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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Springfield during the week of December 6, 2004.

So much for trying to figure things out ahead of time - every time I think I know who killed Phillip and how this will all end, I end up changing my mind. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it all shakes out - but patience is not a virtue I possess much of.

Still, like any show, there is enough simmering to keep your interest - and the performances are magnificent as usual. If only we could get rid of that snake!! With Christmas now just 20 days from today - I think I can see some small glimmer of hope for some happiness this holiday season.

Let's see - the Cooper clan can plan on a nice holiday meal together - in Springfield's Jail! Since Buzz is a top suspect in Phillip's murder (and Ruth/Harley might be turning herself in to save him) that could be a holiday to remember. Of course, Harley gave birth to Jude in a jail as well, so it'll be like old home week for her. Frank will end up working the holiday to save whichever family member is arrested. And maybe Marina and/or Coop will end up getting in trouble with the new boss (Lizzie) and have an adjoining cell. How cozy and warm for the holidays!!!

But at least Harley's love life seems to be waking up. The scenes this week with Harley and Gus were a treat - I miss seeing those two together. It took awhile to remember all of the lyrics to the song they played (CMA Female Vocalist of the Year Martina Mc Bride's "Wrong Again") to realize that the end of the song does describe the lovers rediscovering another. (The lyrics include, "I was sure I'd never find someone - To heal the damage you had done - And my poor heart would never mend - Wrong again"). Let's hope that we can see some more romance soon!!

Rick might be eating dinner in the hospital cafeteria if he and Mel are still on the outs at the holidays. I find it odd that GL didn't write her into a single show when Phillip died - and it does make me more suspicious of her as the shooter (I still don't think he's dead). But the professional shopper in me wondered how GL thought they could get cute Coach shopping bags and pass them off as gifts for the kids? My store doesn't carry anything for kids - unless they need a great leather purse?

The Spauldings will surely have a more somber holiday. I would love to see Alan sing something to bring the spirit of the holiday to the mansion on the hill. Still, the pall of Phillip's unsolved murder will bring a great deal of stress to those inside this holiday. Will Lizzie finally crumble under the weight of her grief? This character has had so much tragedy in her brief life, get GL writes her as such a brat. Let's hope that she can have some redeeming qualities in 2005.

Like their neighbors, the Lewis clan have their hands full this season. With Cassie and Edmund's impending nuptials, and the whole Jonathan/Tammy (ick) story, can Reva have a happy holiday? The reports that CBS have leaked thus far seem to indicate some happiness for the holidays in Springfield. But with Billy also under the gun (pardon the pun) for Phillip's murder, can there be any peace for this family?

And the fractured Marler family doesn't seem to have a happy home these days, either. Not that I could forgive someone for killing my brother (like Dinah did to Hart) no matter what her warped brain makes her think about his killing. Still, I can't see Blake and Dinah sharing Egg Nog anytime soon.

Ever the optimist, I hope to see some great performances coming up to the holidays. It seems strange that it was just a year ago that Blake and Ross renewed their vows. How much has changed in Springfield - which will be the topic of an upcoming "year end" column.

I want to take this time to thank those of you who have participated so far in our current survey. I'll leave it up for one more week to get more feedback and post the results soon. Then I'll have another year-end type of survey to see what you thought about what went on in Springfield in 2004.

As for me, I am actually getting my column in early for a change (to which I know Dan - who runs the site - is thankful) since December 5th is my Mom's 65th birthday and I'll spend the day with her. We plan to go to her favorite restaurant and enjoy some great Maryland Crab Cakes!! If you are ever in Foreston, MD (north of Baltimore off of I-83) check out Friendly Farms - the best food I've ever had. So, I'll close for now to get ready for our big day. Please keep your comments coming in - we want to get your views on GL to share with other fans.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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