wedding? I just hope GL doesn't rock the boat too much with this double identity. I think, in the end, that Jeffrey is really Richard and Jeffrey died all those years ago, but only time will tell. I get more confused each time I think about it!!

Along the same (story) lines, I can't imagine that I would sit by and watch Jonathan torch the house I was going to share with Sandy - even if he didn't mean it - which I think he did on some level. I love this couple, but I know that if Tammy was my daughter I'd wonder about his mental stability!! Not that being married to a liar/bigamist like Sandy would be any better. When will GL stop making Jonathan do such crazy (and illegal) things to ruin any chance with Tammy? And how did someone see just Jonathan leave the fire when Tammy was there as well - or is Jeffrey covering for her?

Sandy has certainly gone off the deep end as well. I can see GL exploring this side of Sandy in coming weeks, but what will happen to the character? Right now, only Ava would be seen anywhere near him, which might mean curtains for both characters in the long run.

Speaking of departures, it appears that Crystal Hunt (Lizzie) is leaving in late January. The show hasn't announced whether or not it will recast the role. Will this mean that Coop and Ava will get together?

And poor Buzz needs a woman in his life! It was so sad to see Olivia completely rebuff him in the hopes of landing Josh (again). He didn't even bat an eyelash when he saw Alex (who I was THRILLED to see again). The Cooper men need to find love in 2006!

A-M has certainly taken his time about showing his true colors. But will he make a power play to get rid of his ex-wife Harley for dear old dad - or for himself? And will Marina's growing interest (which still concerns me more than you know - much more than Tammy and Jonathan) mean he won't be able to go through with his plan?

Beth learned this week that being a Spaulding is pretty complicated. She thought that she had finally bested Harley but Gus proved that love is a pretty powerful force as well. And how well does Mrs. Alan Spaulding really know her husband? After all of these years, how can she think that a rookie like she is can control the Master Manipulator - even from a hospital bed? Silly girl!

We'll have to wait and see how all of these stories play out, but it looks like December is heating up in Springfield!! Until next week...


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